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School Caning

November 24 2002 at 11:57 PM

Dear All,

At the mixed private boarding school in the UK I attended in the late 1960s to mid 1970s house prefects were responsible for enforcing house discipline and were allowed to use the cane.

When I was in sixth form the house prefects, who were all male, frequently caned me in the prefects common room for petty offences against house discipline.

( The school had a policy at that time at that time of only appointing sixth form boys as prefects. This was due to the fact that the school was originally all boys and had only relatively recently become mixed. It was that thought that boys would not do what girls
told them to do. So only boys were appointed prefects.
This was later changed. But that was after I had left. And at that time prefects lost the authority to use the cane **)

When I was in upper six and over eighteen the head prefect gave me and another sixth form girl, also over eighteen, twelve strokes of the cane on my bare bottom for being found sharing a bottle of wine
in my room.

We had to report to the prefects common room. There the head prefect lectured us on the importance of house discipline and keeping rules. He said that we could if he reported our offence to the house
master be expelled. Being expelled would ruin our reputation and education . But he wouldn't let that to happen to us with 'A' Levels
so close.
So he would deal with the matter himself with a caning.

He then ordered us to remove our blazers and skirts and place them over a chair. He first my ordered friend to bend over a waist high padded bench holding the bar between the legs at the other side.
She was ordered to count the strokes. He then took her knickers down and then gave her twelve strokes of the cane. She was in absolute agony with blazing tramlines across her bottom. Being reasonably used to the
cane she managed to take it with reasonable control. She was then ordered stand facing the wall hands on head knickers around her knees.

Next was my turn. I was told to bend over the bench. I grasped the bar at the other side. He took my knickers down and told me to count the strokes. I was given twelve strokes of cane. He was caning really hard. The pain was terrible. Counting strokes is very difficult when you are being caned. At eight I could stand in no
longer and stood up crying and clutching my bottom. I was jeered by the watching prefects. I was told that stroke would not count. I got back over the bench and
managed to hold on for twelve.

I then had to stand next to my friend facing the wall hands on head, knickers around my knees. I felt absolutely terrible in this position. After about 30 minutes when the welts had come up properly we were allowed put our skirts and blazers back on, thank
the head prefect for the caning and leave.

The welts from the caning lasted for over a week and it was very painful sitting in lessons for days afterwards.

I hope you don't mind me relating this account of this very traumatic, but by no means rare or isolated, caning I received at school.

Things certainly have changed in education since those days.

Kind regards.

Camilla Hollins

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Nice story - shame about the truth

July 7 2003, 9:34 AM 

Nice erotic cp story, but oh so completely unoriginal, and oh so very unbelieveable. Twelve on the bare bottom from a boy! You wish.

Tradesmen's Entrance

You should be nice

July 7 2003, 11:37 AM 

Don't be rude to Camilla. I know from personal experience that typing with one hand can be an extremely complex operation.


Six of the best

August 29 2003, 12:19 PM 

I too went to a school where girls were caned. We had to report to the deputy headmistress after school and wait about half an hour. The she would cane us one at a time bending over her desk with our skirts up and knickers down to our knees. She took her time, tapping the cane on our bottoms and telling us how naughty we were. Then SWISH quickly six times, working down our bottoms, the last stroke low on our legs. It was terribly painful. I only got it once but there waas girl who got it three times.


The ones that really hurt

September 3 2003, 3:10 AM 

Ouch, Mariella, as I've mentioned recently in another post, it's the ones that miss the backside and land on the top inch or two of the legs that cause pain that I can only describe as being of sanity-threatening intensity.



Hurt even more

September 7 2003, 7:27 AM 

What was really excruciating was having more than one stroke on the same spot. In my school there was a very cruel French master (master of French - not a Frenchman !)He had tremendous discipline because his technique was to administer three strokes on the same spot on your bottom . Some pupils bled and their panties stuck to their bottoms after a caning.He only gave a fourth or a fifth stroke if he thought he had missed the original spot. Some of the girls in the class kept a sort of elastoplast in their desks.
I got the cane from him twice - once for not doing homework and the other time for what he thought was cheating in a test.


