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Wetting while being spanked or caned?

September 24 2002 at 12:59 AM


I have read about incidences where children, especially girls, have wet themselves while being spanked or caned, either because they were so nervous or because of the terrible stinging pain. Is this fiction or does anyone heard about this happening in reality?


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Re: Wetting while being spanked or caned?

September 24 2002, 7:15 AM 

It's not fiction, and can happen in cases of extreme fear or extreme pain.

There's no doubt it's more common in girls but that's due more to plumbing than to courage.

I'm told that primary school children (i.e. under 11 yrs old) would because of fear sometimes wet themselves prior to being caned but it would surely have been a rare event at secondary school.

I can't imagine that very many schoolboys or schoolgirls were induced by pain to wet themselves.


Wetting while being slippered

December 1 2006, 2:58 AM 

I remember an incident at my junior school in the early 1960s, in Ireland, when a girl who was slippered wet herself. It was in the fourth year of juniors, so she would have been either 10, or just turned 11. She had thrown some kind of strop, and sworn at the teacher, which was outrageous behaviour at the school, which was an all girls convent school, run by nuns. The teacher in that class had a reputation for firm discipline, and used the slipper regularly, always over knickers with dress or skirt turned up, with the victim bent over, with her hands flat on the seat of a low stool or chair. The slipper was not one of her own, but a heavy rubber soled plimsoll, possibly a man’s, about size 11 or so. After the swearing incident, the teacher was almost shaking with rage, and ordered the girl, who I will call Megan (not her real name) into the side room, which was where slipperings were always given, out of sight of (but not out of hearing) of the other girls. The teacher followed her in, plimsol in hand. After a minute or so of quiet, but very angry, telling off, the sound of the slippering resounded out of the room. It seemed at the time to go on forever, but I suppose it must have been 10 or 12 very firm (and very loud) whacks. Eventually, Megan appeared at the door of the room. Strangely, she was not crying, as a girl so severely slippered normally would be. However, her face was flushed bright red, and her eyes sparkled and looked watery. She walked slowly back to her desk, and sat down very gingerly, pulling her skirt away as she did, so that only her knickers made contact with the chair seat, and her skirt was spread out. For the rest of the lesson, she sat in silence, with her eyes downcast. I noticed that she was quivering slightly, almost like shivering. Her hands were shaky when she picked up her pencil. Although not crying as such, she whimpered occasionally, with sharp intakes of breath, almost like hyperventilating. It was not until the end of the lesson, some half hour later, that it became obvious that she had at some point, either during or after the slippering, wet her knickers. The seat of her chair was wet, with a small puddle in the “dip” in the centre of the seat. She had managed to avoid getting any on her skirt, or on the floor, and so, apart from the wet chair seat, must have contained it all in her knickers. We all filed out of the class, and some of those that saw the wet patch giggled quietly.

The teacher still had not noticed the wet chair seat by the time the last of us left the classroom. I assume she must have discovered it at some point later, but nothing further was ever heard about it. As for poor Megan, she had no opportunity to change, and had no choice but to wear her wet knickers for the remainder of the school day, which was a long time, as her slippering was at about 10.30 in the morning!


Re: Wetting while being slippered

December 1 2006, 12:50 PM 

Very nice story S, a bit strange though because there were and are today no such things as Junior schools in Eire.
The slipper was never ever used in any schools in Eire.
Unless of course you are writing about the six occupied counties?


Wetting while caned -Quite natural

December 13 2006, 5:53 PM 

I am an Indian girl, 22 yrs old & studying to be a schoolteacher. In India, girls are generally pampered in school, but I was fortunate to get the right punishments in school.
I went to a girls-only school. These incidents are true & I think I was punished properly for my misdeeds. To be honest, these canings did not arouse me sexually till the last caning, which is described in detail below. Here was a 15 year old girl bending & touching her toes with back to class with panties pulled down to knees. My most secret parts were shown & most girls were delighted to see them & my pissing in between the caning. Anyway, humiliation seems to work best while punishing a girl.

I was a very naughty girl doing talking & disturbing class. In 9 std, I grew tall in a few
months, so my frock was short & above knees by about 3 inches. My buttocks also became rounded now. Once our supervisor caught me talking, so she ordered me to face the class & do uthak-baithaks by holding ears across. When I did them fast, she told me to do them very slowly & stop in sitting pose in between. Then I saw some girls laughing secretly & looking between my legs. I also felt the air against my panties. This is how my panties were exposed.
I also got the cane on my butt in class later on for atleast 4-5 times.
I got the cane for the first time for kicking the girl on next bench while sitting. Our teacher called me & sent me to headmistress. She asked to get back to class & touch my toes. Then she came to class & lifted my skirt. I couldn't see behind me. My back was to the class. Then she suddenly hit my butt at centre with the cane. I screamed, but she pinched my thigh, ordering me to be silent. Then she continued. My butt stared to burn & I shook them with every stroke. I got 7 strokes.
Once our Drawing teacher saw me talking in class. She called me in front & gave me such a hard slap that I pissed. Though nobody saw it, my wet panties excited me for the rest of the day.

