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February 23 2004 at 1:53 PM

I have long had a fascination with socondary school Headmistresses who gave the cane. I went to a boys only school and we didn't have any female teachers but I am sure there were secondary schools in the sixties and seventies which did have Headmistresses rather than Headmasters. It surely must also be the case that some of these ladies would have used the cane on boys.

At junior school with almost all the staff female the cane was readily used but only on the hands of boys. Girls never got it. Also canings were often given in the presence of other pupils, both boys and girls.

At secondary schools, as far as I know, boys were always caned on the seat of their trousers.

Have any readers experience of being caned by a lady in this way and have any of our lady readers experience of witnessing such an event?

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Re: Headmistresses

March 8 2004, 8:12 AM 

What is special about being caned by a female? It hurts just as much, surely?

I went to a boys only Prep School and all the teachers were female except the headmaster. All teachers used the cane and always caned on the bottom.

The only difference I can think of is that it is possible (maybe probable)that a male teacher might cane harder. But being caned by a female is hard enough and bad enough for me. It was not pleasant.


Getting the cane from Lady Teachers

March 9 2004, 8:01 PM 

My first ever caning, when I was 12, was from my form mistress, the approriately named Mrs Tanner. She was in her late fifties and gave me three strokes of the cane across my bottom. It hurt terribly at the time and I spent most of the rest of the day crying.


Re: Headmistresses

March 9 2004, 10:24 PM 

i went to all girls school the headmisstres used the slipper on us but did have the cane once hurt like hell never forget it.
Love Sue



April 1 2004, 10:39 AM 


I am surprised you ask what is so special about being caned by a female.

The main point is that caning was strictly a boy punishment so by definition it was most unlikely that a female teacher had ever in her life been on the receiving end. As a result, in my junior school, the teacher for the final year (10 - 11 year olds) used the cane liberally. She didn't seem to regard it as the draconian punishment that we boys felt it was. The equivalent for girls was a smack on the back of their hand and this was rare.

If a boy committed an offence, even quite minor, she would ask one of the girls to get the cane from the cupboard and would then ceremoniously have the boy hold out his hand in front of the class and whack the cane down as hard as she could. It was normally only one stroke but it really hurt. If the boy cried she would have a wry smile and the watching girls would also find it quite amusing.

In secondary school round our way the cane was always given on the bottom, usually by the Headmaster and normally either 3 or 6 strokes. If the same attitude as above applied then a female head once again would have no idea how painful this punishment was and it would be equivalent to giving a girl a detention or two.

The thought of a female in a pretty dress and silky underwear making you bend over and giving you an agonising three of the best, possibly in front of girls who were immune from such punishment, still excites me now.

The point is that as children boys and girls experienced generally the same things except for this one. Whilst for girls it probably seemed unimportant, for boys the cane or the threat of it was ever present and was one of the main fears in their lives. It seemed the main difference between the sexes at that time.

Judging from the amount of stuff on the net about this subject I think that it was important to a lot of males.


Female Disciplinarians

April 5 2004, 2:04 PM 

Where I went to school in the states the teachers were not allowed to use CP. Our assistant principal, Mrs. P., was the school disciplinarian, she was VERY strict.



female teachers

April 15 2004, 6:40 PM 

It was not just female heads. At my school our regular teacher was out sick for a couple of months. The supply teacher was a female who took any oppurtunity to send boys (it was single sex school) for the cane. Sometimes she took them herself & witnessed the punishment. Wherease male teachers might let a boy off, she never did. I don't think she realised how painful a caning was.



May 2 2004, 8:03 PM 

I was caned by a female teacher when i was about eleven and it hurt like hell and most deffinetly i did not like it.
however when i was in my teens and when i would have most liked it it never happened.



May 4 2004, 10:17 AM 

There seem to be lots of males who were caned on their bottom by Headmistresses/teachers but they don't provide any details of what happened.

Where was the cane kept?
What was the cane like?
What was the lady wearing?
What did she say?
What position - touch toes, hands on knees, over desk or chair?
Did she adjust your clothing?
How many strokes at what intervals?
What did she say when she had finished?

Lets have some more details.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Headmistresses

May 4 2004, 3:09 PM 

Don't get excited, Mike.

In reality, very very few males were ever caned on the bum by female teachers.

Fantasy, however, is a different matter.

Show me 1000 such 'memories' and I'll show you at least 999 fantasies.


Was it all a dream?

May 5 2004, 12:03 AM 

Give me a sad fantasist rather than a smuggy little know all any day. How do you know what went on in schools up and down the country? Just because you never had to bend over so a female teacher could whack your bum. What do you think happened in many junior schools where most if not all of the teaching staff were female ? It may indeed be some of the stories told are fantasy but it was common enough when i went to school. It happened to me many times up to the age of eleven. More often than not in front of the rest of the class. For talking out of turn, for slamming a door, for running when you should walk you'd get a few whacks on the bum and always by a woman. Admittedly, chances were she probably had a better moustache than your Uncle in the RAF but you can't have everything!



