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punishment witnessed by females

July 29 2003 at 6:33 PM


I received c.p very often as a boy,both at home and at school.My two sisters and the girls in my class were exempt from this,but took great delight in watching punishment being administered.My father used to spank me over his knee with a large wooden hairbrush of mums,it did,nt matter if there were witnesses or not,but my sisters always tried to be around It was the same at school ,boys were slippered in front of the class while the girls tried to get a good view .The whackings were painful enough but the humiliation of females being present was just as bad

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Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 29 2003, 7:20 PM 

When I was caned on my hands at a UK state comprehensive it was witnessed by the 3 other boys who I was in trouble with and also by the Deputy Head and our year head who were both ladies. The deputy was around 55-60 I should think but our year head was quite young, good looking and we all had a crush on her. I felt very embarrased getting punished in front of her despite that it was my hands and not my bottom that was getting whacked.


Re: Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 30 2003, 11:09 AM 

I have posted here before about my schooldays in the midlands in the 1950s. Several of our lady teachers in the juniors seemed to have a great love of giving pretty vicious canings to boys on the hand - never girls. They were frequently given in front of the class or even in front of the school if the offence took place in assembly whilst the whole school was gathered together.

The girls, however, seemed to stop their chattering and suddenly take a great interest when a caning was about to happen. This also seemed to apply to the teachers who were keen caners (all of these were ladies). If, for instance, you misbehaved in the playground and the duty teacher was one of the caners, she took you to your form teacher at the end of break to report it. Once the class had reassembled the cane would be produced and used and the duty teacher would always hang around to witness the punishment. Didn't understand it at the time since they must have had a class of their own to go to.

I later went to an all boys grammar school which had no lady teachers. It was the rule (probably unwritten) at the time that secondary school boys were always subject to the cane for anything more than trivial offences and it was always given on the bottom, over trousers, with the tail of the blazer folded back.

The following scenarios have always fascinated me:

- if the Head was alady (although there weren't many of these about at the time I guess there must have been a few) what was her routine when she caned you or would she get one of the men teachers to do it.

- if you were sent to a male Head together with some other boys you were always caned in front of one another. If you were sent to a lady Head together with some girls would she cane you in front of them with the girls just being given lines or detention.

- if you were at a school where the prefects were allowed to cane (common back then) and there were girl prefects did they inflict canings themselves or if a caning was going on in the prefects room did they watch.

Must have been nice being a schoolgirl back then. All boys lived in the constant fear of getting the cane but girls didn't. The worst thing that could happen to them was being put in detention.

kelly anne

Re: punishment witnessed by females

October 26 2003, 5:24 PM 

I started senior school in the mid sixties aged eleven.It was about november and there had been a heavy fall of snow.At morning assembley our housemaster said that he didnt mind anyone snowballing on the large school field but under no cicumstances was anyone to throw snow near the school buildings
I was walking along the path in front of the classrooms when a snowball exploded on my bare legs,it stung.A boy in my class ithink his name was Steven came running up with another snowball,but iwas to quick and threw my own snowball,it missed .There was then a sharp rapping on the classroom window,the boys p.e master was summoning us both to his room.As we both walked in together steven made the comment that he was going to get whacked,iwas a bit nervous even though id been told that only boys received c.p.We knocked at the door and entered MR.S was sat behind his desk looking very angry,he told that he,d witnessed the whole episode,and had saw steven throw first but also he,d seen me as well.He rose from his chair and brought it round to the front he then picked up a thick book from the shelf and placed it on the floor just in front of the right hand leg of the chair ,this puzzled meMR S then opened his desk drawer and pulled out three sheets of foolscap paper followed by a very large ,old plimsoll,iwas very scared till MR S put my mind at rest.Don,t worry dear thats not for you, he said i breathed a sigh of relief.He told me i was to write two hundred lines for friday,he then told me to stand to one side i thought he,s going to punish this boy in front of me,MR S called Steven to him, told the boy why he was to be punished "your going to receive six whacks young man have you anything to say"Steven just mumbled he was sorry.Iwas feeling really sorry for him ,we had both committed the same offence but he was going to be slippered by this very large man."Remove your blazer" said MR S Steven did so MR S then sat on the chair and put his right leg on the book ."Bend over my knee " ordered the p.e master Steven did so MR S then administered six of the hardest whacks i,d ever seen to the poor boys bottom he howled the class down, i tried to look away but iwas fascinated by the punishment taking place in front of me i could,nt wait to tell the rest of the girls.That was the first time i saw a boy being disciplined i saw quite a few in the rest of my schooldays but that one will always stand out There must be thousands of females out there who witnessed boys being punished


