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Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 19 2003 at 12:36 PM
Lau Lee Sze 

Hi. I'm from Malaysia, and I'd like to share a bit about school corporal punishments in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, there are 3 types of primary school: Malay school, Chinese school and Indian school and also National Secondary schools.

I'm from a chinese primary school, and in chinese schools, the teachers use the cane a lot more than Malay schools and Indian schools. In primary school, caning maybe administered by any teacher, and caning is the main form of punishment (even for small mistakes), so almost every student will have been caned in their primary school life. The teachers don't care whether the student is a boy or girl, as long as they dd something wrong (like not doing their homework, being talkative in class etc). Canings are mostly administered on the hand, although students (both boys and girls) are sometimes caned on their bottom, when they commit serious offences, repetitively do the same mistakes, or refuse to show their hand before their caning is finished (like when the teacher decides to give him/her 8 strokes, and after the 4th stroke, if the student refuses to show his/her hand due to the pain, the teacher will cane the student on the bottom). And yes, in primary school, canings are administered in front of the class.

In secondary schools, caning is also used, but only for serious offences or repetitive offences. In secondary schools, caning (no matter boys or girls) is done privately in the principal's room, by the principal (or someone else appointed). In secondary schools, mostly it is boys who get caned. It will be extremely embarrasing if a girl is caned in her secondary school years. In secondary schools, canings of boys are done on the bottom, while for girls, most of the time, it will be on their hands, but sometimes on their bottoms too. I myself did experience canings on the bottom, which is not only devastatingly painful, but also extremely humiliating, when the news is spread about. News will spread around because if you're sent by the teacher to see the principal to receive canings, the teacher will ask another student to witness the event.

In Malaysia, canings on the bottom of students are done on their school uniform. We are never caned on our bare behinds. However, for girls, sometimes we are asked by our teachers to remove the shorts which we wear under our school pinafore (most of the girls will wear bike shorts, or other types of shorts under their school pinafore to provide comfort and security), because our school pinafore material is thick. We can't refuse it, if we refuse, the teacher will either pull the shorts down herself or ask another girl to pull it down. I think the teachers feel that canings on the pinafore + bike shorts + knickers will be ineffective, but for me, even with my pinafore, bike shorts and knickers on, I still feel it is extremely painful. I can't imagine if was caned with the bike shorts removed. However, I do witness a few events of my friends being asked to remove their bike shorts, and after the caning, they are sobbing like hell.

And yes, in Malaysia, spanking on the bottoms are not done, because it can be considered a sort of sexual harrassment.

That's about my experiences in school corporal punishment in Malaysia. Do give your views. Thanks!

Lee Sze

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Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 19 2003, 10:04 PM 

Dear Lee Sze,

Thank you so much for your amazingly comprehensive account of corporal punishment in Malaysian schools. You are, I believe, our first contributor from South East Asia.

Could you possibly explain further the notion that spankings may be considered sexual harassment, whereas the pulling down of a girl’s bicycle shorts by a teacher before a caning is administered appears to be acceptable practice?

Robin (not Peverett)

Re: Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 7:01 AM 

Dear Lee Sze,

Yours is a really super post and so nicely written. Is English your first language?

C. Nickel

Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 8:05 AM 

There is nothing more suspicious that a spankophile claiming to be from Malaysia and, indeed, this contributor's English is so good that his/her alleged Malaysian origins appear even more doubtful than might otherwise be the case.

However, it is my extremely pleasant duty to inform the board that Lau Lee Sze is a fluent speaker of a Malaysian language and that he/she contributes to a Malaysian bulletin board every posting upon which is written in that language.

I strongly suspect therefore that this contributor may be 100% genuine.

Now, if readers will excuse me, I have to go away and lie down in a darkened room until the shock wears off.

Lau Lee Sze

Re: Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 8:21 AM 

Hi. Thanks for your compliments. Actually, English is just my second language; chinese is my first language, but in Malaysia, we put quite a lot of emphasis on English too.

Actually, I also don't really know how to answer Roger's question. Well, I think spanking is considered a type of sexual harassment, because the teacher is using his/her hand to hit the boy's/girl's bottom, which means there is some 'contact'. Maybe it can be considered a type of molest?

