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Effects of school caning

June 29 2002 at 11:55 AM

This is probably a silly question. I am too young to have been at schools where C.P. was used but I have always been fascinated by it.

I've often read accounts where boys (or girls) who were caned on the bottom found it hard to sit down in class afterwards.

Also, how long did the pain last?

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Re: Effects of school caning

June 29 2002, 1:59 PM 

This very much a case of 'how long is a piece of string?'.

I have no doubt that some school canings invoved a sharp sting with every stroke but no significant after-effects. On the other hand (or other bottom?), I know that it can be impossible to sit comfortably for the rest of the day during which one is caned.

On the same basis, I'm sure that some canings left no marks at all and that others (in the REALLY bad old days) left marks that lasted for weeks.

However, to answer your question without undue waffle, I'd say that a normal caning in the latter half of the 20th Century would leave the recipient with a sore bum for the rest of the day and marks that would take (in the case of girls) 2 or 3 days to fade.


Effects - physical and mental

June 30 2002, 11:19 AM 

I can speak only from personal experience. I was caned once at school in the late 1960s for smoking – I’d have been sixteen at the time and it was the most painful experience imaginable. We had a Senior Mistress who seemed to place great store by the fact that any caning she administered was sure to be the traditional “six of the best” and no girl ever got away with less. She always caned on the bottom – skirts raised with just our knickers as “protection”.

I’d heard other girls describing the pain but nothing could have prepared me for the reality. I couldn’t believe how the pain just got worse and worse in the twenty seconds or so after each stroke. I left the study literally awash with tears, my bottom stinging quite appallingly, and I recall that I ran as quickly as I could to the girls’ toilets to hide myself away until I’d recovered some composure at least.

I’d always thought that the other girls had made a bit of a meal of the “can’t sit down” business but I was caned at lunchtime and I got a very nasty shock when I tried to sit down for the first lesson of the afternoon. I recall that, apart from the times when I had to write, I spent that afternoon sitting with my hands underneath my thighs, thereby raising my bottom an inch or so above my chair.

I looked at my bottom in the mirror in my room when I got home and there were six clearly visible red stripes across both cheeks. My bottom was very sore all that evening but by next day the pain had subsided and although I could still feel some effect for a couple of days, it was more of an irritation than real pain. The marks likewise faded in a similar timescale.

Whilst the physical effects had then gone, I recall that they were replaced by the psychological impact of it all. The Senior Mistress had seen me bent over in my knickers and had reduced me, a proud sixteen year old, to a sobbing, blubbering wreck. I still cringe when I think of it all these years later.



June 30 2002, 4:51 PM 

I went to prep school in the 1960s and never came across a caning that left no marks. I formed the impression that some boys bruised more easily than others, but it was the norm for marks still to be clearly visible a week later.

Or perhaps they whacked boys harder?


Effects of school caning

July 3 2002, 10:37 PM 

In my experience, a serious school caning ached and throbbed continuously for several hours afterwards and when this had subsided we would feel some significant discomfort when moving suddenly or sitting down for a couple of days. The duration of the visible effects varied considerably. Some boys' weals would fade after four or fvie days while others', like mine, could still be sen ten days later.



July 3 2002, 11:20 PM 

I think I can safely testify that in my case the soreness and initial pain had subsided after acouple of hour but the welts by the next day but the bruises remained for about 10 days making sitting rather uncomfortable at times especially on the hard wooden chairs.
This could also answer the question regarding the different types of canes as my last experience was at the age of 15 I was given the "senoir cane" for enscribing a ex girl friends name into the desk, as I said above the bruises lasted for some 10 days where as my previous canings were given with a shorter thinner stick and the marks had dissapeared after only a few days


Re: Effects

December 8 2002, 1:08 PM 

I got one four stroke caning at school, aged 12. Like Jane I remember how the pain would intensify during the few seconds after each whack. The master who administered my caning obviously knew this full well, as he would wait for some considerable time before delivering the next stroke.

Strangely, although my backside was black and blue afterwards unlike Jane I don't recall having any great difficulty sitting down for the remainder of that day. However, my buttocks did ache for a few days afterwards. Perhaps these after affects vary according to the type of cane used?

Although unpleasant, the experience certainly didn't do me any pyshcological damage. Would be happy to discuss this further with you Jane if you want to email me.


Have your been caned before.??

July 11 2003, 1:50 PM 

It seems like you have been caned before,because you know quite well.!!!


Sitting down after being caned.

July 12 2003, 1:47 AM 

I wonder if any of you were actually caned? I am inclined to doubt it.