May 13 2004, 9:03 PM 

yes i can provide the details of what happrn to me when i was caned bu my headmistress

the cane was produced from a cupboard in the heads study

the cane was yellow in colour thin and strate abbot 30 inches long

miss Anderson the head was wearing a blue skirt and white long slevee blouse

she told me off for some time and waved the cane at me

i was told to bend over a chair

i wes given fore storks slowly

i was then told that if she had to see me agane i would get twelve storks next time


Re: headmistresses

May 14 2004, 8:27 AM 

It appears that Tom is unable to tell Stork from batter.


Re: headmistresses

May 14 2004, 4:54 PM 

""i wes given fore storks slowly

i was then told that if she had to see me agane i would get twelve storks next time"

Its o/k four yew to tayke the piece out of Tom but I bet yew 'ave never been beaten wiv wun stork...
Let alone twelve.
Must hurt lots... not to mention all the squawking and feathers.
I'd call the RSPB.
Though if Rosy finds owt I've been hear then an ambulance mite bee better.


Re: Headmistresses

May 16 2004, 9:47 AM 

Where can I find a fair but firm headmistress to administer bent over bare bottom hand spanking, slippering and caning for no exchange of money but for the pursuit of discipline through corporal punishment?

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Headmistresses

May 16 2004, 11:13 AM 

Only in your dreams, stripe.

Only in your dreams.


Caning Headmistresses

May 17 2004, 11:53 AM 

Headmistress Canes Teacher In Perak

BAGAN DATOH, May 3 (Bernama) -- An argument between a male teacher and the headmistress of a vernacular primary school in Rungkup here ended with the woman assaulting the teacher with a rotan last Friday.

A police spokesman said the headmistress, in her 50s, was discussing student discipline with the man and had suggested several things for the teacher to do.

"During the discussion, the male teacher voiced objections to the headmistress' proposals. The woman lost her temper and assaulted the teacher with the cane," he said Monday.

He said the man suffered bruises on his body and later lodged a police report on the assault.

"However, after discussions between the headmistress, the teacher and the Hilir Perak District Education Officer, the matter was settled amicably," he said.

Peter North

Canned by Miss

June 1 2004, 11:02 PM 

I remember my experiance of a female teacher all too well. At the age of 13 the Housemasters Wife caught me masturbating in the Dorm reading a porn mag. She dragged me to the housemasters study and slammed the door (he was not in) She told me how flthy I was and made me pull my trousers and pants down. Without warning she grabbed the cane (which was on the desk) and wasked me hard across my genitals, then told me to bend over the chair where she proceeded to administer at least 10 more bloody hard strokes to my arse. I will never forget her!!

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Canned by Miss

June 2 2004, 8:04 AM 

If we must have fantasies on this forum, can we have them just a little bit believable, please?

Would-be contributors should refer to the postings of George and Fran whose stories were about as genuine as a 45p piece but who nevertheless fooled many intelligent spanking fans with their imaginative and highly entertaining tales.


Dear Ms L. Nonsense,

June 10 2004, 6:31 AM 

Your posts are reptitious and boring. We've long known that you don't believe 99% of the messages on this site, so having said that, why not desist?

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Dear Ms L. Nonsense,

June 10 2004, 7:23 AM 

My posts repetitious and boring?

I don't believe you.



July 14 2004, 11:30 PM 

dear Ms l Nonsense you are the most boring posting on this site get off with your rubbish and your 45 pence we have had you and please shut up


Caned by headmistress

December 14 2005, 7:42 PM 

The headmistress in our school (early 70's) rarely used the cane. Her most common punishment was to give lines - and boy did she love giving lines. All of quickly learned to do the lines - no matter how onerous or lengthy the punishment. Failure to complete punishment lines for her meant 6 strokes of the cane in her office. Though she never used the cane on me,I spent many evenings and weekends writing lines for her - and sometimes it really hurt as well.

Brian 4

Re: Caned by headmistress

December 14 2005, 7:51 PM 

Surely ‘Not caned by headmistress’.

Copyright Brian4NotCanedPosts


Re: Headmistresses

December 17 2005, 6:45 AM 

So true Mike, I could have almost written that myself. My main difference was that though I did witness almost exactly what you did, I never got the cane, I was however Smacked three times like the girls. In our school the teachers smack or caned boys, but only smacked the girls.

Till I was about 16 I always assumed girls only got smacked and only the boys got the cane. But newspaper reports proved that some schools did cane girls! That opened up a whole lot of fantasies for me in my secret mind at the time.


Caned by Headmisstres

December 20 2005, 11:51 AM 

I was caned by the headmistress at my junior school. I joined the school late (10 yrs old) and remember on my first day going to the Headmistress's office. On the shelf behind her there was a cane. I had never been caned, or indeed given anymore than a smack on the bottom by a teacher. I had been on the receiving end of my mothers slipper several times, and knew that the cane was something I wanted to avoid.