In school, apart from Uthak-baithaks, I got the cane on my butt in class for 6-7 times. When in 10 standard, I was caught copying. For this, our headmistress punished me on the next day, after asking my mother. She told me to touch my toes in class (my butt pointing to the 'audience') & my skirt was lifted as usual, but then the next thing she did was to pull my panties down to knees!

The cane touched the centre of my butt & she directed me to take proper pose by prodding the cane. she made sure my knees were not bent & the buttocks were properly spread open. 10 strokes with full force followed, plus 3 extra for getting up & rubbing in between. It was harder than the normal caning, because the head was very angry with me & it was my last few months in school, so she must have wanted to punish me severely. I would scream & dance my butt with
each stroke. But the most thrilling part came when at about the 8th stroke, I pissed. Since my buttocks were made to be pushed out, there is no doubt that everyone saw . I felt relieved on pissing, but the next stroke was a upward swing, the cane touching my piss-spot. I felt so humiliated & really punished. My rounded large naked buttocks were red hot & the marks took about 2 weeks to go. The head made me remain that way for the next 2 hours. I couldn't sit for the next 4-5 days.
As for the peeing, it was more fear than anything else that made me lose control.
The punishments I received (specially the last one) helped me to reform myself. No more copying for me!
I think my case was exceptional.
I was also caned recently in college, but that is for later.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Wetting while caned -Quite natural

December 13 2006, 6:27 PM 

Siobhan is clearly a man pretending to be a woman and his allegedly true story is clearly a fantasy.

Ditto Aparna and his absurd stories.


Very much a girl!!!

December 13 2006, 7:40 PM 

Idiots like Lotta Nonsense can only indulge in monkey-business.

To hell with you bastard.

I am very much a girl & the story is true.


Steve M

Re: Wetting while caned -Quite natural

December 13 2006, 7:43 PM 


Depends on which state Aparna was in:-

Uttar Pradesh

or Uttar Rubbesh!

Steve M



December 22 2006, 12:47 PM 

Caned at 22 in college? What did you do.



Re: Wetting while being slippered

January 15 2007, 1:27 AM 

Not just a story. I believe her she is from the other of the broader. Thank you Siobhan for sharing your story.


Re: Wetting while being slippered

January 15 2007, 11:28 PM 

Realy? how do you know?


Caned in college

January 25 2007, 5:51 PM 

Dear David,

I live in a college hostel in South India. Here we are trained to be teachers, so corporal punishment is common even for small offences.
It is a girls-only college.
I was punished in February 2005 in college office.
Here is the story:
There was a inter-college seminar in our city & I was to help our senior male faculty in making a presentation about recent developments in our college. When the seminar started, I was asked to give the presentation CD for loading to the laptop. I searched my bag & found that I had forgotten to bring the CD!
To make matters worse, I had even not given the backup CD to my colleague so that she could bring it to the seminar.
In the time-frame, it was impossible to fetch the CD, so our college seminar organizers had to ask the faculty to give lecture only without presentation. Our faculty, a senior lecturer in our college managed to salvage the situation, but it became clear that I had goofed up the seminar by forgetting to bring the CD.
Our college earned a bad name for being poorly organized.
That evening I was called to our office. Our principal (she had beaten me 4-5 times before that), 2 female lecturers & our learned faculty were waiting for me.
They were furious with me & had decided to punish me beforehand.
Our principal gave me a choice- punishment or suspension.
Suspension would mean no attendance or exams for 3 months and a bad record.
I nodded my head & our Principal asked me to kneel on a chair. Then she hitched up my seminar saree all the way to my hips, alongwith petticoat.
I was now kneeling on the chair(without arms) with saree raised & panties exposed. Next order was to bend & hold the legs of the chair & 'no looking back'. As I bent, I had to part my legs for balance.
Then I felt our principals hand on my buttocks - she parted my butt to open my ass & pushed the panty deep inside my crack. This made my butt almost bare. Imagine the humiliation!
She gave me 4 strokes of cane & other 2 females also gave me 4 each. I started screaming from the 4th stroke. By that time, my entire butt was covered. Last, the male member of the team took the cane. I was crying & dancing my butt on the chair. He gave me a lecture on being sincere in work & gave me 2 very hard strokes. I screamed hard & said something of making a police case, so he pinched my thighs once & slapped my panty-covered pussy 4 times. when his hand touched my pussy, I thought I would piss, but somehow held on. In between his slaps on my pussy, I managed to look back quickly- the females were smiling!!
Then he gave me final 2 stokes.
I was also asked to sweep all the classrooms next day as additional punishment.
Yes, the caning improved by behaviour.