First. whether it is painful sitting down afterwards depends own where and how you are sitting. I always believed it would be painful to sit down after a caning, until I actually got caned. I was surprised to find that when I got back to my classroom and sat down I did not feel any discomfort. This was because the seats on the desks were hard. I was not sitting on my bottom. (Not on the spot where I had been caned) When you sit, you you sit on the back of your thighs. The spot where the cane landed on my bottom was in the gap between the hard seat of the desk and the upright back rest. I could put my hand behind me and feel the bruises from the cane. Pressure on them caused me to wince. But I was not sitting on the stripes. No discomfort if I did not press the bruises.

Later, I was takem home in the car by my mother, Now sitting in a car seat is quite different. Now you sit on your bottom, not on your thighs. Try putting your hand on the spot where a cane lands, on the rounded part of your behind, when sitting in a car seat. Sitting on a caned bottom in a car is painful. The pressure from a car seat is directly on the bruises.

The answers to the question, is it painful to sit down after a caning is that it depends on what you sit on.

In the TV film The Laughing Revolutionary, the policeman, after birching the boy, remarks with a laugh that he would not be sitting down for a week. The boy to show his defiance jumps up on a hard bed, and he winces at the pain. However, the boy clearly only sat on his thighs, and this would not have been painful, so the wince of discompfort was merely histrionic and for the benefit of the camera and people who firmly believe in the cliche, "after a caning you will have to have your meals frmm the mantlepiece, standing up."

Pure rubbish. It entirely depends on what you sit and how you sit. It is not true to say that you willnot sit down for a week.



July 12 2003, 5:50 AM 

Apart from a blazing backside, I don't remember any particular discomfit when sitting down after a caning. We were expected to sit up 'straight' at our school desks. However, at home, slouched at the dinner table, I could certainly feel the fat 'sausages' which the master had slashed across my buttocks.



July 12 2003, 8:08 AM 

The 1985 B.B.C. production of ‘The Laughing Revolutionary’, mentioned by Meilong, was known as ‘The Monocled Mutineer’ in the U.K.


Fantasy or reality?

July 12 2003, 12:37 PM 

I have never been caned, but spend a good amount of my time wondering what the reality of this much-imagined experience is like.
My need to know comes, i admit, because my strongest sexual fantasies revolve around school cp. In the pursuit of those fantasies i have tried to write fiction which describes the facts of a school caning, and i have also attempted to capture the 'reality' of the traditional 'six of the best' in letters i have sent to various publications. However, i know that these imaginative efforts of mine lack authenticity.
Questions like the following might, if answered by one who knows, provide my literary efforts with the realism they lack:

- What hurts the most, the moment when the cane impacts, or the seconds after contact, when the effect of the stroke floods through the body?

-Does the effect of a cane-stroke 'flood through the body'? Is the sting confined to the bottom only, or does the sensation, as i once heard it described, reach right through to the fingertips and toes?

-Is it true that, as a contributor to this thread has it, that the pain stays for as long as 'twenty seconds' after the application? During this twenty seconds, does the pain deepen in intensity? At what stage within that twenty seconds does the pain begin to ebb away? Indeed does it 'ebb away'? What is the sensation like?

-Is the agony of a school caning cumulative? Does the sixth stroke hurt more than the first stroke?

-Is 'agony' the right word to describe what happens to the body when it is being caned? What words would those who have been punished in this manner use to recreate the experience?

-Does a cane-stroke on the bare bottom hurt more than a stroke given to the seat of the knickers? Or are we talking only about 'variations of agony', the protection provided by a single layer of clothing being too small to mention?

I would be fascinated to hear these questions answered by somebody who has undergone the ritual of a school caning; but can there be any way of knowing - really knowing - without going through the experience yourself?


Effects of being caned

July 12 2003, 9:35 PM 

This is my recollection of the cane and know I don't think you can envision it unless you have actually experienced it. By the way, Meilong and Navybloo, are you male of female?

I was taken to the Senior Master's study. Quite the worst thing about this place was that it had a big uncovered window, so anybody could have looked in to see what was happening and eveybody knew what went on in there. I had to lean forward and grab the arms of a wooden armchair and was told to tuck my head in. Mercifully I was not obliged to drop my trousers, as was the tradition in many English boarding schools at that time. This spared me a lot of indignity and probably a fair bit of additional pain, but even so when the whacks started I have never experienced pain like it. The stinging in my buttocks was bad enough, but I also recall that it also travelled up my back and down my legs. I had experienced the slipper several times , but it was nothing compared to this. The Senior Master was a real pro and he seemed to delay each stroke until the pain from the previous blow was receding and this had the overall effect of making the whole ordeal seem like it was lasting a lot longer. I writhed around a bit after the first couple of strokes and was told to tuck my head in again and get back into position. In all I think got four strokes, but can consider myself fortunate that I didn't get the traditional six of the best. Even so I remember hopping about when it was all over and finding that no matter how hard I rubbed my bottom that awful stinging sensation just wouldn't go away. Eventually however it did subside and gave way to a warm red glow, which lasted for another half hour or so.