She didn't cane very often, and I'd been there over year before I was sent to the office for bad behaviour. She lectured me, and then told me to take off my blazer and bend over the chair. I was given two strokes accross the bottom.

Just before I was due to leave the school, literally a week or so I was caught inscribing my name into a desk - my parting gift to the school. I received a less pleasant parting gift from Miss Casey of four strokes of the cane.




September 20 2008, 4:24 PM 

i have a very long fasination about being caned by a strict headmistress. all the way through school i only ever received to detentions but i loved them. they were both given out by female teachers and i loved a female being in full controll of me. however , i have been to see a fantasy disciplinarian who acted out the role of as headmistress & i really enjoyed the session. i was spanked over her knee, then slippered, strapped & then caned. ouch, the cane hurt like hell. i will be going back to see miss again soon.


yes miss!

September 20 2008, 4:43 PM 

i agree with the guy who posted this thread. a sound spanking from the headmistress really apeals to me. i have always been turned on by the thought of being sent to her, told off harshly, then being told to bend over her desk with my trousers pulled down & given a hand spanking followed by the cane. having to call her miss and knowing she is in full controll apeals to me in every way possible. i was never given cp in school so i feel really deprieved of this. i have however been to see a fantasy headmistress which i enjoyed very very much. i would love to hear from anyone who could give me some punishment, strictly female only & 25 and over! my name is cez, i'm male, living in widnes, nr liverpool & my number is 07527978913. i will travel to about a 50 mile radius to be dealt with if you can help me, many thanx, cez.

Paul b


October 25 2008, 1:23 PM 

If this is what you enjoy Cez, good luck.
I know there are plenty of girls who wouldn't share your
enthusiasm of being punished by their Headmistress.
In fact I'm married to one and know a few more who didn't
like the experience.
They were at school when this was normal practice, it's hard
to believe now that this went on, but it did.
My wife and many others were there and have the T-shirts.


Headmistress and spanking

November 7 2008, 9:18 PM 

I went to Catholic so the headmistress was called Sister Superior.

Spanking was done by your classroom nun. Some would not do it and so they would ask another nun to do it for them but the general procedure was the same.

You would be taked into the cloak room by the nun. She would sit on a chair and while you were standing in front of her she would unbuckle and pull your pants down. You would then pull your shirt and undershirt up "over your belly button" and then she would pull down your underpants. She would ball you out and then put you over her lap for a bare handed spanking on your bare bottom. Afterwards you would stand in front of her for a continuation of the talking to.

The punishment was in private almost all of the time. Rare was the spanking done in front of the class. Maybe once a year or twice. Only happened once to a girl and only once to me in grades K-8.

If done in class the nun would put her chair on the side of her desk with her facing the desk. You would be standing next to her and not in front of her. The proceddure of her pulling down your pants and underpants was the same. The class only saw you naked fron the rear.

Only one all naked spanking done and that was in the principle's (Sister Superior) suite.


Caning by headmistress

January 5 2009, 9:12 PM 

I went to a mixed school where most teachers - including female teachers - used the cane on a daily basis. However, only boys received such punishments. My young French teacher - Miss Marshall - was particularly fond of using the cane on both the hands and the backside of boys in her class. As I was particularly lazy when it came to French - and to make matter worse I was a bit of a smart alec - I received more than my fair share of canings at her hands. While in my second year, on a Monday morning I will never forget, she had occasion to give me a severe thrashing in front of the entire class. In her class on the previous Friday she found on examination that I had failed miserably to learn off my French irregular verbs. Loosing her temper with me, she assigned me a really quite onerous and quite horrible written punishment - several verbs to conjugate out in full and 1,000 lines to write out over the weekend. Despite spending the entire weekend writing for her, I was unable to complete the punishment in time for her Monday morning class. However, after receiving 20 strokes of her cane I learned to severely regret my failure to complete her writen punishment. Following this thrashing by Miss Marshall, I never again failed to complete a written punishment for her - despite the fact that she assigned me numerous such punishments during the remaining three years she had me in her French class.


lines rather than the cane

January 5 2009, 10:04 PM 

In our boys school, female teachers never used the cane or the leather - this was a task for the headmaster. However, one particular female teacher absolutely loved giving lines and other equally humiliating writen punishments. Despite only being in her mid twenties, she was a real disciplinarian. What made all the boys really fear her was the complete unpredictability of the severity of her written impositions - and how they bore absolutely no relation to the seriousness of the misdemeanour. On most occasions she would give 100 or 200 lines for breaches of her class rules. However, when she felt like it she would just pick out an unfortunate boy without warning, stand him up and accuse him of some utterly trivial breach of discipline - lack of attention or improper posture were some of her favourites. Then in the coldest of tones she would assign the boy a really lengthy, onerous and quite horrible written punishment. The unfortunate boy would have to spend several hours or sometimes an entire entire weekend writing the punishment for his teacher - knowing full well that failure to do so would mean a visit to the headmaster and a severe caning or strapping. On any occasion this particular teacher gave such a punishment, she would have the entire class literally shaking with fear for the rest of the class. During the 3 years she taught me, I received more than a few of her really rotton punishments - and they really hurt both mentally and physically.


