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girls and headmasters

May 22 2002 at 11:57 AM

Hi I'm curious does anyone know of any girls spanked over the headmasters knee beyond the age of 13 ? I know this happened accasionly at primary school whilst girls were prepubesent but did this ever happen to older girls of say 15 or 16 ?

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Re: girls and headmasters

May 24 2002, 11:03 AM 

I beleive it happened very accasionly, if you look on abby's forum Angela gives a detailed account of being smacked by the headmaster at school at 16 years old and Sarah describes a line up of girls waiting to have their bottoms spanked by the headmaster at 15 but I think most schools didn't do this as smacking a girls bottoms was seen as being a fairly indecent thing to do to a senior girl probably due to the intimate possision and hands on nature of spanking, of corse someone else might know better.

Hope this helps



Re: Re: girls and headmasters

May 26 2002, 5:25 PM 

Does anyone else have have anything to say about this ?
I would be gratefull for any infomation on the subject.


girls spanked by masters

May 26 2002, 8:11 PM 

These is where the facts start to turn to fantasy.Even going back to the 1940 era it would be out of the question for a headmaster to have a girl of 13 or 14 over his kneee for spanking. Parents would not tolerate it. At least in my area and I think it was common in all of England. Of course it may have happened but most posts of this nature are fantasy not fact.

In junior schools girls could have found themselves over a headmasters knee for a spanking, but it would tend to be the younger ones. I only taught in all boys schools. In the 1940 era mixed schools at junior age were somewhat rare. I know one mixed school but here the headmaster did spank girls over his knee but never in the top juniors.

I think as we move into the 1960 era such things would be rarer still with older girls and indeed in junior school. Of course we all know of the famous Dulwich College case. This proves it did go on but it was an unwise head that had even a ten year old girl over his knee for hand spanking.

Slightly off subject. It was regarded as rather inappropiate to put an 11 year old boy over your knee and hand spank him even in 1940. Not because of any sexual fears from parents, nor about the fact that the bottom may have been bared but, sounds cold, the hand did not sting enough.

One interesting note. In top juniors, it was not regsrded as a suitable punishment for boys as it did not hurt enough. It was regarded as wrong for a male head to spank a girl over his knee after about ten for other objections, but not for a female to take a boy over her knee and even bare his bottom for the spanking. Most complaints seem to be when males spank girls but not the other way round. Nothing would be said that it was wrong that she should do it, only that it did not hurt enough.



Re: girls spanked by masters

May 26 2002, 10:01 PM 

I pretty much agree with George, I have also read Angela's account of being spanked by the headmaster but in her case I beleive it was a strange situation of a new headmaster who had formaly only ever tought boys before and seemed to have some strange beleif that this is how girls would usually be punished in schools by the headmaster, of corse he was wrong but it seemes the other teachers turn a blind eye, probably due to some problems with discipline they had been having with the girls at the school. Anyway the debate on that site concerning this teacher came to the conclusion that this man who had lived quite a sheltered life, going from public school boy to public school teacher via university to headmaster and then a move to this mixed comprehensive school and so he had little or no idea about disciplining girls just some half baked notions of girls being punished in this mannor because the cane was far to severe. Angela was 16 years old but this apparently didn't stop this fine gentleman from punishing the poor girl in this humiliating manor.

I will be happy to be corrected if anyone has any thing to add to the debate




Re: Re: girls spanked by masters

May 27 2002, 3:42 PM 

It was rare at high school I think but I do remember a girl at registration being asked by the teacher (A female teacher by the way) if she had told her parents that Mr Dean had, had to smack her bottom yesterday, to which she went bright red and said she had told them, she was about 13 so a little younger than the girls you wanted to know about.

That was all that was said and I don't remember anything else said about it and don't really remember any other incidents of c.p. in my school as it wasn't really a feature of the school I went to.

of corse having a smacked bottom could have been a slippering etc. but I always took it as meaning an over the knee spanking from the deputy head.


girls and headmasters

June 19 2002, 12:52 AM 

My wife was given the slipper by her headmaster back in 1973 when she was aged 10 in junior school. She recieved it with two boys she had sneaked out of school with. The boys got slippered with their trousers down bent over a stool. After they were dismissed my wife had to bend over the stool. Her headmaster lifted her skirt and petticoat and gave her 4 strokes with a large white plimsole. She said it stung like fury.
She said in comprehensive school girls could only be caned by the deputy headmistress.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: girls and headmasters

January 22 2007, 7:48 PM 

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Sir John

Girls and Headmasters

January 22 2007, 9:09 PM 

I am probably older than most contributors to this Group but have some detailed knowledge of CP in English Schools during the period 1960-1974.Then, there was a far higher likelihood of a girl being spanked or slippered than a boy who was more likely to receive the cane.This caning would usually be dished out before another teacher acting as a witness and recorded in a punishment book.There were exceptions e.g. there was a lot of caning (hand) of girls at Bacons School.

However many of "spankings" received by teenage girls in school at this time were very mild ,almost given in a playful manner.Indeed, some years back, I was informed by more than one young lady who attended a school in Homerton East London that they neglected to write and hand in 500 word punishment essays handed out by a certain teacher knowing they would only receive a very tolerable slippering (apparently much prefered) for their failure to do so.

Obviously, such activities were much more tolerated at that time and many male teachers (almost no female) beleived that they had the right to whack the occassional girly bottom and (perhaps more important) the recipients also beleived or at least accepted that there was nothing wrong with this.