One thing that did mystify me was that I didn't have any problems sitting down afterwards. I have heard and read lots of accounts from boys or girls who were caned saying that they could not sit down for hours or even days after their canings, but I had no problem. However, just in case you were wondering whether this meant that I wasn't caned properly, I can assure you that my backside was striped black and blue for over a week afterwards!



Re: Effects of being caned

July 12 2003, 10:19 PM 

PaulH wrote, ‘The stinging in my buttocks was bad enough, but I also recall that it also travelled up my back and down my legs.’

I agree with this, but would add that if the stroke of the cane is severe enough, the pain feels as if it travels up to the roots of your hair and down to your toes. It is such a shock to the system.


re. effects of being caned

July 12 2003, 10:51 PM 

Blimey! Your description, Paul H, of being caned was so vivid I felt I was going through it with you! I was never caned, and your description makes me very thankful that I wasn't. Two questions: 1. why were you asked to keep your head down? Possible injury such as whiplash, perhaps?; and 2. how different was it from the slipper, in your opinion? I was the recipient of severe whackings with both gymshoes and real slippers at boarding school, and the immediate impact of both took my breath away, but the pain was confined only to the buttocks and not, thank God, the legs etc.. And within minutes it became just a warm feeling, like having stood too close to the fire! Was 4 strokes of the cane equal to, say, 10 with the slipper, or is it completely different?


Cane v. Slipper

July 13 2003, 8:57 AM 

Any discussion of pain must, by its very nature be subjective. Research shows that redheads have a lower pain threshold than others.

I would say that the cane produces a sharp stinging pain, whereas the slipper gives a dull, but warming, feeling. Fran described it well when she wrote that the after effects of her slippering were a ‘warm glow’.

Gas Mask Wearer


July 13 2003, 11:55 AM 

Yes, redheads are more sensitive to pain and Caucasians more sensitive than Negroids. (See my post about Josenthia called ‘Black Bottoms’ in the Corporal Punishment in Malaysia thread).


Effects of cane

July 13 2003, 5:16 PM 


Not sure why I was told to tuck my head in. Maybe just to enforce the discipline of maintaining position, but guess that whiplash was also a consideration.

The sting of the cane was much sharper and more intense than the slipper and seemed to linger for much longer. Like I said the pain also travelled up and down my body, not so with the slipper. Also I never recall having marks after the slipper, but my backside looked like a motorway after the cane!



effects of cane - response

July 14 2003, 12:14 AM 

Dear PaulH, Thanks mate. From what you say, getting the slipper was a walk in the park compared with the cane, and the description of your caning and its after-effects, which sounded pretty barbaric, makes you wonder why the practice wasn't made illegal much earlier. Slippering, in comparison, was far more humane - buttocks a little tender for a day or two after the event, and the only bruising I can recall getting was when I was given it on 2 consecutive days - not that it was a barbaric school or anything - I was just unlucky! You don't seem to harbour any resentment towards the master who inflicted such pain - admirable.
Not sure I would have the same attitude. Thanks for the response.


The cane

July 15 2003, 2:56 AM 


I wouldn't say that the master who beat me was was top of my Xmas card list, but no I don't hold any lingering resentment. I was caned for cheating in an exam. However, I owned up to it, so I don't think that caning me set a terribly good precedant for what can happen if you are honest. But having said that, there were a few other occassions at school when I should probably have been caned and wasn't, so on balance I shouldn't really complain.

I don't think that caning is barbaric. I still think there is a time and a place for it for severe offences committed at school. At my school the cane was used sparingly which on the whole (my case excepted!) seemed about right. However, it did used to annoy me that only the boys were caned and not the girls. In my opinion if a boy or girl were say caught smoking together, then the principles of justice should dictate that they both go over the desk for six of the best together!



Inequalities of CP

July 15 2003, 3:03 PM 

At school a friend of mine was going out with a girl and they used to go around school all "lovey dovey". You know what I mean kissing and cuddling and all over each other.

