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six ot the best from a heavy tawse

October 13 2003 at 12:42 PM
bill millar 

i well remember the one and only time i received six of the best from a heavy weight two tailed tawse back in 1964 at the the time i was 14 years old at a school in clackmannanshire central scotland i was called out along with a few others who had not completed their homework and giving one stroke on each hand when i returned to my desk i opened my desk and banged the lid shut again i was called back out to the front of the class and giving six of the very best and she was one of those teachers when you got the belt from her you knew yoy had been belted she only belted one way and that was hard i can assure you i never did any thing else to get another sixer from her or any other teacher.

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Re: six ot the best from a heavy tawse

October 13 2003, 9:30 PM 

Hello Bill!

Your message is a most welcome addition to the relatively few that we have received on the subject of the tawse. I hope you enjoy reading ‘Tawse and strapp’ [sic], ‘The Tawse’ and ‘School Belt’. They are currently on Pages 2, 4 and 6 respectively. Most of the contributors to these topics are people of strong emotions.

The tawser

Re: six ot the best from a heavy tawse

October 14 2003, 9:27 PM 

Wonderful to see an interest in the Tawse on the group.

Does this mean Bill that in fact you received 8 strokes within a few minutes, the two (deservedly!) for failing to complete your homework followed by a further 6 strokes for the temper tantrum ?

I bet you took a throbbing pair of hands home with you that day.

bill millar

re six of the best from a heavy tawse

October 18 2003, 1:40 PM 

in reply to the tawser

yes i did receive 8 strokes with in a few minutes iwas left with a very sore and throbbing pair of hands for a good few hours it taught me two things that day (1) to respect all teachers (2)to respect thier tawses much more than i had done previously i only received the tawse once more from her one stroke when she strapped the whole class of about 30 of us


Re: re six of the best from a heavy tawse

October 18 2003, 2:31 PM 

the belt was used freely in class in the 1960's in N/E Scotland where I was educated.
One female teacher gave a boy in my class 15 strokes of the belt in one lesson. She lost it mentally and was spitting venom. All the strokes were on one hand she seemed to run out of steam. He survived!!!!!
However the male technical teachers had the reputation of having the hardest belts and to be avoided at all cost.
Having had the belt as an adult I am surprised that Scottish childroom were so brave.


the belt

October 30 2003, 1:42 PM 

As someone who taught in the days of the belt or strap(never referred to as the tawse in my school)I can assure you that 6 strokes was reserved for only the very worst offenders. In 23 years of teaching, I can only recall one occasion when 6 of the best was administered.

I belted both boys and girls up to the age of 16 nearly every day of my career, usually no more than 2 strokes at a time, on a few occasions a maximum of 4 strokes, and always on crossed hands.

The effect of 2 good hard strokes of a lochgelly belt was extremely effective and frequently brought on a flood of tears, especially from the girls.

I only ever used my belt once outside school and that was on my nephew at the request of his mother.

curious onlooker

Re: the belt

October 31 2003, 7:49 PM 

Martha, I do not know when you taught but the punishment seems moderate, realistic and effective. Would you subscribe to a return of the belt?



November 1 2003, 4:41 AM 

I went to school in Glasgow where the teachers had the tawse or belt as we called it. I was belted 7 times at school in the mid-late 60s. The first time my teacher Mrs Bellamy was going to give me the belt for talking in class while she was teaching.
She called me out and picked up her belt from her desk, it was a two tailed tawse. I was in grade P4. I had seen plenty of beltings and really didn't want one for myself so I put up a bit of a fuss.
Mrs Bellamy ended up bending me over, lifting my school skirt and giving four really hard whacks which left me in tears. I was sent to stand in the corner with my hands on my head.
The other times I was belted I managed to hold my hand out.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Re: the belt

November 1 2003, 9:01 AM 

Curious Onlooker,

Martha's story is about as genuine as a £9 note and it's clear he's typing with his willy.

Millions upon millions of Scots have witnessed classroom strappings and if you ask any one of them how often two strokes of the belt brought on a flood of tears he/she will tell you 'hardly ever'.

curious onlooker

is it all nonsense?

November 1 2003, 5:01 PM 

not being Scottish and have inadequate knowledge of the number of strokes commonly used, I cannot comment-however I do notice people get suspicious when too few or too many strokes are mentioned, wonder what is the optimal number to be believed..having said that Natalie and Martha may both be right! After all quality (intensity) counts too.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: is it all nonsense?

November 1 2003, 5:45 PM 

Curious Onlooker,

Natalie and Martha are both winding you up.

Take a trip up to Scotland and ask people in the street if they ever saw a girl strapped on the bum, skirt raised, in front of the class.

It never happened.



November 2 2003, 5:28 AM 

I was indeed strapped on my bottom four times with the belt, the only reason was because I had made such a fuss over putting my hand out.
It was either whack my bottom or no punishment.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Strap

November 2 2003, 9:27 AM 

As Jim Royle would say - 'My arse!'

curious onlooker

Re: Re: Strap

November 3 2003, 5:44 PM 

thought Martha said she used it on the hands? is that untrue only for its moderate account?


Re: Strap

November 3 2003, 5:45 PM 

perhaps you did-what do you mean whack my bottom or no punishment?


Your a Dick

November 3 2003, 9:18 PM 

Lotta, it is possible that it may have happened. unless you had spies in every school in Scotland there is no way you can say that it did not happen.
Frankly you should accept what Natalie says and stop being such a ****wit.
Your a loser and a DICK!


No Nonesense

December 23 2005, 7:44 PM 

The belt or tawse was dished out without much fuss during my time at School.Most Teachers used it, however, the few that did not would send you to be belted by some other Teacher.1 to 3 strokes was common on crossed hands, some belted harder than others and a wide veriety of tawses were used.Floods of tears wern`t that common as those belted often usualy were up to something and were to a certain extent used to it.To some the tawse was no deterent at all, to others one experience of it was a signal not to come back for more.The idiot Teachers who belted an entire class because someone would not own up was wrong.They new it to, but they were the real sadists amongst the belters and i knew one who was just that, a sadist but due to my interest in the tawse and his, we became firm freinds and that lasted well beyond school days.Some Teachers were well noted for their relish to give the belt and used any daft excuse to use it.6 strokes were usualy given by the head with another Teacher present as a witness, usualy for offences like bullying ,vandlism, theft etc` which was probably justifyed.Was it an efective punishment back then? Probably not, as the worst Pupils were getting belted all the time proving it did not work for them.The ones that were belted in frequently usualy did not deserve it but that`s just the way it was then.It could not come back as laws around Europe would see to that.Anyway the worst Youth of Today would probably resort to beating up the tawser!

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