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The slipper

July 13 2002 at 9:17 AM

When I think back I'm astounded to remember how often the slipper was used when I was at school. I went to a catholic comprehensive boys school in the 1970s/80s and it was literally given to someone in front of the class every other lesson. I once saw about 30 boys slippered in the gym hall for having a wrong item of PE kit. Thank Christ my gym kit was OK. I was slippered in class a hand full of times over 5 years. I just got one whack on each occasion, but it stung like hell and literally brought tears to the eyes. I dread to think what it would have been like over just gym shorts.

Tto be fair, it did seem to keep order. And when all's said and done it is hardly the same as beating some poor so and so with a stick.

It's amazing that I can even look at a slipper these days. I also used to get it from my mum until age about 9. Mind you, that was her bedroom slipper, not a plimsoll. I've never known anyone else get the slipper at home......was I just unlucky??

Love the group...keep up the good work.


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Brace and Bit

Re: The slipper

July 13 2002, 9:52 AM 

It was unlucky that it "stung like hell".

Pity that you were not educated by the Fun Slipperers of William Penn School. There are several references on this forum to their activities.



July 13 2002, 9:58 AM 

You were not the only one Dave. My Dad used a light leather bedroom slipper (not too bad), then a light leather sandal (wicked!). My best friend showed me the florid Carpet slipper he was subjected to with a fat composite sole (Horrid I can imagine). Then on holiday (age 12) my Uncle introduced me quite rightly to the espadrille, a canvas shoe with a rope sole (bare butt) at least the equal to any pe plimsoll delivered at school.


Re: The slipper

July 13 2002, 11:28 AM 


You're not alone.

A friend of mine was slippered at home, but her mother was a schoolteacher - so that probably explained it.

She always said it hurt like hell, too.


Re: Re: The slipper

July 13 2002, 2:48 PM 

My Dad used a rubber soled carpet slipper on my bare bum and I also got the slipper at school


re:re :re the slipper

July 13 2002, 11:52 PM 

I always feared the slipper more than the cane when I was at school.What was refered to as the slipper was in fact a size 11 plimsoll with a rubber sole which was invariably administered to a backside protected only by a thin pair of shorts. Also the PE teacher who inflicted the punishment was extremely fit and would deliver each whack as hard as he could.
Although I was slippered on several occasions I only once received 6 of the best and my behind was bruised for some time afterwards.I must admit however that PE lessons were well run and that a high standard of sporting success was achieved.I cant help feeling therefore that the is a strong correlation between a willingness to use cp when necessary and good discipline which inevitably leads to youngsters being allowed to fulfil their potential.


getting the slipper

July 15 2002, 10:20 AM 

I only got the slipper a couple of times at school (primary) but my mum used to smack me with her hand and sometimes her slipper. She would use one of her own slippers - the backless type, with a beige-coloured rubber sole. Usually I got it across the back of my legs, which really stung. I also had a friend whose mum used to slipper him too, tho quite a bit more often than I got it I think.


The Slipper

July 15 2002, 5:35 PM 

At my Prep school ( UK home counties, 1954-60 ) “minor” offenses in the dormitory [ usually ragging or persistently being caught talking after lights-out ] which did not merit more serious sanctions would often be rewarded with a mass “slippering” of the entire dormitory by the Headmaster. However, he obviously did not consider that the usual boys’ slipper, which I think must have had a relatively soft sole, was up to the job. For daily indoors wear we had what I think were called “house shoes” which were black leather with elastic side pieces [ rather like cut down johdpur boots I suppose ] which had a much harder leather sole, and this was always the choosen instrument, and – as intended – it really hurt ! My misfortune was almost always to be the tallest boy in the dormitory, and the one with the largest feet, [ and thus the largest sole on the shoe ] so it was invariably my shoe which was selected, which was even harder to bear, especially as the results were not likely to improve one’s standing with ones friends ! In addition, the “slippering” was administered over just your pyjamas, and these offered little or no protection.
The usual punishment would, so far as I can recall, have been 6 “of the best”, although I think the first time I received a slippering as a comparative junior [ probably I was about 9 years old ] it was just 4, while one of the last was when I a Dormitory Captain, and as such you always got two extra because whatever had happened was always your fault!!


Re: The Slipper

September 24 2002, 7:43 AM 

You're not alone David....I used to get the slipper at home. That horrible beige rubber soled sort from my mum. It stung the backs of my legs many times. I don't think the slipper is used any more though....as no one wears them thanks to central heating!




July 8 2008, 10:17 AM 

In the 60's at school the slipper was only used in pe. Generally for kit or behavioural offences. It was given by the pe master across your pe shorts with no underwear. He was very fit and left a lasting impression.


