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Over the knee punishments.

July 27 2002 at 12:59 PM

Has anyone found any references to otk punishments on the friends reunited site or...dare i ask it! Has anyone any first hand accounts. It was the sort of thing that was often threatened but something i never actually witnessed at school.

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Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 27 2002, 2:26 PM 

Hi, who was threatened and by who, were boys ever threatened with smacked bums or was it always girls?


Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 27 2002, 2:58 PM 

There were certanly some male teachers out there that beleived that smacking girls bottoms was favrable to caning, strapping, slippering them etc. as it involved less pain and was mostly reliant of humiliation (esspecially when given by a man) which for girls is far more of a deterant than for boys. This also didn't leave marks, And as said before it didn't have to be entered into a punishment book as it wasn't regarded as corporal punishment and more as just keeping class order. Of corse this was mostly only used for the younger girls probably up to fifteen, so I think most of the story's of sixth form girls spanked bare bottom over sirs knee are pure fantasy, but who knows for sure?


If Only!

July 27 2002, 3:39 PM 

There was a really posh private High School for girls in town when I was an impressionable male teen and in those days, back in the 1960s, the girls at that school all wore a traditional school uniform including short black pleated skirts and white knee high socks. It was a fact that the Headmaster there was very much “of the old school” and rumours about his disciplinary systems were always very much on the town grapevine. The suggestion was that a good few of his upper class girls had spent time across his knee with their short skirts raised for the smack of firm discipline. I doubt very much that any of these stories were true but they fuelled many a teenage fantasy for yours truly.


Re: Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 27 2002, 3:40 PM 


You think most of the stories about sixth form girls spanked bare bottom over Sir's knee are pure fantasy?

Well, given that most of the stories about ANY girls being spanked ANYwhere at ANYtime by ANY one in ANY way are pure fantasy - I tend to agree with you!


Re: If Only!

July 27 2002, 4:04 PM 


If it's any consolation, I can assure you that schoolgirls (upper class and otherwise) fantasise about BEING spanked, usually by attractive teachers.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 27 2002, 4:27 PM 

Most yes but certanly not all, In my primary school girls and boys both got smacked bottoms from the headmaster when we were very naughty, and that is very much the truth.


East Dulwich

July 27 2002, 5:04 PM 

On the Friends Reunited site:

Heber Primary School - message entitled '1964-In Trouble' written by Maureen Joyce.

An example of mild flagellation in yet another South London school.


Re: East Dulwich/What's it all about, Ralphy?

July 27 2002, 5:19 PM 


Far be it from me to suggest you should have spent 2 seconds of your time copying and pasting the aforementioned FR message for the edification of your fellow readers but . . . er . . . why didn't you?

It's a lovely little story and it goes like this:

"1964 - In Trouble . . . . . . . .Added by Maureen Joyce

Does anyone remember Mrs. Crafter? I was milk monitor when a boy (can't remember his name) starting pushing me off end of double seat on to the floor and I got into trouble. Protested and got thrown out of class, slammed the door and a boy called Steven (can't remember last name) was sent to show me how to shut properly several times but I would not so Mrs. Crafter called me in and put me across her knee and hit me with a slipper - still slammed the door because all was unfair".

I think we'll find lots of stories of F/f otk spanking in primary schools and even a few M/f stories in primary schools.

But M/f otk in secondary school is so obviously sexual abuse that I cannot believe any Education Authority in the UK could ever have countenanced it.

Title edited by Ralphy.

Big Jim

Re: Re: East Dulwich/What's it all about, Ralphy?

July 27 2002, 7:39 PM 

Hi Sarajane,

Why do you think otk spanking my male teachers is sexual abuse? We all know girls who were slippered on the bottom by male teachers don't we. So whats so different about a slippering and a spanking? lets face it a slippering is just a spanking with a slipper isn't it? and although I agree that bare bottoms spankings would be abuse I can't see why a otk spanking with knickes or knickers and skirt in place would be abuse. Iv'e punished my own daughter that way and never seen it as abuse.


Re: Re: Re: East Dulwich/What's it all about, Ralphy?

July 27 2002, 8:07 PM 

Big Jim,

It might be just a little thing but the difference between spanking a girl as she bends over and spanking her as she lies across your lap is basically that when she's bent over your penis is a long way away from her and when she's over your lap it's digging into her lower abdomen.

Or hadn't you noticed?

Big Jim

Re: Re: Re: Re: East Dulwich/What's it all about, Ralphy?

July 28 2002, 1:31 AM 

Sara Jane I hope your not suggesting what I think you are? I realise now what I said about my daughter soulds like I spanked her yesterday or something but I didn't she's thirty six now. I only smacked up to the age of about fifteen which I think is fairly normal. Sara Jane I understand why you are against spankings done by male teachers when the girl was over his knee, but as far as I remeber from rumours of punishments when I was at school spanking were often given with the girl or younger boy bending over not in the otk possision at all but just hands on knees and smacked over the skirt or shorts in the case of boys by male and female teachers no different then a slippering but without as much pain, and of corse no penal obstrucsions Sara Jane, what could you have agains that?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: East Dulwich/What's it all about, Ralphy?

July 28 2002, 8:46 AM 

Morning Jim,

I have to say I find immense difficulty in accepting that many girls of 15 were spanked in Western Europe (or indeed in most of the rest of the world) over their fathers' knees in 1980. For you to suggest that it was 'fairly normal' is, I suspect, some way off the mark.

The relationship between fathers and daughters is fraught with sexual undertones, sexual overtones, and lots of other sexual tones.

As a girl grows from babyhood, there comes a time at which it becomes wholly inappropriate for there to be intimate contact (either direct or indirect) between her and her father. That time is WELL BEFORE her 15th birthday.

The same may be said in even stronger terms of a girl's relationship with other mature males, and particularly those males under whose authority she may from time to time find herself.

Clearly, in such circumstances, contact does not have to be direct - wearing a condom or surgical gloves during intimate contact with a child does not render it acceptable.

In the same way, the intimacy of such contact is not removed by the intervention of a layer (or two or three or four) of clothing; and, just as the intervention of a glove between the hand and the girl's body does not remove the intimacy of the contact - neither does the intervention of a slipper or any other instrument of punishment.

