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Caning Experience

March 22 2004 at 4:36 AM
Peter C 

Can anyone GENUINELY describe to me what a stroke of the rattan cane accross the bottom really feels like? I have often fantasised about getting a school type six of the best but do not know whether i would be able to go through with it.

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There is no way out

March 22 2004, 5:53 AM 

There is no way of accurately describing what the cane feels like. You just have to try it. For a first timer I would recommend no more that four of the best using a 70 x 1 cm rattan cane across the seat of ordinary trousers.


Re: There is no way out

March 22 2004, 6:05 AM 

Many thanks, Is that typically the size of cane that would be used for school punishment accross the bottom?


Cane size

March 22 2004, 9:54 AM 

Cane sizes undoubtedly varied with time and place, and the age of the boys being punished. 70 x 1 cm rattan was probably typical for younger teens. I would be very cautious using anything longer than about 90 cm or thicker than 12 mm. Also, be very cautious of canes that have been soaked in water as this increases their weight and flesh pulping power. A moistening of the cane improves its flexibility, which is good.

One factor that should not be ignored is how tightly you bend over. The tighter the bend the thinner the pad of flesh available to absorb the impact. A stroke that might rate "moderate" when the hands are on the knees becomes markedly more severe when the hands reach the toes.

Literally millions of boys were caned in earlier days mainly without lasting harm and often to advantage. So, go for it!


Why do you want to suffer.????

March 22 2004, 11:30 AM 

Hi peter,i want to ask you,why do you want to try the taste of the cane.????Of course,it tastes NO GOOD.!!!I received a few strokes of the cane a few weeks ago,& i swear that i will not want to get it again.!!!If you are a good boy,better don't try it,If you really like to feel what is it like,very simple,try to misbehave yourself,i am sure you can taste the CANE.....{Make sure you wear a few underwear}.!!!!!


Rite of Passage

March 23 2004, 12:21 AM 

In earlier times most British school boys got caned a few times. It was part of growing up. Although very unpleasant at the time most boys did not regret the experience - judged in retrospect. Those that missed out feel they missed out and some want to try the cane just for the experience. Sure it hurts, but not for long.

Peter C

Caning Experience

March 25 2004, 6:26 AM 

KK you were absolutely right. The cane HURTS and the pain is quite a shock and impossible to describe.I was caned for the first time last night. The cane selected was very much as you described. Whilst I had agreed to take four, I found three strokes accross my shorts more than enough for me.The caning probably did not take more than a couple of minutes but it was two minutes of sheer agony.I can well understand the deterrent effect caning had in the days it was administered as part of school discipline.



March 26 2004, 9:58 AM 

I can recall from my school days that many of us chose minutes of sheer agony followed by quite some time of extreme discomfort as opposed to sitting in a detention room for maybe one hour.




March 29 2004, 5:55 PM 

If it hurts so mutch why do adults sill want to feel it?
I was slippered many years ago and that hurt like hell so iam sure the cane would be far worse.



Re: Caning Experience

March 31 2004, 10:05 PM 

Like Peter C I would very much like to discover what a proper school-style 'six of the best' with a flexible rattan cane across the seat of the trousers really feels like, for precisely the reasons that KK described.
I would like to know where Peter C found somebody to administer the cane to the proper standard. I bent over recently for my first caning and was disappointed that, although it stung a bit, it was far from the sheer agony that I was expecting. I thought that it was usual for schoolboys to find to their cost that the pain always far exceeded that anticipated. Unlike Peter C, I cannot understand the deterrent effect caning had in the days it was administered as part of school discipline.


Well ...

March 31 2004, 11:55 PM 

Let's not forget you are an adult and not .. say, a small 12-year-old boy. Your buttocks are probably twice as large than they were at that age. Also, the flesh will be firm and no longer tender.

Find a master who will cane you on one cheek only, and you might get a rough idea what it was like.



