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Controversy! 5059 nicer than 5050 Roman

November 25 2006 at 5:40 AM
JC  (Login JCY88)
PP Discussion Group

I bet no one expected someone to say that right?!!! 5050 is an icon in the PP range of perpetuals

But I got to play with and look at the 5050 with Roman dial in a lot more detail and I have to say I prefer the 5059 which is also a Roman dial.

1) For some reason i feel that the raised roman digits looks like it took up a lot of space on the dial. i think the digits in the 5059 might be a little smaller. Also being raised it made the 5050 digits look bigger.

2) It felt a little small. not that the 5059 is much bigger or that i like bigger watches. maybe the minute track on the outside of the 5059 actually addes to the perception that it is bigger than it really is.

3) Its not my favourite Patek case. The officers case on the 5059 is one of my favs, and i almost got the 5053 just for that reason (thats before i bought the FJP CS )

What I liked..... the thin case. its much thinner than the 5059 which i liked..... and this is very important since it wears better with shirts!

Anyhow, i realise that mine is not the common opinion on the 5059 vs 5050 discussion since most seem to prefer the 5050. I think I will like the non-Roman 5050 better, but i would still prefer my 5059.

Just sharing some of my thoughts! I love my 5059!

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