Re: The slipper

July 8 2008, 10:38 AM 

I think it was very unlikely that girls could be slippered, since I believe this would have been against the law even in the 1980s.


Re: The slipper

July 8 2008, 7:21 PM 

I doubt if any girls got through school prior to the ban without getting slippered onceat least.

Steve M

Re: The slipper

July 8 2008, 7:26 PM 

School corporal punishment was abolished in State schools in 1987.

And corporal punishment wasn't just the cane! It was ALL very legal,too.

That still left over 6 years in the 80's for slippers to descend, probably not to the beat of Wham/Michael Jackson etc, but then again, who knows?



Re: The slipper

July 9 2008, 12:32 AM 

I knew a girl who got six with the slipper skirt up in 1984, East London area. Age 14. She stayed down because she knew that if she jumped up it would start again.
Got her hooked on spanking!! ( thankfully he he )


Re: The slipper

July 13 2008, 9:43 AM 

Come on Mimi. You know we want more detail

What circumstances, in the office, who by etc etc etc


The slipper

July 16 2008, 7:42 AM 

I attended a very strict girls boading school during the 1980s and the slipper was still in use. I once received a very sound slippering in 6th form from the dormitory matron for reasons I will not divulge. Eight of the best with skirt up and knickers down. The usual dose was 6 of the best with knickers on.


Re: The slipper

July 16 2008, 2:13 PM 

A bit more about the slippering above.
Reason was for being caught smoking in the toilets, after recent warnings given in Assembly by headmaster.
Was sent to head for it and was given six in the study during afternoon break with senior mistress as witness.
The slipper was the traditional white lace up plimsole.
She said she cried her eyes out and was then escorted back to classroom to sit down in mixed class for last lessons.
Her parents were informed by phone and she got another six with her dads carpet slipper in front of her sisters in the siting room for getting in trouble at school.
It was not unusual for either sex to get a whack in class. But more than that was a matter for an official punishment.
Canings were also given by the headmaster.
Hope this helps.


mixed school slippers

July 18 2008, 11:29 PM 

While it was common for us boys to be slippered at my mixed school it was unusual for girls to receive the slipper. Those that were was mostly in PE. Outside of PE it was very rare. Those that were received the slipper across their skirted bottom or the cane across the hand.


The slipper

July 18 2008, 11:53 PM 

At the boarding school I attended the slipper was only used privately, mostly in the Dormitory Mistress's room. Usually over knickers, but these could be lowered if the situation required.

During actual lessons in school, no girls were ever slippered in front of the class. I had a few different P.E. mistresses over the years and none used the slipper. Nearly all went for the bare upper thighs, but only with the open hand. This was very common and even occurred in upper secondary.

Paul b

The Slipper.

July 19 2008, 1:17 AM 

Anyone who was slippered at secondary school can testify
sitting down afterwards can be nearly as painful as actually
receiving it.
My wife and I can relate to this.


Re: The slipper

July 19 2008, 10:59 AM 

Strangely enough after the initial sting I don't recall any lasting effects apart from a numbness. No problem sitting. Then again I did have a well padded rear compared to most lads


The slipper did sting!

June 19 2009, 8:33 AM 

I got the slipper at school twice, once aged 12 and once aged 14.

Both times it was in private over my school skirt and both times it really stung and made me cry. In fact the first time me and the girl who was slippered with me were in tears before the whacking. I got it first.

It was two whacks the first time for being in a part of the school where we weren't supposed to be becaus of the buliders and four the other time for tearing a picture out of my text book.

The second slippering was given by Miss Browne who was the deputy headmistress and always slippered hard and when I got home and changed that evening the slippermarks were still on my bottom.

I was by myself that time and had to bend low down over qa stool which stretched my blue skirt tight. I think I yelped at each whack, it hurt a lot more than the dfirst time and that had been bad enough.

The slipper was a black plimsole both times with a well worn sole



Re: The slipper

June 19 2009, 10:20 PM 

In the last couple of days we have had two possibly new contributors with female names, Tracy in this thread and Julie in the 'corporal punishment in girls schools.' thread. Neither of them claims to have attended an exclusive Scottish boarding school or to have been chastised with a confectionary tawse, or indeed a McRostie tawse! I hope that regular contributors have duly noted the improvement in the fortunes of this estimable Forum that this represents. Long may the trend continue! And if you are new here, Tracy and Julie, a heartfelt welcome from Another_Lurker.

Though the offences and circumstances differed considerably it is interesting to note that in both cases these young ladies were slippered twice in their school career. In 3 out of the 4 slipperings stools were involved in securing the correct posture, and their respective punishments were both 2 strokes on the first occasion and 4 strokes on the second occasion, in all cases over their skirts. The even number of strokes is perhaps a little unusual. As Research Assistant 2 pointed out in a scholarly study in the Three Whacks for Girls thread, for the fair sex three strokes is much more common, be the implement cane or slipper.

