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Sorry... one more question....

November 16 2006 at 6:43 AM

happy_wis  (Login happy_wis)
PP Discussion Group

An "insider" complained that all the big names are simply treating watches like any other consumer products... but he also highlighted that we should treat watches like other consumer products (like TV, car) when we make the selection....(???) This inspired me for the following question:

Do you consider PP (or any luxury fine watch in general) is "consumer" product? Or do you consider it as a piece of art?

Or.... well... like an "insider".... depends on the situation... when you pay the money and make the selection, you would just treat it as a consumer product but once you take it home, you expect it to be a pieces of art??



An innocent consumer.

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(Login JoramGV)
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Since you ask, the part where the "insider".....

November 16 2006, 7:51 AM 

says people should buy watches with the best quality, as they do with TVs and cars, I chuckled a bit. If people did that, they would all own the same TV and the same car for a certain budget. That is assuming you can define best quality, but apparently the "insider" can (with simple math...).

Anyhow, PPs are consumer products, and PP knows that and treats them as such. For me though they're also (almost) the highest form of craftmanship (not art). BTW you can buy art at IKEA nowadays, making it a consumer product as well. So it is probably, as so often, all about semantics.


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(Login dmcfarland)
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Oh. . .

November 16 2006, 9:02 AM 

Having read the strings here, and though I do not wish to be impolite, this is so wholly vacuous. Spurious statistics, the call to some wholly unnamed ‘authority,’ implied yet senseless comparisons of brands with no substantive context, ad hominem attacks on people and brands, and the entire lack of defining terms.

‘Art’? Consumer products? With all respect, this specious innuendo only detracts from more pleasurable and informative topics. When does this stop?

The central issue with whomever this anonymous authority is: He or she is an utter boar (and I do understand the pun).

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(Login eric09)
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Re: Oh. . .

November 17 2006, 9:05 AM 

To dmcfarland:

That's it. Thanks!!!





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