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Bare bottom punishments

July 10 2002 at 5:02 PM

It has been stated on this forum that bare bottom punishments were fairly rare in post war schools. The fact that they can be seen as abusive is not really open to question but it also means that details of such punishments do not appear in any records. I remember from my own London fee paying infants' school in the sixties, that boys in particular were often threatened by one schoolmistress with bare bottomed punishments.Boys were often taken out of the room and would come back crying.I can't say for sure whether they actually were punished at all.The headmistress was a strange woman, very cold and forbidding, both boys and girls were regularly sent to her for the cane.The story was from other little boys (not always a reliable source)that she caned bare bottoms. Trouble is being a well behaved little chap [girl, surely?] I never was, so I don't know for sure. I have even been on Friends Reunited but all the messages have been deleted by the site owners.
I remember a female cousin being spanked by my aunt with a hairbrush on her bare bottom and my friend's little brother was spanked on the bare by his mother in front of several guests who had turned up for his 7th birthday party. So it probably wasn't a rare event in the home even if it wasn't as prevalent in schools.I should think that bare bottom spankings at least were more common in infants' schools because it is a nursery punishment. Cases which come to court may represent only the tip of the iceberg so it might have been a more common event post war than we think.


re:[girl, surely?]

Leave the editing to Carl and his mats if you are going to make mistakes like this! See messages following.


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Re: Bare bottom punishments

July 10 2002, 6:35 PM 

For as long people have been on Earth, the strong have preyed on the weak and, inevitably, much of that predation has been sexual.

The very essence of sexual predation is the carnal attraction felt by the predator for the prey and, for that reason, we can be sure that the VAST majority of domestic spankings are not sexually motivated - as most people don't fancy their own family members.

We can also be sure that the vast majority of school spankings of infants were not motivated by lust - as most people don't fancy infants.

The problem arises when people are given authority to punish their objects of desire. In such circumstances, the punishment is very much a sexual experience for the punisher and, when bottoms are bared, it becomes no less than a sexual assault on the punished.

However, where there is no element of sexual gratification and no great element of humiliation, it is in my view a valuable and unremarkable method of correcting errant children.

Several of my friends were spanked bare at home when young (in the 1970s) and it's clear that girls were spanked bare at a number post-war infant/junior schools in the private sector.

Did it do any harm? Not as far as I know.

Did it do any good? Well, all my friends are on the straight and narrow - and some of them have a very rewarding hobby for life!


A deprived childhood?

July 10 2002, 8:05 PM 

Well i was slapped at junior school on the back of the legs a few times never on the seat. My parents were too kind to ever think of smacking their children so i was never smacked as a punishment on the behind. Despite this i have the same hobby as your friends.I would agree with you that a smacked bottom still remains an excellent punishment for badly behaved children. I thought it wrong to punish my own that way because i have such a great interest in the subject. Also time has moved on and sadly it is not seen as an appropiate punishment any more.
Esme is a boys name, he appears in R.F Delderfield's "Dreaming suburb", a book of which i am very fond. I expect you thought it was short for Esmerelda? Of course i am not really called Esme but i am a chap.


Re: A deprived childhood?

July 10 2002, 8:25 PM 

I'm not surprised that R F Delderfield gave a boy character a misleading name.

His own middle name was Frede !


In the States

April 5 2004, 1:41 PM 

I went to high school in the 60's and discipline was administered by Mrs. Posner, an assistant principal. She was a tough, no-nonsense disciplinarian, and we all lived in fear of her "board of education". Though only about 5'-2" and in her early 30's, she bragged that she could make the strongest, toughest boys cry like babies. Paddlings were not that frequent, once or twice a month, but were designed to put fear into the heart of any boy who thought about breaking the rules. YES...only male students were subject to the paddle.
Her discipline sessions were given after school in her office. Everyone knew in advance when a paddling would occur and there was invarably a crowd in the hall. Mrs. P didn't disappoint, although you couldn't see into the office, she left the outer and inner office doors open so the sound of her plywood board on bare butt would echo down the hall. I was paddled once my senior year for skipping. It was the most painful and humiliating experience of my this day it is hard to talk about. So...yes, definitely...the paddle was applied bare-butt in my HS in the mid-west in the 60's.



Girly skipping

April 5 2004, 4:09 PM 

Were you chanting ‘salt, mustard, vinegar, pepper’ whilst skipping?

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Girly skipping

April 6 2004, 6:38 AM 


They're all things that might spice up a pork pie.


Getting The Strap Bare Bottomed

May 19 2004, 9:21 PM 

When I was fourteen, I started a food fight in the cafeteria and my act was witnessed by the Dean of Discipline. That night, I had to take a red slip "Notice of Corporal Punishment" home to be signed by my father.

After school the next day, I was called to the Dean of Discipline's office where I had to bare my bottom and grab my ankles. He laid the leather strap across my bottom fourteen times.

That night, I also had to get more from my father's belt.

This was 1969.



I got it at my junior school when I was ten

April 19 2012, 9:57 PM 

I went to a strict church of England junior school and when I was ten I got caught stealing another kids marbles and lied and said they were mine and called the dinner lady who caught me a silly cow. I was sent to the headmistress who was furious and said she would decide how to punish me and sent me away. Nothing happened until assembly the next morning and I thought I might have gotten away with it until the head called me name and told me to come up onto the stage. She told everyone what I had done and told me to bend over the desk facing everyone. She produced a wooden spoon, pulled down my shorts and pants and gave me ten hard whacks. By the end of it my bare bum was on fire and I was crying. Other than that I mostly well behaved.

Wade Ditty


April 22 2012, 8:04 AM 

Adults who beat kids on the bare bottom are perverts. I'll tell it to their face if they want to meet me face to face.


Re: Perverts

April 22 2012, 8:33 AM 

Preverts, surely?

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