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Caned on the bottom

May 22 2002 at 12:38 AM

When I was at boarding school in thelate seventies I was caned on the bottom by a female teacher on more than one occasion. It seems that this was very much the exception as I have never met any other females who experienced it this way.

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so was I

June 2 2002, 11:35 PM 

I was brought up in a convent school not far from London, in maidenhead.

I was strapped and spanked there a few times and always on the bare, by the nuns but when i was really naughty i was sent to mother superior where I was caned on my bare bottom until I was crazy with pain

it might sound crazy but I really think i benefitted from these beatings, and I fully deserved them as well




Caned on the bottom

June 3 2002, 12:13 AM 

I was actually caned accross the knickers and never on the bare but still went " crazy with the pain" as you so aptly put it .It really is the most excruciating experience isn't it? The most I got in one punishment was four strokes although the usual was three. How many did you receive? Regards Jane.


Re: Caned on the bottom

June 3 2002, 10:33 AM 

I agree Jane.

As you say four strokes will cause untold agony, when mums friend gave me four strokes on my bottom I thought the pain would never go away.


Re: Caned on the bottom

June 4 2002, 3:29 AM 

The cane was the usual implement for punishment in the school I attended in the seventies. I was caned on the hand on occasion but it is the two canings on the bottom which I receiived which I shall never forget. Unquestionably being caned on the bottom is the most severe school corporal punishment you can receive. Although administered over the cloth trousers the pain was something I had not perceived possible.


Always Six Of The Best

June 4 2002, 1:41 PM 

I was at an all girls school in the UK back in the 1960s where the cane was in pretty regular use. The youngest girls were 13 and the eldest 18 but no girl of any age was considered exempt from the cane.

Canings were always administered by the Senior Mistress and a summons to her study was something we all dreaded. She always caned on the bottom and had a "knickers only" policy. In those days the younger girls still wore white knee socks but for older girls there was the added embarrassment of having to take down one's tights.

The system was that you had to bend over the back of a chair to receive your caning and it would always be the traditional six of the best.

I was caned twice - once at 14 for fighting and again at 17 for smoking. The school cane was a typical crook handled length of rattan - extremely pliable and unbelievably painful.

Girls would be in tears even as they waited outside the study prior to being caned, just at the thought of it, and afterwards even the oldest girls in school emerged from that room crying like babies - the sting was just appalling.


Re: Re: Caned on the bottom

June 4 2002, 10:57 PM 

I agree with how painful the Cane is. I was scared of getting it and I thought I knew how bad it would be, but the pain was far worse than I thought. I could not help jumping up the first time, but I bent over again straightaway more or less. Then each time I thought I remembered how painful it is, it was always a shock. I could say unbearable, except I had to bear it! Fortunately, I never got caned as hard as it could have been and I don’t bear any grudges!!


Caned on the bottom.

June 5 2002, 6:01 AM 

I was caned on the bottom(three strokes)for merely forgetting to complete some homework in my second year at Grammar school. I can honestly say it was the most painful experience of my life. I had the cane on the hands for far more serious offences which hurt,of course, but nothing like this. At first I held my hand out in the usual way but was told "No, on your bottom boy,bend over".I was in a state of shock after just one stroke but instucted to bend over twice more, despite my pleas,and made to take an unbelievably painful punishment. Given the choice (which I never was) I would always take three on the hand rather than one on the bottom. These were given over my normal school trousers so I cannot imagine how painful it would be without such protection.



June 5 2002, 4:11 PM 

Matts comments on keeping in position made me think about the Lady teacher who caned me at home. She asked mum to place a low otterman in the room, I had to kneel on it with my hands flat on the carpet.
I thought it was to position my bottom better for her cane, but after the first stroke I realised I couldn't use my hands to protect my cheeks. I often wondered how she knew of this position to place the offender in!!
Thank god she only gave me four strokes, I thought my bottom had taken over my entire being.
Has anyone else been put in an unusual position for the cane?



June 5 2002, 9:52 PM 

The second master at my (northern UK) boys Grammar School made the boy kneel on a footstool with his head on his hands. This elevated his posterior suitably and prevented the hands being moved. Despite the fact that this Master had the features of the 'Grim Reaper' (never smiled) and was the one most likely to give you the cane, he was immensley popular. In his retirement biography he was quoted as saying one of his dislikes was 'boys with tender bottoms'. Doubt if that would be published now! He generally caned on the trousers but latterly (mid 1960's) would try and arrange it so the victim only had his gym shorts on i.e. he would be plucked from the gym class. Mind you, it could have been worse - if taken from swimming, as we swam in the nude!!


on the bottom

June 5 2002, 11:33 PM 

I cannot help but notice in these posts, that members express surprise at the amount the cane hurt when applied to the bottom. It made sound brutal, but the fact is that the offenders bottom was really suppose to sting after being caned. That was the whole point of it. Once you were caned to make you feel that you never wanted it again.

