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Paddling Texas Style

June 28 2003 at 3:16 AM

Most of the postings seem to be from old British codgers who recall (or fabricate) experiences of being caned. But let us look at what is going on today in Texas. Boys and girls up to grade 12 (17 years of age) are being whacked with a wooden board called a paddle.
Pupils who infringe the regulations are given the choice of a paddling or detention. Here is the latest official report of incidents of corporal punishment (paddling) in a Texas High School for the school year 2001-02 compared with the choice of detention as an alternative. The minimum number of swats on the bottom was three, the maximum five. Penalties were the same for girls as well as boys. There is no distinction.

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 12 Grade 12
Boys choosing paddling 303 291 178 198
Boys choosing detention 23 12 6 7
% choosing paddling (boys) 92.94% 92.97% 96.74% 96.59%

Girls choosing paddling 85 102 153 231
Girls choosing detention 132 98 35 13
% choosing paddling (girls) 39.17% 36.43% 81.38% 94.67%

It is remarkable to me that more than 92 % of the boys across the 9 to 12 grades chose to be paddled rather than be given detention. Clearly there was no fear of the paddle. Obviously their weekend free time was important to them. Saturday detention was not liked.
The younger girls chose to have detention in preference to being paddled. However, in the 11th and 12th grades they were not afraid of being paddled; more than 80% of 11th graders and nearly 95% of the 12th grade girls preferred to be paddled rather than being given a Saturday detention. But why the significant variation in view? Did the older girls like to be paddled, or did they dislike detention so much? In view of the statistics for boys not wanting Saturday detention it seems likely that a free Saturday was also very important to the girls.

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Re: Paddling Texas Style

June 28 2003, 10:37 AM 

Dear Meilong Typing-Error,

Thank you so much for sending this important statistical information which our research team will spend many happy hours analysing. Their preliminary findings are ‘them Texicans sure know how to treat their youngfolk’.

You may be interested to know that previous research has shown that ‘old British codgers’ represent only 0.005% of our contributors. Defeated Headmaster George has admitted to being such an one.

Hugs and fuggs,


Tradesmen's Entrance

Re: Re: Paddling Texas Style

June 28 2003, 11:21 AM 

And me. That makes 2.

westham lad

Re: Re: Re: Paddling Texas Style

July 4 2003, 11:46 PM 

right who's gonner move to Texas with me ?
and get a job as caretaker's in the schools.....

ready when you are.....


Texas style paddling

July 5 2003, 8:31 AM 

Caretakers in Texas are not allowed to watch paddling. That priviledge is reserved for teachers.

If you want to have fun as a caretaker go to Czechoslovakia. They get the caretakers to carry out any whacking on the girls' bare bottoms. Haven't you seen the film?


Caretakers have Fun

July 5 2003, 9:25 AM 

In the late 1970’s a school in downtown Birmingham, UK employed a caretaker who was really into fun. He rented out classrooms to the maker of pornographic films. Several films, starring ex-pupils, were made before the police intervened.

The ensuing court case was reported on the front page of the ‘Birmingham Evening Mail’.


Paddling is Reality

July 5 2003, 1:10 PM 

Yes, while we can only fantasize about caning and tawsing in UK schools, paddling is a reality right now in the Southern USA.
Lovely teenage girls are beaten across tight jeans every day, and those paddles HURT.
You can be sure a lot of the principals doing the paddling love their job too!
More power to their right arms!


paddling and gender

July 6 2003, 6:42 PM 

Another inference to be drawn from this most valuable detailed statistical information is that there is a significant shift in the frequency with which the respective genders are paddled between ninth and twelfth grades (ages 14 to 17, approximately). In ninth grade, the totals are 326 boys and 217 girls; in 10th, 303 boys and 200 girls; in 11th, 184 boys and 188 girls; in 12th, 205 boys and 244 girls. This means that, contrary to all the assumptions about corporal punishment in school that have long been prevalent in Britain (not least on this message board), significantly more girls than boys were spanked during their final two years at this Texas school.



July 6 2003, 6:52 PM 

Sorry, my mistake--those figures were for total punishments. But the same point still holds--more girls than boys in trouble in their last two years, and more girls paddled.


Girls accepting paddling in Texas

July 7 2003, 2:27 AM 

I think there are significant facts that emerge from this data. The first is that girls up to the age of 18 are liable to the same level of corporal punishment as boys. Second, is that so many girls choose to get five or so swats on their bottoms as an alternative to detention. And the reports that surface are that the swats are not by any means gentle. They are hard whacks that leave the girls bottoms red and bruised.

