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girls spanked with the slipper at school

July 29 2002 at 12:37 AM

Hi I'm interested in women who were slippered by male teachers at school, did it ever happen? was it common or was it quite rare? what was the slipper like, leather carpit slipper or plimpsole?, and how many smacks did you get.

I would also be interested in any one who saw a girl slippered at school especially by a male teacher or even just rumours of slipperings given m/f at school.

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Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

July 29 2002, 9:16 AM 

M/f school slipperings are like alien abductions - lots of people say it happened to them but most are clearly fantasising and the rest have to be taken with at least a little a pinch of salt.

I'm quite happy to accept that it did happen, although I cannot imagine why it was ALLOWED to happen by the Local Education Authorities.

Like alien abduction, it is virtually impossible to prove that any particular claim is false.


Re: Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

July 29 2002, 9:24 AM 

As I have said before on abbys, a male teacher at my secondary school gave the whole class including girls the plimsole, this at about 14/15. It would have made a £1M video, the boys including yours truly watched it with fascination as the girls got it after the boys. Never seen so many hands up skirts, hoping around and crying in my life. Delicious.


Re: Re: Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

July 29 2002, 12:02 PM 

I Wish I could have seen that Jay, I wonder if any of the girls got a bit of a tingle as well as a sore bum from it.

Are there any accounts on friends reunited that involve m/f slipperings that someone can direct me to?


Re: Re: Re: Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

July 29 2002, 5:53 PM 

Dear Joe,
They were all petrified, some were crying just lining up and waiting, it was real justice as they usually found a boy getting the slipper most amusing.
I am working on some of the girls at reunions, who knows what may happen. I drop suttle as sledgehammer hints.


Re: Re: Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

July 29 2002, 7:08 PM 

It's a great pity that, since the beginning of time, interesting events like this seem always to have taken place at schools that for some reason or another can't be named.

P.S. Did I ever mention the time at my school when we were all so naughty that the Headmistress invited the nearby boys school over to witness our punishment - every girl in the school was caned bare bottom on a huge purpose-built stage on the hockey field!


Smacked bottoms all round

July 29 2002, 11:50 PM 

for some of us kids, I can remember going to Hastings with her. I have a vivid picture of her punishing boys in our class by hitting them on the backside with her wooden clog. I think she married a short while before I left the school and her name became Mrs. McVeigh(?) Berrymede junior school 1967

remember her telling us before the scholership that intelligent people make beautiful people (so PASS in other words). I didn't. I also remember her telling me how different I was from my brother (she had taught him 12 years ealier)and how good he was. But despite all her misgivings - I still thought the world of her. Mr. Lee didn't like me - he was always smacking me on the back of the legs on a chair (after being caught talking again)- but I loved both Mrs.Morgan and Mrs.Bigwood. Mr.Saunders frightened me, his voice was so loud and Mr.Hanson was lovely too. His daughter Jennifer and I had the same piano teacher at home. There were others I can't quite remember their names but they all stand out in one way or another.
East Sheen Primary school 1954

1955 - Mr Palk Added by Stella Crook Headteacher - remember him and Miss Surtees. She was very strict and he was the only one who ever gave my mum a caning for bunking off school with her brother - John Pledger and my mum Joan Pledger. Same as above

1982 - Pure Evil (well Myers anyhow...) Added by Mark Binmore Miss Myers - similarities to Ms Trenchbull in the film "Matilda" Evil and vile - why did no one complain - it so would not happen now - she slapped my "silly little legs" once until my mum intervened - pure vile teacher who should never have been allowed in a classroom and i am unamaous in this. She also liked pulling down boys pants and smacking their bare bums!! More suited to Belsen than Oldway one feels.
Miss Slaughter - Another one with a fancy for blue slacks and basin hairdos.
Miss Allen - Evil on sticks
Mssssssssssss Burridge - Hissing Sid more like and that silly run she had on sports day - always remembered how she made us drink all the milk through straws in those bottles which was ALWAYS left in the sun - warm sickly milk - evil. How how I thank Miss Thatcher The Milk Snatcher now - she moaned once when I brough egg sandwiches for lunch.
Miss Colverhouse - Frightening - didn't she have that fluffy slingback for punishment!
Mr Northern - always reading The Iron Man
Mr Sheen - the pipe, the endless stories of frigging Dartmoor, the tweeds....
Miss Lee the dinner lady "Miss Lee Did a Pee" - yeah, how sad. We later performed in theatre togther several years later! WHO was that other dinner lady with black blow dry hair and eyelids so heavy she had to throw her haed back to get them open?
Mr Glenny in tweeds strumming the guitar and singing endlessly "Day By Day" in harmony
Oldway primary school, Paignton

