So it goes on, day after day, Each contributor with something to say. They leave their mark and are gone And so it goes on. (Tennyson) Kinky schoolteachers (Dirk Bogarde)

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Friends Reunited CP references

August 26 2002 at 7:53 PM

Aldercar, Nottingham
Carole Fretwell - 1967
Tom Millington`s Slipper - Does anyone remember Tom Millington (the Art & Craft Teacher) and his famous slipper - size 13? Do any of your bottoms remember receiving the famous slipper?.... memories!!!


Bacons Mixed, London

Karen Baterip - 1974
Miss Paige/Mr Paddock - Miss Paige used to terrify me, she was the English teacher at Delaford Road, she was so strict I`m Sure she practiced caning lessons on the quiet, and did she hurt when that stick touched flesh. Mr Paddock was the drama teacher who used to clap his hands and say freeze.

Zoe Marshall - 1975
The Cane - Hi, I dont suppose anybody remembers me but I have a question, I was caned by the Headmaster in 1973, can you tell me his name? I have forgotten it, and also I was caned on my bottom, I have often wondered if I am the only girl who was caned on the bum, it really hurt.

Janice Newland - 1977
Miss Milson - Domestic Science Teacher. Got caned by her on several occasions and she was always nice to you afterwards, talking to you about everything and all you wanted to do was run off and cry!!
The Cane - Everyone remembers the cane but do you remember the black bag it was in? Mr Ing kept his up his sleeve in that black gown he wore and during assembly when the teachers sat on the stage you could see it just poking out enough to give you a fright!


Burrage House, Woolwich

Pat Heyburn - 1961
Headmistress - Did anyone ever have to stand under the clock outside Miss Dadson`s office waiting for her to summons you in for either a severe telling off, or worse, the cane!? I've been there twice!!!!!! Terrifying!!!!!!!!!! I've NEVER gotten over the experience.


Bishop Callenor RC, London

Patricia Crawley - 1968
Nuns - I well remember Sister Berchmans, she used to cane me nearly every day for one reason or another, normally it was because I refused to be brow beaten by her.

Janet O`Driscoll - 1972
Teachers - Remember Sister Berchmans giving you the cane for the slightest reason like not having your beret on correctly? Having a fag outside the toilets, and when we were caught had to pick every dog end out of the cracks in the walls - and there were hundreds - and still got the lecture on how unhealthy and unladylike it was, as well as getting the cane (again).


Burnholme Community College, York

Catherine Richardson - 1951
Mr Bill Escritt - He was so patient. I had a few 6 of the best from him but I deserved it.

Dianne Leavitt - 1966
Mr White - Was always going to 'join the Foreign Legion'. He used to say you were better off being caned by Mr Green than him as he was a long way up and the cane would come down much harder! Super man.


Bridgewater, Manchester

Dawn Lonergan - 1979
*Mr Rudge - The headmaster who most resembled Professor Yaffel from Bagpuss, the gaunt Mr Rudge left Bridgewater around 1980'ish. Taught us a wide range of subjects, from what I can remember, however I best remember him for his obsession with the novel The Silver Chair, his cane (ooer missus!) and the phrase 'time is of the essence!' I spent many a terrifying hour being spanked in his office!


Bishop Douglas RC High, London

Esther Lawlor - 1967
Miss Villa - Memories of Miss Villa, being caught with your skirt too short and getting the hairbrush on the back of your legs, getting detention for wearing mascara, Miss Villa was fearsome!


Brent Modern, London

June Francis - 1953
???? - Who was the male teacher who used to use a slipper instead of a cane ???? And the needle work teacher a lovely elderly lady ??? was it Miss Bright?


Bitterne Park, Southampton

Linda Reeves - 1972
Mrs Dunlop - Yes, who could forget Mrs Dunlop, who tried to force some singing talent out of us. To add to her frustration the ones who had some did not find it cool to use it. She was responsible for my only caning at the school. The terrible crime I committed was forgetting my Hymne book (several times).


The Billericay, Essex

Linda Clark - 1972
Mr Rosslyn - short balding man with dark hair - he always got Cherry Blossom for his birthday from various pranksters so he could polish his very brown bald pate! He always took it in good humour although I remember he was the man to dished out the cane!


Burrington, Devon

Debbie Worth - 1982
Miss Williams - Anyone remember Miss Williams? She is still going today I hear. I felt her cane a few times.


Christ the King RC School, Islington

Stella Vella - 1964
*Sr. Agatha aka Aggie Baggie - I am sorry to say that Sr. Agatha practised the ancient art of caning on myself and I should imagine many more before.

Philomena Rooney - 1974
*Mr Forkin & those Sisters - Does anyone remember Mr Forkin? what a control freak he was. He broke six rulers on my hand & had the cheek to send me to Sr Mary to say I broke the rulers. Sr Theo was quietly strict. Sr Agatha - sadist, & Sr Mac, although sweet, could easily pull your face off!

Ana Correia - 1987
*I'm proud to say I got whipped by Sr Agatha! but it wasn`t really my fault - I'll never forget it though - especially the pain! I heard that Sr Bridgit renounced being a nun and ran away with an Aussie to get married!! wonder if that was true!


Cliffe House, Kent

Bethany Grant - 1965
Miss Amelia Fitt - Taught Latin and was Lower Third Form Mistress. A real dragon, and a firm believer that sparing the rod spoilt the child. I doubt there were many spoilt girls at Cliffe House during her reign!