Some went a bit too far and sometimes paid the consequences. The infamous headmaster Colin West would cane boys over their trousers but considered there was absolutely nothing wrong with him putting teenage girls across his knee, pulling their knickers down and spanking them on their bare bottoms. Such was hisbelief that therewas nothing wrong with this that he would sometimes go to the pupils home and spank them in such a manner in front of their parents. Sounds unbelievable but was absolutely true. At his trial he did not deny any of his actions and claimed this was an acceptable way for him to maintain discipline.The Court disagreed but instead of him being locked away for a long time(as would happen now) he walked free with a short suspended sentence. Perhaps the Judge had some sympathy.
Interestingly the punishment dished out to John Guise in the Heston case was also very mild. Incidentally, I have no other knowledge of sixth formers (male or female) being caned or spanked -and I have inquired into this extensively. I suspect that the Heston case may well be unique.

Kath Britton

The Cane

December 19 2007, 1:00 AM 

At my senior school in Southport back in the early 1960s The Cane was used on boys and girls and given by the headmaster. It wasn't frequent and probably given out 4 or 5 times a year.

My only experiece was when I was silly enough to answer back a senior teacher using a swear word. I knew what I'd done straight away and instantly regretted it. I think everyone in my class including the teacher was as shocked at what I'd said as I was. It was really not in my nature. I knew what would happen next. I behaved impeccably for the rest of the lesson but was told to stay behind at the end when I was duly marched to the headmasters office. I was made to wait outside which I think was the most excrutiating wait of my life. Eventually my teacher asked me to come in and the head asked me for an explanation. To this day I don't remember my response but it didn't cut any ice. The head didnt say a word but went to a locked cupboard and my worst fears were confirmed as the cane was brought out.

At this point my teacher stepped back into the corner. I felt completely alone as she had almost seemed sympathetic to me earlier but now I was at the heads mercy. He stood behind me and I was told to bend forward. I was not told to lift my skirt but as it was fairly baggy and pleated I had to gather it to the front. I then got 3 of the best which jolly well hurt. Almost worse was my walk back to the form room where I had to stay and complete schoolwork alone for the rest of the morning. I was in tears and was marched through scores of my classmates which was extremely embarrasing. I made sure that I was never caned again.

Research Assistant 2

RE: The Cane

December 19 2007, 8:39 AM 

Thank you for sending in a very interesting and unusual story, Kath. Was there not a female teacher designated to administer corporal punishment to girls at your school?

Paul b

Re: Girls and Headmasters.

December 27 2007, 11:23 PM 

Although I've never seen a male teacher use CP on a girl,
going to a all boys school wouldn't have helped.
But if one or the many boys I did see receive CP, had a
sex change, would this qualify?

Being serious though, I've never been out with a girl thats
been whacked by a male teacher. I believe, but have no proof
it did happen though.


Re: girls and headmasters

December 28 2007, 6:03 PM 

Srangely enouh I have never been out with a girl who had not received CP from a male teacher, how queer?

Steve M

Re: girls and headmasters

December 28 2007, 9:11 PM 


And I'VE never been out with anyone called Mimi, I regret to say.

The clincher to me is this:How many men of our generation or the next would find hitting a woman acceptable? Not many!

And how many men of our generation would have thought twice about fighting back if punched by another boy in the playground? Most!

Ergo, you'd have had to have been a remarkably perverse male teacher to hit a girl at all, and especially stupid to do it in secondary school, where the chances of being accused of sexual assault would rise expedentiously!

In my 3 mixed infants/primary schools, I saw one girl, aged 10, smacked by a male teacher. She was summoned to him for playground misbehaviour at dinner time and in front of us 9-year olds she was severly and effectively scolded.

This was right by my desk and I can assure you,46 years later, the tears were flowing from the scolding before the 3 or 4 smacks to legs and bottom that accompanied the latter half of Mr Weeke's major speech. Who needs the rod of correction in such circumstances?

That area at the back of the knee & just above took a smack each I'm sure-Ron Harris wasn't in my class, but he must have heard about this, as this was the area in which he clobbered Eddie Gray in the 1970 FA Cup Final replay in the 4th minute. Eddie Gray's contribution thereafter could be charitably described as limp, or indeed limping!



spankings and uniforms

January 25 2008, 1:11 PM 

In the early 50's the main uniform style for girls was the gym slip tied in the middle. The advantage of this garment was that it was generally loose and the errant girl could be turned over a desk and it would be easily lifted for a caning.
This moved on the the 60's and the mini skirt. Skirts wear of two styles and A style or Pleated. As any teacher will tell you who has smacked on the bottom at that time..the pleated skirt was much the easiest to deal with.
Girls wore waist slips at that time which would be very short since the skirt was short anyway.
These were generally white or a pastle colour with a lace hem.

Sill Lee Asso

Re: girls and headmasters

January 25 2008, 4:20 PM 

Send no more about waist slips. Yes please. But never tire of accounts of girls wearing cycle short with tunic lifted by headmistress for caning in Land of Smiles.


girlsand headmasters

January 26 2008, 11:20 PM 

why have a lot of posts seem to have disappeared?


Re: girls and headmasters

January 27 2008, 8:47 PM 

Maybe because they were "off topic" as they say.


girls and headmasters

January 27 2008, 10:22 PM 

if they are does someone delete them


Re: girls and headmasters

January 27 2008, 11:03 PM 

I presume the moderators do- that's their job,isn't it?

Maybe they could answer this better than I.

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