1960 - Mr Reeves Added by Barbara Coleman The Headmaster. Cane for the boys. Slipper for the girls. A very fair-minded man.
Curledge street primary school , Paignton

1964 - Mr Saunders Added by Nicola Brown Mr. Saunders was infamous for his use of the ruler. I was often the recipient of a ruler across my out stretched hand. He was also fond of throwing chalk and the duster.

I never had Mrs Spring but she was an excellent teacher. I was terrified of her.

I also rememeber Mrs. Dobson she lived somewhere near the Dobbins, and was fond of the star rating system. Various colours to denote your progress.
Hamsey Green, Surrey

1946 - MISS PROWSE Added by Colin Church Young stern and very strict can remember her rubber slipper still got the marks to prove it.there was also Miss Lamming much nicer than Miss Prowse, and Mrs Murphy also quite strict.

1962 - Memories Added by Paul Smith Remember being stood outside the classrooom and the headteacher would come along and tell you to go to his room. You knew this meant a couple cracks of the cane. Fortunately you passed the wash basins on the way where could nip in and rub soap over both hands. I remember this helped reduce the sting. The only problem was getting six of the best - across your backside!!!

I remember being absolutely foul to a teacher with an unusual name - Mrs Strambuze!?. I flicked ink pellets across the classroom and then hid in the desk with the lid raised. The only problem was she always knew it was me and came along and slammed the lid down on my head.I made the poor woman's life hell.

Our favourite teacher was a Mr Friend. He had a big bushy beard.

I know for a fact that my sisters Pru and Mandy were good girls, I must have been the rottem apple! How ironic that I am now a headteacher of a primary school!!! Frimley C of E junior school

1974 - Mr Bruce & Mr Cossey Added by Graeme Ross
All the boys in the class had mini pistols that fired fluorescent plasic bullets. We waited until Mr Cossey left the room and then had a battle across the classroom. I remember firing at Andrew Povey but my shot was intercepted by Mr Bruce walking in. He wasn't impressed and I was invited to his office to meet his famous plimsoll.

1977 - Mr Bruce Added by David Ross
I vividly remember Mr Bruce interrupting Mr Hart's class(11) to call Darren Stearn up to the front, whereupon he slippered him in front of the whole class with a white plimsol. The reason? Darren had been caught undoing electric light switches in the toilets.

1982 - Mr Bruce Added by Justin Cade
I vividly remember Mr Bruce interrupting Mr Cossey's class (13)
to give Paul Figgins a sound thrashing at the front of the class with a plimsoll.
Above Manorcroft County Primary, Surrey

1985 - Mrs Brown Added by Richard Godwin Anybody else remember waiting outside her office for her slipper
Merstham county primary, Surrey


Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 12:32 AM 

West Leeds Girls High School, mid 1960's. The PE teacher at this school (female) would encourage the girls to change quickly after class by slippering the last bottom left bare in the changing room. This information was imparted to me by a colegue at work some 25 years ago.I have no reason to belive that it is false.


Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 9:40 AM 

Dear sarajane,
I relate a perfectly true and reasonable account of a punishment that was not uncommon in the 60s and for some reason I get a sarcastic response. Unless your comment was just tongue in cheek.
The strange thing is that there are some ridiculous over the top revelations about headmasters and bare botoms and these appear to be accepted and soaked up like water in a sponge.
What I will say is that in my experience, and cp was a daily occurance right through my school life, is that the vast majority of slipper punishments were one whack only.
This was allways as hard as possible and further whacks were just not needed.
Smackings with the hand at primary school could be quite vicious however with 10 rapid slaps not being unheard of.
The cane was very rare and given by the head in private. I never ever saw the cane in class.


Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 10:28 AM 

Hello jay,

I've said many times on this BB that I automatically discount all reports of unusual CP practices where the author cannot or will not identify the school concerned.