Nicola Stevenson - 1965
Miss Fitt - Miss Fitt was lovely. At least she knew how to keep a class in order. She really brought Latin alive, I loved that subject. I try and use some of her methods in my teaching, although of course we are not allowed to whack the kids any more! Now Miss Pitman was another matter altogether, she was a total loss, couldn't control a class to save her life, And she had her favourites. Does anyone else remember when Bethany and Pamela, whose surname I forget, had that stand up fight in Pitty's lesson and the Head walked in!!!!

Bethany Grant - 1965
Miss Pitman - Hiya Prof (Nicola), still swotting? It was a tadge unkind of you to remind me and Pam (Johnstone by the way) of our run in with Miss Bailey. Dear old Ernestine, I wonder what she is doing now. Yes I do remember what happened, on a cold day I can still feel the effects nearly 40 years on!


Chamberlayne High, London

Phyllis Abercrombie - 1941
Mr (Bertie) Bass - Always a gentleman. Complete with bow tie, fancy waistcoat and spats. Wonderful Teacher. I also note (Mickey) Merkel still teaching into the 50's. He was our French Teacher. He carried a cane as thick as a curtain rod.

June Campbell - 1955
Mr Little - Mr Little was the headmaster, he wore a hearing aid. He also kept the Black Book in his office, and when you were naughty your crime and punishment would be recorded in it. If you got the cane, which we did in those days, the number of strokes was also recorded.


Chalvedon, Essex

Wendy Lomas - 1972
Form 1A - Anyone remember Mr Lloyd? on our very first day he he got a "dap" as he called it (a plimsol to the rest of us) and wrote punishment on the bottom with chalk. He then told us that if we misbehaved he would hit us with it until all the chalk rubbed off. We were the best behaved class in the year after that.


Craylands, Essex

Vivien Morris - 1960
Mr Pugh - Think he took English. Can remember him walking the corridors with the cane up his sleeve, woa' betide anyone misbehaving!!!At least I learnt something in his class.

Stella Eggierth - 1964
Mr Haynes - I was sent outside Mr Marsden's class, for my usual misdemeanour of talking. Mr Haynes came along brandishing his curly cane. Henceforth I was never sent outside a classroom again!!


Camrose, London

Lynda Jessop - 1950
Miss Marsh - Small woman, rapped me accross my knuckles with a ruler for putting a tail on a 'G'.


Chorlton Central, Manchester

Hazel J Knowland - 1964
Miss Higson - I think she was Deputy Head. One day in the Typing room, (whilst Mrs. Crouch was out), some of us girls realised that when you got to the end of the line, the bell in the typewriter 'pinged', and if you held down carriage release and whizzed the carriage backwards and forwards, you could make a lot of we did. Miss Higson stormed into the room and shouted at us all to "Be quiet!" then she said "Stand up the ringleader" and looked straight at our little group. I turned to my friend Grace and said "Doesn't she mean stand up the Ping leader". Unfurtunately, Miss. Higson heard me and I got strapped for saying that and Grace got strapped for laughing.

Miss Isaacs - She taught History to us and instilled in me a love of the subject because she brought it all to life (or so I thought), but she was fierce on punishment! Usually we girls got slapped on the backs of our legs but one day almost the entire class got strapped because one of the lads had stuck a barbie-type doll's pink bra on to one of the pictures in the room. No one owned up of course, (but I know who you were!), so she strapped all of us who laughed...almost the entire class as I said.

Elaine Trainor - 1966
Mr Kesterton (ciggy) - I remember we were all strapped, boys and girls, for a chalk raid in his classroom. I think we were encouraged by the next year and told this was the norm when in the first year!! It was ideal for chalk raids etc as he had that high desk at the front. Needless to say were caught and punished. boys were caned and girls strapped. Taught me a lesson.

Glenys Patterson - 1967
Hem Inspection in Assembly - I recall impromtu Hem Inspection in morning Assembly by Miss Higson. In the days of the Swingin Sixties, the girls rolled their skirts over at the waistband and made the skirt as short as possible (also making one look a bit like the Michelin Man at the same time). The desired effect was a tiny mini skirt. We filed in to Assembly, showing off our legs and Miss Higson made those with short skirts come up on stage and kneel in a line. If your skirt didn't touch the floor - you were either for the strap or a serious Detention! Ditto if you didn't wear your beret with badge showing at the front.


Cockburn High, Leeds

Rebecca Spark - 1956
Mr Les Williams - PT Teacher who played at centre for Hunslet RLFC at Parkside. Anyone remember the trek back to school from Joseph Street Baths. On one occasion after being late back a large number of us were banned from swimming the following week but still had to attend the baths. Because we ran back to school we were all given "the slipper". I should imagine that his arm ached after dealing with so many pupils !

Julie Mariner - 1963
Miss Malins - She was senior mistress for the girls. It was bad enough being sent to see her (although she was quite motherly as I remember) but if you'd been really bad (and I had) you were sent on to see Mr Sutcliffe. To Mary Thompson - he WAS God! And he has a cane!


Deansfield High, Wolverhampton

Janet Roberts - 1975
Mr Lindley - Does anyone remember him in the Library with his black pump that he used instead of the cane? This may seem odd but I think he taught a lot of people respect for their elders with that pump.

Dawn Pickering - 1977
Radio One Roadshow at The West Park - Mr Ford (Deputy Head, Tall skinny man at least 7' tall - always wore the same light coloured suit.
The school must have been very quite that day, most of us were at the park watching the 'Roadshow'
I will never forget the sight of Mr Ford marching across the lawn with large cane, waving it towards the crowd.
I can't tell you what happened next because I didn`t stay long enough to find out.


Deeside High, Wales

Amanda Challinor - 1980
Mrs Woodfine - She gave me the biggest slap across my backside. She caught me taking something out of her draw that she took off me earlier.