Re: punishment witnessed by females

October 30 2003, 5:53 PM 

When i was in secondary school our regular teacher was ill so a young female student teacher was put in charge of our class,of course most of the boys started to fool around and the noise just got louder.That was soon stopped by the entrance of the headmaster,the student teacher explained to him that it was the boys who had made all the noise.He said he was going back to his study for his cane and all the boys were going to receive three strokes on his return,the whole class went silent the boys with fear , i think ,the girls all wondering if they were going to see all the boys caned.The head returned holding a very long cane and pointing to the first boy called him to the front and ordered him to bend over, the head then administered three hard whacks to this boy.All us girls were fascinated by this as none of us had seen boys caned before The scenario was repeated ten more times till every boy had been caned i,ve never seen as much squirming in seats or heard as much howling as the cane connected with there tight trousers.That was the only time i witnessed boys being punished ,it was a unforgetable experience, i,m just glad that us girls were,nt punished the same


Caned in front of school

July 13 2008, 2:43 PM 

I went to a public school in England. Canings were a fairly regular event. It was an all boys school until one year before I left when girls were then admitted. For minor offences you would be canned over your trousers by prefects with no more than 3 srokes. For more serious offences you would be sent to the housemaster who could punish you with 6 srokes of the cane over your trousers or 3 strokes across you bare bottom. I got into real trouble when I was 15. I stole a car which resulted in me appearing before the Headmaster. I knew what to expect. At evening assembly I was to appear before the whole school of boys. I was to be stripped naked and then given six very hard strokes of the cane. It was an experience that was to be repeated the following year when girls had been introduced. It was a very unusual things to be caned in front of the school but my crime was considered so serious that the only other option was to be expelled. I had been caught with a gun and once again I was told to appear at evening assembly wearing just my dressing gown and slippers. The buzz around the schools was quite clear and I took a lot of stick from the girls. At evening assembly I came into the room and saw that most of the girls had taken their seats in front of the platform. I was marched onto the platform and given a brief lecture. Facing the assembly I was ordered to remove my dressing gown and stood there naked in front of the school. I was then told to turn round and bend over and received 12 very hard strokes of the cane. It never happened again.

Steve M

Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 13 2008, 3:55 PM 

I didn't know there were any public schools in Grimsby.

Which I assume is where one would go to be canned over the trousers?

Do tell us which august establishment liked parading naked 15-year old boys in front of girls;I'm sure there'll be a rush of applicants for places!

Steve M


Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 13 2008, 9:12 PM 

Very fair comment Steve! It certainly wasn't anything like that at the public school I attended, more's the pity!

And that's despite the very close proximity of that school to the establishment attended by Teresa of the smacked legs and Named & shamed threads!

PS Useless but interesting: I never knew one could get those little emoticons to wink! You certainly learn new stuff on this estimable forum!

Steve M

Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 13 2008, 9:57 PM 


Never having attended a public school, I probably should keep schtum, but I can't quite see any Head of such a school stimulating the other sex with that sort of thing.

Come to think of it, even a particularly useless Head would be hard-pushed to find any reason to keep a car-thief on board ship! There was one such bloke in my 6th form at Grammar-he'd been expelled from Lancing College simply for stealing from other boys pockets.

Let's face it, would any decent car-thief anyhow want to steal to order the sort of thing most of our school teachers drove then? I exempt my head of French, who had a fab 50's Citreon, to go with his black cord jacket, immense 5 o'clock shadow and air of Gallic superiority. He probably influenced the entire Goth music movement and Eric Cantona, born a mere year after Black Jake joined our happy throng!

I suspect, regarding usefulness, a skilled computer hacker might have been another story, had such creatures existed in our day. At least until the school was surrounded by the CIA,FBI,& SWAT teams led by Bruce Willis after he'd hacked into the Pentagon's defences under cover of researching Fermat's last theorom for the Head of Maths!!

As for emoticons, glad you have mastered the winking bit. I will have a go one day, but only when they produce ones that remind me of the character AND undoubtedly lovely shapes of Lotta, Ketta & Teresa!

Steve M


Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 14 2008, 1:09 AM 

Steve, absolutely spot on regarding the class of cars owned by the teaching staff, but then when I was at school you had to be fairly wealthy to own a nice car - not far removed from the post-war austerity!

