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My Instints - 5050 not that rare vs 5059?

November 27 2006 at 4:56 PM
JC  (Login JCY88)
PP Discussion Group

Response to I can't help but think that the 5050 gets a lot of press on its rarity alone

My twisted (? )line of thoughts!

1) 5050 made from 1994/95-ish to 2001/02-ish (6-7 yeras). This was when the 5059 started (4-5 years so far). So assuming tht they were made at the same rate, there should be less 5059 at the moment right? For many reasons this might not be the case......
2) ... which leads me to the case! With the 5059 the officers case I assume is more difficult to make so the time taken to make each 5059 should also take longer.....
3) Is the 5059 that popular? I always see many many 5059 in the shops. Its never a model you have to wait for like the 5070/3970/5970. So the numbers made and sold might be lower than expected.

The flaws in my argument!
1) Of course mechanical watches are sold in larger quantities now so production per year higher
2) PP themsleves properly have more than 2x as many watch makers and staff than the period when they were making the 5050, so product for 5059 per yera could be higher.

Conculsion: I dont know!
My gut tells me that the 5059 didnt sell very very well due to all the stock i see available. Certainly when I speak with AD's in Asia, they dont say its flying out of the doors. of course I also see many 3940's and we all know that model sells very well! BUT Antiquorum says that very few 5050 Romans were made (i was surprised at the small number) but they do not talk about the stick marker 5050

My Preferences! I have already said that I prefer the 5059. More avante garde. If money were no issue given then the choice of a Roman 5050 or 5059, I still choose 5059! so I am very very happy !!

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