Dyke House, Hartlepool

Deborah Brown - 1981
Mr Hogg (Hoggy) Maths - Does anyone remember Hoggy`s magic square that many a pupil have stood upon, so he could practice his golf swing with his metre ruler.


Eirias High, Wales

Linda Price - 1981
Mr Percival - Does anyone remember Mr Percival the woodwork teacher? He was my form teacher for several years and had a stick called 'Percy's Persuader'!!!


Eastbrook, London

Eunice Taylor - 1975
Fairs - Does anyone remember Mr Fairs and his large range of PE slippers for those who had misbehaved? He had them in size order.


Ellesmere Park High, Manchester

Gayle Barlow - 1963
Miss Howarth - Was a maths teacher in the far demountable (next to Mr Pennington who taught "horticulture"). She was an ace delivering the slipper, she would stand the unfortunate pupil at the front by the blackboard. She then went to the back of the room in order to "get a good run up" with slipper in hand before making contact with the victim's bent over rear. I seem to remember someone called Alan Vale in my tutor group receiving the accurately delivered "blow".

Mrs Spurrell - Taught girls PE. She was very scary if, like me, you hated PE. She loved to use the "slipper" (the largest plymsoll you ever did see). I dreaded her eyes settling on me because I was hopeless at almost every sport. However, I was good at dance and that may have saved me the dreaded "slipper".


Friern Barnet County, London

Janice Blight - 1962
Miss Kind/Mr Beeston - I remember Miss Kind - she gave me the cane once for something I had not done but was caught up in someone else's prank! Unfortunately, Miss Kind knew my Mum and I was terrified she would tell her (she never did)...Mr Beeston was our shorthand & typing teacher. He was great and we learnt easily from him. To this day I still use my skills. I remember the school flat at Bounds Green. Strictly run I think. Those were the days.


Gresham Street Girls, Manchester

Sandra Griffiths - 1960
Daffodil/rose/thistle/shamrock - Remember the house teams, all the sports revolved around the teams, Daffodil was best!! Do you remember the bottle green knickers, safety pin in the hanky pocket just in case, must say proud to this day of the famous Bottle, Miss Knowles did a great job, wish she was on my team now, god bless her, the best years of our lives, remember making cookery pinnie in 1st year, then taking "Domestic Science" in 2nd. Nearly got expelled in 3rd for truant, silly, went with the crowd, got off though, but got the famous "strap", those were the days!


Great Wakering County, Essex

Kathleen Davey - 1959
Mrs Huntley - Needlework teacher - my memory of this "sweet" lady is that she gave me the cane for not being able to bring 6d to school for my needlework!


George Eliot, Nuneaton

Dawn Willock - 1976
Mrs Matthews - Music Teacher, Very strict and fond of her cane.


Hall Green, Wolverhampton

Beverley Turton - 1988
Mr Davis - Anyone remember the legend of 'tickla' Mr Davis's punishment stick??


Harris CofE, Warwick

Julie Anderson - 1985
Whacker - Lynne I think I got my name on that pump first day I remember, what a man!

Lynn Cairney - 1986
Woody Whacker - Woody Whacker used to whack the famous slipper on his desk. I hated history but loved his lessons for the pure entertainement!


Herbert Kay High, Warwick

Debbie Hart - 1980
Mike Ford - Super bloke who bounced at weekends. Gave me 100% in my chemistry exam in the third year, now an estate agent in North Wales. Bob Cooper and Ged Harvey could both slipper for England.


Highfields, Wolverhampton

Sandra Edwards/Burfoot - 1962
various - I used to know Jennifer Haynes, Susan Rutter, Joan Pickering, Peter Hipgrave, Roy Oliver and others. I loved old Bingley School those two years we were there and well remember the old, cold geography room we had to reach along the outside balcony via those treacherous stairs. I remember Mr Pattison and his chalk, the black plimsole in science and that Welsh teacher and his yearole (ear hole). I was frightened to death by the maths teacher Mr Kean, it was the only lesson I sat at the front (because he picked on you if you sat at the back) and I remember-singing Beatles songs in the outside loo in the playground.


Haggerston, London

Pat Read - 1968
The Old School - I remember when the old School was empty, me, Brenda Webb and Susan Hogarth used to have a quiet ciggy in there. I put the Piano cover over my head and acted like a ghost! It went round like wild fire that the old School was haunted! Even made the news in the `Hackney Gazette` he he. ONLY ME. I was so sad when it got knocked down, all my memories of Miss O`Kelly giving me the cane - Ouch... A pint sized bundle of School rules. I was a model pupil...wasn`t I girls?


Handcross Park Prep, East Sussex

Ann Whitmore - 1976
The Whacks - No one knew what suffering really was until they had to walk from the girl's changing room to the recreation room for a weekly bout of ballet (an anagram of hell) in the most twee of leotards with a little frilly skirt. De rigueur if you were a wraith, but not if you were any fatter than a beanpole. Anyway, Kim (Hi, Kim, if you are reading this) and I cut the skirts off our leotards. Within hours we were summoned to JD's office and the immortal and bloodcurdling words, 'I'm afraid I'm going to have to....,' sent shivers down our spines. Four whacks later, we were out and free - oh and our leotards were still minus their skirts.....