In such circumstances, the instrument serves merely to extend the hand rather than to replace it.

I think we can safely say that anyone who cannot see the sexuality inherent in spanking will probably NOT be reading postings on this forum. I think we can also say that anyone who thinks fatherhood or a teaching certificate removes that sexuality is fooling themselves.

And don't we all agree that sexual activity with non-consenting or coerced females has no place in civilised society?


Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 28 2002, 8:48 AM 

Miss Ross, was a teacher at junior school. It was she who would cure boys wandering around the classroom by a few mild slaps on the bottom. However she would often threaten to warm a particular boys bottom for him or promise that the next child that spoke wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. I can't remember her making the threat to a girl but it was nearly 40 years ago.
There was a Mrs Lovell who taught English in the first year at senior school, who would threaten both boys and girls with the cane. Once she even produced it from her desk and brandished it at some terrified girl. She kept a close eye on me because i had written that the collective noun of fish was a can and she suspected quite wrongly that i was too clever by half. She would often promise me a caning if i didn,t hand my homework in on time.
The promise of a sore bottom was sometimes more of a classroom entertainment than a real threat.

Big Jim

Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 28 2002, 7:02 PM 

Yes SaraJane I do agree with you in a way and I did feel it was getting to the stage where it would be wrong when I felt it would be wrong to spank her when she was about thirteen, although I did have to spank her once at fourteen for skipping school it was very much a one of and I felt it was necesery. My wife was slippered by her headmaster on two accasions at school, both times on the bottom at around fourteen or fifteen do you really think this was sexual abuse? because if it was there was a hell of a lot of it about, I personly don't think it was, it possably would only be abuse if the teacher had been enjoying it which of corse we can never know. Needless to say these were not 'fantasy spanking' slipperings, they were not given on the bare bottom which of corse would have be sexual abuse at any age.

You contradict yourself slightly SareJane when you say that slippering a girl is ok because unlike a spanking the girl is not over the mans lap, and the man is not having direct contact between his hand and the girls bottom bare or not, and then you say that using a slipper in no less direct contact than spanking with a bare hand because the slipper and the layers of clothes between bottom and slipper are akin to using a condom during sex?....


Re: Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 28 2002, 7:44 PM 


1) To inflict CP on a non-consenting or coerced person for who you feel the remotest sexual attraction is sexual abuse.

2) Show me a male teacher who has inflicted CP on a girl pupil and who says he didnt enjoy it, and I'll show you either (a) the gayest gay in Gaytown or (b) a liar.

3) You say "You contradict yourself slightly SareJane when you say that slippering a (bent over) girl is ok ...". I didn't say slippering a (bent over) girl is ok. My point was that spanking her OTK is grossly abusive if the girl is sexually mature and is in any event significantly more intimate and hence potentially much more abusive than slippering her in the bent over position.

4) You say "you say that using a slipper is no less direct contact than spanking with a bare hand". I didn't say that, either. I likened it to child sex with and without a condom in that although the degree of contact may be different, the act remains abusive.

Big Jim

Re: Re: Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 28 2002, 8:07 PM 

Hi SaraJane, I must admit to being slightly upset about the idea that I sexualy abused my own daughter the three or four times I smacked her bottom, and also by the idea that you beleive that my wife was sexualy abused at school the two times she got the slipper. If this is the case then just about everyone was being abused in the past up untill a few years ago when c.p. was banned. Lets face it girls getting the slipper at school by male and female teachers was very normal, I also got the cane at school just about on a daily basis, and parents spanking their children was also the norm and I think still is although less than in the past, and I realy don't think there was a certain age when it was supposed to stop my own Father spanked me with the hand, and accasionly his belt untill I was at least sixteen, so a dad spanking a daughter of fifteen was not that unusuall I don't think.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 28 2002, 8:31 PM 

Hello Jim,

There's a big difference between 'doing something which is sexually abusive' and 'sexually abusing someone' (the difference lying largely in the intent or the awareness) so I don't think you're in great danger of being accused of sexually abusing your daughter.

However, if your wife was slippered by a male teacher at school she was sexually abused: full stop, end of story.

Also, the fact that something was very normal does not mean that is was not also very wrong. I believe the slave trade goes some way towards proving my point.

And lastly, I remain convinced that a dad spanking a daughter of 15 across his knee was quite unusual at all times in English history.


Not unusual

July 28 2002, 10:08 PM 

Wether it is abusive is open to question but spanking your 15 year old daughter has obviously got a sexual aspect to it. It does depend what you mean by unusual of course but in the past i expect a reasonable number of young girls underwent this experience.
I know play spankings are common from "uncles" etc. Some girls may even encourage family members to spank them and of course their are those who need no encouragement.Sorry i can feel an anecdote coming on!
When i first left home to go to college i was in lodgings and the landladies daughter, a precocious 13 year old was one of the hazards one had to avoid,( the other was the landladies cooking).
She did get her spanking and i was fortunate enough to witness it. As was her mother and she didn't even blink.
One seemingly spotty , shy lad of about 19 arrived with his mother and the girl did her usual little lolita act and before you know it she's over his knee getting a well earned spanking on her navy blue knickers and two middle aged women in the room carrying on talking as if nothing is happening . Some people might think it unbelievable but i prefer to say it was surreal!

HMS Defiant

Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 28 2002, 10:53 PM 

James, I am sure you are right about threats of spanking being classroom entertainment.

More important, I am falling in love with your Miss Ross too.


Re: Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 29 2002, 12:29 AM 


In an earlier post you suggested that schoolgirls fantasised about being spanked too, do you mean that you did? if so who did you wish would spank you?

Also you suggest that any form of punishment by a man inflicted on a girl at school was sexual abuse, did you ever get spanked, slippered, caned, or strapped at school and if so do you feel that you were abused?


Re: Re: Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 29 2002, 7:56 AM 

Hello Joe,

I certainly did my share of fantasising as a teenager and many of my fantasises involved teachers, although by far the most mind-blowing were my wonderful Gothic scenarios involving a certain musical artiste not wholly unconnected with the works of Emily Bronte.

I was never punished by a male teacher.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 29 2002, 12:06 PM 

I'm guessing Kate Bush with her wuthering heights?

Edited for content by Ralphy.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Box of assorted whacks and other treats

July 29 2002, 1:08 PM 

Quite right, Anonymous.