Women that cane

January 8 2009, 7:54 AM 

In my high school in the 60's there was a Headmaster and two deputies. The male deputy disciplined the boys and the female the girls. This arrangement was standard in WA State schools at the time.

It happened that the two Deputies were adjacent, so if attending on either one you could see who was waiting for discipline outside the other. This potentially could be embarrassing, particularly since the Deputies tended to keep their doors open so the waiters in the other queue could observe the action just by moving a few feet.

I remember receiving one significant "dusting" virtually at the Office doorway with two waiting female miscreants watching me grimace and jump under the pain. Sometimes privacy wasn't seen to be important and no-one asked me of course.

Unfortunately, I never got to see girl canings here and I wasn't in the habit of getting into trouble just so I could lurk around the offices. If a man could have his time over again, of course, he might handle things differently!

Reports from fellow students and subsequently wife and friends who attended the school confirm, however, that the Headmistress kept a cane tucked out of sight but she would produce it from time to time. I have already mentioned having seen a girl leaving the office hugging her hands, clearly having received "the cuts" on both hands.

My wife, who definately had no sexual interest in CP, told me of an occasion when she got caught up with a group of misbehaving girls. She and they were caned. She held no grudges but rather respect for the Headmistress.

Similar stories from other WA women indicate that canings by all of our Headmistresses were on the agenda, but not deployed frequently. This seems quite contrary to the popular belief here that girls were not elligible for the cane until the promulgation of the EEO Act, at which point the Education Dept promptly abolished CP it for all in the State (not the private) system.

So either the law changed after about 1968 or our Deputies were less concerned about the law in those days - can't be sure which.

But yes, Headmistresses did occasionally cane girls, never boys.

I have had a deal of corrospondence with a former female schoolteacher in Africa who caned in the classroom. She was elderly when talking to me, comfirmed both by her manner and her photograph, but still vitally interested in the subject. But that's a matter for another post....if I ever work out how to log into this damned site properly!


Re: Headmistresses

January 9 2009, 3:43 AM 

Ryan1, I'm going to risk the ire of my fellow contributors to this forum by going off, or at least out of, topic since I appreciate your postings and hope they continue, also I don't like to see that you to feel annoyance with the extremely smoothly running posting mechanisms of this estimable Forum!

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Hope this helps, if it doesn't just ask, someone will assist.


Re: Headmistresses

January 9 2009, 7:32 AM 

Another-Lurker, thanks for the advice. I haven't come accross a site that works like this one before but I finally worked it out not long before I read this.

What I simply cannot do is log into the Network 54 - it wont verify my link. I've tried umpteen times with my original indentity, then created another one and it won't have me under any circumstances.

A feature of my personality is that, whereas I work well with and make allowances for all sorts of people, bless their hearts, my tolerance for equipment that won't do as its told has a minus rating.

So, being an Aussie I said "bugger it" (which means I was exercising admirable restraint) and decided to operate without the damned thing.


Headmistress' cane

January 9 2009, 9:50 AM 

In the early 1950's I attended a private co-ed "pre-prep" school in the Severn Valley, run by a Headmaster, who was wheelchair bound and his sister as Headmistress. In an Art period when I was about 7 and probably bored I decided to paint a large pair of glasses on the desk itself in blue poster paint. Unusually, the Headmistress came into that class and saw my work for herself. She exploded. I was taken straight out of the class to the study she shared with her brother, who I remember was sitting behind the large desk. Without any explanation or discussion, the Headmistress told me to take down my shorts and to bend down over a low footstool in the middle of the room. She pushed my shirt tail up and delivered four strokes with a cane onto my underpanted bottom. The last two hurt like hell, I recall. This was the only time I suffered from her Headmistress' cane - but friends of mine - mainly boys, but indeed some girls, including my cousin - suffered similarily. And the attitude of my parents to the evidence at home later? Well, that's best summed up as "You should not have been so damned silly." Times have changed!




January 9 2009, 10:17 AM 

Hi ryan1. Yes, after I'd posted my screed above I realised you'd cracked the problem. Never mind, it might come in useful for someone else! As regards logging into Network54, I've just confirmed mine still works. I'll try to set another up and see if I encounter problems.

Interestingly, logging in to Network54 doesn't seem to automatically fill in the 'Your Email' field anymore, unless ......... We'll see what happens when I post this, it's a long time since my email address appeared in the forum, but I used to stick it in occasionally to see if anyone wanted to chat.

BTW it's not only Aussies who don't have any time for failing systems, count me in too!

Hi Severnboy. You say:

Times have changed!

If, like you and I, one can remember UK schools in the 50s they certainly have! Sadly a lot of younger visitors here think that school discipline (or rather the lack of it) has always been the way it is now - ie non-existent in our terms.