While it's very probable that some are true, it's almost certain that most are works of pure fantasy and with no way of telling which is which I have no option but to lump them all together.

However, your story of a mass slippering of both boys and girls was by no means ridiculous and I am quite prepared to believe that such things did occasionally happen.

It would be both outrageous and unfair of me to suggest that your particular story is anything but true but we both know that many such stories are porky pies even if a few of them ARE true.

I respect anyone's wish to protect their identity but I often fail to understand how being identified might have an adverse affect on a person who's reporting only legal and non-controversial school events - especially when we know that failure to identify the school is an essential ingredient of every fake story!

1.5 million people on FR have no hesitation in identifying themselves and their schools, so why should people here shy away from it?


Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 2:07 PM 

Hi Jay,

These hand smackings at primary school that you talk of(I'm asuming you mean bottom smacking and not hand slapping i.e... slaped wrists) were they given in the otk poosision? and were they given to boys and girls or just boys? and were they given just by the headmaster or by other teachers as well?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 3:50 PM 

Dear SaraJane,
You seem unable to grasp this but I will explain, If I tell you my school you will find me. Then you can e mail me and my wife who has access to my mails will wonder who sara jane is, its that simple.
Joe these smackings on the legs or bottom were ad hoc ( they happened spontaniously) girls generally got it on the legs, boys on bottom or legs. In generall a boy would be yanked over the desk where he sat by means of his waist band, thus pulling shorts up rather tight. Then a random amount of viscious slaps would be applied to the top of legs or bottom. This continued until teacher was happy and lad was normally in tears.
I have seen boys grabbed and slapped about the arms, head and shoulders if they were not in a position to be bent over easilly or refused.
Girls would be treated less violently but with more ceremony. Most would meekly allow themselves to be smacked or rulered. If the didn't they were held by wrists or waist.The were hit just as hard though!
These were frightening daily occurances at my junior school 59/63.
Although the head had a cane, I never saw it and don't remember anyone getting it. It was given in private and would not have been talked about.
My school report book did have a line marked. Refered to Headmaster for C.P.......... So I guess it must have been given to some?
I read in FR for my school that some teachers used the slipper, but none of mine and untill recently I had no idea that the slipper was used. I got the impression that the slipper was used more after my time and right up untill 86
Hope this helps.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 4:29 PM 


Assuming (wrongly) that would I have any interest in identifying you and . . .

assuming (wrongly) that having identified you I would then want to contact you and . . .

assuming (wrongly) that I would even dream of contacting somebody who had made it clear that they didn't want to be contacted . . .

how would I find your e-mail address?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 5:18 PM 

odds blood sara jane,
You click the contact icon at FR site having deduced who I am and send me an email, which my wife would probably read. Its that simple can you not understand my last post?
If you can find me so can the rest of the wind up merchants and I don't need any virus's or dirty pics.
Its first rule of internet privacy.
You come across as feminine and rather aloof, so at least it appears that you are really female and not the posing male that others have thought you were.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 6:05 PM 


I've got Jockie's email address and I'm sure he'll testify to the fact that I've so far resisted the temptation to send him viruses and porno pics.

So, go on go on go on go on go on go on go on ! Tell us your school!

Oh, alright then - don't!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 30 2002, 11:32 PM 

As Jay has pointed out, it is not the contributors to the forum that are the problem, it is the 'watchers on the threshold' who are the concern. As the mother/stepmother of 4 adults/teenagers who are all active on the web, I know that they have as much access to this forum as I and yourselves have, as do the rest of our extended family. They are as familiar with the overall (family discussable) facts of my educational history as no doubt some of you are. Perhaps others do not have this problem.

I use my real name as I have pointed out. I can also confirm from personal experience that publishing your name on Friends Reunited cannot be done without opening an email channel, or at least positive identification. In my case this was a mistake as all sorts of appalling communications began to arrive. I had to withdraw in order to stem the flow of this material.

I am not challenging anyone's right to privacy, but in terms of example I can think of at least one contributor who, like me, claims to have had one experience of formal corporal punishment, has consistently claimed this over an extended period of time here and on other forums, but as far as I am aware, despite a burning desire for others to do so, has never named the school at which this took place either. I apologise to those who have actually done so, and to those whose postings I have missed.

