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The Tawse

August 11 2002 at 10:37 AM

Having no experience of the tawse, I was wondering..

What age did (do?) children start feeling this implement?
Were (are) the two tails for the younger kids and the three tails for the older kids or not?
How many strikes were (are) given in school?
Is it used at home too, if so what are the differences in its use?


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Re: The Tawse

August 11 2002, 12:35 PM 

To get a broader picture have a look at the intersting polls at:

Many received the tawse from 5 onwards and 50% from the age of 9.

Two or three tails was really cut teachers preferences. The poll shows 80% found two tailed the worst (it was the most common by far)

25% answering had received 6 strokes.

60% only received tawse in school, 3% only in home and 36 % both at home and school

It was banned in schools according to educational area, variously from 1982 to 1986

Hope this helps for starters


Ma wee thoughts on these questions

August 11 2002, 12:41 PM 

The belt is no longer used in schools in UK, I think it was stopped in non-private schools in Scotland from August 1987.
I suppose it was possible from age 5 in Primary school although I can't recall it being used then. I got it from age 7.
2 or 3 (or more!) tails have nothing to do with the age of the pupil. I think that a thin 2 tail such as early ones made by Philp are a lot more painful than some 3 tails. However the 3 tail ones look more fearsome. The tawses to some extent were graded more by weight with lighter ones being used on younger pupils. I bought a 3 tail McRostie from Tawse-maker via eBay last year. It is very light (60gms) and was probably used in early years of Primary school.
Maximum strokes at any one punishment was 6 but this was fairly unusual and I would say 2 was more the normal.
Yes it was (is?) used at home probably more on the backside than the hands. It certainly was by my a few of ma pals folks who were teachers anyway!
If you join some of the Yahoo clubs such as Tawse or Lochgelly Tawse you will get lots more info there.



August 11 2002, 3:16 PM 

Thank you both for the information.
Jockie, you say you have recently purchased a tawse.
Do you use it on your children?
When you say more than 3 tails how many have you heard of used?
I will try and join the yahoo groups you mention thanks.


Re: Thanks

August 11 2002, 6:41 PM 

I have seen an old tawse that belonged to my Grandfather (he was a school janitor) that was only about a foot or so long that had 6 tails.
The most I have heard of in recent times was 5 tails...perhaps Tawse Maker will be able to tell us more. I never even saw a 3 tail in school but have seen a few 3 tailed Lochgellys since.
No I haven't used it on my children.......if ah did ma Grand daughter wid kill me LOL.



May 3 2003, 10:22 PM 

I felt the tawse at school and home while growing up, and so do both my sons, although not in school as it is now banned.


Re: The Tawse

May 8 2003, 7:22 PM 

I suspect that the belt was used quite often in the home environment. I had a teacher aunt who frequently used her 2 tail Lochgelly on my two cousins, and on at least one occasion threatened me with it.

I only once received it at school when I was about 15, and I can still remember the incredible pain, and trying to hide the marks that lasted for days afterwards.

I did once let my newly qualified teacher sister give me one light stroke with her brand new Lochgelly which didn't hurt that much.


The Tawse

January 11 2007, 6:37 PM 

The tawse comes in various shapes and sizes.
Different lentghs and they have either 2 tails on them 3 tails on them and even 4 tails split ends on them.
The tawse is thick or different thicknesses. It hurts like heck.
Depending on why you are getting The Tawse for the offense you might get 3 or 4 strokes while sometimes you will get "6 of the best" as the saying goes.
Please write to

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