As for the teacher pulling down the girl's bike shorts before caning, I must say it is seldomly done, only when the girl is really naughty, bad, or always commit the same mistakes. Until now, I only saw female teachers doing so, I never saw male teachers doing so. If male teachers were to cane girl students, normally they will just cane them as they are, to prevent being sued for sexual harassment. Even if they really want to pull down the girl's bike shorts, he will ask other girl students to pull them down. I think it isn't considered a sexual harassment because it is females who pull down the girl's bike shorts, not males.

Besides that, when the girl pull down her bike shorts, or is being pulled down by the teacher/another girl, it is just being pulled down. It is not that her skirt will be lifted, her bike shorts pulled down (which reveals her knickers), then her skirt being put back again. Instead, if the girl pulled down her bike shorts herself, she will bent down a little, put her hand under her skirt (pinafore), pull down her bike shorts and put it on the table, without revealing any 'sensitive' parts or clothings of her body. That's why I don't think it is considered a sexual harrassment. But I do think if I'm the one who is asked to pull down my bike shorts, I'll be extremely embarassed. If really told to do so, I'll just commit and pull it down, because the consequences of not commiting are your bike shorts being pulled down by others, being caned heavier and more times. So far, everytime I saw girls whose bike shorts are being pulled down and caned, they will be crying for the whole day.

Any comments?

Lee Sze

Lau Lee Sze

Re: Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 8:37 AM 

Hi C. Nickel. I'm actually quite sad that you alleged me of not being a Malaysian.

Yes, I know my English is quite good.. but that doesn't mean that I'm not a Malaysian. Besides English, I also speak Chinese and Malay. English is more widely used here than u all know, especially among the chinese and indian communities here. In fact, we read english newspapers, study a lot of things in english too.

I must admit that I have a lot of fond memories towards school canings. In the past, I really hate school canings, and I'm very afraid when I know I'm going to be caned. It's so embarassing for girls to be caned, especially when I'm a top student in class. But as time passed, and I no longer receive the canes anymore, I started to miss them. It's quite strange isn't it? And I must admit that I am a frequent masturbater. In fact, I started to masturbate after my first caning in primary school. That morning, I was caned on my hand, and the whole day, I felt very 'strange', because the caning was so painful and I felt so embarrased at school. When I slept in the night, I don't know how (maybe I was dreaming), when I woke up, I was actually touching my clitoris, and it felt so nice. Since then, I started to masturbate and have fond memories of masturbation and caning.

Please, I'm really from Malaysia... And don't doubt me about it!

Lee Sze

C. Nickel

Re: Re: Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 8:51 AM 

Hello Lee Sze,

If your English were just a little better, you'd realise that I was not doubting your Malaysian origins.

On the contrary, I was saying that I thought you entirely genuine .

C. Nickel

Re: Re: Re: Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 9:00 AM 

I should add that I use the expression 'entirely genuine' to refer only to nationality and geographic origin.

In the original postings, it wasn't clear whether Lee Sze was writing as a male or a female, although it's now clear that Lee Sze writes as a female (surprise! surprise!)

As ever, gender must be taken on trust - or not, as the case may be.

Lau Lee Sze

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 2:43 PM 

Hi, why is it so strange for me to be a girl??

Lee Sze

C. Nickel

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Corporal punishment in Malaysia

June 20 2003, 4:03 PM 

Mainly because you have a penis and two testicles.


Keep posting, Lee Sze!

June 20 2003, 7:50 PM 

Hello, Lee Sze!

I do hope that you are not discouraged by the comments of C. Nickel who is a highly valued contributor to this forum, but can, on occasion, be a little cynical.

Would you tell us in which years you were caned at school? There are a few press cuttings about Malaysia at on the subject of the possible re-introduction of corporal punishment in its schools. Has it, in fact, been re-introduced?

Not an Anonymous Donation

Re: Keep posting, Lee Sze!

June 20 2003, 10:40 PM 

I have learnt a great deal from the messages of Lee Sze and her command of English is better than many of the stupid BASTARD contributors for whom it is their native language.