(I am not infallible, and am barred by gender from achieving what passes for it on earth.)

curious bystander

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 31 2002, 12:20 AM 

why do you all putup with the sarah jane abuse - not the spirit that should be shown on a friendly board


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 31 2002, 7:37 AM 

I can't believe that in today's free and fair society Fran is barred by gender from doing very much.

Except, of course, receiving treatment from a gynaecologist.



July 31 2002, 8:44 AM 

With 14 firewalls and 17 viruscheckers I am making an effort LOL.
I am however fed up waitin fer some porn from you sarajane!
PS. You stick tae yer guns jay, ma pal.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Smacked bottoms all round

July 31 2002, 8:57 AM 

As one old enough to have played 'blind mans buff' at childrens (and sometimes the equivalent of young adult) parties I can vouch for the sometimes hilarious and vicarious pleasure this gave at the time.

For those who don't know, the 'traditional' version of this game involves one of the party being blindfolded and placed in the centre of the room. The others then stand in a circle and at a word are pursued by the blindfold catcher. When someone is caught, the blindfold person has to guess the name/sex of that person. If correct, the one caught is then blindfolded and becomes the catcher. There are extensions to this, particularly for young adults, but I leave that to the imagination.

If people are amused by the game it tends to lie in the uncertainty of pursuit and capture from both sides. Some got pleasure from watching otherwise respected and agile friends blundering about. Some as the blindfolded player got pleasure from the license to approach and challenge anyone at random.

Oh, and of course those who persistently guess the wrong name etc stay blinfold longest and get to blunder about bumping into everybody. Some get frustrated, some helpless with laughter, but some very obviously enjoy persisting in this role.

Whatever else, while the blinfold was still on, it could still legitimately be viewed as a game.

Unfortunately in modern society this form of game is probably not to be recommended, and indeed may be proscribed, due to the fear of law suits being brought for injury and assault (imagined or actual) by or on behalf of participants or 'interested third parties', however consenting the participants, and however obviously accidental the interactions. (On a non-personal basis, imagine trying to get the insurance company to pay for the broken coffee table which the guest you allowed to be blindfolded in your house tripped over.)


Re: True!

July 31 2002, 10:21 AM 

SaraJane is entitled to her opinion on this forum as is every one else.
Its just that her age does confirm that any first "hand" (pun) experience of the 60s is limited by the fact that she was not there!
It would not be unreasonable to summise that in excess of 10 million incidents of CP happened in virtually any year of the 60s and that the records tend to indicate less than 20 incidents ever appeared in the press or media in that same year.
Basically SJ is not being rude she is just confirming her ignorance.
I think her attitude displays the typical rude disrespectfull behaviour of her generation and that she would have benifited from a more disciplined up bringing.
Dear old Jockie knows my email address and I think very carefully about opening his missives on the basis that one of his never ending wee tricks nearly wore oot ma poor moose. lol
So SJ please consider having more respect for your elders even if it only goes as far as giving us por old duffers the benifit of the doubt.
Use the forum for its amusement value and the titilation it provides to its users.
You mon cherie have been suitably admonished and I trust that once you have had your rant and feminine last word that common sense will prevail.
By the way if anyone looks at any North London school in FR and follows links to schools in that area they will find more than enough caning, slippering and rulered legs to satisfy their quest.


Girls spanked with a slipper at school

July 31 2002, 6:39 PM 

At my girls grammar in the early 1960's the slipper on the bottom or ruler across the hand or upper legs were the unofficial punishments handed down by most members of staff. They were nearly all female although we were lucky in having masters for Art, Maths and a dishy Chemistry master ( ratio 3:35 ). The men NEVER smacked or hit a girl - on the rare occasions they deemed CP was necessary it was off to the senior mistress for the cane.

Our PE mistress was the worst for the slipper. She kept a size 11 mans plimsole in her sports bag for any girl with dirty kit, forgotten towels lost items, lateness etc... Retribution was swift and painful - bend over the gym horse in your knickers in front of the class and one, two, three or sometimes even four whacks were administered. It stung and most girls cried a little.

On one occasion 4 of us had been messing about in the showers after games - she called us out and made us bend over in a line and gave us each two whacks on our bare bums - that hurt!