Headmistress et al...

January 9 2009, 3:44 PM 

Hi, A_L,
Yes, in those far off days, there was generally an unwritten social contract involving parents, their children and the staff at the (better) schools. The key word was indeed SILLY. Adults expected children not to be silly; children learned quickly what was silly and what was not. If they were told by an adult that an action was silly and they repeated it, then the expected consequence was often swift and briefly rather painful.

I do not think that for a minute I resented or was particularly surprised at the reaction of my Headmistress to my desk painting. Whilst there was certainly no School Rule against painting on the desk it was certainly very silly!

At home, neither I nor my cousin, who was with us a lot during my childhood, was treated to the cane at all. But all three adults in the family, my own parents and my war-widowed aunt, seemed to have access to an unlimited supply of old tennis gym shoes. When either of we children were particularly silly, any of these adults were perfectly comfortable in vigorously applying the gym shoe to the bare bottom of either or both us, without discrimination. It did not happen often, and odd though it may sound these days, I think that both my cousin and I felt at the time the more secure and happy that they cared enough to do so.



January 10 2009, 11:10 PM 

There was a narrow garden between our school building and playground.Itwas aisolate place. Once I entered in the garden to pickup my boll while playing I noticed aclosed doore in side the garden. It was the rear doore of girls toilet. It was locked but there was a small hole in it.On peeping in side there was a clear view of some one in full!So it was ultimate time pass during recess to get a clear view and enjoy music as well.One day I was enjoying the total of one of the most beautiful girls of my class,my front was hard my fingers were moving on it vigorously,
just before reaching to the extreame there was a severe pain on my back.It was my class teacher's cane with full force on my bottom.I was a bleu- eyed boy for her ,so she was shocked and very angry also.She dragged me to the principal's study. I was lucky that the crual man was on leave that day.(at least I presumed so). Deputy ,a lady in her thirties,had just joined ,was the in charge.My teacher told her every thing in detail. She told me to wait out side my classroom for my punishment. I was also happy and was expecting a lecture at the most one or two cane on my hands.After some time she entered in the class and ordered me to apologies from all girls of my class. I had no option to avoid my tirmination. Girls were very happy without knowing any thing.I was thinking that it was over,suddenly she ordered me to standup in front of the classand remove my all cloths.I had no choice,Ifollowed her order reluctantly.She gave me best of the twelve on my back.It was a great pleasure for all boys and girls of my class as I was caned for the first time.Reason for such severe canig was not disclosed to anybody.


Re: Headmistresses

January 11 2009, 1:11 AM 

Ah, I see Smith and his 'cloths' has escaped from Bozo's 'That female frozen grin when watching' thread, where he went by the name of D.N.Smith and John and made his way here and doubtless I'll find him in other threads as well.

He's obviously got a liking for CFNM, that's Clothed Female Nude Male for those who've never ventured into the more exotic areas of the web. I don't think it's my old friend Eric though. Eric was a lot better at spelling etc. and besides this chap is obviously a CP enthusiast, whereas I never had the feeling that Eric was all that interested in the subject of this estimable Forum! happy.gif



January 15 2009, 11:59 AM 

Smith, If this is a real story then you deserved for the right punishment you got.If this was a fantasy please excuse this forum . Please dont try to derogate highly respected position of a Headmistress or Headmaster.


Re: Headmistresses

January 15 2009, 6:26 PM 

Respect for Headpersons?
People get promoted beyond their abilitys to reduce their harmfulness ( Homer Simpson )
The firther up the management tree, like a real tree, the denser it gets.


Caned by female teacher

February 15 2010, 8:15 PM 

I attended a mixed school in the 1970's where most of our teachers were male. Corporal punishment was only used on boys and the cane was seldom used. Our English teacher was female and did use the cane on occasion. Perhaps because she was starting out in her first teaching job she wanted to firmly establish the ground rules from the start. She was quite severely strict at all times and punished pupils for even the slightest infringement of her class rules. She was particularly fond of giving lines and other degrading written punishments, and I for one regularly found myself spending hours after school writing out some really lengthy and thoroughly rotten written punishments for her. I was only caned by her on the one occasion - when I failed to complete one of her really horrible written impositions. However, it was a caning I remember to this day, and it taught me a severe lesson - i.e. to do all my written punishment when given such an assignment by my teacher.



February 28 2010, 6:18 AM 

in year 8 high school,the deputy head was female,i was caned by her once for messing around in class, 2 strokes on each hand


Female Teacher caned me.