James Stephenson

Going home

June 22 2003, 11:09 AM 

Dear Lee Sze,

Thank you for a fascinating insight into your country. I was wondering, when corporal punishment was widely used in the UK, most schoolchildren would not tell their parents when they'd been caned or belted either because they were ashamed or because they didn't want to risk getting more punishment at home. I get the impression that family is much more important in countries like Malysia and I wonder whether children feel any kind of obligation to own up to their parents at such times? How do parents view their sons or daughters having been caned?



now just a moment...

June 22 2003, 10:31 PM 

Is it really entirely acceptable for people to come on here from the colonies and start banging on about their clitoris? I for one don't wish to hear about such things.

Not an Anonymous Donation

Re: now just a moment...

June 23 2003, 3:28 PM 

I agree with the encyclopaedic squirrel. This is not a clit forum. People who want that sort of stuff should go to the F/F Lesbianating Group at Yahoo.

Only a few months ago we had some foul fellow who thought that our happy circle was a minge and green knickers forum and look what happened to him!

Keep posting, squirrel! Together we shall rid this forum of all that is base and BASTARD.

Lee Sze: Would you please tell us what colour knickers you were wearing when you were caned at school?



June 23 2003, 7:43 PM 

Actually what I have noticed is that our charming young correspondent from Malaysia said she is from a primary school. Now it may be that the age range of primary schools is different from those in the UK, but even so she seems to use extremely mature language for a primary school pupil. Emotionally mature too in being able to speak so tellingly about her feelings on being beaten. Anyway I think an international flavour is a good thing - I think those of us in the UK where school spankings have been abolished should share our experiences with those from other countries where CP is still used - Swaziland anyone? There was a very telling programme on Channel 4 a couple of years back which had scenes in which schoolgirls were caned on the bottom as a matter of course - did anyone else see it?

Darwinian Man

Re: Malaysia

June 23 2003, 8:50 PM 

I myself, personally myself, did not see the programme myself. (I have just been reading ‘The Eamonn Andrews Show’ again.) For those who are members of the rather dubious Yahoo Group, JCP-Female, there are photographs of the black bottom canings to which 47David refers.

Gas Mask Wearer

Black Bottoms

June 23 2003, 10:11 PM 

Black bums! I love them! I once had a short liaison with a seventeen year old black girl called Josenthia. She looked like that woman from the 70’s sit-com called something like Bugger your Neighbour. She used to wear pure white cotton knickers and seeing them against the contrast of her shiny black skin was more than a man could stand. She loved to be spanked and we would act out scenes from The Memoirs of Dolly Morton. She would take twelve of the cane on her black, black arse without a murmur. God, it’s hot in here.

She eventually went off to make piccaninnies as they do, and I miss her.

Gas Mask Wearer

Re: Black Bottoms

June 24 2003, 10:19 PM 

A good bit from The Memoirs of Dolly Morton can be found at

Lau Lee Sze

Sorry for the late reply...

June 27 2003, 10:14 AM 

Hi. My last caning was last year, when I was in Form 3.

According to the Ministry's directive, there are a few rules about caning, among them are:

1. Caning can only be done on boy students
2. Caning must be done privately and properly recorded
3. The student can only be caned on his hand or his bottom with his clothings on
4. Canings can only be given by principals or someone authorised

Eventhough the ruling says like this, not every school follows it. In primary schools, caning has always been something normal, like I said in my first post. It's a common sight for boy and girls to be caned.

In secondary schools, girls are less likely to be caned. Most of the time, it is boys who are caned. But caning on girls still happen occasionally.

In Malaysia, eventhough we as girls should not be caned, when we are caned, we never tell our parents about it or report to the police about it. That's because it's very embarassing to be caned, and our parents will normally side the teachers, and give us another few more strokes. So, caning is still normal and never cease in Malaysia.

Well, I think the posts that Karen saw in Corpun is about the reintroduction of public caning, because many teachers actually hope that public caning is revived. But until now, public caning in secondary schools is still not administered, while public caning in primary schools has never ceased.

That's all!

Lee Sze

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