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Caned/Spanked with Knickers Down: Fact or Fiction?

August 15 2002 at 10:02 PM
Amy(aka Alice) 

I am very interested in cp at school but can anyone tell me if there were any occasions when a girls knickers were taken down for cp. Or is it just fiction?

I look forward to any comments.


Name edited by Nichonette. Knowing that Amy and Alice are the same man may influence your responses, if any.

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Re: Caned/Spanked with Knickers Down: Fact or Fiction?

August 16 2002, 12:56 AM 

A recent BBC documentary "A Pocket Full Of Posies" about childhood in the early 20th century contained memories of life in an orphanage near London in the 1920's. The girls wore white pinafores and were subject to regular inspections. Any girl with a dirty pinafore had to take her knickers down and be soundly spanked with a hairbrush.


Re: Caned/Spanked with Knickers Down: Fact or Fiction?

August 16 2002, 12:58 AM 

I have had many instances of corporal punishment at school mentioned to me over the years by my women friends and acquaintances. In many cases when we have been discussing the actual or potential treatment of our own children in various schools. With the exception of one of our family grandmothers (great-grandmother to my children) who got the birch at a convent school in southern Ireland before the First World War (1914-1918), I have never come across anybody who was beaten on the bare bottom as a girl at school (offically or otherwise). I would be very wary of any account which claimed this to be the case. (It was undoubtedly known on rare but recorded occasion for boys at Public School however, certainly to the end of the sixties.)

However I did have a female work colleague (when I was in my twenties) who told me that in the sixties she had been officially caned on two occasions over her school knickers by her Headmaster (in his study, bending over a chair), for what she considered justified reasons (she really did not see these two formal canings as unusual or wrong in principle, albeit undoubtedly unpleasant experiences). On a third occasion she was summoned to his study for similar reasons he suggested that as this was a repeated offence, this time she would have to take her knickers down to be caned. (She was about 14/15) She decided that his actions in this respect were not solely punitive and refused. She was not caned on this or any subsequent occasion.


Re: Re: Caned/Spanked with Knickers Down: Fact or Fiction?

August 16 2002, 7:51 PM 

I am not claiming the definite accuracy or otherwise of this one, but there is a "little" ring of the believable.

Go to FriendsReunited>Kent>St Margarets School for Girls and look for a posting in School Memories entitled "1961 As Ros says..."

Has the feel (maybe because of the understatement) of truth - and I presume Dudley Hassan is male.....

What does the clique think?


Re: Re: Re: Caned/Spanked with Knickers Down: Fact or Fiction?

August 16 2002, 8:10 PM 

In making the previous posting I realised that I was being blinkered and purely looking at Secondary schools. It DEFINITELY happened at primary school - I was stood outside the Headmistress' door one day (aged about 8), awaiting my turn, when I heard a girl being told to take her pants down, and then heard her getting the slipper. I then went in and got the same

I remember vividly the shock, not at what was happening, but at hearing our very fearsome Headmistress (Irish, red-headed, not insubstantially bearded) say the word "pants" !!!

Sorry if anyone doesn't believe this - I really don't care. But I know what I know.

Done edit -was a bit rude

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Re: Re: Re: Caned/Spanked with Knickers Down: Fact or Fiction?

August 16 2002, 8:19 PM 

The posting refers to " "getting the slipper" by (male teacher's name) on bare flesh" and I have to say it does have the ring of truth about it

However, I'm not sure why the girl puts the phrase 'getting the slipper' in double quotation marks and we can't be sure what she means by 'bare flesh' although my view is that if she'd meant 'the bare bum', she would have said so.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have yet to come across a reliable account of any schoolgirl in the UK being punished on the bare bottom by a male teacher where the perpetrator did not subsequently face criminal charges.

If anyone can refer me to such an account, I'll be very grateful.



August 19 2002, 1:01 PM 

My girl friend was spanked and slippered bare bottom by male members of staff at her secondary school. And no the teachers were not prosecuted.

This might be because of the embarrassment of the deed and the wish not to be embarrassed by speaking about in court.

The school was in Lancashire and this happened in the 1990's and yes it was illegal. And yes I believe her and her friends who have confirmed it happened to them.


Re: Fact

August 19 2002, 2:53 PM 


I'm taking the liberty of assuming you were not present at the punishments you describe.

In that case, we can rewrite the opening sentence of your posting to read "My girl friend TELLS ME SHE WAS spanked and slippered bare bottom by male members of staff at her secondary school."

Yes, Jamie . . . a lot of people tell us a lot of things.


Re: Fact

August 19 2002, 4:25 PM 

Dear Jamie,
If it was a private school it would not have been illegal?
Sorry to quote Latin but in locus parentis ( whatever)
Hope she lets you have some fun together!


Re: Re: Fact

August 19 2002, 6:20 PM 

The expression jay refers to is 'in loco parentis' (literally: my father's a train driver).


Re: Re: Re: Fact

August 19 2002, 7:44 PM 

I thought it meant my Dad's gone mad in Spain


Re: Re: Re: Re: Fact

August 19 2002, 8:40 PM 

I will set em up, will leave it to you lot to turn it into a joke.
I thought me and jockie was the only double act?
Why do you think I said whatever?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fact

August 20 2002, 11:25 AM 

The Headmaster scratched his head and sighed. Bureaucracy, bureaucracy. Wouldn't have happened twenty years ago, oh no! Then those little minxes would have got what they deserved.

It had been a good day. The girls had won the hockey final. But that's not enough. Claire Winstanley, Gloria Melling and Tracey Harrison had to go and buy a bottle of cider, and drink it all. All that falling over, shouting, and to top it all that stupid Melling girl was spectacularly ill all over the seats of the minibus. It'd cost money to get it cleaned up.

His eyes lingered on the chair in the middle of the room. Twenty years ago they'd have been over that. No nonsense!! His mind ran over the phrases in his head: "Disgrace to the school", "unacceptable behaviour", "you leave me no option", "bend over", "pull your knickers down". No, try again, "pull your pants down". No, "take your pants down". Yes, that'd show them. That's what's needed. World's gone to rack and ruin.

He sighed again, and his eyes focussed on the paper in front of him. Damn bureaucracy.

Instead of her taking the consequences, he now had to fill out a form because she'd taken ill in school time. What was the nature of the incident? Where did the incident occur? Name of pupil involved. When did the incident occur?

Nonsense! Keep the answers brief: "Sick. Transit. Gloria. Monday"


This punchline was first published in the Book of Kells.

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