Are you sure.????

September 8 2003, 1:39 PM 

Dear Mariella,are you sure your french headmaster's cane can hit the same place.?I think you are lying.!I do not think,he can be so good,maybe by luck,because i do know caner CANNOT control the stroke,furthermore the offender is wearing a panties,so i think he do not even known where the 1st stroke lands,any comments.?


Re: Are you sure.????

September 8 2003, 8:53 PM 

Dear mariella,

Excellent though the English of Veron is, she has not quite absorbed the conventions of this forum. When she writes, ‘I think you are lying!’ she really means, ‘could you possibly be mistaken?’



Re: Hurt even more

September 9 2003, 12:47 AM 

Dear Mariella

It's amazing how we forget things that were once the highest (or lowest) point of the day.

You write about a teacher who was good at getting 3 or more strokes on top of each other. I had forgotten feeling for the bumps on my bum so I could count them, and then later inspecting them in the mirror, and again trying to count to 6. When I could only count 5, (or on one occasion I recall only 4) ... don't remember it bleeding but that stripe where two cuts had landed on top of each other festered for days.



nice reply

September 11 2003, 10:17 AM 

I liked your reply to the erotic story writer its reality we need. Do you have any history.
My school and family live were ridden with experiences that today would be fiction.



September 11 2003, 10:24 AM 

I think I remember you from years ago

Andy Stafford

Caning accuracy

June 14 2004, 11:43 PM 

Caning accurately is a skill which can be learned - see the wildfire books for a good description. In my experience it is difficult to land strokes on the same spot - I don't usually try.

I read an excellent story - the Nun's story. In this the mother superior places the cane strokes very carefully to ensure that some cross over each other - a fearsome story.


shame about truth

October 20 2006, 3:39 PM 

my wife and i are both school teachers at a all girls private school.
we have spanked many a naughty girl on her bare bottom.
please write so we can talk more of this.


Re: shame about truth

October 20 2006, 3:49 PM 

Oh no you're not, and I claim my five pounds.


Re: School Caning

October 26 2006, 8:21 AM 

I received the cane three times at school. My first dose was four strokes on my bottom in class for putting a spit ball in a girl's hair, I had a crush on her. My second dose was three on each hand for involvement in a fruit fight (30 boys were caned over two days) and my last dose in second form (year 8) was six on my left hand for misbehaving in woodwork class, the woodwork master caned me in a small quadrangle while the pupils in the other rooms peered through the windows. I don't know of any girls who were caned, but I do remember one girl getting the ruler on her hands.


Re: School Caning

October 27 2006, 12:58 AM 

Sorry I have not posted for a long while but have been very ill in hospital but have now partly recovered. I must comment on this post.
Firstly it was regarded as "not done" for males to cane young girls even before 1939. Secondly any pupil receiving 12 strokes of the cane, on knickers, yet alone the bare bottom, would have great differculty in remaining bending over after six strokes, even if they are "use to" being caned. I can assure any reader that 12 strokes would leave marks on the bottom which would last more like three weeks than one week.



Bob T

Re: School Caning

October 27 2006, 2:38 AM 

George!  I guess the rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated. Glad to hear you have recovered from your hospital stay.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: School Caning

October 27 2006, 8:25 AM 

George is suffering from nothing more than the consequence of having adopted the persona of someone who must, by now, be nearing 100 years of age.

In reality, he's nowhere near as old as 'George' and he'll outlive all of us.


Re: School Caning

October 27 2006, 1:03 PM 

for you information I was born in 1916. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to outlive you, provided you did not have an early death.


Message edited to include name of sender.

Miss C.Vere


October 29 2006, 12:55 AM 

Great to have you back with us George honey you must be a nonagenarian.


Number of strokes

October 29 2006, 2:52 AM 

Hello George, What was the most number of strokes you ever administered?