Hands up all those here who would have preferred hard whacks on the bottom as an alternative to detention at the age of 18. Not many, I bet.


Caretakers in Czech film

July 7 2003, 7:01 PM 

No I haven't seen the film referred to up the thread. What is its title?


Czech Film

July 8 2003, 1:25 AM 


Teenage Texas Tight-jeaned Lovelies

July 8 2003, 1:32 AM 

So, there are lovely teenage girls getting beaten across their tight jeans very day, are there? I bet their butts are sore. Perhaps once a week might be enough.

Incidentally, can anyone arrange to introduce me to these lovely teenagers?


Paddling of Girls in Schools in the American South Today

July 8 2003, 2:19 AM 

The letters from school teachers in America never cease to amaze me. Some are vigourously against paddling, others condone it. Here is a letter posted in mid June of this year (2003)

High school girls (and boys) are frequently paddled in some districts in the south, especially in Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi. However, in almost all cases, the student chooses the punishment over alternatives.
Corporal punishment is traditional in the South, and people don't view it as sexual abuse. Female high school students are generally paddled by female teachers or coaches. (Generally! Not always? My stars!)

I have taught in districts that use corporal punishment and those that do not. Paddling is by far the most effective punishment in grades 9-12. Very few students, especially girls, need to be paddled twice.
In our district this year, 456 female students in grades 9-12 were referred for a choice of either Saturday detention or a paddling. Of these, 411 took corporal punishment and 45 detention. Only 3% of the students that were paddled were referred again for a second paddling, while 25% of those that took detention got a second (and in some cases third) referral.

Up until the mid 1980's girls were paddled much less frequently than boys. However, girls wanted the same option of avoiding detention as boys by choosing a paddling. Currently, the rate of CP for boys and girls is about the same.

Comment by Meilong: 411 out of 445 girls in this district in grades 9 – 12 (aged 15 to 18) chose to be paddled. Why? Obviously 15 to 18 year-old American girls in the south are not afraid of being paddled. But why did only 3% get paddled twice? Did they suddenly start to behave properly because they were afraid of a second paddling?

Bob T.

Paddling of Girls

October 31 2003, 3:00 PM 

Several years ago, I happened to meet a female PE teacher in the local bar (pub)and she told me that she was the one always called to administer CP to the girls at her school.When I was at school,any teacher could and would use CP on any student. But the girls I went to school with were very well behaved and were never paddled. So I was curious about how many girls got paddled and she said about six per year.
I told her I didn't think it was fair because the male teachers could hit a lot harder. She took serious exception to that and said that she could hit just as hard as any man and because girls usually wore short skirts,when they bend over their only protection was their underwear.I think the argument ruined any chance I had of going home with her and probably caused the next girl to get paddled a lot more pain.On the other hand,she may have prefered women anyway.

curious onlooker

Re: Paddling of Girls

October 31 2003, 7:32 PM 

not a very original question but was the female teacher pretty

Bob T.

re:Was she pretty

October 31 2003, 7:45 PM 

If she wasn't,I wouldn't have been trying to get in her pants.

Big John

Texican Style

October 31 2003, 9:38 PM 

Although my grandpappy got run out of Texas he always used to sing this down-home song to us kids before he paddled us.

I long for that paddle country,
That sore-in-the-saddle country,
That butt-whuppin’ heaven back south.

I long for that ole country,
That good-for-the-soul country,
Good for cookin’ things that melt in your mouth.

If my cousin Cindy-Lou
Gave a paddlin’ to you,
She’d make that worn-out paddle
Feel exactly like bran’ new.

I long for that paddle country,
That’s where I should be,
For that ole paddle country is home to me.


school and home

December 8 2005, 7:23 AM 

i get paddled at school sometimes, several times and at home also mostly bare butt and sometimes pants up some times in boxers only. i cry too red stinging butt too hurts
but it sure makes me wish i was good boy
im 11th grade now 17 age
i get a mininum of 6 or 7 har swats
6 or more swatrs sometimes over 9

Lotta Nonsense

Re: school and home

December 8 2005, 9:31 AM 

I can't help but feel that Shawn's claim would carry more weight if the Internet were not groaning under the weight of his requests to see boys' bare bottoms.

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