On the hands the cane could not be swung with such force as in most cases the head held the boys wrist in his left hand and the cane in the right. In such a position it could not be applied so hard. On the bottom the cane could be given a good swing and land, if the head wished, with considerable force.

Boys hands tended to be hard, due to working and tasks around the home. Certainly during the war when they dug the allotments. They were not so receptive to pain as the softer skin on the bottom.

We all hear of boys placing books down their trousers to reduce the pain. This belongs more to fantasy than fact. With trousers stretched the outline would be seen. Two pairs of pants was more common in the 12960 era, but could be detected. Their was little a boy could do to reduce the effect of the cane on his bottom. On the other hand troicks such as putting soap on the hands or running them under cold water both before and after having them caned reduced the sting. Hands were often placed firmly under the armpits after being caned. This helped take the sting away. Across the bottom, it was hard to gain such relief and rubbibg the bottom over trousers or pants was inclined to make it sorer still.

I have a fairly long post "Tricks of the Trade" which describes the way the cane could be made to hurt more at one time than another and things boys would do to try and reduce the sting. If its of interest, let me know and will post it on the board.



Onthe bottom

June 6 2002, 1:54 AM 

I would most certainly like to hear more regarding the "tricks of he trade" used to make the cane more effective as I believe would others.Many thanks, James.


tricks of the trade

June 6 2002, 10:57 AM 

As one who was caned by several teachers during my school days(both male and female) and realised that some of them could make the cane hurt more I would like to read of the tricks they used.
Apart from the obvious caning bare to increase the pain, one lady seemed to use a cane that hurt more but it looked and sounded just like a normal cane.


Re: position

June 7 2002, 11:03 PM 

I think I had a ‘tender bottom’! Do you remember the pe wall-bar exercise where you bent over so that your back and head were against the bars? You raised your arms gripping the bars and then raised your butt and legs so that you hung upside down? The first part was the standard position for the slipper or possibly the cane in the gym and you might have to wait 5 or 10 minutes like that while listening to the others getting showered, changed and leaving. He had a short thin Cane and he would just gently tap the same spot through your tightly stretched thin shorts, which became agonising after only a few and then he might try the other cheek, by which time you were wriggling up and down and side to side. That was the warning and he did not usually follow up with any decent strokes. Strangely, he was immensely popular too!


Not Uncommon

March 6 2005, 2:09 AM 

I attended a christian coeducational school in nsw in the mid 1990's before corporal punishment in private schools was ruled out completely.

The School was run by a Board consisting of parents and under the independant schools association.

Discipline at the school which was for males and females from kindergarten to year 12 ( 6ish to 18ish), was standard regardless of race, sex age etc.

The Cane was not the main form of discipline - that was detention - or the paddle - but the cane was reserved for serious or repeat offences or deliberate disobedience etc.

The school board had decided that all punishment be administered by the principal in his office and should under no circumstances be administered to the hands of the recipient. So all paddlings and canings were administered across the clothed bottom of the student to recieve it. Whether it be the paddle or the cane there was a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 strokes as the rule depending on the severity of punishment required.

Coming from christian homes meant that the cane or paddle at school meant corporal punishment at home if our parents found out and the school always informed them after the event.

Mostly it was the boys of all ages who got the cane and the paddle, I had known of many girls who were also paddled, but only knew of about 10 girls who were caned in the 6 years I spent there in high school. Those girls had been as young as six and as old as 17. I had not in my final two years known of any girls getting the cane. The paddle on the other hand was a regular thing and we all got that at one time or another.

I had at age 17 in year 11 become very lazy and rude and my work and behavior at school had reflected this. I was paddled at least twice as a result of it and of course belted at home for getting in trouble at school.

In the second last week of year 11, I had being one of 8 Students (5 boys and 3 Girls) aged 16 and 17, who had been involved in some major vandalism to the school building. The next day the principal addressed the school assembly and reported to the entire school what had occurred and that they did not know who was responsible but should the culprit not be found by the end of the school day, the police would be notified.

I was worried, I didn't want a police record and having not being aware of the cane been used on girls for some time, I figured the worst that could result is a severe paddling. After some thought, I went to the Office and dobbed myself and the other 7 in.