Edited (typo only) by Ralphy.


Boys, if you want your bottom's smacked just carry on talking!

July 29 2002, 4:10 PM 

Thankyou for your kind words again HMS Defiant. There are little incidents in everyones life that remain clear even after many years have past. I am in the process of writing a short story about Miss Ross which will have some elements of fantasy. If you are falling in love with her you are welcome to read it when its finished. I will let you know where i am posting it. Regards

HMS Defiant

Re: Boys, if you want your bottom's smacked just carry on talking!

July 29 2002, 11:19 PM 

Thank you, James, I shall look forward to that.

>"Boys, if you want your bottoms smacked just carry on >talking!"

<sighs with pleasure>

HMS Defiant

Re: Boys, if you want your bottom's smacked just carry on talking!

July 29 2002, 11:21 PM 

Thank you, James, I shall look forward to that.

>"Boys, if you want your bottoms smacked just carry on talking!"

<sighs with pleasure>

Big Jim

SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 1:11 AM 

Dear SaraJane,

So I was right then about Kate Bush, sorry didn't mean to be anonymous.

Earlier you stated that there was no cliché or connection to do with school girls and otk smacked bottoms, and then you later mentioned that at school you had fantasy's about being put over various male teachers knees and spanked, In that case were did that idea come from?

Either it was a predisposed desire which all females have to be dominated by males in which spanking is an obvious form. Or schoolgirls being spanked by male teachers/headmasters is a cliché’d stereotype image inherent in the British culture and in all British people, and thats why you found yourself fantasizing about that specific scenario when in a schoolroom enviroment. which I think proves that girls having their bums smacked by the headmaster etc. at school was more common than you think.


Re: SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 7:24 AM 


In schools where girls received CP, some of them certainly fantasised about receiving it from a 'special' teacher. However, the fact that the majority of my friends denied having any such ideas yet admitted freely to infinitely more sinful desires leads me to believe that most girls entertained no such fantasies.

And the fact that some people fantasise about a subject is no indicator that such fantasies are ever realised.

I suspect that almost every schoolgirl in the world has erotic (or at least romantic) fantasies about a teacher but I also suspect that more that 99.99% of those girls leave school without fulfilling those fantasies.


Re: Re: SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 12:45 PM 


I have seen lots of accounts on friends reunited of women who mention various teachers at secondary school both male and female and how strict they were, and not often but occasionly this is backed up by relating some memory about having been slippered by him or her and sometimes even smacked I assume otk, I wished I had copied them now but they are out there.

These accounts fit in well with the personal experiences I have heared from people I know i.e. my wife who at school was slippered by the headmaster on two occasions at about 15, and her younger sister who had her bottom smacked in the first or second year over the knee of this same headmaster.

Yes maybe this man did enjoy this aspect of his job who knows? but never the less it happened and I don't think it could be that unusual, so how can you suggest that male teachers whacking girls was as rare as an alien abduction when there is so much evidence to the contrary?

I must admit the idea of this man spanking my wifes bum with a slipper turns me on somewhat but I could never tell her that lol.


Re: Re: Re: SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 1:23 PM 

Good afternoon, Jim,

You really do misquote me terribly, you know.

I didn't say that M/f school spankings were as rare as alien abductions; I said the two were similar in that most reports were clearly fantasy although it's almost impossible to disprove any individual claim

My view re your wife's headmaster remains unequivocal: he should have been sacked for slippering your wife in the bent over position and castrated with a breadknife for spanking her sister OTK.


Re: Re: Re: Re: SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 3:57 PM 

Dear Sarajane,
You must be from a different era or planet (smiley).
These occourances were perfectly normal at the time and were looked on as punishment. As we got older we could tell that some teachers were a bit pervy, but that was part of the non tax deducatble perk of the job.
C.P. was allowed in any form and perfectly acceptable. Teachers and parents could do no wrong. Children had no rights.
Pupils were very well behaved and grew up with respect for others, not like todays yobs.
I am 49, if its not to bold what is your age as it may shed a reason for your disbelief?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 4:45 PM 


I think we may safely say that, in the early 1960s, CP was most certainly NOT allowed in 'any' form - branding with hot irons and the gouging out of eyes being just two examples of Corporal Punishments disapproved of by even the most conservative LEAs.

Teachers and parents certainly COULD do wrong, as many a court record will testify, and children certainly DID have rights - a small bottle of milk per day being one of them.

I am somewhat younger than your 49 years but, as I have a friend in his 30s who is regarded as an authority on the England of 500 years ago, I feel competent to debate conditions here a (relatively) mere four decades ago.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 5:12 PM 

Dear Sarajane,
You were not there and therefore are have no experience to back up your claims.
You also have no concept of the smiley which was invented for the benifit of humourless persons.
As for branding and gouging, you obviously did not go to my school, (further smiley)
I must correct you ( you would no doubt enjoy) Parents, teachers and all authority in those days ruled.
Children had no rights whatsoever in most normal circumstances.
Believe it or not we were very free, happy and allowed to grow up without the pressures prevelant today.
I have given true accounts for the benifit of those interested if you don't like what you read then thats down to you. You are of course entitled to your opinion and your experiences are wellcome
I think its time I sent for jockie and his tawse!


Noo look here oor Sarajane!

July 30 2002, 5:25 PM 

Stop squirmin and tell ma mate that you are 34........surely you are not shy aboot yer age?
CP in the 50s;60s and maybe even the 70s wis as common as muck..as simple as that!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: SaraJanes fantasy's

July 30 2002, 5:32 PM 


Why don't you send an email to a selection of history teachers/lecturers/professors suggesting that as they weren't there at the time, they have no evidence to back up all the stuff they're telling people.

P.S. I bet carl and his mats won't let you print their replies!


Re: Noo look here oor Sarajane!

July 30 2002, 5:40 PM 

You're quite right, Jockie.

But muck has always been more plentiful on boys' skin than girls'.

And the same with CP.


