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Just to let you know that 4 earlier albums of Liu Wen Zhen have been released under the label Kolin in conjunction with Dreamland Production and Universal.

The 4 original albums are:

Nuo Yen (Promise), composed by Liu Jia Chang. The album also include Rui She Da Di, song from the movie "Wo Xin Sheng Chu"

Men Li Men Wai (Inside and outside the gate), soundtrack from movie of same name. Other songs, all writen by Tong Ong Qing Xi featured from the movie include Wo Gey Ni Guan Huai (I give you care), Jui Gao Fong (Highest peak), Bei Ying (the back of you), Ye You Qian Yian (Night has thousand eyes). Also featured 2 songs by Xiao Li Chu. Certainly an album worth keeping. Movie starred Liu Wen Zhen, Tien Niu, Sylvia Zhang, Xia Ling Ling and Shi Feng, directed by great director Bai Jing Rui.

Kuang Ye Jong De Ren (A man in the countryside)- song composed by Zhen Gui Sheng. Also features the song "Hai Shi" (Promise at the seaside), song from the movie "Ni Bu Yao Zho Bu Yao Zho" (Please don't go).

Qing Ben (Fleeing from love) - songs from the movie of same name include Fong Er Qing Qing Chui (Wind blows), Ru Chen (the journey), Jiu Yueh Fong Chi Shi (Wind in September), all written by Lo Ta Yiu. Movie starred Lin Ching Hsia and Chin Han.

Liu Wen Zhen has made many movies. If you ask me which are the top 4 all-time favourites from Liu Wen Zhen, I would say:

1. Ai Ching Wen Ping Niu Jai Ku (Love, Diploma and Jeans) - co-starred Lin Feng Chiao and Tien Niu, songs written by Ruo Ming Dao, performed by Liu Wen Zhen

2. Chue Shang Xin To (It wells up in my heart)- costarred Ru Xiu Ling, Zhang Chong, Liu Lan Xi, Yun Chong Yue. Great songs written by Chen Yang, performed by Liu. Movie based on Qiong Yao's novel.

3. Shan Liang De Je Zhi (The shining days) - co-starred Sylvia Zhang. No big cast, songs were written by a then unknown Lo Da Yiu. Great storyline and wonderful songs like Ger (Song), Fei Xiang (Fly) and the title track from the movie.

4. Men Li Men Wai (Inside and outside the gate). I have already written about that above.

I chose the 3 movies based on the character Liu played in the movie, movies where Liu's acting is put to a test and offers challenge to Liu and to the audience watching him.


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