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Bare Bottom School Spanking

August 6 2003 at 10:17 PM

My first spanking was in junior school when I was nine
years old.

The headmistress was probably a very kindly woman, but to us
children she was an old dragon. I had managed to get
chewing gum stuck in my hair, which was shoulder-length. The more I
tugged at it during playtime, the more it became firmly stuck into my
scalp. Eventually I went to the woman who supervised playtime who
marched me to the headmistress.

To say she was annoyed is an understatement. Chewing gum was not
allowed at school. I had to stand still for an eternity while she sat
on an upright chair in front of me, gradually combing and cutting
away my hair to remove the gum, all the while telling me what a
naughty disobedient child I was. Then it was across her knee, skirt
up and my blue knickers down to my knees, for a very firm spanking
with her hand.

I had to explain the strange appearance of my hair that evening to my parents who, though annoyed, took no further action. If they had,
they would no doubt have noticed the rosy glow on my bottom that I
am sure was still in evidence when I went home that afternoon.

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The Peckham Poet

Re: Bare Bottom School Spanking

August 7 2003, 10:59 AM 

Upon which planet
Did the teacher spank Janet?

Lincs Lyricist

Re: Re: Bare Bottom School Spanking

August 7 2003, 11:39 PM 

For what it's worth,
Not on this earth.
To go the whole hog,
I'd say - Planet Zog.


Re: Re: Re: Bare Bottom School Spanking

September 7 2003, 12:05 AM 

After many, many happy hours of research, I have discovered that ‘Janet’ is ‘Jennifer’ whose real name is Linda, who is the owner of a recently formed Yahoo Punishment Group.

The wonderful world of corporal punishment is indeed a small one.



September 7 2003, 6:08 AM 

There really are some cynics in this group - no wonder people get fed up!!

In fact, this one is QUITE plausible.

In Leeds, where I was brought up, it wasn't uncommon for this sort of thing to happen - certainly NOT in public, but in empty classrooms, cloackrooms and the like.

If a teacher had done that to ME, my parents would have simply reinforced the lesson as teachers could do no wrong!

Remember we are talking a female teacher and a 9 year old girl here. At Junior school, spanking was by no means uncommon for this age group!

MY regular teacher spaned, though for the most part all she had to do was raise her voice to Sargeant-Major volumes [It seemed easy for her!] and the class would immediatly calm down - but her slipper was available forthe naughtier ones if required. She, however, always slippered Knickers and trousers!

Not an Anonymous Donation

Re: Plausible

September 7 2003, 10:43 AM 

I’m with you all the way, Andrea. Stories of bare bum beatings at school are quite plausible, particularly in Leeds. Did you know that they still have back-to-back houses there? Property speculators let them out to students at a hundred and fifty quid a week.

Gillian’s discovery about the identity of Janet/Jennifer/Linda is amazing. We all want to know where she gets her information from.

Darwinian Man

Re: Re: Plausible

September 7 2003, 6:17 PM 

Seeing the phrase ‘knickers and trousers’ in Andrea’s superb message has prompted me to dig out of the archives a song entitled ‘Masculine Women, Feminine Men’ in which that very phrase occurs. Written in 1926, the lyrics are as relevant today as when the song was published. Part of the original gramophone recording is used in John Betjeman’s ‘Metroland’ film.

Masculine women, feminine men
Which is the rooster, which is the hen?
It’s hard to tell ‘em apart today.

Sister is busy leaving to shave,
Brother just loves his permanent wave.
It’s hard to tell ‘em apart today.

Girls were girls and boys were boys
When I was a tot.
Now we don’t know who is who
Or even what’s what.

Knickers and trousers baggy and wide,
Nobody knows who’s walking inside
Those masculine women and feminine men!

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