Motorised transport owned by our lot had a special hazard to face. There was a covered area along one side of the yard held up by iron pillars. These were just the right distance apart for a determined group to drop the fairly small cars then extant in between them with a couple of inches to spare at either end. Braver (or more stupid, in view of the sanctions available) lads than me were wont to do just that to cars belonging to members of staff who made themselves particularly obnoxious.

As regards your last paragraph, animated GIFs aren't my speciality, but I have been known to indulge. If the ladies concerned would care to post a suitable photograph .............


punishment witnessed by females

July 15 2008, 12:17 AM 

I have just discovered this group, and after reading through the posting,its quite amazing how many of
your recollections i can empathize with.I went to school in the north of England between 1967 and 1978.We lived in fairly typical middle class suburb.The discipline both at home and at school harsh.My
parents were firm advocates of corporal punishment and disciplined my two sisters and myself accordingly.At home my mother administered the CP.She always used a carpet slipper,which tended to be a standard hard soled slipper.I was slippered in the living room often in front of my sisters etc.It was always on my bare behind with my pants or pyjamas being ceremoniously pulled down.And yes i was usually reduced pitifully to tears, and no, my sisters did not enjoy the whole thing at all.They were slippered in their rooms, sometimes bare but usually through nightwear.And no matter what time of the day, we were sent to bed after a slippering.We did not go hungry as my mother always brought us something to eat later on.
This was humiliating enough, but the real humiliation was at school.Every pupil at first and middle school took with them everyday to school a "slipper bag."Which contained the ubiquitous school slipper or black rubber ridge soled plimsoles.As mentioned in other posts shoes were not allowed indoors at school we had to change into slippers.If a pupil forgot his slippers then he had to go barefoot indoors for the day.Boys had to wear shorts.In winter many of us used to change out of long trousers into shorts after arriving at school.Everyone used to walk to school in those days.Now i know this may
be hard to believe for some of you but if a boy forgot his shorts to change into, he would be made to
go all day indoors in his underpants, and also would have his legs severely smacked as well.
Boys were slippered in front of his class, consisting of girls and boys and usually on the bare bottom.Girls would have legs smacked with skirts pulled up.When i got slippered at school, i always got a reciprocal slippering at home.Some of my slipperings were so painful that at home even before my mother handed out another one i could barely sit down. Believe me being sent straight to bed afterwards was a godsend in many ways because i could lay down in my soft bed.
Boys would often get lined up in the playground all in a line and touching toes in front of the whole schooland get slippered.
Finally there was one female teacher we had when aged 7 to 9 who was just so strict.We did PE twice a week. Boys just in their underpants and girls in pants and vest and always in barefeet.We had to undress in the classroom,boys and girls together and then after changing we had to walk from the classroom down a long corridor with classrooms on either side totally visible for all to see.
Still with this this same teacher, we movedto a new classroom.One day it was raining at playtime so she let us stay in the classroom.Anyway, myself and four other boys ran around the room and unbknown
to us and by accident we scuffed the news tiled floors with our rubber soled slippers.She went crazy
and gave us the most horrendous and humiliating thrashing on our bare behinds. We howled and screamed with the slippering she gave us in front of the class.And then to ad insult to injury the phoned all of our mothers at home to come a fetch us, knowing full well what they would do to us when we got home.And further to that for the next month when i got home from school instead i was made to change straight out of my uniform into my pyjamas and go to bed at 5.30pm.And sadly my sisters and their friends used to tease me about this when they came round to play.


Punishment witnessed by females

July 15 2008, 3:21 AM 

I went to a small rural public school in southern Illinois in the late 70's early 80's. Up through the 3rd grade both boys and girls were paddled the same way. The teacher would stop class bring her chair to the front of class, sit down, call the offender up, have them pull down their pants or lift up their skirt, then put you over her lap. While over her lap she would pull your shorts or panties down below your butt, and give a few stinging swats with a small paddle in front ofeveryone. She would pull up your underpants, stand you up to pull your pants back up. There was only 11 people in my class. Paddlings were a daily if not twice daily occurrence. Both boys and girls where equally paddled and just as hard. There was nobody that never got paddled.