Easy wasn't it LOL

July 31 2002, 9:00 AM 

There you go then jay, sarajane says I am a quite right aboot her age!
In my primary school days, I would say that that CP was applied to girls and boys with perhaps VERY slightly more boys receiving than girls.
In secondary school, after the first year it was very uncommon for any girls to get the belt. I do however remember one girl in the second year complaining about the girls always getting lines and not the belt. Her wish was granted...by a male teacher.....and she took the 2 hard strokes better than some of the boys!
I have to agree with jay that in primary school we got hit around the ears, arms, legs, thighs and hands with rullers, wee belts, big belts and bare hands. It was just a different time then and so difficult to explain to folk that never lived through it.


Re: Easy wasn't it LOL

July 31 2002, 10:37 AM 

Dear Jockie,
My experience was that girls and boys got it in almost equall amounts at junior school.
At senior school the punishments were more severe and girls sussed out that the best way to avoid it was to behave. Boys being in generall a little denser just took punishment as a "reward" for missbehaving like most boys do.
I don't remember anyone enjoying it but there was some bravado involved.
A lad of about 15 who sat in front of me was sent out of class for accidentally droping a book. The headmaster who was doing his rounds knocked on the door and indicated to the teacher that he would deal with him. He came back about 5 minutes later and was dragged into class by the headmaster in a real state and cryed for the rest of the lesson. I never got to the "bottom" of it but he had obviously been caned.
He was a big lad but had been humbled in minutes. This was a real example, totally unfair and sadistic in the extreme but part of the scenario.
On the other "hand" we had two lads that were allways in trouble. The would come back from the head laughing their heads off. They had discovered that they could do whatever they wanted, ie a day off down the betting shop and six of the best would square it up. One of these lads went on to be a world famous jockey!
Each teacher had their own method, most had a treasured slipper. Some were a bit embarressed by giving it but had to do so, some really loved it. It was mostly done in good humour and on the few ocasions that we engineered a female teacher in to a position of giving one of us a whack it was titilating in the extreme. we would volunteer slippers, argue over whose she should use and how to do it. Some rather red faced and flustered young teachers ensued, but you could see they were turned on.
Well enough for now, all true but difficult for younger people to believe.


Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 31 2002, 1:53 PM 

I once saw the Headmaster put a boy over his knee during a history lesson. He was messing about,unwise with the Head teaching I would have thought, and after a few tickings off he was called to the front and the Head stuck him over his knee and gave him 3-4 smacks with his hand over his shorts. I remember him grinning as he came back to his desk but I don't think he played up during the lesson again.


Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 31 2002, 4:47 PM 

Hi, I saw a similer things all the time at primary school, but I remember once a girls who was constantly talking got called to the front by the teacher(male) and told to bend over his knee, she would,'t so he grabbed her and pulled her over him and smacked her bottom a good six or seven times hard before sending her back to her seat, this ws in the last year of primary just before the summer hollidays, I remember the teacher muttering that she'd had it comming all year, the girl was bright red and as soon as she was back to her desk she hid her face in her folded arms and cried the rest of the lesson.


Re: Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 31 2002, 5:15 PM 

Dear Rick,
strange you should mention this, because it must be a feminine trait. Girls would allways bury head in folded arms and cry at their desks after.
Proof of similarity at least.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 31 2002, 5:50 PM 

very true, I'm guessing that due to the extreme humiliation of getting a bottom smacking in front of the whole class, girls really can't deal with having eye contact with anyone not least the rather cross man who's knee they have just been squrming over, and as SaraJane might add who's penis has just been digging into her lower abdamen,(if thats how you spell it).


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 31 2002, 9:44 PM 

SaraJane if you are 34 or abouts surly there was still c.p. in your school? spanking in schools only stopped in 1987 I think so that was awhile after you hung up your gymslip for the last time wasn't it?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Over the knee punishments.

July 31 2002, 10:02 PM 


As you suggest, my gymslip's last official outing was well before 1987.

In theory, however, CP was an option at my school until 1998 although I'm sure the Head's cane went into retirement well before that date.

David 1

Absolutely right

August 1 2002, 12:50 PM 

Jockie I concur wholeheartedly. This was exactly the situation. At primary, where most teachers (all but 1 in mine) were female, there was little differentiation between boys and girls. If you broke the rules you were belted - your sex did not come into it. The situation was different in secondary. The higher proportion of male teachers may have had something to do with that as may the increasing physical maturity of girls. However, it was not unusual in the later seventies for gorls to be given a choice of getting the bely or a written punishment. Some, perhaps a surprisingly large proportion chose the belt and often took it better than the boys. Why? It was quick, it got it over with, it left you free to do what you wanted at night - for some these were more important consideration than the pain. For the record, we are not talking here about fantasy 6 or more strokes, rather the far more normal 1 on each hand.

Kim P.

Re: "who was threatened and by who "

September 27 2002, 12:26 AM 

Here are two real life cases for you.

1) Mrs Hanratty, a second-year infants teacher at St Mary's, Coventry. Often threatened or acted out an over-the knee spanking but only in aplayful fashion. Had the rest of the class in stitches. Left around the time of a famous murder case involving a man of the same name but probably no connection.

2) Mr Terence Edward Sherrin. French language teacher at Ullathorne Boys Grammar School, Coventry. Signed himself 'TES' after his initials but we all referred to him as "Sherrin the 'Mo". (Few of us realised at the time that "'mo" was a contraction of 'homosexual'). Routinely whacked boys across his knee with his hand. His titilation was probably enhanced by the fact that girls returning from lunch at the neighbouring school could see right into our classroooms.

One day he went too far and offered some boys a reduction in punishment if they agreed to take their trousers down. One boy ran and told the headmaster (Father Dermott O'Dowd) who called the police. Sherrin was convicted on four counts of indecent assault and asked for fifty other cases to be taken into consideration. He was sentenced to three months in jail but as in most such cases this was probably reduced to suspended sentence plus a fine on appeal.