Kiira Roberts - 1978
The Whacks - There were 2 occasions when I got the dreaded "whacks" - one was for visiting the boys annexe with 4 other girls. We went to wake up Tim Fisher to see if he wanted to come for a midnight walk but also woke up the Head Boy by mistake! (Dodd - can't remember his first name) who told us to go back to our dorm. We thought we had got away with it until the next morning when we walked into chapel and saw all our muddy footprints going up the red carpet from the night before - then Moggs called all our names out at the end to see him in his office. We all got 7 of the best each - ouch! The other time was for going down to the domestic science room and raiding the fridge in the middle of the night. Again, we thought we had got away with it until our names were read out in chapel and Moggs presented us with an envelope of food crumbs which had formed a trail from our dorm to the domestic science room! (3 whacks each that time)
happy days...!
It's funny now that when you tell people you were whacked at school they are shocked that such things were allowed to happen!

Joanna Coulter - 1985
The Whacks - I was one of those who got the Whacks with Kiira Roberts (and Sarah Cotton, amongst others) on both occasions. However, I remember that I was going to visit Mark Simpson, and that we got caught not only by Ben Dodd, but also because we left our black gymshoes by the alter in the chapel (with our names written all over them of course) because the door locked behind us and we couldn't get back out that way. But it was so exciting going on our mission, jumping out of the rec room window and racing across the grass in the middle of the night. Worth getting the whacks for I reckon. I could go on for hours, I had such a great time at Handcross.


Harpurhey High for Girls, Manchester

Karen McCarrick - 1980
Mr Box - Does anybody remember him? I think he was our art teacher (what a dream). I also remember miss wall P.E. Mr spooner music, Mr Moore (I think) science, Mrs Yuedale deputy head. I remember we used to go into the greenhouse and take plant cuttings, great teacher, strict, but very fair. Mrs Barry, how could I forget her and her legs!!! I remember being summoned to her office with a few other girls for playing truant and one of the girls pointing out her legs, we were all in fits of laughter, needless to say we all ended up getting the strap.


Holy Trinity Convent Grammar, London

Sally Charlton - 1958
Miss Parker & Miss Dixon - Who remembers the fearsome Miss Dixon, who ran the junior school? She was a dragon to everyone except those who were in her class that year. The following year, she went back to being a dragon! She used a small cane (across the palm of the hand) to those guilty of a misdemeanour. Those were the days! She lived in the Lodge by the school gates with Miss Parker, who was lovely.


Hedley Walter High, Essex

Valerie Wood - 1959
Headteacher - The head teacher had a dog called Bishop which followed her around all the time. Her name was Miss Lloyd and her assistant was Miss Elmers. The school was known as Brentwood Secondary School and renamed after Mr Hedley Walter. They didn't hesistate using the cane on pupils at that time.


Kennet School, Berkshire

Angela Hunter - 1974
Mrs Leahy - I remember her as our Headmistress, she gave me the slipper for fighting with Carrie Risley.


Lambourne CofE, Berkshire

Lynda Kalinowska - 1960
Miss Wade - Miss wade was a young teacher who came to the school new. I don't think she stayed too long. She was very strict. If you were misbehaving she would introduce you to "Maryanne". Maryanne was a hard plastic ruler and Miss Wade would use the side of it across your knuckles. Not many people met Maryanne more than once!


Lanfranc High, London

Glennis Spencer - 1958
Miss Williams - Yes, I got plenty of public smackings for not "take that smile off your face" from Miss Williams. Also Miss Clemow who did have a steel plate in her head and took us for basket work. Miss Wynn Williams sho was a dear and I think she ended up being head mistress for West Thornton School. Also Mrs Wilkinson who took us for English Poetry and Puppet show after school, best teacher I ever had.

Sandra Manley - 1960
Miss Williams - Headmistress - I can remember Miss Williams, who could forget her and the way she used to slap three times in three different places up your arm, that was a good day of course, if it was a bad day then it was up both arms. I used to have nightmares about having to stand under the clock outside her room. Oh happy memories.

Dorothy Hutt - 1962
Gardens & Punishment - I also tended the garden just inside the gate to the right. I only ever managed to grow marigolds and lobellia. As for punishment I can remember cringing in the hall when Miss Williams administered her 'public slappings' Who went the darkest shade of crimson, Miss Williams or the pupil? It's a wonder the stage didn't give way!

Sandra Adcock - 1964
Public Slappings - I had two public slappings in my time at the girls school. The first was for sucking an ice lolly within a mile of the school gate. Seems unbeleivable now but I broke a school rule which was no sucking ice lollies whilst in school uniform within five miles of the school gate. Oh boy, was it hot that day too. The second was because I went for an interview at one thirty which finished at two thirty, so I decided it wasn`t worth going back to school, but the next day Miss Williams said I was a disgrace to the school for not returning after the interview, and so I got three on each arm and three on each leg. Oh happy days aye.


Linden House, Kent

Crassida Judd - 1965
Life at LHS with RJS - Looking back, I realise she ruled with total autonomy and would brook no censure or criticism from any quarter. Any misdemeadour (either real or imagined) was punished, very often with an over-the-top punishment. I was once summoned from my bed for talking after lights out and told to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" in the common room (i.e. learn that psalm in full and recite it to her, word perfect, before being allowed back to bed - a place I didn't reach till gone midnight). Another time, again for talking after lights out, I was made to stand in front of a circle of prefects, where I had to bend over, my pyjama trousers were unceremoniously pulled down and I received numerous slaps from her with a slipper - I was mortified, I never got over that one until all the prefects who had witnessed my humiliation had left the school!!


Lymington, London

Sylvia Brooks - 1958
Ms Clarke, Deputy Head Mistress - Fond memories of having many encounters with the old hag. Usually in respect to her chasing me around the school, (cos I was a naughty girl) trying to keep up with me and showing her bloomers in the process to the rest of the pupils. And she was way too handy with the cane!