The teachers were a bit concerned at the example this was etting and told them to cut it out when in school (this was 1970s and I guess now it would be reagrded as something and nothing). When they both refused - no doubt claiming that they were in love - my friend was threatened with the cane. However the girl who was just as culpable was threatened with suspension from school. When we started the school in 1974 girls could get slippered (or dapped if you read my earlier message in another thread) but CP was generally on the way out by the late 70s at my school which may have accounted for the lack of CP on her part. Also she was normally a well behaved girl and to my knowledge hadn't been slippered at school before.

As it turned out neither punishment was necessary as they did in fact cool things down in public, but it shows how unfair school rules were on this.


caning for both sexes

July 15 2003, 9:07 PM 

PaulH, You're quite right - if the came is to be used at all, then it should be applied to both sexes. There is a Gilbert and Sullivan line, let "the punishment fit the crime". I disagree totally with that; it should read "let the punishment fit the criminal". Myra Hindley was female, yet at my school would have been exempt from any corporal punishment at my school; the Pope, however, would not. Hypocrisy. I guess it was because of the sexual overtones. Parents would not have welcomed that thought of their daughter's headmaster getting off on spanking their daughter's backside, and quite rightly. But at my school the girls, because they had an automatic immunity from being sent to the head for an invariable slippering, must have felt freer to relax and to be themselves. I, on the other hand, had to be watchful of my behaviour, even in the playground. A few of the girls would even take the piss and spread the word round their friends if they heard that you had just had the slipper - very embarrassing. Both sexes or not at all.


Cane the girls too

July 16 2003, 5:33 AM 


I was at school in the 1970s and early 80s and it seemed to be an unchallenged principle just about everywhere that boys got slippered or caned, but the girls could not be touched. Even back then it seemed to me like blatant sexual discrimination, whichever way you looked at it. If you supported corporal punishment, it only seemed fair that its “benefits” should be extended to girls. If you opposed it, then it hardly seemed fair that one sex was subjected to it and the other was exempt.

I actually believe that the slipper or the cane do have a place in the discipline of teenage boys and girls for two reasons. First and most obviously, the pain is likely to prove a strong deterrent against repetition of the same offence. Second, the indignity of being obliged to bend over for a few whacks is likely to deflate the ego of any boy or girl who has got rather too big for his/her boots. When I was at school it certainly worked for the boys and I can think of a good many girls who would also have benefited on both counts.

I am sure that there were many female contemporaries of mine who flaunted their immunity from the cane and were subsequently a good deal naughty than they would have been if they were liable to receive six of the best. Likewise I am sure that there were plenty of girls who took a sadistic pleasure in the suffering of their male contemporaries who were up for the slipper or the cane and in some cases may even have deliberately got boys in trouble with this in mind.

However, perhaps this is not the whole story. I remember a classroom discussion at school in which a number of girls said that they would actually have preferred to be able to opt for the cane as an alternative to a lengthy gating. The girls in question certainly went up in my opinion, but sad to say nothing ever came of it.



July 16 2003, 12:22 PM 

The inequity of applying corporal punishment to girls has long since been a bone of centention with me. Like PaulH says there were plenty of girls at my school who definitely needed the cane - or at least the fear that they might receive it if they continued to misbehave, but instead they only got the plimsoll. Even then it wasn't widely used and was seen as a last resort.

On a related theme, I wonder if the same applied to judicial birching in this country and also in the Isle of Man. Surely if a girl broke the law she should have expected to receive a similar punishment, although despite my views on corporal punishment I've always felt that a judicial birching is too extreme for any child.

Certainly there were no gender restrictions on capital punishment although it was abolished for women earlier than it was for men for some strange reason.


Not sure at time!

July 18 2003, 10:28 PM 

I was caned on my knickered bottom as a girl and felt all the emotions of pain and discomfort! but since those days I have more of a leaning towards the connection of school cotton knickers and spanking and this is now my downfall.
My main enjoyment is due to my distant school days, still wearing my knickers and being spanked! Now I no what the pain turned into ........ Sexual enjoyment!



July 20 2003, 10:04 PM 

You do not say the number of cane strokes you endured,perhaps you will confirm,when I shall be able to determine in my mind the effectiveness of the punishment.




Re Effects Physical and Mental

July 23 2003, 11:15 PM 

JaneB. This is the sort of account some of us search the site for. Can you describe any more of the ritual surrounding your punishment? How long after the offence was it? Were you lectured before or afterwards.? How did you have to bend over? This is fascinating stuff. Tell us more.


Emotional effects

July 31 2003, 7:52 AM 

This is my response to reading a number of contributions on this thread, and related threads.