Re: Number of strokes

October 29 2006, 11:19 AM 

The most I ever gave was eight. The boy concerned was due to have six. This was when I was at a private school and some parents, not at my school, were active in opposing corporal punishment. STOPP was giving out standard letters for parents to send to the schools saying they did not give permission and did not ever want their boy to receive corporal punishment. At this time at my school corporal punishment had decreased, but was still used, and as tradition dictated was applied to the bare bottom. Just prior to his caning the boy produced on of these letters saying it was from his mother. While the boy was nearly 13 it was a bad copy of his mothers signature. The boy admitted it when confronted and the punishment was increasedto 8 strokes.

I just do not know, if they are true, how people say they were given, or have given 15 strokes. This would be far beyond a boys endurance and could never be justified. That number of strokes would remove large areas of skin from his bottom and leave it badly bleeding. As a rule after 1960's the norm would have been 2 or 3 strokes. Prior to this 4 strokes with 6 reserved for the more serious offences.



Re: George

October 29 2006, 11:20 AM 

Thank you...if it nice to be back, evben if I am now much slower,


Lotta Nonsense

Re: Number of strokes

October 29 2006, 12:14 PM 

Although George is raving fantasist who is not 90 years old, has never been a headmaster and has never caned anybody in his life, he must be given credit for not burdening us with stories of fantasy-wives and fantasy-children.

He has a fantasy-grandson, of course, named 'Martin'.

Miss C.Vere

A Bachelor at Heart

October 29 2006, 12:46 PM 

I am sure many contributors to this forum have at times wished their wives were merely fantasies. Some cynics might suspect that dear Georges distinguished career as a headmaster was more wishful thinking than reality but i think you are scoring cheap shots Lotta to say a chap has a fantasy wife. You have no proof so you should stop this silliness at once. This forum is getting worse. Can we burn a few more witches later on Lotta? One more point, Martin i thought was Georges nephew not grandson. I expect i'm right, i usually am.



October 29 2006, 2:03 PM 

Hello George, Hope you are feeling better!

How did that lad who got eight strokes manage to take his caning?

What position did you have him assume to administer his caning?

Lotta Nonsense

Re: A Bachelor at Heart

October 29 2006, 2:25 PM 

"Can we burn a few more witches later on Lotta?" asks Miss C Vere.

Absolutely not! But you may burn them on a bonfire.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: A Bachelor at Heart

October 29 2006, 2:34 PM 

"Martin I thought was George's nephew not grandson" says Miss C Vere, probably correctly.

We should, however, bear in mind that in the world of fantasy and throughout much of this forum, nothing is real.

Additionally, we might also do well to realise that living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.

Finally, and as might be expected, it doesn't matter much to me.

Miss C. Vere

Missing Comma

October 29 2006, 3:21 PM 

I apologise unreservedly for my poor punctuation. I can only offer the feeble excuse that at school i was not thrashed with sufficient severity.


Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 3:31 PM 

Thank you for your kind message
before I reply to your post, I would just like to say this .....I wish certain members would cease these silly cheap snips they make at people without knowing anything about them, other than their pre conceived ideas. These comments spoil this site and certain deter people from posting.

The boy that took the eight strokes was of course crying after about the third stroke, but managed to keep still for the remainder. Of course each time the cane landed their was a sigh and an increase in sobbing, but not uncontrolled. It was clear that the cane was hurting but not beyond his powers of endurance.

I think two things made it easier for this boy, and indeed any that were caned. In this instant another boy was in the study waiting to get his six strokes. I think they were both caught letting fireworks off in the school grounds.When another boy is present their is determination by the boys to see who can show the least amount of pain and can take it with the least fuss. I very much doubt if the other boy had not been present he would have produced the letter requesting not to receive corporal punishment.

The second important thing that makes it easier for the boy is the position. The standard touch toe position is fine for two or three strokes, as it is over quickly. However, for a more severe punishment which is going to require the boy to hold the position much longer, reaching over a desk is far the best way. In this instant the boy was required to reach over a desk. Before bending over he was required to remove his school blazer, as these were fairly long and tended to get in the way. He was also required to pull his own trousers and pants dowqn to his ankles b efore bending over. with trousers and pants down to his ankles it makes it impossible for the boy to try and kick as the pain increases, and impossible for him to run off, shoul he wish to do so.The boy was then told to stretch and reach as far forward as he could and hold the sides of the desk. By holding the sides of the desk it gave him something to grip and so less likely to put his hands on his bottom after each stroke. Once stretched forward I would pull his shirt and vest up to his shoulders, so baring his lower back and bottom. I would place my hand on his back which made it very hard for him to stand up between strokes. His bottom was then , even if he wriggled between strokes was in the ideal position, and a safe position, to be caned. It would be very unlikely that a dangerious stroke could land on his lower back rather than his bottom, which was possible if the boy moved in a touch toe position. In this reaching position the boys bottom was kept very much stiller and the strokes could be spread out over the whole area. I did not do it in this case, but in this position strokes could be applied to the lower part of the buttocks/tops of legs which were very much more painful.