I am sure more of us who went to school in the 50's 60's or even 70's remember just how common CP was in school. Lets hear your story and not more of SJ's self-professed expert comment on matters she is clearly too young to have experienced in person ( or should that be on her person? )

PS I did have fantasies of bending over in front of Mr Bubb the Chemistry master be unfortunately he was too good a teacher ever to have fulfilled my dreams.


Re: Re: True!

July 31 2002, 6:41 PM 

Hi Jay,

For those of us who were there, remember that the people who weren't are constantly regaled with the idea that if you can remember the sixties you weren't there either. On this forum I sometimes get the same feeling of puzzlement as when I read 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' as a girl. Creation of a parallel universe does not take away the option of not living in it.


Re: Girls spanked with a slipper at school

July 31 2002, 7:54 PM 

You know something? I do believe that since my arrival, the fantasies on this BB have been becoming just a little LESS fantastic.

Bare-bum slippering of girls by female gym teachers? Yes, I think I can go along with that, in principle.

Although quite how well 'Sophie' would have blended into a roomful of naked schoolgirls is another matter.


Re: Re: Girls spanked with a slipper at school

August 1 2002, 9:58 AM 

I know its slightly off topic and I have given the impression that punishment on the bare bottom was very rare, however:-
The whole class of us lads were all due a whack from the sadistic Welsh b*****d P.E. teacher and all lined up in our gym kit. The lad in front of me moved forward as he was whacked in anticipation and only got a stinging but glancing blow. He then had to take his shorts down and bend over for a further whack. Right in front of yours truly who was next in line. He got the hardest whack ever and it was amazing to see this perfect red slipper shape appear on his left cheek. My god did he squirm. My turn next and I made sure that I stayed in position. A whole class of sore bottomed lads. I can think of no reason why similar occourances would have not happened in a similar situation with girls.
Thought you would like to know.


Schoolgirl Spanking

August 2 2002, 8:58 AM 

Dear Sarajane

With long natural blonde hair, blue eyes and at 17/18 yrs old had a 34-24-35 figure I have always stood out from the crowd.

Why do you find it so hard to accept that what we would consider unacceptable practices today were common place in the 50's & 60's?

Kind regards


PS. I still have natural blonde hair but unfortunately my figure is somewhat more rounded


Re: Schoolgirl Spanking

August 2 2002, 10:10 AM 

I have been having a wee trawl through FR.
Select a place name ie Hounslow, find a school in that area and click on to it, then look through schools in that area.
I was amazed at the amount of girls making references to CP, otk spankings, caning, rulering, smacked legs you name it. Some by male heads.
Thes must be genuine to be posted.
Either innocent memories of school days, or perhaps some of these girls are revealing freudian slips if you see what I mean.
I would imagine only 1% would not be embarressed to comment about their whacking so there must have been a lot of whackings out there.
As I am finding about my school, more girls got whacked than we lads ever knew, it was just done privately and not revealed by the girls in question.
Curiouser and curiouser said Alice in Spankerland.

a truthful student

my beating

August 2 2002, 1:17 PM 

i was beaten 100 times with a cane by a lovely young female teacher in the 5th year.

There I posted it

but it isnt true! dont believe all you read!


Re: Schoolgirl Spanking

August 2 2002, 2:31 PM 


I have no difficulty accepting that boys and girls received CP in British schools in the ways and under the circumstances described in most of the postings on this site.

However, it's a plain as day that many postings (here and elsewhere) are complete fantasies which, although describing believable CP scenarios, didn't ever happen to the person submitting the posting.

Some contributors compound their deceit by purporting to be Headmasters and the like while others are just silly men pretending to be women.

Know what I mean, 'Sophie'?


Re: Re: Schoolgirl Spanking

August 2 2002, 5:11 PM 

All I can say is with 40,000 schools in FR and the majority it would seem with at least one entry about C.P. then thats a lot of liars.
The names seem to be overwhealmingly genuine.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

August 2 2002, 7:34 PM 

Ah thought you english folk only dropped yer "aitches".......just a wee SUBTLE hint jay!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

August 2 2002, 8:25 PM 

Jockie mate,
I am speechless. No I am not.
Also I am Anglo Irish ( This explains a lot) lol
Born in England.
Hard to find you when you post in middle of thread.


