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Spanking Games

January 6 2003 at 10:31 PM

Hello Everyone

I was too good a girl to get spanked at school, where they were rare.

However being the youngest of the group of kids in our road I was at the recieving end of many "play" spankings.

These have left a lasting impression on me.

I would guess that many others had similar experiences.

A good thread maybe?


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January 7 2003, 6:21 PM 

Whenever I think of childhood spanking games, I am reminded of tents. In a tent we had our own domain, even though it was in somebody’s back garden, where we made up our own rules. One Sunday afternoon in July we had in quiz in a tent and Judy gave four wrong answers, so the others suggested that we spank her. In turn she laid across the lap of each of us three and we gave her a dozen smacks each. Elizabeth, who was more daring than the rest, raised Judy’s skirt and spanked her on her knickers. Judy did not mind in the least and said that it did not hurt. We were ten years old. Twelve months later I was caned in a tent by the girl next door and have not been in one since. But now, I often play tents in bed.


Spanking Games

January 7 2003, 7:49 PM 

What tents are to you, tree houses are to me.

I got my first bare bottom spanking from the oldest boy in our group on a hot August Afternoon.

It hurt a lot, but I enjoyed it and has remained one of the hottest of my memories for almost 30 years


Re: Spanking Games

January 7 2003, 8:27 PM 


I love your style. There is poetry in your message. I am particularly taken with the ambiguity of, “I was caned in a tent by the girl next door and have not been in one since”.


Did you spend your childhood in the suburban loveliness of Surrey? In the slums of South London we never saw a tree house. Was there a danger of falling out when you were spanked in one? We had tents, but we didn’t spank in them. They were improvised affairs consisting of old army blankets and broom handles.


Tree House

January 7 2003, 9:06 PM 

You've guessed right it was in Surrey.

It was'nt my tree house or my garden. It belonged to Graham's family. They had a long garden. The tree house was basically a garden shed several feet up on a platform in an old oak tree. For several years it was our pretend school room and many play spankings took place there.



January 8 2003, 8:02 PM 

We used to play ‘Schools’. I was always the teacher and would give the class very difficult questions like multiply 487012 by 568 and who wrote Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony? When they got the answers wrong, I gave them a choice of punishment. Most kiddies opted for six from my hand across their knickers.

I must make it clear that we were all children of primary school age, so there is no need to alert the Social Services gits.


Spanking Games

January 8 2003, 8:21 PM 

I think these games were(are?) mostly played by primary school age kids.

I think teenagers would find it very UNCOOL.

Funny how when you pass 30 they suddenly seem so interesting again!


More Fun and Games

January 8 2003, 9:37 PM 

‘Mothers and Fathers’ was very popular. The youngest member of the group would always have to play the baby and would frequently be spanked. I remember a sophisticated version where I played the mother and spanked the child for being naughty and then was spanked myself by the father because he said it was wrong to spank the baby. Also there was ‘Incest’ – a game for all the family.

C. Nickel

Re: More Fun and Games

January 8 2003, 9:51 PM 

Incest - relatively boring?


Re: Re: More Fun and Games

January 9 2003, 6:55 PM 

Dear Debbie,

You have started a fascinating thread. Would you tell us (preferably using lots of parentheses) the details of your spanking games?

Simon (Clique Member)


Spanking Games

January 9 2003, 10:19 PM 

I'll certainly give some details. But I'll let you select. What would you like
1/ The first?
2/ The last?
3/ The hardest?



Re: Spanking Games

January 10 2003, 7:17 AM 

Would I be considered too demanding to request all three? Perhaps you could post them at daily intervals, which would give readers plenty of time to recover.

I suggest the following order:

1. First
2. Last - building to a crescendo with
3. Hardest

This will only work if the first and last were not the hardest and the first was not the last.


C. Nickel

Pigs in Pastry?

January 10 2003, 9:06 AM 

Every reader of this forum knows that if a young child is hurt 'a lot' while playing with its friends, it goes crying to its mother and tells her the full story.

