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oldest punished or given school detention

March 7 2004 at 4:40 AM

Students in some schools are subject to the paddle
as long as they are in school, even today. But just
who is the oldest person who was given either a
spanking/paddling at high school or a detention and
for what?

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Re: oldest spanked or given school detention

March 7 2004, 5:21 AM 

I have read somewhere of young men in their early 20s - maybe up to 22 - being caned in Australian schools in the 1970s - they were migrant students sent to high schools to learn English.

Can't think exactly where I read that - it was a while ago. I think I'll need to go through my books again.

Lady Pandora

Re: Re: oldest spanked or given school detention

March 7 2004, 2:01 PM 

I was last caned at school when I was 16 ... my last detention was the same year.


A request

March 7 2004, 3:10 PM 

There have been some great posts on this forum this weekend and if Lady Pandora were to send the details of her last, or any, school caning, it would bring it to a perfect conclusion.


Re: Re: oldest spanked or given school detention

March 8 2004, 5:15 AM 

I've found the reference I was thinking of. As it turned out I was slightly misremembering the details, but as it's been around 10 years or so since I looked at this, I don't think I was that off.

The incident is described in Appendix B of the (Australian) Human Rights Commission, Discussion Paper No.1 Corporal Punishment In Schools and the Rights of the Child, issued in March 1983, prepared by Dr Helen Ware.

Appendix B consists of 3 'Incident Report Forms' collected by PTAVE (Parents and Teacher Against Violence in Education). The first of these three forms concerns the case I remembered. I don't have time at the moment to make the whole case study available (although it is free of Copyright).

It took place in 1981 (not the 1970s as I believed) and involved 2 18 year olds, 3 19 year olds, 2 20 year olds, and 2 21 year olds being caned at a NSW State Boys High School. All the students were Vietnamese migrants, which probably serves to explain their presence in a high school at such an advanced age - it was fairly common practice for migrant students only a few years older than the the normal school leaving age to attend regular school at that time.)

The study describes two incidents - in the first only one person was caned - 21 year old male given two strokes of the cane on his left hand for running in a metalwork classroom.

In the second, all 9 were given one stroke each across the hand for 'forgetting' (quotation marks indicating euphemism are in the original report) to bring their sports gear to school.


sixth formers

March 10 2004, 9:50 PM 

In the UK it was unusual, but certainly not unknown, for 6th-formers (who might be 17 or at a pinch even 18) to get the cane. Two boys' senior high schools in Croydon - Selhurst and Purley - were still doing this occasionally in the early 1980s, a fact revealed when the local council was pressured into releasing CP statistics collated from its schools' punishment books.



March 11 2004, 3:16 AM 

Rupert Everett who was caned in the movie 'Another Country' must have been in his twenties, at the time.

At my school, members of the rugby first XV were said to have been caned if they lost a match. Not very sporting but it fits with the spartan ethos of the school. They were big lads, 17 - 18 years old, definitely younger than Rupert Everett.


detention or the slipper

March 25 2004, 6:00 PM 

The boys in the secondary school I was at had a system of detention or the slipper, most of the first formers who were age 12 seemed to chose the slipper than detention because of explaining to parents.

The rate was three of the best with a size 10 plimsoll, at the punishment session at a morning break time there would be a age range from 12 to 16 or 17, We soon noticed the teacher would whack at the same strength, all the first formers cried after they were slippered but the sting was less as the older boys were slippered and for the 16 or 17 years olds for them it was three firm taps.



The caning of older boys

March 26 2004, 11:54 PM 

When I was at school forth formers (typically around 14 years old) probably got the most canings. Fifths may have received more strokes in a year because they tended to get more strokes per caning. Then came thirds - the cane worked very well as a deterrent for them.

Lower and up sixth formers were caned very much less frequently. They were all over the age for compulsory education (15) so were mainly at school willingly. And, they were in smaller classes and subject to a more relaxed regime. But, if they were caned, they really got it. Six-of-the-best was standard and it was really laid on hard. Even then, the embarrasment was worse than the pain as everybody included the most lowly third former got to hear about it. The oldest boys so caned would have been 18. Once, even the head prefect was done, a bg atheltic lad. We never discovered his crime.

A widely held view at the time was that cathartic caning was a much kinder option that suspension or expulsion.


Until Graduation

April 5 2004, 1:07 PM 

I went to a private high school in the U.S. in the 60's where paddling was frequent and strict. CP was administered by the assistant principal in charge of discipline. Mrs. Posner was especially tough on the seniors, 17-18 year olds, and didn't hesitate to bare the butt for her paddle!


Bob T

Re: Until Graduation

April 6 2004, 12:28 AM 

Yet another ration of rubbish from the one handed typist.
If anyone believes that this happened I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Bob T Publically Edited

April 6 2004, 7:05 AM 

Sorry Bob. Public editings on this board are like public chatisements. I can't help being slightly amused at the edit messages that pop up on people's messages. It always makes me want to know what they said that had to be edited -- just like I used to want to know what my classmates did that got them whacked.

I'm assuming that the editing is done by forum mucky mucks, not the poster right? So Larry1951 is not yourself? Hope I have this correct or my amusement is pure silliness and all for naught.