In this reaching position, unlike the touch toe position, the buttocks remained fairly relaxed. By being relaxed the cane did sting more, but did not cut into the buttocks. As I recall the boy had eight very red and sore looking marks spread all over his bottom but the skin had not been broken like it would have been in a touch toe position.

I hope this answers your question. I would be happy to answer and other points.


Miss C. Vere


October 29 2006, 3:42 PM 

I am sure my punctuation would have greatly improved under George's kind but firm guidance.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 3:54 PM 

Perverted readers who are also members of child pornography rings or normal readers who may, while conducting entirely appropriate research for a book, have added kiddie-porn websites to their favourites folder, might like to inform their fellow aficionados about this thread and relay George's offer to answer questions relating to children's bare bottoms.


Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 4:27 PM 

Hello George and thanks for your interesting answer.

When you were administering a caning and it was more than just two or three strokes did you try and make sure no two strokes landed on the same place, or did you not worry about that? I can imagine that with the eight stroke caning that boy got it would have been easy for two strokes to land on the same place.

You said another boy was there to caned? Did he witness the first boys caning and did he witness the caning given to the second boy, I think you said he was going to get six strokes?


Bob T

Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 6:56 PM 

Mark; I can't see any legitimate reason for asking for such details. This forum is intended for research and the emotive effects SCP had on those who recieved it and those doing research. Your questions are disgusting and I find them personally offensive.

If you are looking for wank material, I'm sure you can find it elsewhere.


Lotta Nonsense

Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 7:52 PM 

Mark is, perhaps, the only thing standing between Newer Member and the title 'Thickest Person on Earth'.

George was never a headmaster, Mark.

He's a raving fantasist.


Anybody home?


Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 8:11 PM 

I cannot see what Bob finds so offensive about your question. I did try to avoid the cane landing in the same place as this was certain to cause a sore painful swelling.Indeed , if the tip of the cane landed on a boys bottom in the same place it would almost certainly cut. With the eight stroke caning, the boy was 13 and a fairly large boy for his age so it was possible to aspread the strokes out. Of course some strokes crossed each other leaving a sore place on the intersection, but not the tip of the cane landing in the same place.

The boys did see each other caned. This was common and the boy being caned was positioned so that those waiting had a full view of the strokes going across the other boys bottom. This added to the effects of the caning, as many found it worse watching another boy being caned than actually taking the caning themselves. Even those that had been caned did not find it easy to watch. It often made the boys feel guilty that they had caused their friend to be having the cane and having to see it done made it worse.



Bob T

Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 9:07 PM 

George; Marks questions and your answers to those questions are pornographic in nature. Furthermore, since your are talking about boys under the age of 18 your comments and Marks questions could be considered pedaphilic or bordering on such. This is not a haven for child molesters.

I've noticed your typing/spelling has greatly improved with your advanced age George. Did you take a pill for that at the hospital?  


Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 10:05 PM 

If you think these questions or answers are pornographic then over 80% of the posts on this site fall into that bracket. As to my spelling, as I stated before I have poor eyesight and cannot always see what I have typed. In hospital I was fitted up with new glasses, and along with a new key board and better lighting at home this problem has been partly solved.


Lotta Nonsense

Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 10:38 PM 

In common with all who derive pleasure from the real or imagined torture of children, George should be put to death.


Bob T

Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 10:38 PM 

On the contrary George, no one else is posting graphic details of bare bottom canings on this site.  I'm asking you stop, cease, and desist.