Mold Alun, Wales

Patricia Harrison - 1960
Jack and Molly Evans - Do you remember Jack 'Pimp' the Geography Teacher and his wife Molly 'Murder' the Craft Teacher - so named because of those lethal canes which weren't always used merely for basket-work.


March End, Wolverhampton

Judith Nuttall - 1967
Certain English Teacher - Remember her cane?


Marlborough Girls, London

Doris Jean Pearce
Does anyone remember Mr Osalberry? Went up three stairs and down one. Everybody used to walk behind him doing the same. Mr Major, liked to give the slipper to the girls. Used to say bend over the desk and then slippered us, well some of us, well usually me.


Meadway, Reading

Shirley Hall - 1974
Mr Downs, Science Teacher - At least 7ft tall, Joe 90 specs and size 12 feet of which he kept a size 12 plimsole in his desk drawer for disciplinary measures. I once tossed it out of the upstairs window in the science dept whilst he was out of the room - as I was one of its recipients - someone grassed on me and he made me fetch it and then whacked my backside with it six times....ouch - the memory.


Milton Street JNR, Lancashire

Maria Taylor - 1939
Forgotten Teachers - Surely there's someone out ther who remembers the two Miss Harrisons (sisters); one, the Head, had black hair scraped into a bun, and the other had a cloud of ginger hair. I remember the latter particularly because she administered my first taste of corporal punishment. Slapped on the backs of my legs with a ruler. It was all good for the soul though, AND we didn't got home crying to our parents!!


Moorlands Prep, Bedfordshire

Michaela Manning - 1980
Mixture - Getting the cane for making too much noise, at lunchtime!!!, playing 'hurley burley', wearing summer and winter hats, being a St David, the way Dr whitlock moved his left arm when rubbing the board with his right and having to write 'My Life Story' with photos.


Mill Hill, London

Emma Wicks - 1985
Mrs Solders - Who remembers this pint sized terror with her feather duster of fear?? Underneath it all she was an old softy with a heart of gold but blimey she didn`t half make some bums red!!


Montsaye, Northamptonshire

Myra Bateman - 1964
*Mr Collinson - Who remembers the immortal words "It is more convenient for all concerned if I ..... than if I do not", you had a choice 1 ( whack with his sellotaped cane) or 40 (lines with the wording above) The best days of our lives!!!

Lynne Baxter - 1979
*Joe Collinson - It was Joe Collinson not collingwood. He used to carry a rather large stick around with him.


The Northicote, Wolverhampton

Irene Ward - 1952
Mr Watkins - The deputy head who kept a cane in his cupboad called Bertha. Was not averse to using a slipper on the backsides of unruly pupils but was a good geography teacher. He moved to Canvey Island.


Northwich County Grammar for Girls, Cheshire

Jacky Crosby - 1971
Mrs Sprayer - Yes, I remember Miss Hulley. Janet Dines scared the life out of me. I got the cane once for truanting. Still have nightmares about her. Anyone remember the lovely art teacher, Mrs Sprayer. One of the few humans on the staff, in my experience.
(SF&R Note) Northwich County Grammar for Girls was attended in the 1970`s by the British former international hurdler and Olympic silver medalist Shirley Strong.


New Moston County, Manchester

Lynda Birks - 1962
Class of 62 - Does anyone remember Carol Seddon or the letch of the year who was Bill Ramsley? I can`t say that my memories of New Moston Secondary were happy ones - the teachers were all bullies especially the RE teacher Miss Young, and I spent most of my time in the corridor or in the Head`s office getting the strap!
New Moston Class Photo 1962


Orange Hill, London

Leslie Kauffer - 1958
Teachers - I remember Mr. White, (English teacher) with great fondness, he gave me my love of Literature & had a lovely dry sense of humour. I also vividly remember a Mr. Althans (maths & geog.) who ruled by sheer terror - we used to get caned if our marks weren't up to scratch. Then there was "The Duke" of course (headmaster) who also had a great love of using "the Stick" Needless to say I hated my time there & was never so pleased as when I left!


Plymstock, Plymouth

Rachael Mansfield - 1981
Miss Tucker - Very large lady who caned me and I believe Mel Leyshon, Alison Turner and possibly Fiona Watson for mitching or was it smoking in the boys toilets!!

Christine Hill - 1983 - Mrs Tucker - I can remember myself and Susan Gardener being thrown out of our Geography class and being told to polish the sixth form floor, we did this with the help of a litre bottle of polish, then sat on the top of the stairs having a little rest when Mrs Tucker marched in, slipped and went flying across the newly polished floor breaking one of her legs, oops. We ran out of the school as we were terrified of getting the cane.
(SF&R NOTE) Plymstock School in Plymouth was attended in the 1970`s by the British former international swimmer Sharron Davies.


Queens, Newport, Wales

Angela Jackman - 1974
Mr Luff - Mr Luff thinks he`s tuff, goes to church on Sunday. Prays to god to give him strength to cane us kids on Monday! or that immortal word "HALT" with his hand in the air, and standing like a statue, or having to walk all round the upper hall at Stow Hill or stand outside his office.


South Croydon Secondary, London

Katherine Reeve - 1969
Mrs Hibbett - Indeed something else! Watch out for the ruler across the knuckles if you were in her bad books. Also pulling needlework out with her long fingernails if work found to be wrong.


Sturry, Canterbury

Jane Holness - 1971
Mr Davis - Headmaster. A very firm but fair man. Well respected and liked most of the time. The day I had the cane for smoking on the school bus I didn`t feel quite the same about him!


