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Navy blue and green knickers

August 11 2002 at 1:05 PM

Its all very well for you people to come on here and have a laugh about schoolgirl knickers but schoolgirl knickers have ruined my life. Ever since I saw them at primary school I have been obsessed and its got to the stage now where I cant get aroused unless I am with a woman who is wearing them.

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aaaawwwww , pair wee thing !

August 11 2002, 1:36 PM 

Oops jist realised whit ah said in the title!! Dear oh dear!
Anyway Nick, we all have oor wee problems. Oooops there ah go again!
PS Think happy thoughts, it works fer me!


Knickers fetish

August 11 2002, 3:29 PM 

Some years ago I knew a woman who had the same fetish. The headmistress of the school that she attended in the 1950’s carried out random knicker inspections. Any girl found not to be wearing the regulation navy blue was given the slipper. The woman claimed that this experience led her on the path to sapphism.


Re: Knickers fetish

August 11 2002, 4:58 PM 

If having one's knickers inspected regularly by a woman leads to Sapphism, are we to assume that being similarly 'inspected' by annoying dogs leads to bestiality?


School Knickers

August 11 2002, 8:22 PM 


There are many who share your fetish for navy blue or bottle green knickers. I think there are by far the sexiest knickers to see a woman in.

They fit every curve of the female body -- delicious!



Re: Re: Knickers fetish

August 11 2002, 10:49 PM 

I am sorry to ask this, but it is from a position of knowledge? Have you ever been in the position of having to prove that you were wearing the correct underwear (including knickers, panties etc) in order to satisfy school 'regulations'? Because I can confirm, as do my my school colleagues elsewhere, that I certainly had to.

Edited by Nichonette under the influence of Ralphy and two gallons of Wembley Green Label Brewed-in-the-Wood Sump-oil Special. (typo only)


Re: School Knickers

August 12 2002, 8:10 AM 

I can imagine only two situations in which a pair of knickers might fit every curve of a woman's body:

a) if it's the 1960's and the woman happens to be Twiggy

or, if it's not Twiggy -

b) if the knickers go all the way up to her armpits.


Re: Re: School Knickers

August 12 2002, 8:58 AM 

Hi all,

I can assure anyone that might want to know (and there would appear to be those that do), that when first purchased, with 'allowance for growth', me being small, the dreaded green knickers did come up to my armpits. (Well, nearly. It certainly felt like it.)The alternative was to have them virtually flapping round the knees. Most inelegant however worn until shrinkage with washing, and growth combined to rectify matters (a little).


Sexy Underwear

August 12 2002, 9:38 AM 

Maybe a few of us have a soft spot for the green/blue/red/purple knickers you girls used to wear but who could want to remember white y fronts! Especially aertex ones with all the little holes in. Then you had,grey shorts with plenty of smackable calf and thigh showing, grey itchy socks, bright red blazer and red cap. The red cap was important because a well brought up boy could politely raise it whenever he met a lady. Plus when you met children from a disadvantaged neighbourhood they could easily spot you and have great fun throwing it in the highest tree they could find.

PS Fran and Sarajane, can't you two women make friends and agree on something for a change!


Re: Sexy Underwear

August 12 2002, 2:13 PM 

I have rather fond memories of my prep school clothing, white y-fronts, grey shorts and all. I had a bright red blazer and a red cap which we were expected to raise when saying hello to a lady. James, I wonder if we went to the same school, mine was in Surrey, drop me an e-mail sometime.


Sexy Underwear

August 12 2002, 6:42 PM 

How do you lads progress from school knickers to Sexy underwear in this thread?

At primary school I wore navy blue, up to about age nine they had a useful pocket for a hanky and a penny. Most of the boys spent all their time trying to see up our skirts - funny really as we did PE and games in our knickers.

At my all girls grammar (1959 - 1966) regulation BROWN knickers had to be worn - regular knicker inspections ensured we all complied. I remember the heavily elasticated low cut legs and the double gusset that went right up the back. Horrible & hardly sexy! - we hated them.

Even at University I had a navy pair (from M&S) cut to a much briefer style to wear under a short games skirt for Hockey and netball. Funny really as by then the mini was in and I was not afraid of flashing my knickers to attract the right man.

Perhaps my trouble is that I never had a green pair. What do they have to do with CP anyway????


Green Knickers

August 12 2002, 7:01 PM 

Dear Sophie,

Fran of Wembley, one of most distinguished contributors, was wearing green knickers when she was slippered at school and thus it is that they have become a symbol of all that is good and wholesome at this forum.



Re: Green Knickers

August 12 2002, 8:56 PM 

Why has my post about Maroon knickers been deleted or did I only imagine I posted it and did Jockie only imagine he read it?


Old School Ties

August 12 2002, 10:41 PM 

David,We moved rather a lot because of my fathers job and i ended up going to school all over the place. The awful bright red uniform was from when i attended a school in North London. It was the only fee paying school i ever attended.


Re: Old School Ties

August 12 2002, 11:04 PM 

James - Bet you haven't forgotten Reggie Thompson!


Re: Re: Old School Ties

August 13 2002, 9:56 AM 

Still want to know what happened to my marroon knickers post?