April 5 2010, 10:00 AM 

I went to a coed school in the late eighties in Queensland. We had an English teacher named Miss Bennet, she was 25 and very attractive. However on one particular occaission I was caught swearing to a friend in class. She summoned me to an office which was located in the English department at the end of the block. She told me to sit outside. As I sat there I didn't really know what to expect, caning was usually done by the headmaster. After waiting 10 minutes she told me to enter the room. She brought out a cane which was about 30 inches long and about a thumb nail thick. She said I will not tolerate swearing in class. She had short blonde curly hair with a hint of a golden suntan, her eyes were blue. She wore a white blouse and wore a black skirt, and black stockings and black shoes. She looked formal and somewhat stern. As I stood there she told lean over the desk. As I stood there in anticipation, she lighty warmed up the cane, it sounded frightening. She then took aim across the centre of my seat, and pulled the cane back over her shoulder. While she was a slight women around 5''3 and 54 kg, she was a renowned hockey, player. The first stroke landed swiftly and I could feel an immediate sting, not waiting to delay the ordeal, she immediate engaged the next stroke with force, the pain in my buttocks was immense, after the third she began to slow down to gain back some more force. The bottom felt like it was on fire. After a brief pause she delivered the last three stokes in quick succession. After the six strokes, I was shaken. I felt like I may have drawn blood. For the next two days I was very sore and walked around somewhat gingerly. While the pain was immense, there was a certain sexual tension in the situation, I was 17 at the time and it was my last year at high school. While in pain on the sixth stroke I notised a lump in my trousers which she couldn't help notise as I left the room

Jeremy S.

paddled by the female vice-principal

April 6 2010, 10:09 AM 

I was paddled by the female vice-principal of my high school in East Texas in 1987. It was my junior year and I had been tardy for the third time. Therefore I had to report to Mrs Butler, the v.p.
Mrs Butler was a lady in her mid-forties and usually a very kind person. Well, not on that day. After a stern lecture on punctuality she told me what my punishment would be, seven licks with the paddle. I had to empty my back pockets and bend over her desk. I never got to see the paddle but I surely felt it land on my bottom. POP, POP, POP, POP, POP,POP, POP . Ouch! Then Mrs Butler told me to get up and turn around. She asked if I was o.k. and handed me a kleenex to wipe my teary eyes. After I had composed myself I was sent to class.
I did manage to be on time for the rest of the year.


Spanked and caned

October 28 2010, 11:42 AM 

I was twice punished by the headmistress at my Junior School in the 1950s and my memory of both is that it was not a 'soft option' nor was it in any way erotic at the time. Just very painful.
The first time was at the age of eight. It had snowed and naturally snowball fights had broken out causing one boy to be cut by a stone which was inside a snowball. Consequently the headmistress had issued a stern warning to the whole school that throwing snowballs was forbidden and anyone caught doing so would be severely punished. Just the next day I was in the playground with my friend and without thinking I gently lobbed a small snowball at my sister and her friend who were nearby. Big mistake! The action was spotted by my form teacher (a woman) who grabbed me and promptly marched me straight to the office of the Headmistress.
The headmistress was a large, florid elderly lady with a permanently red face and short temper. She was furious! She shouted at me for about a couple of minutes during which time I stood shaking with fear and she finished with the words, 'You are going to get a sound spanking'.
She then grabbed me by the arm, yanked me to her and without ceremony yanked down my trousers and underpants and hauled me across her knee. She pushed up my shirt leaving her a good target of my little bare bottom. The first whack of her hand across my bottom made me yelp and I soon lost count of the number of times she smacked me in a haze of real, stinging pain. It must have been somewhere between ten and fifteen really hard whacks. After three or four I was in tears and by the end I was bawling. When she had finished she pushed me back on to my feet and told me to get dressed whilst she gave me a final lecture. Then my form teacher, who had witnessed the whole thing, led me back to my class where, to my embarrasment she told the class exactly what I had got. My bottom was stinging like mad and continued to do so for the rest of the day whilst I struggled to sit properly on the hard wooden chairs.
The second occasion came two years later by which time the old headmistress had retired and been replaced by a much younger lady. She was slim and very fit having played various sports for the county. This time I had been caught fighting with another boy and we were both told to report to the headmistress at the end of the school day. We were both summoned in to her office and, after a short, sharp lecture she called me forward first, told me to take off my blazer and bend over the back of a chair in the centre of the room. She then produced a cane from a cupboard behind her desk, told me I would receive six of the best and would get extra strokes if I tried to get up.
I had never been caned before and was terrified. After a couple of practice swishes she tapped the cane on my bottom twice then there was a terrifying swish, a loud crack and an unbelievable pain in my bottom which made me yell. I managed to stay in place for all six although I dimly remember yelling and squirming a lot. By the time she had finished I had tears streaming down my face and my bottom felt like it was on fire. I then had to pull myself together and stand and watch the other boy receive his six. Despite her slim figure she managed to put an enormous amount of energy into each stroke and had caned us both very hard. She then gave us another lecture promising us a real thrashing if she had to deal with us again and sent us home with a note for our parents. My bottom was throbbing all the way home, a condition that was made far worse by the second dose that I received from my father, this time with his slipper on my bare bottom.
In conclusion I would say that both of these ladies were more than capable of delivering a thoroughly good hiding and I had no wish for a repeat performance from either.