St Gregory`s RC High, Manchester

Angela Bibby - 1979
Sister Patrick - She became Headmistress and was a dab hand with the strap, luckily not across my hands or legs.


Spurley Hey High, Manchester

Amanda Turner - 1974
Lower School - I was in keller house and hated sport, that pe teacher was a real hard man, got the pump for forgeting my kit, wow it hurt. Remember the crazy wood work teacher who would launch anything he had in his hand if he caught you talking, he was in the new modern building and there was a lovely geog teacher on top floor. The lads always tried to see up her very short skirts as she went up, he he.


South Manchester High, Manchester

Joanna Armstrong - 1984
Mrs Lunt - Remember getting the strap with a few others for egging Sharon Bent and recking her uniform, she didn`t just belt you with it she RAN and did it.


St Wilfred`s, Rochdale

Suzanne Bene-Doszpoly - 1980
*Mr Hill - The best teacher ever! Do you remember how popular M&S trainers where? I could never afford any. Mr Hill gave me M&S trainers though! six of the best in the storeroom, still love him. I have bumped into him recently at a restaurant, he was with Mrs Shore the home economics teacher, he looks exactly the same, dressed impeccably, he recognised me immediately.
Deborah Ward - 1981

*Mr Hill & Mr McGill - Lessons with Trilly were certainly different. He used to DEMAND someone's pump from their foot to use on one's backside or palm of the hand! (Ouch!) He would then give you "six of the best" (if you were lucky). He has been known to physically wrench some poor kid's pump from their foot when they refused to offer it voluntarily. I remember when Heather Paul sat on her hands and refused point blank to suffer the agony of his punishments!

Mr. McGill's methods of punishment were also memorable. The whole class used to have to line up and he would then whack each one on the bottom! It was hard to pass him by without getting a whiff of the night before's alcohol intake!! I haven't seen him in the wine lodge for years but friends have spotted him in other public houses!


St Thomas Aquinas, Sunderland

Rose James - 1965
*Sister Claire - Does anyone remember Sister Claire headmistress of the lower St.Thomas Aquinas who used to cane everyone who was late even if the bus never showed up? We were told we should have been on the earlier bus then we wouldn't be late.
Arleen Hunter - 1966

*Many - Glad to see Sr. Clare kept up the appearance of being stern. I remember the caning for being late and since I came from Pallion for Forms 4 and 5, requiring 2 buses, this was not a rarety.

Pauline Smith - 1972
*Maureen Power - She was one who knew how to use the cane too, but took a fair while to catch on to the fact that you shouldn't stand under the strip light suspended from the ceiling when you take a swing.

Christine McLaughlin - 1976
*Everyone`s a Bully - Even though I was only at the school two years, one memory was at least fifteen of us lined up to be caned, and why? been seen near a place where a lad had been bullied, we had to laugh, he remembered nearly everyone that was near, but not one of the culprits. Always remember it was a dinner time so it was take the cane or do without dinner, sorry but had to have me dinner..hands out!


St Thomas More RC, Denton, Manchester

Janice Kinsella - 1977
Mrs Kerr - Michael Healey has mentioned the 12" ruler thrashing, that was me, I acheived this "honor" for wearing a short skirt. boy it stung. didn't she have a long cane that was taller than herself?
that was one of the most painful experiences of my young life.


St Thomas More RC High, Wigan

Judith Holgate - 1971
Mr Wilde - Remember the Radio One road show arriving at the Casino for the first time? there were twenty one in his class for maths, only four turned up that day as the rest of us were at the Casino.
Next time we had a maths lesson, he complained that we hadn't played a request for him. He was a great teacher, and still used the cane, even though Sister Rose had banned it.


St Mary`s, Astley, Manchester

Sarah Cardwell - 1984 - Mr Alderson - He was a scary man!!! My first week at St Mary's, a fresh faced first year and there he was strutting up and down the classroom with his cane!!!!


St Mary`s CofE, Hendon, London

Elaine Todd - 1978
Mrs Fuller - Little, Grey hair that never moved and shoes that I saw on the antiques road show, boy did it hurt when she gave you the cane. but as she always said this will hurt me more than it will hurt you - yeah right!


St Paul`s, Surrey

Joanna Cole - 1971
Mr Dan Archer - I am amazed that he was still around in 1985 because I thought he was pretty ancient when I left!
I have everlasting memories of him patrolling the school at lunchtimes carrying his cane and keeping a watchful eye on everything.


Shipston High, Warwick

Margaret Freeman - 1960
Percy Suader - Our first lesson with Mr Lewis should have been History, but instead he introduced us to "Percy Suader" the cricket bat he kept by his desk for dealing with bad behaviour!


South Cadderham, Oldham

Pamela Collier - 1978
*Mrs Bennell - She was the domestic Science teacher, and one day she strapped me for throwing someone`s sponge cake across the room to my friend Lynne who dropped it.

Sherrly Ellis - 1980
*Mr Borlam - The history teacher used the "pump" system. Would put your over the desk and ask "is there any reason I cannot pump you today" Then he promptly whacked the trainer against your bottom. He was a great teacher, and I gave him a lot of abuse. He deserved a medal!!

*Mrs Sherlock - Does anyone remember this typing teacher. She used to jump off the chair to give us the strap!

Ruth Young - 1981
*Maths - Mr Bonnebaigt....never had any control of his classes, it was brill. One time he told us all to shut up & Pele put a drawing pin on my chair. I went ouch & he sent me to Turner for 6 of the best.
Thanks Mr Bonnebaigt!


