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the first PP which I should go for

November 26 2006 at 11:18 PM
aimam  (Login aimam)
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If you have a budget around 20,000 usd., which model I should go for. Actually I am thinking like it is an investment. I beleive that the value itself is much more worth when the time go by. Am I right ?

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(Login JCY88)
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Not the point?

November 27 2006, 2:00 AM 

Generally according to Forum guidelines we dont talk about watches for their investment values (although there may be in the very rarest of cicumstances ok). I expect that for around $20k, your choices will be in the simple calatrava range. There are many many very nice watches in this range of watches:

Automatic: 5127 or maybe the predecesor 5107 is still available. The main difference is a slightly diff case and 5127 is larger
Manual: 5119 and 5196. Both are great. I think 5196 in PT is kind of unique and is relatively slightly harder to find
New Nautilus range: Sportier watches and quite a few in Steel, so more afordable too. These are popular with the younger generation I think....

As to investment value, you will be told we dont know what is best and that this is not why we are here. But what ppl will say is that generally the more expensive the PP and the longer a reference has been discontinued the more chance that it is more in demand.

My advice: the best investment in a watch is not to buy it as investment. The only way to ensure you end up with a small fortune from buying watches is to start with a big fortune!!

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(Login G.Francis)
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If we knew that....

November 27 2006, 2:50 AM 

most of us would probably be retired by now! It is very difficult in any situation to judge what a good investment is going to be. It also IMHO goes against the grain of why you want to own a watch. A good friend of mine did well 15 years ago buying and selling Swatches (in a lot of cases back to the Swiss) Who would want to do that now?
What makes a good investment? Ask someone from 30 years ago who turned up his nose at the new (at the time) Nautilus and instead bought a Golden Ellipse. It undoubtably seemed like a good idea at the time but time waits for no man. Look long and hard at the watches you can afford (and not!)think what you want to wear it for-everyday? sports? dress? and buy the one that really says something to you and enjoy it.
Hope this view is of some use.

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(Login shattuck86)
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You should go with the one you like most.

November 27 2006, 3:24 AM 

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(Login jzh)
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Probably a 5146

November 27 2006, 7:03 AM 

5146 is a nice annual calendar watch with power reserve and moon phase.

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(Login bourgogneboy)
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But isn't that over budget?

November 27 2006, 9:17 AM 

I thought the 5146 costs more than the budget ...

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(Login bourgogneboy)
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Sorry, I left out my name.

November 27 2006, 9:20 AM 

I'm not "anonymous"! This is my first posting as I have just been approved!

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(Login WatchFan1)
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I agree 5146

November 28 2006, 9:40 PM 

..if you look HARD ..you can find 5146J for just about $20K.

One of the best cucrent values in PP line - IMO.

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(Login gg5127)
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I completely agree with JC

November 30 2006, 5:02 AM 


I agree with the recent responses to your question. Looking at a PP as an investment is not a good idea... I feel that there is something lost when you stop looking at the beauty on your wrist as an amazing piece of craftmanship and start looking at its resale value. I feel that buying a PP is like buying a diamond. There is a cut, colour, clarity and carat for everyone... Plus when you hear the line, for diamonds or anything else that one collects, "you can always sell it and get another" the reality is, at least for me, you will never sell it. You will most likely just add to your collection.

So my advice, find the best PP for you. If you need to take a bit more time to get that "perfect" PP then wait. I was suprised by my wife with a 5127G and love it. It is classic looking, and as many have said in this forum, you can wear it with anyting and everyting.

Happy PP hunting!


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