Quality rattan hard to come by

April 1 2004, 12:53 AM 

The ferocity of the cane may have declined in part because of a marked fall in the quality of the rattan available for the purpose.

Wild rattans have been seriously depleted throughout all of South East Asia. Rattan plantations have been established in Indonesia and elsewhere but they are producing stems that are usually inferior to wild rattan. There are bans on the export of unprocessed "rounds". What does reach the West is often of very poor quality - low density, low strength and lacking in flexibility and STING.


I once read

April 1 2004, 6:56 AM 

somewhere on this board that a cane would last a lifetime. KK's comments about rattan quality have se me thinking about the canes available in Malaysia and Singapore. In Malaysia, a rattan-producing country, the thin, two feet strips of rattan, coiled into a loop at one end, are sold in all open markets by the "housewares" vendor. (Most convenient for mums to pick up a cane with a new can-opener) These canes, however, were known to eventually bend themselves out of shape. I don't know for what reason (perhaps humidity), but it seemed as though these canes would get "curly" over time if used a lot. They didn't split or break, but they would get "floppy". I know this from the household canes of the family of my best friend. They always had at least two canes -- one, bent and floppy like a whip, the other in regular condition -- and they were used frequently. In my house we had one for years which stayed in the same condition, but it was only used once.

Does this mean that these canes were made from inferior rattan? I would guess that these canes were made from leftover rattan -- most rattan plantations and factories use the rattan for furniture-making -- and I think the left bits become the domestic canes. But there are rather a lot of these canes at all the markets everywhere.

Peter C

Response to Undeterred

April 1 2004, 7:18 AM 

I was caned by a gentleman in Sidcup who advertises on the ITC site. He used what he described as the senior cane.Based on my experience last week,if you really want to know what a traditional school caning feels like he is the one to visit. If you live in the North I am told by a friend that Miss Stricktland in Rotherham is the person to see. He is an experienced recipient but claims the six of the best she gave him stung unbelievably and were by far the most painful caning he had ever had.


Re: Response to Undeterred

April 1 2004, 10:23 PM 

What is the ITC site?


Re: Re: Response to Undeterred

April 1 2004, 10:51 PM Ad 9373.


Re: Well ...

April 2 2004, 11:03 PM 

I accept that my bottom is not as tender as it was when I was 12. However, there is a world of difference between a first former and a fifth or sixth former but, I would have thought, comparatively less difference between a fifth or sixth former and an adult - even someone in their forties. Senior boys were caned, and from what I gather, very effectively, in former years, so why did I find my caning not the test of fortitude I was expecting on the basis of all the accounts I have read?

Is it just me or do other adult schoolboys, with experience of the real thing when they were at school, find the same?

Perhaps it is more about the difference between having no choice in the matter and actively seeking a caning.

All I seek is to experience what it was actually like as authentically as possible. That means full school uniform (short trousers, blazer etc) with all the attendant ritual (wait outside study, stern lecture, cane selection, cane flexing and swishing, assuming the position, light taps before full and proper punishment strokes delivered slowly and deliberately with absolutely no chance of not receiving the full allocation, regardless of reaction. All this can be recreated, but authenticity needs to include the pain element.


How to deter Undeterred

April 3 2004, 1:24 AM 

A willingly accepted, sort after caning as an adult will undoubtedly have a very different pyschology than one received as a reluctant school boy. However, on the physical side I think the size of the buttocks should not be overlooked. It is more than just a difference in tenderness. Most middle aged men have a great deal more flesh on their backsides than the average high school boy of yesteryear. Their buttocks are wider, flatter and better padded (thicker) and much more able to absorb the energy. Consequently, the welting and pain is less.


Impossible Dream?

April 4 2004, 11:22 PM 

Sounds like I have an impossible dream then.



April 4 2004, 11:32 PM 

some questions for Peter C,
what is your age and physique?
what were you wearing for your recent caning and what position did you adopt?
what marks were left?
Are they still visible, or how long did they last?

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