Re: Headmistresses

October 28 2010, 6:41 PM 

While I was never caned by a lady teacher at school, I worked with a guy that was. At the Co ed high school I went to in the 50s, the lady teachers sent you to your form master who dealt with you. However in the early 70s I was working in a large public service organization on shift work as shift leader. One of the members of my team was a recently turned 21 year old male. He was recently married. In those days you had to have your parents permission to get marries if you were under 21.

His wife was about 8 years older than him, and she had first witnessed him being caned for being rude to her, then about 6 weeks later she gave him 6 of the best for being rude to her again. After he left school he went to a polytech and got a diploma in management, then went into a private company and started work. After a year at work he was at a work social gathering and he met his old teacher attending the same gathering, her father worked for the same company. They got together and talked and were soon having sex. He wanted to get married, but his parents objected so he moved out of home and into a flat still seeing his ex teacher and after he turned 21 they got married. At age about 20 he was fed up working for the company and joined the organization that I worked for.

During break times we had many discussions and he knew of my interest in CP, specially in the school situations. However, he never said whether or not his wife still caned him.

Ted B



October 29 2010, 5:57 AM 

My junior school headmistress caned me on three occasions. I remember waiting outside her office with my hands on my head and nose to the wall with butterflies in my stomach each time she caned and I remember what she was wearing the second and third times she caned me (long skirt and floral blouse and a navy-blue skirt suit). The cane was on her desk and I had to bend over and touch my toes. I was actually more worried about how much the cane was going to hurt and she gave me six strokes on the last two occasions. It was not until I had started to get erections that I thought about my expriences with her differently and I misbehaved on purpose knowing that I would be sent for the cane resulting in the third caning she gave me, of course when this happens there is a tendency to embellish certain experiences in this instance so what I can tell you about my third caning from her may or may not be accurate so I will keep my thoughts to myself in fear of undermining the intellectual project occuring on this message board.


Re: Headmistresses

October 30 2010, 3:13 AM 

I have a feeling that the scenario of being caned by a female teacher or principal was far more common than a female receiving a caning during the era when cp prevailed. I have a friend who was caned on the hand by a female principal when he was 15, while the experience was far from erotic as the principal was rather large, it does give credibility to the fact that it would have occurred. Several female teachers did teach at all boys schools, so there will certainly be some real life cases, which would vear on the erotic side.


Re: Headmistresses

October 31 2010, 9:46 AM 

We had a female teacher in the boys school i attended called Miss O.

She had a wooden pencil case that she used across boys bottoms. Thankfully I never felt it


Re: Headmistresses

November 2 2010, 5:02 PM 

Hi John

Several female teachers did teach at all boys schools, so there will certainly be some real life cases, which would vear on the erotic side.

There is considerable evidence that a significant number of female teachers had a prurient interest in administering CP to boys. It's also clear that a significant proportion of girls had a similar interest in viewing the event and, especially in those co-educational schools where they were exempt from CP, girls would goad boys into misbehaving so they (the girls) could watch them being caned or slippered.

I don't doubt the same applies to male teachers administering CP to girls but it doesn't seem to have been anything like as common. The problem of boys deliberately goading girls to misbehave was practically non-existent because no co-educational school had a policy of only caning girls.



November 30 2010, 6:44 AM 

The first primary school, where I spent most of my primary schooling, had two headmistresses. A headmistress for the infants school, kindergaten to second grade and a headmistress for third grade to sxith grade. My headmistress from third grade to sixth grade gave me the cane twice in the latter half of my primary schooling. She was permitted to cane boys and girls on the hands with a maximum of six strokes. She administered the cane to both hands so if you were getting four strokes, she administered two strokes to each hand. If you were receiving six strokes, she administered three strokes to each hand.


Caning and female teachers

August 7 2011, 12:24 PM 

I find it hard to believe the accounts of school caning by female teachers. We had several female teachers in our mixed school, but none of them ever used the cane. All canings were carried out by the headmaster or deputy headmaster in his office. However, the fact that our female teachers eschewed the use of the cane did not in my opinion make them any less strict - quite the contrary. In fact, our youngest (and by far the prettiest) female teacher - Miss Marshall - was by common consent also by far our strictest teacher and the teacher we most feared. Apart from the normal school rules on punctuality, homework etc, Miss Marshall had a myriad of classroom rules that governed the behavior of pupils in her class. For example, I recall (to my cost) she insisted on extremely high standards of neatness in our exercise books, with ruled margins in red ink at precisely a half an inch in from the edge of the page. When Miss Marshall deemed a pupil to be in breach of any of her strict rules, she would order the pupil to stand and sometimes have him stand for the remainder of the class. Then, at the end of her class, she would address the pupil and assign him a severely onerous and lengthy written punishment (usually copious quantities of lines or several pages of really dull text) to write out for her after school. On one occasion, I recall, she took issue with the neatness of my exercise copy - and as a result I spent an entire weekend writing out copious quantities of lines for her. Despite the unusually severe nature of Miss Marshall's written punishments, all pupils punished by her knew only too well that they had no option but to complete the punishment work for her before her next class. The penalty for not completing punishment work was a visit to the headmaster's office for six of the very best with the cane. Overall, I have to say that despite her severity on occasions, Miss Marshall was an extremely effective teacher, and she certainly succeeded in maintaining the best of order in her classes - without having to resort to the use of the cane or the strap.