Bob T

Re: Bob T Publically Edited

April 6 2004, 11:35 AM 

Dear Saro; I guess my choice of words were unacceptable. We can thank Carl and Mats or Gillian for their never ending vigilance.It was not totally unexpected. I should have used more asterisks.


Still caned!

June 16 2004, 7:20 PM 

Hi your guys!
I can tell you that I was at a boarding school in Kenya until
2001 (at that time I was at the age of 19) and that I got whipped nearly
till the day of my final exam was at hand.
If your were wrong or if you had done any misbehaviour, you had to go
to school master´s or prefect´s office and he had told you, that you should
lay aside your trousers and that you had to go in punishment-position (that means:your hands
have to tie around your ankles.
The school master always had a pot of water in which stood a number of canes
and a tawse was on his desk.
You had to count the lashes and afterwise to thank the school master for punsihing
you for that misbehaviour.
At some times,ten of us were caned one after another.
If your shoes were not polished,you would get two to five strokes with a ruler on your
hand´s palm or on your fingers.
Me and my brothers lived with corporal punsihment since I can
Even today my father would surely spank us if we would behave badly to him.
I´m now a student of american history and political sciences.

Paul Kitchener

Re canings

July 5 2005, 5:41 AM 

I was caned at the age of 19 in a U.K. grammar school 1968. I'd stayed on for 3rd. year 6th. after A levels to do Cambridge entrance (unsuccesful) & had turned 19 in early July 1 week before the end of the school year.
In that last week, with nothing to do & my place at Bristol University unconditional, I'd skived off the afternoon to go to the swimming pool in Northampton.
Result - bend over & touch toes for 4 strokes in the Head's study. I admit it was far from being my first time, but the whole procedure was no different from when I was a 14-year-old; he didn't seem to differentiate.
At the time, one of my former classmates from primary school who'd gone through the Sec. Mod. and left at 15 was married & had a new baby girl!


A convenient expedient

July 5 2005, 7:44 AM 

End of school year caning of senior boys was relatively common in earlier times in my experience. Caning provided a quick, easy and relatively "painless" solution to an otherwise intractable problem. Discipline would be seriously compromised if no action was taken and other, younger boys followed suit. Many thought it much better just to cane than to take other measures, assummimg other measures were available.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Re canings

July 5 2005, 9:09 AM 

If current theories regarding the existence of an infinite number of universes are correct, it may well be that there is a universe in which Paul was caned at a UK grammar school at the age of 19.

But it sure as hell ain't this universe!

Paul Kitchener

Re your reply to my posting

July 6 2005, 2:20 AM 

Sorry, but it was this universe! As I've said in my e-mail to you, the completely uninspiring gentleman concerned dealt with, and spoke to, upper sixth as he did to 11-year-olds.
Obviously I'm pushing my case here as I was only 19 by a few days [ & I had gone off for the afternoon after requesting his permission and being specifically refused] but I was responding to a specific question about oldest cases and they're the facts.
I am quite sure he didn't realised I'd turned 19, but I doubt he'd have cared. I'm also quite sure in my mind of his 'normality' and had no weird/sexual motivation. He was just a typical product of those times who worked on the premise, "If it's in a school blazer, hit it. That'll do the trick".
Looking back over 37 years, who's the idiot?; him for not having an educational idea in his head or me for putting up with it?


Thank you for your response

July 6 2005, 3:35 AM 

Thank you for your response. I can see that he probably took the 'easy option', & I had in fact gone out after he had refused me permission already so it was what was called in those days 'straight defiance'. Also, I was only 19 by a couple of days and I'm sure he wasn't aware of this.
My point is that his ONLY response was to hit; it was the panacea for all ills, regardless of age.
As a schoolmaster until 1991 I administered my fair share of CP; it was indeed the 'easy option'. Now older, I hope wiser and working in FE, I question the whole concept. Exactly what was he going to achieve by doing what he did? If it was in front of a class or the school then, fair enough, it would be some kind of 'example'. But what was the use (except expediency, your point) of this ludicrous ritual in private with a [just] 19-year-old?
I am sure there was nothing wrong with the man [see my posted reply to 'Lottanonsense']; he was a product of his time.
I came to this site by accident and my main reason for responding was that I was caned at 19 and there was a specific question about 'oldest'. But I feel this is not the point. The Vietnamese cases cited are all very well, but I have Vietnamese students where I now work and the fact is one can easily envisage a 21-year-old as about 17 by stature.
One can easily mistake a 21-year-old Vietnamese for teenage, and our Head probably had no idea I was 19 all those years ago.
The point is, speaking as one who has both received and given CP, were we terribly wrong?


Re: Re canings

July 10 2005, 8:43 PM 

Lotta Nonsense wrote:

-- If current theories regarding the existence of an infinite number of universes are correct, it may well be that there is a universe in which Paul was caned at a UK grammar school at the age of 19. But it sure as hell ain't this universe!

-- For once I must disagree with Lotta on a question of plausibility. While I normally share her scepticism about anecdotes that are almost certainly fantasy, in this particular case, from other evidence I have seen, I can believe that Paul's account COULD be true for that particular kind of school in the 1960s.

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