What resulted immediately was the principal rounding up the others and bringing thenm to stand with me while he gave us a severe telling off as a group in the corridor outside the Principals Office. Then he closed his tirade with, "Now I have no other option than to administer Corporal Punishment. I usually Administer it first and contact your parents later, but I am doing it the other way around this time. I may even call the Police yet." "You will all wait here until I have spoken to your parents and decided the correct course of action."

We waited in silence in a line of 8, consisting of , Paul 17, Brett 16, Shane 17, Nicole 17, Mark 16, Me 17, Michael 16 and Helena 16, for twenty minutes then the door opened and without saying anything the Principal beckoned to Paul to enter the office which was sound proofed. We had no idea what was going on, then Paul came bursting out in tears rubbing his bottom. He said nothing as he returned to class crying.
This continued down the Line, I began to realise they were in far too much pain to have recieved a paddling and this was confirmed when Nicole re- emerged in distress, looked at me and stuttered through the tears, "He Ssttill Canes Girls" and headed to class.
Michael was in the office and I was next.

As I was soon to find out we all were to recieve 10 strokes of the cane.
This delivered across a thin school skirt with only knickers underneath was very very painful.

So yes it does happen

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Not Uncommon

March 6 2005, 4:20 AM 

Yes, Briony, it does happen - in your fevered imagination.

Now, kindly put your dick away and leave the forum to more competetent fantasists.

There's a good boy.


Caned on bottom

March 6 2005, 4:14 PM 

Dear Briony,
Please see my accounts of punishments received by me in 'Indian scene'. I used to be punished quite severely at school.
Comments are welcome.
Overall, at the age of 17, your caning of 10 strokes on knickers was not too much.
Also, it seems that our friend 'Lotta Nonsense' thinks all accounts of punishments are 'fantasies'. His reply to my account in 'Indian scene' also talks of fantasy. Could 'Lotta non-sense' send his/her (hope this is a girl) fantasies as 'Caning fantasies'? This will enrich our imagination!

Miss C. Vere ( Very Strict Schoolmistress)


March 10 2005, 12:28 AM 

Lotta a few questions a) How do you know Briony is a fantasist
b) And that she is the proud owner of a "dick"
c) Whats wrong with fantasy anyway
d) Are you a warm and wonderful human being
e) Did you once call yourself Sara Jane

Not a Lotta Nonsence

Give it up

March 12 2005, 10:20 PM 


Give it up we are tired of reading your negativity. If you dont like what you read DONT COME HERE.

have a nice day


Re: ?

April 10 2005, 5:30 AM 

I think Briony and I attended the same school and yes it did occur

Keith Ash

Re: ?

April 12 2005, 5:28 PM 

Which school was that then?

Lotta Nonsense

Re: ?

April 12 2005, 6:54 PM 

It was St Fantasia's Academy for Girls with Gonads.


Re: ?

April 25 2005, 10:15 AM 

Thats rite the same school you attend Lotta- your the founder of st fantasia arent you


The factors

May 2 2005, 2:36 AM 

I'd have thought the factors that determine how much a caning hurts are:
1) The amount of clothing on the posterior being caned
2) The amount of vigour being applied by the caner
3) The thickness of the cane
4) The length of time between strokes (the longer the more painful)
5) The position assumed

I have read differing views about (3) and (5). What else is there?

Brian 4

Re: The factors

May 2 2005, 9:34 AM 

Add to Geoff’s list:

6) The number of strokes applied.

Copyright Brian4BonaPosts


Re: The factors

May 4 2005, 5:13 AM 

The cane which was used on my bottom was not only quite thick but also extremely flexible. I am sure that the latter was a significant factor in making the experience so painful.


the factors

May 13 2005, 8:47 PM 

Geoff wrote:

> I'd have thought the factors that
> determine how much a caning hurts are:
> 1) The amount of clothing on the posterior being caned
> 2) The amount of vigour being applied by the caner
> 3) The thickness of the cane
> 4) The length of time between strokes (the longer the
> more painful)
> 5) The position assumed

>I have read differing views about (3) and (5).
> What else is there?

At least as important as any of these is
(6) whether the person administering the cane
has acquired the knack of giving it a finely
judged flick of the wrist just at the moment
of impact. This is actually more significant
than the amount of vigour applied to the
stroke. There is also (7) exact area of
posterior where cane lands. Lower down is
more painful and also provides a further
reminder each time the offender sits down.

Personally, I don't think (5) "position assumed"
makes that much difference except perhaps
as a psychological factor.


Contributory factors

May 17 2005, 9:20 AM 

I may be the only person to have experienced this, but I found that my attitude towards the person administering chastisement and my feelings about the justice or otherwise of such chastisement had a significant bearing upon my ability to tolerate the very severe effects of a visitation from the cane.