Teacher's perspective

February 4 2009, 4:11 AM 

Coming upon this discussion, and seeing so many errors and misconceptions, I feel compelled to offer the perspective of a young, male teacher from the late 60s.
In the mid-60s, unable to continue my doctoral studies due to lack of money, I had to withdraw and find a job. The only job I could find was as a very poorly paid teacher of biology and chemistry. Almost 1/3 of the students were boarding. As a new, young, single, starving and despirate member of the staff the school was more than happy to assign me a long list of additional duties, including assisting the head coach (participation in sports was manditory), and academic oversight of one of the residence halls. The main responsibility in the academic oversight role was to facilitate remediation for those that were falling behind. The students were generally from lower class families seeking upward mobility; or at least the parents were. Uniforms were optional for the students, but the male students were required to wear a jacket and tie, and the female students were required to wear a dress or skirt. These were not students that any top schools would seek out, although their parents had high hopes that they would ultimately attend a top university. At any given point 1/2 or more of the students were falling behind in at least 1 subject.
All faculty lived within a few minutes walk of the academic area, and my compensation included a rent free 3 room flat and meals if I wanted them in a private dining room adjacent to where the boarding students ate. It was school policy that students could and should contact their teachers immediately and at any time if they had problems with their assignments, and students knocking on your door because of problems with their homework was routine. It was a 24x7x365 job.
Discipline was primarily the responsibility of the headmaster and his assistant and heir apparent. Discipline was 98% threats and fear, and 2% reality; the reality was often severe, canings on the bare being most common. The infrequent severe punishment potentiated the fear and threats, and made actual physical discipline rarely necessary.
Teachers had total discretion over who they sent to the headmaster. Teachers had almost total discretion over how they controlled their students, however, there was a written policy that teachers were not to administer corporal punishments themselves, that students requiring such punishment were to be sent to the headmaster.
Unofficial practice was somewhat different. You soon learned that a common response from the headmaster was that he was busy and you should handle it yourself. My department chair, a very distinguished man in his late 50s of a physical stature smaller than most of the students, and a happily married grandfather, told me that I should handle my discipline problems with troublesome male students "by handling them very roughly" or by letting their coach handle the problem for me; and he suggested that I could view dealing with discipline for the female students myself as one of the "perks" of the job. He then instructed me in some detail how to present to my female students whatever form of corporal punishment I picked, as an alternative to a referral to the headmaster, in such a way as to appear their benevolant benefactor, and how best to conduct it. It was obvious that he spoke from many decades of experience. My reaction was uncertainty, so he arranged for me to observe him administer discipline and corporal punishment to several female students including 2 that we both knew had in seperate classes. What he did with each girl was different, but what struck me was that the discipline was 99% humiliation and 1% injury. One Irish girl, a catholic, one of the 2 girls from my biology class, he had leaning over a heavy table naked except for shoes and sox, for well over an hour, reading out loud some journal articles on probability, a subject in which she had just failed an exam, as he walked around her, and wacked her thighs with a braided leather stick whenever her reading faltered. She was sobbing almost the whole time. He never hit her hard enough to leave a mark. He threatened her with a large paddle, which he used twice at the very beginning, and continued to threaten her with but didn't use anymore. Then she had to stand in front of him with her hands on her head and her legs spread as she appoligized profusely and promised great improvement in the future and she cried uncontrolably. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't find her physically attractive and that I wasn't hard most of the time. After she left he told me that "I should enjoy her" and that she was "a reward for my good work." I later learned that he had been "disciplining" this same girl 1-2 times a month for just over 2 years, during which time she went from the 40th percentile to the 70th percentile of her year. It was clear that he found it a form of enjoyment and recreation; as he said, a "perk" of the job. In front of each of these 2 students he instructed me that I was to take over "regular discipline" of each of these "incorrigable lazy girls" and that "my job depended upon it." I wasn't sure if he really meant that my job depended on it or not, but there was massive preasure to fit in with the rest of the faculty in every way, and I didn't doubt he may be serious.
Of the 483 student I had in the 2 years while I was a teacher there, I administered corporal punishment to 11, something less than 3% of my students. All were female. Most I disciplined repeatedly, several very regularly.
The girl who had been forced to read the probability articles I had come see me in my office the following week, having told her that I would be disciplining her ever week until she passed every exam consistantly. I did almost exactly what I had observed, I had her bring me all of her exams from the prior week, and instructed her to remove her clothes piece by piece and then lean over the table, as I had seen her do on which a borrowed paddle was sitting. Then I started looking over her exams, and they weren't good, but she hadn't failed any. She was already starting to sob. I told her what I thought of her exams, and told her that the better she did on her exams the less she would be punished, and that I would help her with any subject she had problems with if she asked me, but only if she asked me. She was half smiling through she continued sobbing, and I pulled her over and sat her on my lap and told her that we were in this together, that I needed this job and she needed this school. That was the first time that I had actually touched her, until then everything was somewhat at a distance and impersonal, and holding her and trying to comfort her sobs I was extremely arroused. She was only about 8 years younger than I was at the time, and she had the body of a grown woman. Our routine became that she would come see me about her exams every week and also after every major exam; and I also tutored her 1/2 hour twice a week. The mutually agreed upon punishment for when I thought her exams were acceptable but could still be improved with more effort; the best she ever got from me, was I would spank her bare bottom with my bare hand, and to get only that punishemnt she had to willingly and without me telling her to do it remove her knickers and lift her skirt to her armpits, lay over my lap, and tell me that she was ready. She did view that as me treating her very benevolently compared to what she had experienced with my department chair. Our routine became that after a brief spanking she would then sit on my lap and we'd talk through her thoughts and problems for perhaps half an hour. We came to have a very close relationship. She opted to attend university where I was finishing my doctorate, and our relationship continued in modified form after we both had left that school.
The girls I administered corporal punishment fell into 2 groups: those whose behavior required severe punishment as a message to the other students, and those selected based upon a belief that I could make a significant positive change in their behavior and also that in some way I was attracted to them. These 2 groups had significantly different experiences. There was also a significant difference in how the upper class girls were treated compared to all the others. Now, 40 years later, I remember every 1 of the 7 upperclass girls. The first group would receive their first punishment with a large paddle over some piece of furnature with their knickers at their ankles and their skirt at their armpits, and be left on display in that position for a long time. Their bottoms would be rubbed extensively before the paddling was complete, but not after. The second group was given the opportunity to negotiate the severity of their punishment, and the result of that negotiation was usually a bare hand spanking on my lap; something they considered a major concession and negotiation victory.
After 2 years I left and returned to university, never to return to teaching, The faculty had many traditions such as this one, and I just didn't fit in with many of them.


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 4 2009, 8:13 PM 

Christ another candidate for Melbourne fantasy college!

Steve M

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 4 2009, 9:25 PM 


As we say in these parts,

Facultate me gently, Bentley!

