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Hand punishment

August 30 2002 at 4:35 AM
Brian B 

Can anyone tell me in administering a hand caning or strapping should the stroke be given across the fingers or the palm of the hand? Which is the more painful and therefore more effective punishment?

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re hand punishment.

September 1 2002, 11:16 AM 

I have recently been both caned and tawsed on the hands each time was 12 strokes on each hand the tawsing was on the palms and they were sore for about 12 hours ,the caning was across the fingers and they hurt the 3 days. But I would say the caning was given harder.


hand caning

September 2 2002, 12:30 AM 

Yes, but either way the hands are a very stupid place to apply it. Dangerous and unsatisfactory in every way


Re: hand caning

September 2 2002, 12:06 PM 

Yes but just watch the look in thier eyes. I am told it works both ways. But prehaps only for serious players.

carl and mats

we likes squiril

September 2 2002, 6:15 PM 

me and my mats says this - squirel is right! and we done a song about it

do not cane them on their hands
cos then they can not play in bands
Not on fingees parms or thums
give it to them on their bums!


tawse on hands

September 5 2002, 11:58 PM 

I thought the whole point of the tawse was that it could be used safely on childrens hands. Thats how it was used in scotland.


Buttocks Rather Than Hands

September 6 2002, 2:35 PM 

I have never been unable to understand why anyone would cane/strp the hands when the buttocks are available and better suited to receiving corporal punishment.



Re: Buttocks Rather Than Hands

September 6 2002, 4:03 PM 

Desmond Morris and his highly knowledgeable ilk tell us that the buttocks are designed by nature to inflame masculine passion - which explains why you're so keen on them, Al.

Desmond's theory seems perfectly reasonable to me and certainly explains why schools very rarely allowed male teachers to whack girls' bums and why girls were rarely whacked on the bum AT ALL in mixed schools.

I'm sure a few pervy males DID whack girls' bums occasionally but I'm equally sure that 99% of such accounts are fantasy.


Be honest.

September 7 2002, 6:13 AM 

Was not this the way most of us were punished at school by Lady teachers it would be nice to think at it was all bare bottoms but that was just not the case.


CP in schools

September 7 2002, 4:18 PM 

I refer you to my post 'CP in schools' of todays date. .... Mike

PS. As a person who attended school when the cane was widley used on both sexes, 1950 /1960] I would be intrested to learn from were you researched your beliefs as stated in your post?

Watson John

re hand punishment

September 7 2002, 7:14 PM 

The accepted method for giving the tawse (a belting) is holding the hand straight out in hand supported by the other...the tawse the strikes both the palm and the fingers. The cane always cut across the fingers at school (1960's) but I think that this was to miss the thumb.


Re: "tawse on hands"

September 28 2002, 3:48 PM 

In Scotland the tawse may have been safe on childrens fingers. In Ireland the tawse was one piece with a strip of lead sown into one end. It was like being hit with an iron gate hinge and would easily break fingers. The Irish tawse was also used in Catholic and other schools in England and only on the palms of hands as fas as I can tell.

Girly Boy Amanda

Tawse on the Hands

November 27 2003, 5:51 PM 

I attended school in Scotland during the 60's and 70's and when given the tawse always received it on the palm and fingers, facing the teacher with my hand held out straight in front.

Now I'm married and my wife rules the house with her blend of domestic discipline. She uses a school tawse on my hands in the following manner, one hand down by my side, the other held straight out at shoulder height, the tawse is given then I have to switch hands. For every tawsing, I recieve equal number of strokes on each hand, a minimum of two and a maximum of six on each hand.

If the offence is really bad she canes me in the same manner, except the cane is given across the hand.

She has no hesitation in administering this punishment in front of her friends or her mother, who commended her on her actions!

She says its better to see my face to gauge the effect of the punishment.


Boys Corporal Punishments in Old arabian Times

December 20 2003, 10:57 PM 

I think this factual info i'll give now will shut off all the claimings that girls were or shall be punished as boys.Defenitely boys are completely different in regard of punishments. The following punishments description happenned in all-male schools in the past in the arab world, what is called (fallaka,which is basically holding the boy's feet in the air and inflicting speedy and hard cane strokes on the soles of feet).