A question of gender

August 2 2002, 9:13 PM 

If Sophie chooses to be a woman who are we to question her credentials? I mean i might be a woman pretending to be a man. If someone has no idea about spelling or grammar and they claim to be a headmaster i think it is fair enough to have doubts! How can we decide someones gender after a few postings? We know your a woman Sarajane because we can see that splendid female mind at work, so don't be so hasty to decide Sophies gender. In fact she might not look out of place in a roomful of schoolgirls after all.


Re: A question of gender

August 2 2002, 9:34 PM 

And I could me a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.


Re: Re: Re: Schoolgirl Spanking

August 2 2002, 9:43 PM 


If your posting was written while free from the effects of Glenfiddich, you are probably the only person on Earth who disagrees with the proposition that many first-hand accounts of CP on Internet CP sites are fantasies.


Re: A question of gender

August 2 2002, 10:06 PM 


You ask 'How can we decide someone's gender after a few postings?'.

The answer is 'Very easily indeed'.

A person's gender is of no importance in most cases but, when their story (if false) adds to the weight of evidence supporting a false gender-related proposition, it serves to re-write our socio-educational history and that is clearly undesirable.

Of course, we might take the view that most girls who were, say, slippered in private by male teachers are unlikely to publicise the fact and that knowledge of their experiences is thus denied to posterity. We may then say that the fantasists are serving to redress the balance by introducing compensatory accounts.

Hmmmm, in that case . . . carry on 'girls'!


Surrogate Spanking Stories

August 2 2002, 10:56 PM 

Sarajane,you say that fantasists are re-writing our socio-educational history. That surely is something for socioligists to study in the population at large. Spankophiles' stories are like fishermans' tales! However, i would have thought if you are looking for some entertaining tales that just might be true!! You are in the right place.

curious bystander

Re: Surrogate Spanking Stories

August 2 2002, 11:27 PM 

as someone who used to visit (but wont be anymore), it seems pretty obvious that sarajanes attacks on posters will soon lead to very few postings of ANY kind. shame.


Re: Re: A question of gender

August 2 2002, 11:44 PM 

Would you then categorically state that, for example, Fiona Phillips account of being slippered on several occasions by a male teacher, in private, was undoubtedly an incredible fantasy simply on the basis that she schose to make her personal experiences public?


Re: Re: Re: A question of gender

August 3 2002, 12:22 AM 


In my earlier message on this thread, I say "I have no difficulty accepting that boys and girls received CP in British schools in the ways and under the circumstances described in most of the postings on this site.

However, it's a plain as day that many postings (here and elsewhere) are complete fantasies which, although describing believable CP scenarios, didn't ever happen to the person submitting the posting."

What that means is - Yes, those things happened, but often NOT to the people who claim to be the persons they happened to.

It may well be that Fiona was slippered in private by a male teacher.


Re: Re: Surrogate Spanking Stories

August 3 2002, 12:33 AM 

Dear Curious,

Sorry to see you leave, but I wish you happiness on your next Forum.

P.S. Best wishes to your brother, Innocent.



August 3 2002, 9:51 AM 

Ah jay .....ye promised ye wid send it up here to a deserving home!
I think however Sarajane, you miss ra point of my learned friends posting. He was only talking aboot the FR site and I think he is quite right!
Even if he didnae gie me a dram!
PS. Erm Sarajane ma dear..are ye wantin a wee pic o ma latest tawse?


Re: Glenfiddich?

August 3 2002, 10:49 AM 


I understand that your latest tawse has four tails?

Certainly a pic of your recent acquisition would make a change from the postings of Fran and Sophie.

I prefer four tails to cock tales.


Re: Re: Re: Re: A question of gender

August 4 2002, 1:47 AM 

I am astounded, how the hell could Sara jane know that my favourite mouth wash is in fact pure malt Glenfiditch?
Except when I am on Woods navy rum a real sea dogs drink.
Scotsmen would need to dilute it, Jockie couldna even sniff it, 4 tailer an all!
Sara Jane If you ever wish to meet a real man, I mean phsycologicaly your negative posts reveal that you would like me to flagelate ( posh) you and then have my wicked way with you cave man fashion, then beg me on your knees and I will show you what a half centinian can do.
It takes along time, but lasting is what its all about.
wink wink
Who is off to la massif central aujourdui, Its so sexy quand je talks francais nec pas.
Jockie will ken la massif central, if nowt else.