Mind you, Richard might've given us the name of it-could still be looking for facultators & there's a few of us might kill for the work in this recession!

Steve M


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 4 2009, 10:51 PM 

Mimi and Steve M. Gentlemen, despite our differences of opinion recently we are clearly of one mind when it comes to Richard. A teacher of Biology and Chemistry and a doctoral candidate to boot MUST SURELY have acquired at least some knowledge of paragraphing and its role in making text readable, especially in the 1960s, when things like that loomed large in basic education!

I'm intrigued by how he came to rescusitate this thread from so far back. Happily he has at least benefitted any newer visitors here who take the trouble to browse back through the thread by exposing them to the best double act in the history of this estimable Forum. It will be interesting to speculate if any of them will figure out which of those two immortals is still active and who he is!

Steve M

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 4 2009, 10:57 PM 


Could be that all the abuse of students caused Richard to lose his paragraphing abilities-at least it didn't make him go blind!

Or, of course, the inability to paragraph might have been one of those faculty requirements that Richard thought he could not be part of any more, but has actually remained with him.

Yes, nice to see "SaraJane" again & would be nicer to see her in her later guise back here.

Steve M


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 12:16 AM 

Hi Steve, yes, I've never been much of a 'faculty' man, but I think I could have made an exception for some of Richard's 'faculty' responsibilities. None of this OTK and paddle stuff though. I'm afraid the young ladies would have had to 'negotiate' around a traditional slippering or caning!

It wasn't Sarajane I was thinking of, but the pair concerned did have quite a lot of interaction with her in this thread.

It would indeed be good to see Sarajane in her later guise back in her rightful place as keeper of this estimable Forum's common sense. Sometimes it seemed that you and I were her only supporters but despite this I think that 20:41 on 17 September 2008 in the 'Kinky Teachers - maybe not?' thread was a very sad moment indeed. A moment made even worse for me because, due to my immediately preceeding post, I appeared to be left holding the smoking gun! I console myself with the thought that her action must have been pre-meditated. I don't believe that Lotta would have let anyone precipitate her departure if she didn't want to go. A great pity she wasn't here for Richard's post though, she'd have loved it! happy.gif


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 8:16 PM 

I have to agree with Sara Jane about male to female spanking in that I think it is mostly fantasy and not reality.

I went to five mixed schools through my education and never once witnessed or heard of girls being subjected to corporal punishmenmt in the seventies or eightees. I cannot comment in respect of earlier decades.

I do remember one case however at the Rodney school for girls where the headmistress caned the girls. There was a documentary about this on television I think it was a TV nation micheal moore programme from memmory. Perhaps
someone could enlighten us to the exact programme title. There is a TV nation clip on u tube in relation to this too.This is one exception.There may be a very few others but I doubt if there are many

Given the above I still believe that Sara is right to say that by far it was the boys who received corporal punishment at school and not girls.I am speaking from experience Having moved very often to several different schools throughout my childhood.

There are of course several organizations nowadays that turn fanatasy into reality but just remember even these organizations cannot re write history !

Cuthbert Bartholemew

Corporal punishment

February 5 2009, 8:34 PM 

Boys of course ,I am suprised this question needs answering?
Everyone knows that public schools such as Eton caned boys willy nilly.
If you look back in history and famous novels such as Charles Dickens, Tom Browns schooldays,
Oliver, Billy Bunter, Greyfriars etc etc.. you will see that the common corporal punishmemt of boys
is a recurring theme.

There is no equivelent of Eton college or Tom Brown for girls. So why even ask the question?

Alan Turing

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 8:39 PM 

Steve M

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 9:04 PM 

Please also see about getting out more.

You missed the fun, if that's the word for it!

Equally, there are bound to be some young ladies from the 80's and all from the 90's schooldays who missed out.

You need to find and help them!

Steve M


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 9:09 PM 

Girls not caned at public school?
So Camila PB was lying then about getting the cane on the bare then?
And Fergi was also lying?
Look at SF&R for more!


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 9:45 PM 

Hi George. I assume that you are a new contributor here and not our esteemed Honorary Life Member Retired Headmaster George, who also posts as 'George'. If you intend to post regularly I should stick a number on the end of your name or something, because the other George was here first! You don't by chance have any close female relatives called Alison or Chloe do you? If not please ignore my query.

You say:

I went to five mixed schools through my education and never once witnessed or heard of girls being subjected to corporal punishmenmt in the seventies or eightees. I cannot comment in respect of earlier decades.

If this is indeed the case and you have a genuine interest in the subject you may well find it worthwhile to scan through a recent thread on this estimable Forum called 'Girl caned at Bacons by the infamous Mr Ing' which you'll find here. Bacon's School in London had canings of girls galore through the 1970s and into the 1980s, 204 canings of girls in the school year 1976/77, verified by no less than the Inner London Education Authority!

You mention Rodney School. Another school where both sexes encountered the cane from its foundation in the late 1940s right through into the 1990s. However, neither of these schools appear to have gone in for 'Over the knee punishments' which strictly is the topic of this thread! Not surprising, because apart from some infant schools I doubt if very many schools did.

Bacon's seems to have caned on the hand or the bottom in a fairly conventional manner, and at the Rodney School Ms Joan Thomas, the school's founder, often combined the two when punishing girls, at the same time incorporating other features to make the procedure suitably memorable for the unfortunate participants! There's quite a bit about the Rodney School in this forum. For starters you'll find one of my own postings on the subject on 8 December 2008 in a thread called 'slipper' which you'll find here.


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 10:08 PM 


Please accept my apologies. Must have been distracted by something, 'cos I've only just read your Rodney post.

Christ, that WAS severe stuff! Gives a new meaning to the Strangler's' lyric

"And the Rodneys are queueing up, God forbid!"

How the hell did she get away with that in 1991? Seems like Nottinghamshire vies with East Anglia for the longest-lasting flage kingdom!

Now, if only Ms Thomas had married the blessed Wilfred Ing.......................................!!!happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 5 2009, 11:16 PM 

Absolutely no apology required, Steve. You probably took a look at it at the time and thought, 'good heavens, no time to read that lot now, I'll come back to it later' but in fact never did.