August 10 2011, 2:55 AM 

I was caned by my primary school headmistress twice as much as I could tell you that she had me bend over her desk and lowered my school shorts and gave me several whacks on my underpanted rear but she did not. As head of the school she was entitled to use corporal punishment on boys and girls with a cane and a maximum of six strokes, boys were caned more than girls were and I know of two girls who were caned. On my first visit to her she gave me four strokes and on my second visit she gave me six. As per regulations she administered the cane to the hands and it was usually two strokes on each hand if you were getting four strokes and three strokes to each hand if you were receiving six strokes. There was nothing fancy about it or out of the norm.


The Cane and More

September 12 2011, 12:33 AM 

I clearly recall some of the punishments given at Prep School located at a sea side town in North Yorkshire. I started Prep school at the age of 7 in 1953. The maximum number of cane strokes being 12. Always on bare bottom. There was a purpose made caning bench. The cradled top also sloped downwards. I understood this ensured the boys backside was stretched and thus endured more pain. You were told to place your legs apart. Leather straps held the recipient in place. These being around your ankles, upper legs, across your lower back, your arms and wrists.
This device being situated in a punishment room adjacent to the Heads study. A variety of canes were available being placed on a rack on the wall. There were other devices in the room too. However, I was only ever caned. There was always a female nurse present at the caning's. Her job was to ensure the boy was fit for punishment. Also after each 4 strokes she inspected the welts and gave her approval or otherwise for the punishment to continue.
At the same school the same nurse and a female colleague used to patrol the dormitories. After lights out; They purposely looked for an excuse to cane boys themselves. Smetimes they'd use a long handled hair brush reversed. They always punished together, taking turns. The offending boy was told to go to their room for his chastisement. It was clear they simply loved inflicting pain on the boys.
When I went on to a small public school near Skipton in the West Riding at the age of 13. Corporal punishment continued on much the same lines. However the severity of strokes was even harder. The headmaster was in his 40's also very fit. I recall again a caning bench. Again being caned in the bare. This time The head used to take a short run. His style being to exert as much force as possible with each stroke. The idea presumably being to ensure the maximum force being applied. The max number of strokes was 40, yes 40. Howver the norm was 15 - 20. I vividly recall one Monday when over 50 boys were caned for talking to girls on the previous Sunday whilst out for a walk. The school was located in the country

A school rule being if a girl walked towards you. We had to cross to the other side and weren't allowed to speak. Imagine how utterly barbaric and stupid. There were only 150 boys in total. In my opinion, the Head who incidentally just died a few months ago, simply delighted in dishing out corporal punishment. Yet again, any excuse to cane was the norm.
I appreciate many of the comments cast doubt on accounts of caning at school. However, what I allege is really what happened.
I suppose perhaps it was these experiences which induced me to engage in BDSM play as an adult. However, the tables have turned. I enjoy punishing, submissive willing females. Hence my email.

Clive Mason

Re: Headmistresses

September 24 2011, 7:35 PM 


Pensioner James

Yes and No

September 26 2011, 4:31 PM 

At the three schools I attended (1944 to 1955) only the Infants department had a headmistress. She was an elderly lady and unlike some of the ogres mentioned in this forum she was a kind and gentle person and I can't recall her ever raising her voice or showing anger with any of her charges. Several years after I had left the Infants I can remember meeting her in the town on two occasions and she not only recognised me but remembered my first name.

I can't imagine her caning anyone nor do I recall any of my 'infant' classmates even having their legs or hands slapped by any of the teachers, all of whom were female.

In the Junior department the cane was used by female and male staff. The headmaster did cane boys but I know of only one who received it and it was on the hand. As far as I can remember I received the cane three times(on the hand), all from female teachers but one of them also gave me the belt on my bottom but it was in private and after shool. She and my mother knew each other and about two years after I left the Juniors (I'd be 13) my mother sent me to this lady to be disciplined. This was because of a difficult situation with my father at home. The lady obliged with her belt.

My Secondary school had a Headmaster who did cane pupils
and the teachers, all male, used the cane, strap, slipper and even a flat bladed rounders bat, according to their individual tastes.

(I have posted elsewhere on this forum about my Junior school punishments)

American Way

Re: Caned by female teacher

November 21 2011, 11:05 PM 

Due to the nuns dressing like Catholic Muslims it was hard to look at them as females until they began to shed their habits in the mid 1960's. Over 100 years ago the lady teachers had their share of problems disciplining unruly boys.

Spanking lady teacher is boycotted by her pupils. June 10, 1909


Spanking lady teacher forcibly kissed by big boys December 25, 1891


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