Sara Jane

August 5 2002, 6:07 PM 

You all might be delighted to know that Sara Jane has started attacking statements on another website 'Girls Spanked By Moms'


She's only just started, but I bet soon she'll be telling them all that they are making it up.


Re: Sara Jane

August 5 2002, 6:47 PM 

Thanks for the plug, Sian.

10% of all royalties are yours.


Re: Re: Sara Jane

August 6 2002, 1:20 PM 

Hi Jay,

Iv'e been having a look at friends reunited and have looked up the fore mentioned Hounslow schools, but in that area I only found two secondary schools with no c.p. mentioned in either, where have I gone wrong? were these CP references only in the primary schools? you mentioned girls getting otk bottom smackings and slipperings did you copy and paste any, or can you direct me to the schools?



Re: Re: Re: Sara Jane

August 6 2002, 5:02 PM 

Dear Stanley,
It was just an example of how to do it.
The problem is a link sometimes only gives linked primary schools and sometimes linked secondary schools.
It is a huge program and not perfect.
There really are lots but it takes persistance.
A thing to do with the odd hour to spare.
Today I looked at leyton and followed links around. I even found the school where the infamous Janet Dines who got national press for caning girls at Northwich and Romford did a stint at an earlier school, walthamstow if I recall. There were comments saying she was terriefing.
Persistance mate, its worth it when you find one.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Sara Jane

August 7 2002, 5:22 PM 


Have you ever seen a post on friends reunited refering to a girl who had been smacked otk by a male teacher at secondary school? for me that would be like the holy grail, and can you or anyone suggest areas in Britain to look were I might find references to this kind of thing? primary school spanking also.

Iv'e found girls slippered by male heads and a few canings but not spankings jet.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Sara Jane

August 8 2002, 9:46 AM 

Dear Joe,
I can do better than that.
We had a teacher at school who would put girls over his knee and spank them.
Not to hard, mainly to humiliate.
All ages from 11 to 16.
He really was a queer one to say the least.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Sara Jane

August 8 2002, 10:11 PM 


was this the register guy? and has anyone from your school comment about it on friends reunited?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Sara Jane

August 9 2002, 9:55 AM 

Yes mate the register guy! thanks for remembering.
He also used to do other strange things.
He is mentioned a lot on my schools site, but I really do not want to pass it on as I am on it as well.
He looked like the presenter of that old t.v. game Bullseye ( who was a caning headmaster in real life)
Jim Bowen. He used to have his mouth open a lot and we called him flycatcher ( spycatcher was on tv at the time). His other nickname was Dixy ( work it out it is not crude)
He was never cruel just strange!


smacking on friends reunited

August 9 2002, 1:26 PM 

Hi Jay

what did the girls think of this? and did he ever smack them with his hand putting having sent his register back to the office? in my school the register was sent with a pupil back to the heads office after registration. And have you seen any other comments to otk spankings of secondary school girls by male teachers M/F on friends reunited?

Just to know there are some out there and that I'm not looking in vain would be nice,

of corse directions to a particular school or area would be great.



Re: smacking on friends reunited

August 9 2002, 3:01 PM 

I am getting on a bit and can really only remember the register spankings. I saw them rarely as I was not in his class a lot.
Having spoken to some girls at a reunion recently, they said that they thought he was really wierd but at the time did not know why as spanking at school was normal! If you understand me.
when I find one I will write it down and let you know


Re: Re: smacking on friends reunited

August 10 2002, 4:25 PM 

Thanks jay if you see one on your travels through nostalgic school memories copy and paste it, and anyone else who spots that elusive M/F secondary school spanking, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to the bottom of this one.


Re: Re: Re: smacking on friends reunited

August 11 2002, 1:46 AM 

I can only say that after so many whacks this slipper thread has worn very thin.
It must make Jockie feel left out, no slippers up in Jockland, bare feet up there, he has no idea what us plimsol enthusiasts are all about.


actually I have been slippered!

August 11 2002, 8:09 AM 

At gym classes in Primary school with a black gym shoe. A few o us were haeing a carry on so we were bent oor and skelped a couple of times. Don't remember if it was sore though. This only happened in gym and no idea if the lassies got it too.


Re: actually I have been slippered!