It seems clear therefore that Debbie and the oldest boy in her group were very unusual children: she to endure serious pain willingly at such a tender age and he to risk the almost certain death that would have ensued had she told her parents about her being hurt 'a lot' by an older boy who took her knickers down on a hot August afternoon.

Lotus Blossom

A Good Game

January 11 2003, 8:38 AM 

We used to play a game called ‘School in a Tent’. Aloud we read books written by spanking-obsessed Enid Blyton. Those who read badly were put in detention. This meant that they had to stay in the tent while the others went indoors and had tea.

Corporal punishment was inflicted upon those who broke School-Tent Rules. In the garden was a tree from which we cut sticks to use as canes.

All this happened about ten years ago when we were in our early thirties.


Spanking Games

January 12 2003, 4:33 PM 

I’l try and answer some of Simon’s requests and comment on C.Nickels post.

The first time I got spanked in our school games was, looking back, a very tame affair. I went over Graham’s knee for talking in class. I remember the smacks over my dress and knickers being so soft as to be hardly felt. In fact the strongest memory is thinking how funny it felt to be lying over his knee in such close proximity to this older boy on who I had a crush.

The last was several years later in early September just before Graham went back to boarding school. By then it was just the two of us in the tree house and I let Graham, unusually, take my knickers down as it would be the last time for a while (for ever it turned out). He did’nt spank me very hard, just enough for a bit of a sting and tingle. I was too young to understand exactly why I found all this exciting rather than unpleasant, but have replayed it in my mind a thousand times.

The hardest was a few weeks before the last. I had heard about being spanked so hard that you could’nt sit down for a week and was a little curious. Several times Graham had asked to be allowed to spank me really hard and I had refused. A few months earlier he had arranged for me to get his sisters old bike for my birthday present. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he asked to be allowed to smack my bare bottom really hard. So I agreed. I was surprised how much it hurt and did’nt really like the actual spanking. I cried a little and Graham got both worried and upset. However the warm after glow of my bottom coupled with a hug and a kiss cheered me up. Looking back he still probably did’nt spank that hard as by the time I had the privicy to look at my bottom in a mirror, several hours later, it was’nt even red. This was the only time when his spanking really hurt me.


Re: Spanking Games

January 13 2003, 6:37 PM 

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. They will keep me going for days.

What, I wonder, became of Graham? Did his love of bottom smacking last into adulthood? Perhaps he became a Schoolteacher or a Boy Scout Leader?

It would be nice to think that you married him and lived a life of comfort in Weybridge.

Simon (Clique member)

C. Nickel

Re: Re: Spanking Games

January 13 2003, 7:04 PM 

From what Debbie tells us, it seems likely that Graham is at this very moment peering through his curtains and ever-expecting the arrival of the police.

From the details supplied, it seems that at the time of his 'knicks down' dalliance with Debbie, he was above the age of criminal responsibility and that Debbie was well below any age at which she might be thought capable of giving informed consent to the activities.

All that being so, it seems Graham is guilty of a serious sexual offence against a very young child and should, even at this late stage, be brought to justice.

No doubt Debbie will acknowledge her duty to the public at large and to young children in particular and supply full details of Graham's identity.


Spanking Games

January 13 2003, 8:05 PM 

That last time I was 9 & Graham was 13.

His parents lived next door for another 2 years, but Graham was away at boarding school mostly. The few times he was at home he never tried to make contact with me.

We lost touch.

I hope he is happpy and is spanking girls his own age.

C. Nickel

Re: Spanking Games

January 13 2003, 9:06 PM 

9 and 13?

As I thought, the man's a monster!

And with poor Maxine hardly cold and Emily not much better off!!

It's all too much!

Graham's old address and a full statement re his child-molesting activities must be supplied to the police without delay.


Spanking Games

January 13 2003, 10:44 PM 

O for goodness sake!

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