The Oracle

Re, punishment witnessed by females

July 20 2008, 8:46 PM 

I was punished in front of the class, half of whom were girls, several times at my primary school in Birmingham during the sixties. On two occasions I was caned on my backside, the rest being the ruler on the hand. Girls were also sometimes punished in front of the class, normally with the ruler on the hand, but occasionally on back of the legs. However I do recall one girl being caned, she got one stroke on each hand, but the strokes were so light, that it was more of a token punishment and I suspect her tears were from embarrassment, rather than pain.


Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 23 2008, 2:08 AM 

Up to the 60s,I think,(I'm not sure about the exact date),it was quite common for females to go and watch the judicial caning of boys in the USA.
These females were either court employees or journalists. And according to several accounts they were usually in their early 20s. And also several of the boy's victims(like thefts,rapes etc.)could be present for the canings,including young girls.
The canings were done on bare buttocks,so these girls and young women had quite a show. And I'm sure most of them enjoyed it. The boys could be as young as 13.
Sometimes they were caned in groups of up to 4 or 6 boys according to official reports. So these girls must have had quite a show.


Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 23 2008, 9:49 AM 

Eric, where did you hear about this? Which states had judicial caning?


Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 23 2008, 10:23 AM 

Mostly southern states like Georgia etc,where they had a large black population and a high juvenile crime rate.


Bob T

Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 30 2008, 11:04 AM 

Joel; I don't even know where to start. Your account lacks credibility. I know they were tough in Southern IL because I lived there for a few years in the '60s but as religious and conservative as they are there is no way anybody was pulling down pants or lifting skirts.


Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 30 2008, 1:57 PM 

If you looked at the All-American sites of this type you'd be wondering if Joel is right after all. There is nothing but posts of this type on these sites. Could they all be wrong?
On the other hand I must admit that Americans do exagerate things a bit.
I've looked through hundreds of these posts by Americans and didn't find a single one which said that they got less than 80 swats with a usually heavy paddle,both at schhol and at home. I don't know how anyone could survive that.
There are other exagerations(which might be true)of boys doing the nude at some schools and even forced nude swimming in the school's swimming pool,sometimes by a female(clothed) instuctor.
I'm not saying that these accounts are not true,our American guests could tell us someyhing about this.


Bob T

Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 30 2008, 7:17 PM 

Eric, I went to one of those small rural schools for 4 years. 3rd through 6th grades. The rules were the same all over. If you can picture this at the time there were small towns that could be 6 to 10 miles apart. They all had their own little elementary schools, but they were still in the same district. So they all had the same rules. Nobody got more than six swats bending over touching toes.

If you were unfortunate enough to get in trouble while in gym class or in the locker room you might get paddled in gym shorts or underpants.

When I started junior high I was sent to a Military boarding school. Anything could happen there. You could be paddled right after leaving the shower. I never saw it happen but I saw somebody come close. His entire body was shaking with fear while he was getting a stern lecture from the coach who already had the paddle in hand. It was rare to escape a paddling in Military school and even rarer when they had the paddle in hand.

My last two high school years were at a public school in Chicago where CP had been banned before I was born. However there was forced nude swimming. If you skipped that class you failed gym class. The teachers were male and usually gay.
At least mine would stand by the open doorway between the locker room and the pool. He always had a bulge in his pants. We all hated the bastard. I never once saw a female enter the pool.

That doesn't mean you can mix and match these things. What happened at Military school could never happen in a public school.

In southern IL the people are very conservative and religious. There would be no nude swimming, bad touching, or bare bottom paddling. Any teacher who tried something like that would get a visit like Frankenstein got with the torches and pitchforks. Only it would be shotguns and tar and feathers.

Short of the bare bottom spanking, a female teacher could get away with almost anything back then. Teachers were held in very high esteem and children were second class citizens.


Re: punishment witnessed by females

July 30 2008, 9:50 PM 

I believe most everythimg you say Bob because it fits in with what those U.S.posts say but without being exagerated.
However what struck me most was this idea of forced nude swimming at school which seems to have been prevalent in nearly every school in the big cities and around,many of which had their own pools. I think this went on up to the mid or late 70s. But this rule seems to have been applied only to boys,even in mixed schools,which were the majority.
It's probably as you say that there were usually no females present,since they had these swimming lessons separately. But there is a post or two which say that sometimes,quite rarely,they had a female substitute teacher when the male one was absent. And the boys still had to do it in the nude. They said it was very embarassing for them,but they had no choice.
I think this practice also went on in a few schools in England. But I must check upon this. And in Germany they even made inter-school swimming competitions in the nude in front of spectators of both sexes. But more of this later.

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