August 12 2002, 9:41 AM 

This is like rubbing a magic lamp, I only have to say the "J" word and Jockie appears from the woodwork, just like magic lol


Female Pupils Slippered At School

March 9 2006, 1:47 PM 

These two fabulous ladies, Tracy Shaw (top) British model/actress and Fiona Phillips (bottom) British TV presenter, were both slippered at school, Fiona regularly by a male teacher, Tracy by I don`t know who, but both said this on chat shows.
Go here for more detail: http://sfrsite.topcities.com



smacked over teachers knee

December 11 2010, 1:50 PM 

i was about 9-10 when i was caught throwning snowballs and the female teacher told me to report to her study at play time.

she lecturted me as i sttod in front of her seated. she took hold of my hand pulled me across her lap after raising her dress slightly so i was over her stockings.

she pulled my shorts down and my underpants and gave me a real hard spanking on my bottom i was in tears but clearly rememmy person resting on her stocking lap. my bottom got hotter and hotter and i tried to cover it with my hand but she just held it to one side

i must have been over her knee for about 10 mins and i was in agony. afer dressing and going out two girls were waiting outside both were very white,

was that miss spanking you one gasped as i came out i wiped my eyes and nodded.

then i heard miss call jeent come in mary you wait your turn.

we heard talking then silence untill the clear sound of hand on bare bottom was clearly heard and crying by the unfortunate girl

mary was standing by me and nearly in tears waiting her turn, i was still very sore and rubbing my bum and she asked could she see it so i showed her my red bottom and she whimpered knowing what she had in store. after about ten minutes jenny came out in tears and mary went in,

jenny saw my red bottom and asked if i wanted to see hers and i said yes and she dualy obliged by raising her skirt and lowering her knickers. it was so red i could not beleive it.

marys crys were very clear to hear as we felt each others sore bottoms.


Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

December 11 2010, 2:16 PM 

A_L will be pleased to see the use of paragraphs and will find this easy to read.

Your Local Council

Recycling rules

December 11 2010, 8:56 PM 

Now then jj, follow the rules! We know Gavin/Steve from "Caned in PE kit" has got rid of his dodgy keyboard, the one without a shift key for capital letters -- but you're not allowed to nick it from the local tip!



Re: smacked over teachers knee

December 11 2010, 9:21 PM 

Hi JformerlyJethro. Yes indeed, the paragraphing of jj's contribution is quite splendid and placed no strain whatsoever on my ageing visual faculties. I only wish that I could say the same thing about its effect on my credulity!

I think I am probably safe in concluding that today has not seen the long awaited return of the sadly missed other JJ, he of the School Slippering Memories thread.



April 10 2012, 5:06 PM 

in the 1960,s 1970,s the slipper was in regular usage for both boys and girls.



Re: slipper

April 10 2012, 9:54 PM 

Hi Maxine,

I suspect that the above may be your first contribution here, so may I express a personal welcome to this estimable Forum.

You say:

in the 1960,s 1970,s the slipper was in regular usage for both boys and girls.

Indeed it was, and despite the scepticism evinced by some former regular contributors earlier in this thread, few people with any knowledge of English schools in the period concerned will disagree with you. Genuine personal reminiscences of school CP are always much appreciated here and if you have any, as your above post may imply, I would encourage you to publish them. My advice would be to not identify yourself or your school, though some people choose to do the latter. Other than that though, general geographical area, approximate year, age, type of school etc., are all worth including to put things in context.

Do not be deterred by the responses, including mine, to jj above. As I am sure you will recognise there are elements in his story which identify it as probably influenced just a teeny little bit by an over-active imagination! happy.gif Fine in its place but not in what purports to be a factual account.


Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

May 10 2012, 6:54 PM 

At my secondary school in the north of England in the 1970s the slipper was used on both boys and girls.

One particular teacher who taught English and History very regularly gave the slipper to girls. He had them bending over skirt up and on the seat of their knickers. Whereas boys got it on the seat of their trousers.

The slipper was his normal method of punishment for things like talking in class and not handing in homework.

Like it or not but this is true. I am actually tempted to name the teacher and the school. But perhaps I should not.


Re: girls spanked with the slipper at school

May 10 2012, 6:59 PM 

Please name the school, Sean. Our readers are gluttons for this kind of information.

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