I first felt the sting of the cane when I was 6 ½ years old around 1950 when I was in Year 2. My last “disciplinary” visit to the principal’s office was in Year 11. Even though I was no stranger to the belt at home by the time I had my first taste of the cane, I found it to be a strange emotional experience, and – like some other contributors to this bulletin board – I’ve spent hours in the ensuing years trying to make sense of it.

I’ve appreciated people’s openness on this and related threads, which convinced me that my pain experiences were just like yours, and I was about the same age as a good number of the readers when it happened – and I got about the same number of cuts or stripes for much the same misbehaviour as you did.

I appreciated reading about – and could identify with – those who’ve written about things like
- The differences between getting caned on hand and on bum
- inspecting the stripes in the mirror
- feeling the “sausages” the cane left behind
- the aching, throbbing, bruising which lasted for days
- how it seemed easier to sit on a hard seat than a soft seat

I want to write more about the emotions than the pain itself. Hopefully some will find it interesting and may add to it.

I found something emotional about a caning that being kept back in the lunch break or after school to write lines could never be.

The first feeling I recall is one of compulsive fascination with the first slash of the cane across the upper arm (just below the shoulder – where you get injections) when I was daydreaming on assembly and not lining up properly. At home, my parents’ punishment as I remember it produced localised pain, but the cane never failed (whether on arm, palm or bum) to produce radiating, grabbing pain that seemed to momentarily take possession of the nerves and muscles of a significant part of the body.

There was the awe of the authority; teachers expected you to co-operate in the punishment (stand there, hold out your hand, face the wall, bend over, don’t move etc etc) and I and the other kids never thought it wise to question it. When a teacher had a cane in his or her hand, it was like puppetry without strings.

There was the fear. I used to feel sick to the pit of my stomach as I walked in the school gate every morning – not because I got caned often – but because after the first dose, I was always on guard, anxious to avoid a recurrence. That sick feeling wasn’t quite so strong at high school from Year 9 onwards where the statistical probability of getting caned was much less – but when it happened it was always a serious “sixer”. I think this fear intensified more from seeing others caned than from my own experiences; the longer it was since my last dose the more fear I think I felt.

There was shame; shame of having been judged worthy, needy of the remedial effects of the cane; I was slow to admit I ever deserved it then -- but looking back I see I deserved it as much as anyone. At times I would do terrible things with the truth to try to avoid being found out and caned. And I recall taking extreme steps to avoid my parents finding out I was caned, and sometimes I denied any familiarity with cane when talking with adults and children who didn’t know, and didn’t need to know. I felt desperate during the few times I had to wait what seemed like eternity outside the principal’s office, with teachers and students who knew me smiling smugly (so it seemed) as they passed by.

There was the physiological arousal, the rush of adrenalin, the feeling of being very unsafe when I saw the cane flashing or heard it swishing towards someone; at times since, just having a conversation with someone about school memories, or seeing a caning enacted in a movie was enough to set my heart pounding and racing.

I remember the blissful feelings when I had a lucky escape – when I sensed a teacher was about to sentence me to a caning but then changed his mind. Cloud Nine!

I felt intimidated by the courage of other kids (at primary school the cane was generally given in front of the class) who managed to take a really explosive caning in their stride.

I remember feeling almost totally out of control as the result of that crescendo of deep, red hot, cutting pain that others have written of. When bending over an armchair with weight on my belly, I recall my legs flying up totally out of control when the cane landed in that crease between the bum and the top of the thighs. On one really painful occasion I was surprised to hear my voicebox revving up in neutral making unfamiliar and uncontrollable loud noises in response to each cut.

Finally, I have to admit that I was confused about whether or not I wanted to get caned. I didn’t have enough self confidence to resolve the conflict between
· parents and other adults in the family who spoke and acted as if being caned was like catching leprosy, and therefore to be avoided
· the reality that caning was virtually the only punishment given to boys in both primary and high school -- even in Year 2 every child (boy and girl) had been caned a number of times by the end of the year, and
· the peer group norm which decreed for boys in (say) Years 6 to 9 that a serious caning was a rite of passage.

Well, once I got going there was a bit more to say than I thought. Hope someone finds it interesting.


Cane marks only for 1 hour.

August 8 2003, 4:26 PM 

Dear SARAJANE,I was given 6 strokes of the cane,although,quite painful,but the marks only last 1 hour,& the pain only last for 10 mintues,the reason.?i was caned with skirt,petticoat & pantyhose on.!


Well ..