Green Knickers Revisited

July 12 2003, 3:04 PM 

From Friends Reunited, Handsworth Wood Girls’ School, 1964:

“I remember Mrs Hinchliffe becoming the head and the school changed a lot she introduced a strict uniform code that included green knickers! “

Perhaps Mrs. Hinchcliffe had previously taught in Wembley.


School Navy Knickers!

July 18 2003, 10:35 PM 

This is my love! I! wear school cotton knickers most of the time, and yes I am a man!
I am not queer just had my sexual buds warmed many years ago, and to this day have been a lover of the old fashioned school cotton knickers. Not sad their are many of us!


Grammar School Girl

August 2 2003, 4:10 PM 

See the General Discussion Board at spankingmemories.com to discover than Fran of Wembley was not the only old friend of this forum to have worn green knickers at school!

Freya the all-seeing

Re: The hues of school knickers

August 2 2003, 11:42 PM 

My supernatural vision detects fantasists everywhere. O C. Nickel/Sarajane and Steff, where art thou?


The only knickers for men!!

December 13 2007, 9:39 PM 

I have been a Navy/green/white etc school cotton knicker fanatic. I am not on my own their are hundreds of us and in the good old days, the group Tenbra Tigers in Smart groups proved how succesful they were and the group! All with few acceptions were men and we all had a great feel!! for them.
Come back all School Cotton Knicker Lovers.
Signed a fanatic! Navyknicks


School knickers

April 10 2010, 3:22 PM 

Don't worry, my wife (and previous girls friends) has worn the complete uniform, green gingham summer dress, white socks and mary jane shoes for years - every time we have sex, and even when we travel sometimes, and she has an orgasm every time! So do I - and it would not be the same without the thick green school knickers!!. It all goes back to the thrill of looking up the girls' dresses and seeing the green knickers (moulding the mound of venus) for the first time! Had they been pink and white spots, no doubt the fetish/reaction would have been for them. So who does it harm? No one. Buy another pair and have the right girl wear them.


Green school knickers

July 2 2010, 6:28 AM 

Love them! And why not? It harms no one. So some like satin, or none, or polyester or whatever, we LOVE thick cherub and montfort brand school knickers. As many have written, find a girl who'll wear them. My girlfriend has worn them for years when we have sex! IN fact like the others have written, she wears the frilly cotton school vest tucked into the knickers under a green striped or gingham dress together with a purse belt and knee high socks and brown mary jane shoes. And I think with the thick, less visible large knickers they have a more enhancing effect on the imagination,. NB I can give you some good tips on girls who would wear the uniform for you! Just send an email address.
Good luck. School knickers for ever.

N. Thoma

Navy-blue and green knickers

July 5 2010, 6:36 AM 

My wife Caroline wore royal blue knickers for her primary schooling and she wore bottle-green knickers for her secondary schooling. She attended a girls school for her secondary schooling and when they had athletics or gymnastics she had to wear these bottle-green gym knickers that had two yellow stripes at the front that were close to both hips. I have one picture of her receving a blue ribbon from her headmistress for coming first in the 200m event at her school athletics carnival. She plays netball in the over 35s and she wears light blue lycra sports knickers under her skirt.


School knickers

November 30 2010, 7:04 AM 

At the schools I attended there were two main colours worn for school knickers, navy-blue and bottle-green. I attended another school for a short six month period and the school knickers had to be maroon under a brown and yellow dress. There were three main brands:
1) Scungees (made by Beare and Ley)
2) Bummers
3) Spankx

My sister wore the navy-blue and bottle-green Scungees brand and my wife wore navy-blue and maroon scungees. My wife attended a girls school and she wore the Bummers brand maroon school knickers and yellow vest with maroon piping for gymnastics and athletics. For hockey and netball she wore a yellow polo shirt with a maroon skirt with the maroon school knickers underneath. Our daughters wear the Beare and Ley Scungess brand in royal blue to match their school dresses and skirts.

James T

Navy blue Knickers

January 4 2011, 2:30 PM 

Its all well and good for Nick who can't get aroused unless he is with a woman who is wearing them, but I can't get aroused unless I am wearing them!



January 16 2011, 3:48 PM 

Love them too - and the uniforms, particularly the thin cotton summer dresses. My wife has worn them for years -both for sex an otherwise. I always put my willy up the side of the (bottle green )montfort bands and we both ahve had orgasms for years.
One of the best shags was her in the doggy position with green summer school dress and brand new montfort knickers on - and of course knee length white socks. And having stimulated her so the green knickers were moist I had the most wonderful ejactulation from behind!
Any good stories?
Do let me know and I'll add to mine some great ones from school days and abroad.
NB Do you also wear the uniforms? I do.


Canary yellow and green knickers

January 17 2011, 10:41 AM 

I remember some years ago seeing a movie about a PE teacher who seemed to favor canary yellow knickers. Can anybody remember the name of that movie?


obtaining genuine UK school knickers

September 23 2011, 3:31 PM 

For anyone wishing to purchase cotton school knickers of patterns that were made and worn during the 1950's and 60's
by British schoolgirls you could do no better than look at schoolnicks.info
This is where I have bought mine from and I can thoroughly recommend them to any school knicker enthusiast.

pe knicks

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