Theale Green Community, Reading

Catherine Walter - 1980
70's & 80's memories - Mr Shield, excellent Head and not afraid of caning. I remember Nicky Johnson having a fag behind the sports hall prior to a caning session with Mr Shield and showing us the exercise books he had stuffed down his trousers for extra padding! Hope it worked...


Upbury Manor, Gillingham

Tina Brown - 1972
We had Mr Potts in 2nd yr (lucky us). I still remember him giving me the slipper like it was yesterday. I was in Mill house.


Warren, London

Sandra Gregory - 1974
Mr Smith - He used to parade the corridors seeking out unfortunate souls that had been sent out of class for misbehaviour, then round them up for the cane. I always believed he was a bit of a sadist!!!

Jacky Smart - 1974
Mr Price, TD Teacher - I was one of the first girls to undertake TD at Warren (having been thrown out of cookery class by Mrs Lamb). I remember Mr Price as always hitting me on the back of my hand with a ruler if I didn`t use fancey handwriting. He was a hard teacher but as there were only two girls who took TD I think he was pleased when both of us passed our GCSE. Thanks for the pain Mr Price.


Woodcote High, London

Lucinda Stockton - 1978
Mr Humphreys - Bit of a "dish" (wonder what he's like now?). He had a plimsoll, which he would slam very hard on his desk, and threaten to use if we didn't do our homework. It certainly worked in my case - mind you, I never actually saw him use it.


Welling School, Welling

Donna Harris - 1980
Classmates - I can remember big bird and sally brown, wasn`t at Welling long. I remember Mrs Harris and the grief she used to give me. I also remember getting caught smoking in toilets with Sally and Kerry, and getting 6 strokes of cane for smoking, and 6 for not telling who else was with me. It really hurt, and unfortunately still smoke. Also school discos at lunchtime and the boys dancing to one step beyond.


Wellington Road, Manchester

Elizabeth Rowan - 1976
Mr Stamford - That typing teacher mentioned in this list was called Mr Stamford and he used to thwack a ruler right across all the knuckles of both hands if you looked at the keyboard! Ouch! By the way - I can touch type in a coal shed, wearing boxing gloves at 70 wpm with 100% accuracy!


Ward`s Bridge High, Wolverhampton

Gwynn Price - 1956
Mr Kennings - He was headmaster from the start of the school back in 1956, an he was there up to 1960 when I left. Ruthless with the cane, but only if deserved.


Wednesfield High, Wolverhampton

Daphne Dennis - 1986
Miss 'Shelly' Ridout - Met up with her a number of years ago. She got married, had twins then got divorced. Was still playing netball and basketball at the time, invited me to train with her.
Don't know why as she hated me at school and wanted to cane me for leaving the school choir after she became deputy head of our year with Mr Westwood. Whatever happened to him?


Wanstead High, London

Lesley Ainsley - 1976
Alan John - I remember on the first day at Wanstead having a meeting of the whole year in the sports hall. Alan John said if anyone forgot their kit he would give them the slipper - and that included the girls. I was terrified of him thereafter - although I know he was well thought of by the boys.

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Copland School

December 14 2002, 1:10 PM 

In her member notes, Gipsy Rose Ginsberg (left 1965) includes a cryptic message for one of our most illustrious contributors.

Simon (Clique Member)


Re: Copland School

March 2 2003, 10:39 AM 

As a Fran-fan, I occasionally visit the Copland School pages on Friends Reunited. Recently registered Gillian Browne (left 1968) writes in her member notes, ‘Remember the green knickers and the slipper?’

In the ‘School Rules’ section she has added, ‘I truanted from pe and was slippered while wearing green knickers’.

As David Coleman would say, “Extraordinary!”

Simon (Clique member)

C. Nickel

Re: Re: Copland School

March 2 2003, 11:37 AM 

The Royal Society for the Protection of the Terminally Gullible reports an increasing belief that all postings on Friends Reunited are true.


Re: Re: Re: Copland School

March 2 2003, 12:30 PM 

Most posting on friends reunited are true, as if they were suspiciously unlikely other members from that school will report it and have it taken off, Friends Reunited have to take of post that are reported without any argument and the poster wont even get notified.

I was suspicious of F.R. at first and tried to find out for myself how easy it would be to leave a untruthfull post on there, I didn't write anything that strange, I gave myself a girls name and claimed to have been slippered by the headmaster of my own old school, and within two or three days it had been reported and had been taken off.

I'm now quite sure that most posts on there are compleatly true, and the ones that aren't must at least things that could have happend at that school and so isn't unlikely enough for anyone to suspect it is untrue and report it.

C. Nickel

Re: Re: Re: Re: Copland School

March 2 2003, 12:50 PM 

The most suspicious posting in the long list above is surely:

Zoe Marshall - 1975
The Cane - Hi, I dont suppose anybody remembers me but I have a question, I was caned by the Headmaster in 1973, can you tell me his name? I have forgotten it, and also I was caned on my bottom, I have often wondered if I am the only girl who was caned on the bum, it really hurt.

"I dont suppose anybody remembers me" means "I was never there but please don't report this posting as a fake cos I might have been there and you might just have forgotten me".

"I was caned by the Headmaster in 1973, can you tell me his name? I have forgotten it" means "I'm writing a 'real life' CP story and I want to give it a bit of credibility by mentioning a real headmaster".

Seriously, could there be a girl in the UK who was caned on the bum at school - on only one occasion and very painfully - and who can't remember the name of the person who did it?

I think not.

Another pork pie from FR!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Copland School

March 2 2003, 2:00 PM 

Well ok that ones a bit dodgy, but if that school didn't cane girls someone would have reported it as being a fake by now

Proud Member

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Copland School

March 2 2003, 2:01 PM 

Some blighter has today registered him/herself at Friends Reunited under Copland School using the name Fran Fromme-Wembley. This person’s member notes, although stirring, are verging on the pornographic.