August 14 2003, 5:54 AM 

Thanks, Michael for a most interesting post. The cane was meant to be a deterrent and it certainly had that effect on me. I remember that black cloud of fear, well.


Re: Well ..

August 20 2003, 4:55 PM 

I too remember the effects of the school cane. It was the sight of it that scared the life out of you initially.

In the junior school the teachers tended to use any old bit of garden cane they had. No crook handle and stiff. Even so, because you got it on the hand you could see it coming. It stung like mad but not for more than a few hours and the marks soon disappeared – in about the same timescale.

My first caning in the senior school involved waiting outside the Headmaster’s study in the company of his secretary who obviously knew what was going to happen and would no doubt hear the proceedings through the study door.. Fortunately she was middle aged. If she had been young it would have been even more embarrassing.

I was called in and torn off a strip and then told I was to be caned. The Head went to a cupboard and got out a cane which he swished through the air a couple of times. It was a bendy one but very long and thick with no crook handle and made a terrifying noise. I had to bend over and he lifted the tail of my blazer and stepped back and took aim. The pain of the first stroke cannot be described. It enveloped my whole body and I saw stars. It didn’t sting it just hurt. The second followed quite quickly and didn’t seem so bad as the first. Certainly not double the pain. The third and fourth I didn’t feel much perhaps because I was now numb. Once the initial pain had subsided a little after the first few minutes, I was left mainly with a feeling of shock at what had happened. I was once knocked over by a car and the overall effect was similar.

As far as marks were concerned they lasted for many weeks. They started with single broad red lines and gradually turned to black tramlines. They faded gradually but it must have been a good month or more before they disappeared completely. This may seem a long time but I can assure you it is true. At that time there were always stories about Headmaster’s canes being hollowed out and having lead poured down the middle to weight them. Whether that is what had happened to this one I do not know but it felt like being hit with an iron bar.

Looking back my memory is one of fear. The look of the cane, the ceremony, worrying if you could take it without screaming and being considered a coward when word got round the school – probably spread by the secretary. Never mind the pain of the cane itself. Teachers and particularly Headmasters could do what they liked then and if I had complained or made a fuss he could have given me 12 or even more with no questions asked.


Effect of cane on one small boy

August 21 2003, 1:15 AM 

I was only caned once on the hand at age 8. It was bloody painful but I don't recall the pain lasting more than about half an hour. What was more scary was the unexpected shock that went with the sharp pain which almost caused me to wet my pants - if I had been slightly smaller I don't think I could have contained myself. I have had occasionally had moments since when frightened (e.g. a teacher shouting) which have produced the same effect - is it something to do with adrenalin flows? I would imagine that a caning on the bottom would make control of the bladder more difficult than one on the hand but very few correspondents on this site have mentioned it. I would have thought those caning headmasters who were also genuine sadists would have found the spectacle of children wetting themselves an even bigger turn on than usual as it would give an extra dimension to their control freakery. Also it would give them an excuse to get children to take down their pants before a caning by explaining that if they did wet themslves they wouldn't also wet their pants. Isn't it all too disgusting?

I suppose the element of shame that went with wet pants or knickers is a reason why the topic doesn't get discussed very much.


caning causing wet pants

August 21 2003, 8:48 PM 

I went to a very srict all girls catholic school in the late sixties, early seveties when corporal punishment was an accepted part of everyday school life.I was caned on four occasions during my time at the school once when I and two other girls were caught smoking in the loo's one break time.Unfortunately I hadn't had time to take my pee before being caught so this, plus the fact I was very scared,caused me to wet my knickers all over the headmisstress's study floor. I still received my four strokes,( does anyone else think the cane used to sting more when administered across wet knickers?) and my humiliation was complete when I was made to go get a mop and bucket and clean up the puddle I'd made.
It wasn't uncommon to see a girl wet herself when receiving a caning, do any other readers have experiences of this happening?


Fear and physiology

August 22 2003, 3:13 AM 

I remember being on the point of loosing bladder control while waiting outside the office (for what seemed like eternity)even though I don't recall any desire to toilet beforehand. Strangely once the pain started the urge to urinate subsided. I remember having to bend over a wooden desk, unpainted, and when I stood up after getting six on the bum (I lost count, it could have been more and I wouldn't have known -- just remember thinking with each cut, I can take one more but not two), yes when I stood up I saw these two enormous puddles of sweat directly under where my armpits had been -- there must have been small torrents during the short time I was over the desk.