I think you should keep in mind what happened to Pete Townsend. It could happen to you.


Bob T

Re: Caning

October 29 2006, 10:38 PM 

On the contrary George, no one else is posting graphic details of bare bottom canings on this site.  I'm asking you stop, cease, and desist.

I think you should keep in mind what happened to Pete Townsend. It could happen to you.


I'm beginning to get quite irritated here

October 29 2006, 11:09 PM 

Bob T is just another example of the hysterical witch-hunt mentality I have referred to elsewhere. Mark's questions are perfectly reasonable in the context, whatever about George's authenticity or otherwise. I'm sick of all this stupid bitching. What the bloody hell do you suppose you are achieving with it? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? If you find a subject "disgusting", just phoockk off and read something else.

As for George's reminiscences, personally I am a bit sceptical about stories of formal bare-bottom canings being a matter of course in any UK school as recently the early 1980s, though I know there were one or two (probably only a very few) boarding school housemasters who were still doing informal pants-down slipperings at that time.

I would also point out that the STOPP form for parents to fill in was aimed only at state schools, at a time (late 1970s, early 1980s) when there was often no choice between local state schools. It never had any relevance to private schools. If parents objected to the policies of a private school, they had only to send their child to some other school. There were plenty of private schools by that time that proudly announced that there was no CP. It was a free market, and if parents felt strongly about this issue and yet failed to ascertain the school's policy before signing up, that was their own stupid fault.


Bob T

Re: I'm beginning to get quite irritated here

October 30 2006, 12:29 AM 

Anyone who wants graphic intimate details about a boy recieving a bare bottom caning has what I consider to be suspect motives. I guess that includes alaric who can phoockk off himself. It seems to me that alaric shows up on this forum on a very irregular basis just to bitch about how it should be and to try and impress people with his research skills.  So I don't think I'll be taking any of his advice as far as who is here as a lurking pedophile.


Re: Caning

October 30 2006, 3:02 AM 

Thanks George for another interesting answer. Did you usually give much of a lecture to a boy you were going to cane and would the cane be already out for the boy to see or did you wait till the end of your lecture before it was brought out?

Did you use only one size of cane regardless of the age of the boy you were caning or was a larger cane used for older boys?


Re: Caning

October 30 2006, 7:42 AM 

Bob, on a message board called "School Corporal Punishment" it's surely legitimate to discuss the details of how it was done. Indeed, it seems rather more to the point than much of the other stuff on here.

I also find it odd that some people here appear to be more censorious about discussion of the punishment of boys than about that of girls, despite the fact that in reality it was predominantly boys who were so punished.

Surely comparisons with Pete Townsend are way over the top. That case, if I remember, was to do with pictures of children in sexual situations, and sex involving children has always and rightly been seriously illegal. What we are talking about here is just words which, whether they are factually true or not in the present case (we must make our own minds up about that), are only describing the practicalities of something -- the caning of school students -- that was perfectly legal at the time. If that's now to be regarded as pedofilia, then the world really has gone quite mad.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Caning

October 30 2006, 8:05 AM 

Alaric condemns himself by his use of 'school students' when what he really means is, of course, 'children' and our society has always taken a very dim view of grown men who derive sexual pleasure from children.

The fact that an act is or was legal is no indicator that is isn't/wasn't also disgusting and obscene.

It is, for example, by no means unlawful per se for an adult to bath a child even if both parties are total strangers to each other. However, most of us have a very short list of people we'd be happy to see bathing our children.

Academic discussion about school CP is one thing.

George's homosexual paedophile fantasies are another.


Re: Caning

October 30 2006, 10:38 AM 

I notice that the mug slinging has started again
I have a few points I would like to make.

1) I find it very distressing to read, having been so seriously ill, that a member now wants to put me to death. This shows what some members are like on this site.

2) The letters by STOPP were only for state schools, this is why the boy was found out

3) The writing of accounts of corporal punishment, even in very great detail, is not illegal. If it was many books sch as Dickens "Oliver Twist" and STOPPS own book "The Last Resort" would have to be taken off the shelf. Films that show corporal punishment such as "Hope and Glory" and "Birth of a Nation" would be banned. Certainly the Film "Young Winston" about the life of Winston Churchill would be removed. This shows a boy bending over with trousers and pants dowm waiting to be caned. Later it shows the cane marks on Churchills bare bottom. If this is not illegal on film then it cannot be illegal in words. It is only pictures, that show naked children, for no other reason than they are naked that are illegal in the UK.