I am certain, almost certain, that the perpetrator of this outrage is our own Darwinian Man/Gladys. To abuse the Friends Reunited site in this way, particularly at a time when its philanthropic owners are fending off the criticism of religious groups, is unforgivable.

Darwinian Man

Not Guilty!

March 2 2003, 7:25 PM 

It was not put there by me. Members will know it is not my style. I append the member notes in question below:

Member Notes


Send Fran an email
Send a voice message to Fran

I had a great time at Copland but I'll never forget the time I was caned with 3 other girls for smoking.

I'm sure he was wasn't allowed to take our knickers down to cane us but we didn't make a fuss in case he caned us even MORE!

The marks lasted for days!!!!
02/03/2003 12:38:37

Margaret Watson

Re: Not Guilty!

March 2 2003, 9:01 PM 

“I’m sure he wasn’t allowed to take our knickers down to cane us…”

I first saw this on the FR site this afternoon and have been laughing ever since. Thank you to whoever wrote it. I suspect it was C. Nickel.

I also liked the gardening question and answer.



Free advertising on Friends Reunited

March 15 2003, 6:41 PM 

Gillian Browne (not Fugger Gillian, surely?) has today updated her Member Notes and has very kindly thought of us:


Remember the green knickers and the slipper?

More information can be found by typing network54 198833 into the Google search engine.
15/03/2003 15:38:05


Well Done Lotta Sarajane Nonsense

June 28 2004, 12:00 PM 

Now I bet i know who has some pictures to accompany friends united?

A. Non


July 5 2004, 12:55 PM 

I taught there in th mid 80s and know for certain that girls WERE caned but only ever on the hand. I don't believe a word of the post on FR

Research Assistant

What they are saying...

November 14 2004, 10:52 AM 

... about green knickers at Handsworth Wood Girls' School.

Added by Hazel Fellows on 15/06/2003 19:15Memories

Best teacher in the whole world was Mr. Potter! He was my form tutor in yr.10 and I understood Maths for the first time in my life - Thank you Mr. Potter!I was in Octavia Hill (blue),Edith Cavell(red), Mary Slessor(yellow)and Elizabeth Fry(must have been green)! I remember Mrs. Griffiths, Miss Hogarth - scared me to death!! Also Mrs. Stephenson(music), Miss Twamley(French), Mr. fisher(Engish) he was passionate about Dylon Thomas - Brilliant teacher tho'. The green knickers were enough to give any girl 'post traumatic stress disorder'!!How could we be made to wear such things? Does anyone remember a school trip to Heathrow Airport? (when it probably only had 3 planes!) I thought it was the most fasinating place I'd ever seen. Now I frequent it without batting an eyelid!!
Miss Wheeler was Head when I started at H.W.G I can still remember the long assemblies and the heel-raising! Mrs. Hinchliffe scared me more than Miss Hogarth - She knew how to run aschool,tho'.Neverthele ss they were happy days for me and I enjoyed my time at H.W.G

Added by Carole Evans on 21/10/2002 14:14Memories

I remember Mrs Hinchcliffe and Mr Potter, green knickers the lot! I got thrown out of the French class too and was taught Italian by Mrs Hinchcliffe in the medical room, she was never there so the four or five of us in the group did our hair and make-up, rushing out as the bell went, through the staff door! I too was in Cavell House, they were named after four women suffragettes. I joined in 1966 and left 1972 after the fifth year.

Added by Lynn Hemms on 10/09/2002 22:36Green knickers

I agree with Pam Rees - the green knickers were something else! I couldn't see them doing that now! I used to be acutely embarrassed when it came to PE time. Never mind. Mr. Potter though I think was my favourite. I always used to have a problem with math, (still do) and he was so kind and helpful. Mrs. Cooper, the Music teacher was nice, as well.

Added by Lesley Alcock on 05/05/2002 09:21Miss Wheeler

I can remember Miss Wheeler's assemblies - having to stand and doing heel raises to stop you fainting - gosh don't the memories come flooding back! (Dee - I didn't know I made such an impression on Miss Caldwell!!!) I can remember her making me stand outside the classroom 'cause I was bitting my nails and being petrified in case Miss Wheeler came past. Oh my god the green knickers!!!!!!!! I can remember the flat well (learning how to iron properly!!) I also remember there was a house in Albert Road we used to go to.

Added by Sara Lowe on 20/01/2002 12:33Mrs Hinchcliffe

I can't beleive the Green Knicker thing went on from 68 to 81 when I left, I tell my daughter that story everytime she complains about her school uniform and she laughs everytime!! I remeber complaining about having a male doctor for the medical and she balled me out in front of all the 5th year. Your right she was'nt one to mess with

Added by Pam Rees on 02/01/2002 16:48Mrs Hinchcliffe?

I well remember Mrs H. coming H.W.G. She introduced a strict uniform code including green knickers! We also had ahouse which we belonged to mine was Ovtavia Hill can any one remember the namesof the others? Who also remembers the flat by the domestic science room? Once my self and some friends took some boys in to it a teacher came in to the room and we had to hide them in the cupboard! Never did get found out thank goodness Mrs. H. was not one to be messed with. Come on you lot out there from the60s lets have your memories.

Big John Manager of Images

Photo Opportunity

April 26 2012, 7:22 PM 

Mrs. Hinchcliffe, Headmistress of Handsworth Wood Girls' School, who introduced green knickers into the uniform.

She had nice thighs and liked to flash them at blokes.

[linked image]

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