I remember noticing the first guys who got caned at high school looking hot and sweaty in the face -- they were caned in the preparation room next door and had to come back into the class without any chance to go and freshen up. I wrongly presumed they must have been embarrassed, humiliated, because I would have been, but then after my own experience with the puddles of sweat I later concluded that it was probably the sheer pain that got the adrenalin going just as surely as if you'd just done a 100 yard dash. With the body all stirred up like that I guess if your bladder was really full when you got the cuts it would be really easy to loose it.



August 23 2003, 7:28 PM 

I seriously doubt if any high school girl is caned on her buttocks.I think it is all fantasy.


Re: Fantasy

August 24 2003, 10:32 AM 


Have a look at:


The section entitled ‘School Corporal Punishment Research’ contains press reports that refer to the type of punishment you mention.


Caned last week !

August 29 2003, 8:08 AM 

I was never caned at school but curiosity has got the better of me in the last year or so.

I was caned on the bare bottom,quite hard, a week ago and there are still extremely visible stripes. I was also caned 2 weeks earlier and the marks from this session, although faint, are cleary visible. A far as the feeling goes, I could rub my bottom 4/5 days after each caning and still feel the effects - great !!


Are you a girl or boy.?

August 29 2003, 1:43 PM 

Dear RJ,are you a girl or boy.?If you are a girl,i think you are lying.!I do not think there is still bare bottom caning now a days,I was caned with Skirt & underwear ON.!Which country are you from.?U.K. has not allowed C.P. since 1998.!


I'm a Guy ,who is certainly not lying (as my Dom will confirm !!)

August 29 2003, 10:58 PM 

Dear Veron, did you not realise that this was an account of some real canings from a very real Dom.

The canings did not take place in your Country.

Kind regards


Effects-physical and mental

September 9 2003, 8:25 PM 

I am sure you deserved every well aimed stroke. The fact that you were caned accross the seat of your panties helped to add a little humliation to your punishment which I'm sure must have helped you to behave better afterwards.



September 11 2003, 6:27 PM 

Roberta your response to the thread interests me.
I expect you are a male of the species.
If I am wrong in my assumption I would like to hear more of your experiences and the effects on your later life


Comments on the cane

September 13 2003, 12:30 AM 

In my personal experience, school caning was exclusively male teachers caning teenage boys on their school uniform shorts. Anything else was unthinkable. Girls certainly didn't get caned. This was in a white British Commonwealth country in the 1960's.

It is clear from posting here and elsewhere, and other information, that individual experiences and impressions of school canings varied greatly. I suggest that the following factors are important:
  1. Previous experience of milder forms of CP. In my day, there was a well defined progression towards the secondary school cane, with six of the best as the ultimate. Very few, if any, first time canees would not have had their hand strapped at primary school or felt their father's belt on their legs of buttocks. Most first canings were one or two stroke affairs for offences like talking in class or having no PE gear. (My first offences.)

  2. Whether the punishment is considered fair and appropriate. Fair punishments cause a great deal less suffering than unfair.

  3. Peer, family and social support and expectations. It helps greatly if you know how you are meant to respond to punishment and if you earn forgiveness and respect if you take your punishment well. Cathartic punishment heals. Tests of courage passed can build confidence and character.

  4. The size and amount of flesh on your bottom, and how tightly you are required to bend over, has a very large effect on the extent of wounding and the intensity and duration of the pain. The bigger, flatter and thicker the pad of flesh, the milder the punishment.

  5. Clothing has complex effects. Clothes may or may not provide significant padding depending on thickness, drap of the cloth, etc. Tight fitting clothes may increase the pain by preventing the flesh from being displaced.

  6. The length, diameter, weight and "temper" of the cane. Thin canes have more sting than thick. They affect mainly the skin. Thick heavy canes pulp the flesh and cause deep wounds. Flexible canes can bend to match the curves of the target thereby spreading their effect more evenly over a larger area.

  7. The strength, skill and resolution of the master. Some masters found administering the cane a most disagreeable and troubling experience. Others were sadists and they enjoyed the experience. They had no regard for their victims. Many of the best caners seemed to enjoy the task but they also had a respect and regard for their charges and were careful to use the cane appropriately.

  8. The rapport between the boy and the master. A deserved caning, laid on very hard and on target, from a respected master, might cause a great deal less anguish than an ineffectual but underserved caning from an unpredicateble master. Most masters were kindly before and especially after they had caned you.

Boys of my day expected the cane to land on target (the cheeks) and to really hurt. They expected welts and marks and interesting colours lasting many days. Anything less would have been damaging to discipline and could result in a boy being ridiculed by his classmates.

My recollection is of a very distinct delay between impact and the pain registering. The pain then came in waves and was intense for many minutes. It always hurt a lot more than I expected.

