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Caning in New Zealand

June 26 2012 at 5:48 PM
Alan Turing 


I should be interested to hear our correspondent KK's opinion on this series of news reports from 1981 on the excellent corpun website (continued here), which start with an experiment about a phenomenon I've noted before, that the lateral motion of a cane can produce innacuracy:

About 25 boys have been videotaped in a caning experiment at Rongotai College to see why experienced teachers often "miss the target" and leave boys with embarrassing marks on their lower buttocks.

The experiment was undertaken with the boys' consent, by the principal, Mr Noel Mackay, over a three-week period with boys who were due to be caned for offences.

and end with the surreal:

Addition of ailerons to the tip of the cane, rather than helical strakes, will engender additional lift forces causing greater transverse bending and further deviation from the target.

All bluff bodies, irrespective of the material of which they are made, shed the well-known Van Karmen vortex trail, in this case during both the up and down strokes. It is the synchronisation of this frequency of vortex shedding with the fundamental frequency of the body which causes the cane to flutter.


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