I believe that one's state of mind plays a very important role here.

As for actual chastisements experienced in the passed, my experience matches those described by many other contributors. The cane is no laughing matter when used in earnest and anyone who doubts that should try living with the results of the caning for the next three weeks, with all the unwelcome attention that this earned in changing rooms etc. It is also worth recalling that the effect on a younger person, who has not had a chance to 'toughen up', will have been greater than it would be in an adult.

I remember every detail of my first caning vividly, for the marks that it makes on the mind do not fade as do those left by the cane itself.

Kind wishes to one and all



Flexible canes

July 19 2005, 11:16 PM 

The problem with hard canes such as bamboo is that the amount of force that can be used is quite limited otherwise they will break. A lot more force can be used with flexible rattan canes. However, rattan canes can dry out and become brittle; I remember once on the first day of class after summer holidays a teacher broke one over a boy. Presumably the heat in the classroom over the summer had caused it to dry out. Flexing a cane before using it, while seen as part of the ritual, can be necessary to check it is still suitable if it hasn't been used for a time.


The marks on the mind

July 21 2005, 10:44 AM 

I agree with you entirely, Mcphlail, that the marks on the mind never heal and that is why there are so muny contributors (and maybe hundreds more non-contributors) to this type of forum. The critical people here are convinced that it is all purely sexual, and should always be ridiculed and dismissed as fantasy. I have no doubt a good proportion of posts are just that, designed to titillate and satisfy a warped sexual interest. However I also think that a lot of those who only read and never contribute (but would do so if they weren't scared of the ridicule) have real memories of corporal punishment which they have kept bottled up for years. They long to share those memories with others,knowing that a problem shared is a problem halved. The Internet gives them this chance but the mockers make it almost impossible. Sad.


Marks on your mind

July 22 2005, 4:25 AM 

I agree with you, Well said. It took me a very long time to tell anyone at all that I had a sexual connection with Corporal punishment, I was too scared! And till I was about 20 I thought no one else had those feelings. It was another 10 years before I told the first person, that was the young lady who became my first wife. Apart from The Samaritans after that I hardly told anyone else except girl friends whom I thought I had become serious with. It was the internet that helped me accept my condition, and my second wife (who does not share my condition, but understands it) I have met some nice people and have come to terms with it. It is hard when one sexually likes C.P. but morally dislikes it. I was only ever spanked or smacked at school, I never had the cane. though I saw boys get it, and knew of boys who got it. I often think that it might have been good for me to have actually been caned for real at school, just to know what it was like. But I know that I would have HATED it! I always felt so ashamed of being punished, even with a Disorder mark, few lines, and detention.
So yes it would be nice if some people here could be less critical of some contributors. (Yes I have some difficulty with spelling! Always have!)


Girls Caned on Seat

August 3 2005, 8:19 PM 

When I was a teacher at an Approved School in the 1950/60's it was usual for girls to be caned on the seat.


Membership Secretary

Re: Girls Caned on Seat

August 3 2005, 9:02 PM 

It is good to hear from Alice after all this time. He is featured in the ‘Yahoo Profiles’ thread.


Caned on the bottom

August 13 2005, 5:08 AM 

A female teacher never caned me at all. The only experience I had was the fourth grade when my teacher gave me the ruler five times over my school shorts.


Female teachers' preferred implement

August 14 2005, 1:27 AM 

Only one of the women teachers I had at school used the cane; the rest used the strap (on the hands). I will say, though, that all the female teachers I had were cp enthusiasts, not all the men were.


Either crazy or fetishistic---take your pick

August 24 2005, 6:49 PM 

>it might sound crazy but I really think i benefitted from these beatings,


Yes, it does.


Re: Joe

September 26 2005, 10:48 PM 

hi joe, may i asked what you were punished for and why your mother didn't administer the cane herself, do you know why she asked someone to cane you?


The effect of a particular caning

August 8 2011, 5:39 PM 

Like a lot of posters I was caned fairly frequently at my Public School 1959-65.
It seemed to me that the most effective ones in terms of pain and warming glow and the marks were where the caner did not try to hit both buttocks but aimed the tip at the far buttock in the middle, and on the round of the buttock.
I has an unforgettable six from a mistress, and one only from a gymn master however all my canings about 15 in all meant that knife like cut after the swish of the cane fading after a few minutes to come back about fifteen minutes later with a throbbing pain that ran from the buttocks up into the neck and was pleasant as well as the endorphins kicked an erection was often produced too.
At my school only one for of cane was uses about 38-40" long about 3/8 - 7/16" in diameter flexible and of weight, the physics is clear.
Like others the hard desk seats provided relief and arousal.

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