Lotta Nonsense

Re: Caned in college

January 25 2007, 6:53 PM 

Surely, even our dimmest and most gullible readers must have a few doubts about Aparna's genuineness.

Sill Lee Asso

Re: Caned in college

January 25 2007, 7:04 PM 

I not dim but gullible and so believe most of story. Have heard from girls in cycle short that students are pussy whipped by dirty men in South India and Walthamstow.

But forgetting CD - I don’t believe that.

Steve M

Re: Caned in college

January 25 2007, 7:09 PM 


I'm interested that the caning improved BY behaviour?

Oh well, takes all types, or typos!

Steve M


Wetting while being spanked or caned?

November 5 2007, 8:31 PM 

at times a girl especially does go for a pee pee during her spanking.
i had to spank a grade 1 6 years old.
after the spanking she was just standing there and she went for a pee pee in the middle of the classroom.
i took her to the loo right away put her on the loo and she finished going pee pee.

This message has been edited by larry1951 on Nov 5, 2007 8:35 PM

Alan S

banning order

November 6 2007, 11:01 AM 

Is it not time that Laurey was banned?

Paul b

Re: Wetting While being spanked or caned?

November 7 2007, 11:32 PM 

We all would like a glass of what you've been drinking
then we all would be out of our tree, tree, tree.

Doctor Mike

Wetting during corporal punishment

March 19 2008, 11:42 PM 

An interesting subject. I do believe that, although rare, children, and especially girls, have occasionally wet their pants/knickers while undergoing corporal punishment in the form of caning, paddling or slippering, when applied to the buttocks. There have been very few, if any cases of wetting when the punishment is applied to the hands. This phenomenon of wetting has a physiological explanation. The phyisiological reasons why severe corporal punishment, applied to the buttocks, can cause a temporary, involuntary, loss of bladder control are very similar to those that can also trigger involuntary orgasm. It is all to do with the complex sympathetic nerve structure in the pelvic, and especially the pelvic floor region. The nerve branches which sensitise the skin of the buttocks, and the gluteal muscles beneath the skin, are part of the same nerve network, and share the same nerve roots, as those that sensitise the pelvic floor, including the genitals, clitoris, urethra, perineum and anus. Violent stimulus applied to the buttocks causes both a blood rush to the whole pelvic floor region, and a sympathetic stimulation, via the nerve roots, to the other nerve branches in the pelvic floor. It is this sympathetic stimulation which can affect control of the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn control the neck of the bladder and urethra.

The only contemporary situations where girls are corporally punished with enough severity, to occasionally cause wetting, arise in the southern states of the USA (Texas/Mississippi/Arkansas/Alabama in particular). In these states, girls of junior high age (12-14) and high school age (14-19) are subject to corporal punishment in the form of “paddling”, with equal frequency and severity as boys. This form of punishment basically consists of the student having to bend over, usually with their feet spread some distance apart, and either grabbing their ankles, or holding the seat of a chair. In this position, the school Principal or administrator will apply up to a maximum of 10 firm whacks, or “swats” to the buttocks with a wooden “paddle”. This instrument is a flat board with a carved handle, usually about 24 inches long, 4 or 5 inches wide, and ½ to ¾ inches thick. Paddles often have holes drilled in them, to prevent an air cushion forming between the paddle and the student’s bottom, thus softening the blow.

Although most paddlings consist of 3 – 5 swats, in some states, particularly in private Christian schools, up to 10 can be given. When more than about 5 swats are given, often the buttocks can become “numb” to the remaining swats, caused by a combination of the release of endorphins, and the nerves being temporarily "stunned" or traumatised to insensitivity. This stunning or desensitisation of the nerves can spread beyond the buttocks, and affect the sympathetic nerves in the pelvic floor region, and it is at this point that involuntary wetting can occur. The phenomenon seems to affect only girls, almost exclusively .

This type of wetting is rarely a complete evacuation of the bladder, but usually a series of several, small discharges, of urine, which occur simultaneously with the involuntary clenching and relaxing of the buttocks and pelvic floor muscles immediately after each blow of the paddle. In the trauma, pain and distress of the paddling, the girl will often be completely unaware that she is wetting herself at the moments the discharges of urine actually occur. It is only after the paddling that she will become aware that she needs to take a visit “to the bathroom” as Americans say, to attend to a wet pair of knickers. The administrator giving the paddling will usually not even be aware of the wetting, as the amount of urine discharged is usually only enough to wet, but be contained within, the knickers.


Re: Wetting while being spanked or caned?

March 20 2008, 12:30 AM 

Not true! I have it on good authourity from various females of my aquaintance that they had a wee accident when getting caned on their hands.

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