And entirely unconnected with the above, but worth a look, nestling alongside the 'Three Whacks for Girls' thread on page 8 is the quite bizarre Use of Stinging Nettles for School Corporal Punishment thread. Sadly the idea proposed by 'Disciplinarian' was never taken up by the educational establishment. A pity, because at present I could probably supply the entire UK school system from my back garden! happy.gif


School vs.Home

July 3 2009, 6:09 PM 

At late 1950s prep school in the Midlands, the demerit system worked well. Any misbehaviour or transgression earned one demerit. If you acquired six in any calendar week you were on "the Headmaster's List" and required to attend him at 9am on Friday morning, whilst the the rest of the school did collective PE. You'd be dressed in serge football shorts under which you were not supposed to wear anything. You might be on your own or in a queue of other boys, all awaiting their turn. (It was also possible to get an instant caning for some grevious offence, this only happened to me once.)

On being called in you had your crime read out and you had the chance to say anything in your defence, usually this was a formality because you knew what to expect. The Headmaster, with one of the Housemasters as a witness, ordered you to bend over and touch your toes. He'd then give you six firm strokes of the cane, over the football shorts which being the old-fashioned serge wool type, were quite thick. But after four strokes it was starting to hurt and six was quite an ordeal, you had to work hard to "keep quiet and stay in position". When it was over you were told to go and you joined back in with the collective PE. Everyone of course knew why you'd been absent and brave souls would display their backsides in the changing rooms and compare notes on the accuracy of the shooting. Some boys claimed that the Head looked under their shorts to see if they were wearing underpants but that never happened to me.

It was impossible not be caned at some stage and the only boy I knew, N**** S******* who managed to escape this punishment was regarded as a complete wimp.

At home, serious bad behaviour earned the instruction to "go and wait in your room." This was a dreaded order as you then knew that you were going to get the slipper. Dad came up a few minutes later and gave you a resume of your crime and then ordered you to get your pants down and bend over. Six hearty whacks with his leather slipper across the bare bottom later, you were very sore indeed, swearing to yourself that you'd never get whacked again ... but of course you did! Only once did I get more than six, I had nine after a particularly stupid and dangerous stunt whilst on holiday.

At school it was a popular subject to compare the Head's canings with Dad's spankings or slipperings. I'd say that being caned doesn't hurt as much as being slippered, but it persists for much longer afterwards. Being caned at breakfast time, you could still feel the effects in the afternoon. Being slippered - but remember this was on the bare bottom - hurt a lot and took you to the edge of what you could tolerate, but 15 minutes later there was just a glow and an hour later there was nothing to feel at all.

The best thing was that having had your punishment, the matter was never referred to again.

I had the slipper and the cane in one morning once but that was a kind of a mistake, and another story.



October 12 2013, 10:23 AM 

I too also received the slipper at home as well as at school.
Receive the slipper or DAP at school maybe 3-4 times a year.

At home far more often by both parents. Not a DAP but a leather soled slipper. Stung like hell, normally 6-12 smacks at home. several occasions when older received more smacks.


The Slipper

October 22 2013, 4:40 PM 

In my catholic boys' school in the 70s, the slipper was used extensively. It was always a plimsoll, large and flexible, and there was probably one available in every classroom. Often several boys in the class would be slippered in one day.

Different teachers had different routines. Some would administer the slippering at the end of the lesson or at break time - so you had the dreaded wait, others would tell you to step outside, leave you a couple of minutes then appear with the slipper to dish out the punishment.

Most commonly the slippering was in front of the class, usually with your bottom facing the class.

For all slipperings you were told to "bend over" or "touch your toes" and you always complied, just hoping it would be only three whacks (was never less than three) and not, say, six.

And it always stung!

I was often on the receiving end of a slippering for the most trivial of reasons.

Our sports / p.e. teacher was lethal with a strap, which he used frequently. Sometimes, he didn't have the strap to hand so would use a slipper - and he knew how to make it sting! I saw him give the strap / slipper to boys on their underpants or swimming trunks, and was in this position myself at times.


Re: The slipper

November 6 2013, 9:15 AM 

American Way


April 22 2014, 12:06 AM 

1905 Woman in Adrian, Michigan Institution Turns Refractory Maids Over Her Knee and Applies Slipper Sole. It sounds as if they're making it a homier place by applying corporal punishment in a maternal fashion.



Images around the same time and perhaps under the same regime. Not small girls by any means.


Here are harsher realities.

Charities Review 1899.

Sometimes they need a man's helping hand even if it takes the whole militia to subdue her.



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