3) I notice that accounts about girls getting hit on the bare bottom do not raise outcries on this site. True, many do not state age but as the site is SCHOOL corporal punishment they must be children.

4) How can you have a site with the title "school corporal punuishment" when you do not allow accounts of how it was administered. May be a better tittle for this site would be "school corporal of girls without details of punishments."

5) The fact is that in spite of proof that has been provided a small number, of loudly outspoken, members for some reason do not believe boys were ever punished on their bare bottom but girls were. They cannot admot that it was the other way round or that it was common for boys to be punished bare, certainly before 1950. Indeed STOPPS on book "Last Resort" gives countless details of this. It includes a long account in a State Secondary School, where a whole class of 13 year old boys were made to strip and were slippered entirely naked. (Are members saying STOPP made this up!!!)

6)I have provided proof about who I am and means of checking some of the things about the use of the cane on boys bare bottoms. I even stated which PUBLC RECORD OFFICE, had the details of such punishments. I did state my school was a State school. Many misunderstood this. It was in the state system but run by the church. The church made the rules, not the LEA, and unless of that religion pupils could not attend.

7)As I have stated before, its up to the members to decide if my posts are true or false. It is up to the members to decide if they wish to read them. One thing, in spite of everything a few members try to say is clear. Male teachers very very rarely punished girls, yet alone on the bare bottom. It was much wider, prior to 1950 that boys received such punishment. My posts describe the way it was done, and it cannot be debied that this was the way certain boys were punished at school.

8)I have enjoyed this site, but will not post again until all this mud throwing has ceased. Its not because I am afraid my posts are against the law. It is not because of the low remarks certain members make about me. It is just that I have better things to do than read posts where members are not talking about school corporal punishment but trying to score points off each other



To George

October 30 2006, 1:29 PM 

Hello George,

I understand what you mean about certain posts directed at you and not wanting to contribute any further particularly with that implied death threat which I think is of questionable legal status. There is clearly nothing remotely illegal about your posts so I hope you will reconsider contributing again, I think your posts are very interesting. I would like to ask you some more questions, please feel free to email me at the above address.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Caning

October 30 2006, 1:35 PM 

How did George know the STOPP letter, allegedly from the boy's mother, was not genuine?

In his post of October 29 2006 (11:19 AM) he says he knew because the signature on the STOPP letter, which purported to be that of the boy's mother, did not look genuine and the boy admitted when questioned that it was a forgery.

However, in his post of Oct 30, 2006 (10:38 AM), he claims he knew because the STOPP letters were sent only to state schools and the school at which the letter was produced was a private school.

Make your mind up, you appalling fraud!


Re: Caning

October 30 2006, 1:57 PM 

I was not going to reply but I will about this STOPP letter. As your name implies you talk a load of rubbish. The STOPP letters were NOT sent to schools by STOPP. They were written by STOPP with standard wording withdrawing permission from State schools from using corporal punishment. It pointed out clerly that these were intended for state schools, not private schools. Parents could write to STOPP or see one of its members to obtain the letter. The parent then had to sign the letter and send it to the school concerned. If you knew as much as you pretend to know, you would have known this.


Lotta Nonsense

Re: Caning

October 30 2006, 4:57 PM 

The facts now supplied by George re the STOPP letter have already supplied in his earlier posts. There is therefore no need for knowledge outside that already provided on this thread.

It remains a fact that he has given two different accounts of the reason for the boy's deceit being uncovered.

He was never a headmaster and the boy never existed.

He's a fraud and a very obvious one.


To Bob

October 30 2006, 10:53 PM 

Bob, "I can't see any legitimate reason for asking for such details." -- could'nt care less what you see or dont see.

But, I'm glad you found my "questions disgusting and personally offensive". Never like to let a day go by without doing something for someone.

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