How did she get away with it in 1991? I've no idea. It was rumoured that Rodney School was possibly the scene of the last legal schoolgirl caning in the UK. I find the little additional of the sports clothing requirement reminiscent of what seems to have been the procedure in the 1950s in the senior section of the school I attended as a junior, and of which I posted a largely second hand though partly personally verified account elsewhere in this forum. Maybe it was a Nottinghamshire thing! No fun at all for the unfortunate girls though I would guess.

As I've noted elsewhere I might well have found myself at Rodney school if a family friend been a little more generous or my parents' financial means a little larger. I wasn't at all keen on the idea at the time because I didn't fancy boarding. I had no knowledge then of the school's CP reputation, which I've since found was already well established and well merited.

How different things might have been if I'd gone to Rodney School! I would almost certainly have been a veteran of several canings instead of escaping the cane altogether throughout my school career. Far more important though I should have had a considerable fund of stories of authentic schoolgirl canings with which to earn my keep on this estimable Forum! Fate can sometimes be so cruel! happy.gif

As for your suggestion regarding Ms Thomas marrying the blessed Wilfred Ing, I can only say that if there is a CP heaven, that marriage would certainly have been made there! happy.gif

American Way

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 1:07 AM 

I first read of Rodney School in a book entitled: "The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls: a Documentary Survey" by Margaret Stone. I have the 1995 first edition and there is a 2001 updated shown below. There is a forward by Marianne Martindale who appears on you tube link. I have another Wildfire Club book that may be of interest, it is entitled: "The Female Disciplinary Manual: a Complete Encyclopedia of the Correction of the Fair Sex" by Regina Snow. In the first book on page 112 to 114 there is a picture of the proprietress (Miss Joan Thomas) of Rodney School with four girls she caned and another picture of the cane. They are Kathryn Lacey, Adele Kirkman, Nicola Whitely and Joanne Gilmore. I wonder how they have turned out. Adele had a choice between three strokes to the hand or being gated for three weekends and writing an essay so she took the cane. Nicola agreed to six. An anonymous complaint came against the caning of five eleven year olds caught in the boys dorm, the girls were caned on the hand and the bottom and the ringleader got 7 to the hand and 5 to the bottom. The illustration I like the best is the account by Miss Valerie Thornton (page 94 to 95), a former schoolmistress, is on how to administer the tawse on the first link. It was on the BBC Scotland's "Current Account" program in March 1981 with the interviewer Sally Magnusson. I had no idea that less that almost fifteen years later they would become so hard to find. I don't know whether this information is a repost being new to this estimable Forum. I'll have less time on my hands so I will be posting less frequently. If I have something new from the States you'll be the first to know.






Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 7:25 AM 

I noticed that a poster said that corporal punishment at Rodney School may be a Nottinghamshire thing. I went to school in Nottinghamshire and I think our county was much the same as any others!

Rodney School was of course a privare school and they were allowed, within reason, to make up their own rules on discipline.

I attended Albany School in Stapleford from 1960 to 1963, and you will see from Friends Reunited, that there was a teacher there called Mrs Hawley. She used a cane she called the whistling stick, which is mentioned on the FR site. I only remember her using this once on a boy, it was a short thin stick, unlike a normal school cane and she used to whistle it in the air often , but as I said she only used it once.

She did however specialise in over the knee punishments which is after all the title of this thread.These were dished out frequently to both boys and girls over trousers or skirt, but sometimes on the thigh. Very sore! She had been a teacher for decades and often used to mention how she had thrashed the parents of some pupils.

Mr Wines?Winds is also mentioned and he used to hand out slipperings. Great days!

Steve M

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 10:40 AM 

Within reason is the key here.

Though we will probably never know now, I reckon 12 strokes for an 11-year old is grossly unreasonable. Had that gone to court in 1991, there would only have been one verdict, I feel.

Just and reasonable chastisement was the litmus test when these things got to court & it is hard to see how anything done here merits 12 strokes. Particularly with the gating alternative-which should have been enforced rather than 11-year olds being "offered" an alternative to get it over with.

Particularly nasty was the insistence on one layer of clothing only-bet the girls weren't told that when the alternatives were put to them. Quite remarkable Miss Thomas got away with it. Where are lawyers when you really need them?

Steve M


Over the knee punishments

February 6 2009, 11:21 AM 

Further to my post above, I have now seen the comments by a girl called Abigail Dacres at my old school who says you were sent to the head for the whistling stick. She doesn't specify whether she got it, though it seems likely as she mentioned it. The head was not the same one as in my day, Abigail would be 6 years younger than me.

Off topic , but I was totally unaware that the footballer , Dave Watson was at that school, he would be a few years older than me.

American Way

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 5:56 PM 

Adele had a choice between three strokes to the hand or being gated for three weekends and writing an essay so she took the cane. Adele was not among the eleven years old. She was the one who was given the option and she and her three companions looked considerably older than eleven in the picture. It was for a different offense and in all likelihood a less serious one. Is there anyone who can track down that picture found on page 113 in The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls?

BIg John MOI

Photo Opportunity

February 6 2009, 6:08 PM 

[linked image]


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 8:25 PM 

American Way, as you observe Big John Master of Images is seldom at a loss for a picture. I trust he will not object to me supplementing his post by providing a little more detail.

From the left:
  • Ms Joan Thomas, founder of Rodney School, wielder of the cane for female students, and, as the school was founded in 1944, probably well into her 70s if not older, at the time of this 1992 photograph with four of the five 14 year old girls caned as an alternative to expulsion for entering the boys' dormitories at night.
  • Kathryn Lacey punishment unspecified.
  • Adele Kirkman 3 strokes?
  • Nicola Whiteley 2 strokes on each hand, 4 strokes on the bottom.
  • Joanne Gilmore, the alleged ringleader. 2 strokes on each hand, 8? strokes on the bottom.

Some reports have the girls as 11. As American Way says the girls look older than that and I believe that they were 14 at the time. Reports of the punishments also differ. Those above are from the most authoritative account I've seen.


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 8:48 PM 

I have the press cuttings from the national newspapers somewhere or other.
They were all 11 years old ( according to the papers )

American Way

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 10:31 PM 

Adele Kirkman was given a choice not like the five girls and the strokes were to her hand. Also the book said four girls whom she has caned and doesnt say four of the girls. The picture would have had to be taken a few years after the incident because the dont look 11 to me.


