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Re: That teacher who secretly enjoyed it: Another testimony

June 5 2012 at 6:57 AM

Response to That teacher who secretly enjoyed it: Another testimony

Mr Dargason,

I read your accounts with interest in that they reflect my experience but indirectly. let me explain. In the early 80's I was a junior high teacher in a suburb of Dallas Texas. At this time and place, corporal punishment was routinely practiced and condoned by school administration, parents and even students. Paddlings were administered only by the principal or vice-principals and always carried out in their office. Teachers could not touch the students and only referred them to the office for discipline problems.

Whenever one was in the administrative area, where the principals' offices were, it was not unusual to hear the sounds of a paddling going on. This was a number of very loud sharp reports through the not-always completely closed doors of the individual offices. Working there a number of years all the staff turned a blind eye and ear to it, and accepted it as nothing shocking or out of ordinary. Of course boys were the recipient much more often than girls but it was not that unusual either. Truancy or tardiness was the most common infraction that girls committed.

As I was frequently in the office area at various time during the day I sometimes caught a glimpse the unfortunate recipients either before or after they got it. A couple of times I saw an attractive girl in the waiting area and knew what was likely the reason. In these cases, I found a tinge of apprehension and nervous anticipation and found myself hanging around a little longer than I needed to so I could at least hear what went on behind the office door. From the sounds,it was evident that the vice principals were even handed in how they administered the punishment to a girl as it was just as loud as with a boy. It didn't bother me if a boy was paddled but somehow with an attractive junior high school girl I found myself feeling a strange mix of indignation at the thought that someone I would normally feel protective of would be treated so roughly, but also some guilt-edged excitement. I tried not to be obvious on those occasions, but I would make sure I was situated that I would be sure to see the girl's face as she emerged from the room. Most girls looked unhappy but remained stoic and serious, but a few definately had moist redness in their eyes.

If it was a girl that happened to be one of my classes, It would make my attention fixate on her and I couldn't help but later on eye her usually jean-clad behind as she walked by and wonder how much it had hurt and if she was still smarting or how red her flesh had become. Since I heard the loud sounds when she got the spanked with the paddle, it was easy for me to fantisize the whole scene as it probably happened. I felt guild about this, but I am only relating honestly about this.

So my indirect experience and internal feelings somewhat mirrors yours but I never actually gave anyone a paddling.

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