Successive cane strokes "built", each adding to the pain and, I think, the duration of the pain, and certainly to the soreness after. Personally, I found four of the best more than enough and the prospect of six unthinkable. Given the choice of four of the best now, or one stroke per day for four days, I would probably have chose to get it over and done with.

Some boys said they went "numb" after just or stroke or two. Subsequent strokes hardly registered.

The eyes tended to water but it was very important not to cry or to let on how much it hurt. Then, sometime later, one suddenly became aware of a pleasant feeling or warmness. I am not sure how long the state of being "freshly caned", and unavoidably conscious of the fact, lasted. It was probably just a few hours. If you were caned after morning assembly (9 AM) you could think of other things by lunch time, if your classmates allowed.

It was uncomfortable upon first sitting down, but generally tolerable to stay down. There was a general sore to touch, and diffuse swelling, for only a day or two after.

Caning is not an acceptable punishment these days but it was in earlier times. I am sure there were abuses and excesses but I witnessed none.

Billy Biro

Re: Comments on the cane

September 13 2003, 1:55 PM 

It is good to see writing of such high quality from our new members. Those of us who were educated at William Penn School, in particular the Faraday House pupils, will identify with K’s comment that “Most masters were kindly before and especially after they had caned you.”

Gillian, however, will be jealous.

The Peckham Poet

Re: Re: Comments on the cane

September 13 2003, 2:21 PM 

As a tribute to that distinguished Middle English scholar, George, I have included a Chaucerian word in the following versette:

When Gillian wished to be caned and huggered
The boys at the Penn were being caned and buggered.


Comments on the cane

September 22 2003, 10:59 AM 

People's memories often exagerate the effects of the cane but I think K's comments are as accurate a description as I have encountered. They closely match my own recollections. The act of sitting down on a hard desk seat was painful for up to two days (many teachers aimed their strokes low enough to enusre that they corresponded with the edge of the seat) but it was OK once you'd sat down provided you didn't move about. Walking and especially doing PE could be uncomfortable for several days.



Re: Comments on the cane

September 24 2003, 8:52 AM 

My own experience was that the real pain was immediate and next day if you had a really sound thrashing. Mine were often compounded by the "same at home as at school" business, only I'd get a real bloody bruising with the heavy strap or clothesbrusd. That, eg 60 with the clothesbrush (bare) and 12 of the best, left you tender for quite a while


Effects of the cane

October 25 2003, 3:28 AM 

I was once caned, trousers down, and was given four strokes. Like Paul-H the pain did not last long. It had almost entirely gone by the time I got back to my classroom. I had no discomfort sitting down at my desk afterwards, exactly as described by Meilong. I did have a return twinge of pain later when I got onto my bike to cycle home. But that did not last long either.

The bruises, however, lasted a long time. The stripes were clearly visible that evening, red and raised weals. The next day there were two parallel blue lines either side of the pink stripes. The blue lines developed into plue blotches over the next four days, and gradually turned into yellow blotches. Everything had faded and disappeared after about seven days.


How long does the pain of the cane, well laid on, last?

October 1 2012, 8:15 PM 

The question is worth revisiting methinks. What is tyhe experience of current members of this forum?

See A caning. How long does it hurt for?

Feb 26, 2011 11:49 PM Apache Kid

This question has been gnawing at me on and off for some time now - How long do the after-effects of six of the best last for, both physically and visually?

[. . .]

Lingering pain and discomfort.

Here again you read of people who were given six of the best at school and could still feel the pain from the caning up to as much as an hour or so after and up to two or three days of discomfort when sitting down.

A similar question was asked about The Tawse by Watson John on November 20, 2005 at 4:28 PM


Re: Effects of school caning

October 1 2012, 9:41 PM 

[linked image]

In my experience, long ago, the school strap and cane rated severe on the above scale. The pain stayed in the severe range for what seemed like a long time, certainly minutes, possibly tens of minutes but recollection is unlikely to be reliable. Anything less would have been damaging to discipline and good order according to the expectations of the time.

Punishment at home was in the moderate range and the pain was little more than momentary. My parents used CP sparingly and it was more an indication of disapproval than a dreadful deterrent.


Effects of school caning

December 29 2012, 11:31 AM 

After a caning I found the pain continued for at least two hours made worse by having to sit on the painful welts on a hard wooden seat at my desk. Yes sitting down after a caning was almost unbearable and every boy's eye was on as you as you attempted to sit and watched you wriggle and squirm.The stripes and welts lasted 10 - 14 days to remind you of the visit.

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