The Rodney co-educational boarding school in Nottinghamshire, England, (pictured left) was the scene of probably the last of the well publicised canings of schoolgirls, and retained the use of the cane up until the total ban on corporal punishment in UK schools in mid 1998, the headmaster caned the boys and the school founder, Ms Joan Thomas, caned the girls. In March 1991 five 11/12 year old girls were caught sneaking into the boys dormitory at night. The girls parents were contacted about the incident and given the choice that the girls were to be either expelled or caned, all the parents chose the cane so the five girls were summoned to Ms Thomas` study the day after the incident to be punished. All the girls were caned on their bottoms, and the girl that was said to be the ringleader received the more severe punishment of the 5, she was given 7 strokes.
Joan Thomas was interviewed on a documentary about caning in the mid 1990`s, and she told of a time when she`d punished two girls and the following day the same two presented her with a box of chocolates, a suprised Ms Thomas said to them: "But I caned you yesterday," to which the girls replied: "Yes I know, but we deserved it Miss".


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 10:34 PM 

Hi davidc, you say:

I noticed that a poster said that corporal punishment at Rodney School may be a Nottinghamshire thing. I went to school in Nottinghamshire and I think our county was much the same as any others!

My fault for not being specific, I think. I wasn't referring to corporal punishment in general, but to the Rodney School requiring the girls to change into fairly insubstantial sports clothing to be punished, presumably with a view to increasing the pain! I'd already posted an account of a similar practise at another Nottinghamshire school in the early 1950s.

Hi Steve.

Within reason is the key here.

Though we will probably never know now, I reckon 12 strokes for an 11-year old is grossly unreasonable.

Absolutely correct. Even if they were, as I believe, 14 not 11, the 12 stroke punishment looks totally over the top. However, looking at the photograph of Ms Thomas, and bearing in mind that she founded the school in 1944 and must have been a good age by 1992 I wonder if frailty and the ravages of time may have led her to give a lot of fairly mild strokes rather than a few hard strokes. Certainly it seems to me unlikey that the girls would have been quite so unfazed about the punishment if it had equated to the sort of thing poor Soooze was said to have undergone!

Particularly nasty was the insistence on one layer of clothing only-bet the girls weren't told that when the alternatives were put to them.

My understanding is that the sports kit routine was normal, and therefore presumably taken into account by those faced with a choice of punishment. The choice in this case though was caning or expulsion, a choice made by the parents or guardians, not by the girls themselves. If the various reports of canings at Rodney School in the 1990s are correct Adele Kirkman, who was involved in this episode, seems to have been caned more than once.


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 6 2009, 10:47 PM 

Hi Mimi. I'm sorry, I hadn't seen your post when I said again that the girls were 14. My source is the account I posted in the 'slipper' thread, which said:

A case of caning at the school was reported in the National Press in March of 1992. Five 14 year-old girls were found in the boys' dormitory at night. Their parents were contacted and given the choice of allowing their daughters to be expelled or severely caned. All of the parents opted for caning, and so on the day after the incident, all five girls changed into the Rodney School indoor P.E. strip of burgundy vest and white cotton shorts, with nothing to be worn under the thin shorts, and reported to Miss Thomas's study for their punishments.

The girls were caned both on their hands and their bottoms. Nicola Whitely, who received two strokes on each hand and four on her bottom commented, "I had to agree that I had been in the wrong. I deserved the caning". The girl who admitted to being the ringleader, Joanne Gilmore, was given the most severe punishment. She received two strokes on each hand and then had to bend over Miss Thomas's desk for eight strokes across the seat of her cotton shorts. Joanne's comments afterwards seemed to show no ill will towards the school or to Miss Thomas. "Miss Thomas was just doing her job. Twelve strokes took a long time and I thought it would never be over with, but it is now thank goodness. I admitted what I had done in planning what happened and I felt sorry that I had helped get the other girls caned. It hurt, it still does a bit, but I can't deny that I deserved what I got. Now it's in the past and I can get on with school. The Rodney School is a great school, and it's even better if you can stay out of trouble and keep the rules".

Ms Thomas seems to have been very happy to be interviewed by both press and television concerning CP at the school and there are a number of reports extant concerning a variety of incidents, one of which was the 'girls in boy's dormitory' case which I think the picture refers to. I would have expected 14 year olds to be more likely to be involved in that sort of exploit than 11 year olds, and the girls certainly look older than 11. Hiowever, if you have the clipping with the picture and the ages are given as 11 it may be that the account I've quoted above has the ages wrong. Unless of course the girls tried it first at 11 and then repeated it at 14! happy.gif


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 7 2009, 11:51 AM 

A L newspapers can often get things wrong. Perhaps I should say always get things wrong.
What gives a confirmation of the ages involved is the fact that the girls were part of the junior section of the school rather than the senior.
This was kind of confirmed by the old FR message board for the school about 5 years back.
Since then lots of posts confirming the amount of CP at the school were spirited away into cyberspace.
The old bat may have been a bit weak in the arm, who knows.
There is however a picture of the actual cane used and it is a great big thing, a proper 36" crook handled beast.

Steve M

Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 7 2009, 12:59 PM 

The strangest thing?

The girls look they've strayed off of a 1950's Bunty!!!

I wonder if the paper posed this with models?

I think A_L could be right about the strokes not being hard. After all, the girls would say it hurt, to ensure they didn't get extras.

I must admit Joan Thomas, bless her, looks like it's her second time on Earth! Hence A_L's caveat re the severity of strokes & he is spot on, I reckon.

Very perculiar episode!

Steve M


Re: Over the knee punishments.

February 7 2009, 10:48 PM 

Hi Mimi and Steve and anyone else who has posted in this thread on The Rodney School or who has any information on the school.

As I've said earlier in the thread I've got a particular interest in this school, 'There but for fortune ....' etc. I'm hoping that there might be a bit more information floating about out there that someone might post.

It doesn't seem appropriate to carry on the topic in this thread. There might well have been over the knee punishments at Rodney School, but I've seen no evidence of this, so the Rodney stuff is really off-topic.

I'm going to take a chance and open a new thread. Mimi and Steve, I'll respond to your posts above in the new thread, I hope that you won't object to this.

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