The following was an article published in Arabic magazine(Zahrat Al Khaleej):

In the past many schoolboys suffered the painful punishments under the rule of rods,canes and belts.Many times thousands of parents the beginning of new school year marched their boys to the schools and requested headmasters to take the flesh of their son and throw it back in bones to his parents,representing conscent of parents and their acceptance for school teachers/officials to inflict corporal punishment on their boys.Parents stated to headmasters if it's required to strip the skin out of their boys flesh if the boy is extraordinarly notorious or bad.
In every school in the past there was a head teacher who taught the boys manners and discipline, who would take any boy who has even commited a very minor infracture or negligible mistake,with severe physical feet sole discipline. Teachers were very strict and by no means comparable with today's teachers.
If you were a schoolboy in the past and if you forgot to cut your hair properly(it was the norm for schoolboys hairs to be shaven completely,no single hair is allowed to grow during school year),the teacher would punish you on your legs and back with a thick merciless long cane by slashing ur flesh till your back and bottoms are engraved with red bloddy lines (this was the immediate on the spot punishment) but the teacher may choose to waive ur punishment to impose Fallaka where he gets the assistance of a couple of schoolboys from the same class and take over the punished boy to the school hall in front of other pupils and the 2 boys lift the punished boy's feet in the air holding them firmly after stripping the boy from his sandal and socks(socks removed to inflict a more painful punishment)then the 2 assisting boys along with the teacher tie the punished boys feet to a wooden frame so they are suspended in the air and the teacher catches the thick cane in his hand and take the boy's feet with stroke after stroke in a speedy and very loudly manner,of course the immediate reaction of the punished boy was ear-splitting screams due to the severety of physical pain.The nbr of strokes depend on the boy's mistake,and his age.Of course if you were a bigger boy(12+) you would get it harder and more strokes. After the teacher cease the punishment,some of the audience boys volunteer to untie the punished boy and carry him almost dead from pain and reaches him to his home,of course there is no space here to mention about the shame,humiliations and even home punishments the boy would get from his parent and family members afterwards(this requires another article).
On the next day,the punished boy will come to the school with heavy motion and overall physical tardiness due to the inflammation on his feet soles due to the strokes he received from the thick cane which stinged a lot like a hell.

Also one of the most severe unforgettable punishments for male students in the past was the "suspending on the tree",the mischievous boy would be stripped of hos sandal and converted on his stomack on a flat upper straw of a big tree where he would be firmly tied to the straw ,and his legs stretched and tied on another 2 opposing straws as well as his hands to another front opposing strwas. The boy's head is tightly rested on a wide/thick straw, then the teacher will have the choice whether to cane the feet freely while the boy is tied or to leave the boy in this situation (suspended) for 3 or 4 hours.

Boys' punishments in the past varied and the hitting was severe and physically damaging,they were scary,and approved by parents especially in rural societies as they look at their boys as little men who will be toughened and grown into real tough men in the future and this will be supported by severe corporal punishments.

Regarding girls schools, they were very less than boys schools, and they didn't know corporal punishments.

.........etc (there is a long continuation for the article).

See guys in the group,after you read this, do you still think a girl will the hell bear one stroke even it was applied by a soft flower?!!!
Fallaka was a cruel punishment,yes i support corporal punishment for boys, and i can never imagine it would have been thought of for the girls,I personally see the old days were the good days, those old punished boys turned pretty well men nowadays.



Re: Boys Corporal Punishments in Old arabian Times

March 8 2004, 3:24 AM 

caning on the hand IS safer than caning on the bottom, because it doesn't caseu as much emotional abuse and it doesn't cause sexual abuse.


Hand caning

March 9 2004, 9:29 AM 

My first caning in both junior and secondary school was on the hands. I was told to hold hand out shoulder hieght, and keep thumb in to hand. I was then caned across the base of my fingers. It stung like crazy, and in junior school caused me to cry. Given the choice the cane across backside was preferred as everyone did not see the marks.


alaric sogar

Re: Hand caning

March 10 2004, 10:24 PM 

PJ wrote:
caning on the hand IS safer than caning on the bottom, because it doesn't caseu as much emotional abuse and it doesn't cause sexual abuse.

What absolute bollocks. The bottom was provided by nature for the purpose. For the dangers of punishing the hands, see

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