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Caning Experience

March 22 2004 at 4:36 AM
Peter C 

Can anyone GENUINELY describe to me what a stroke of the rattan cane accross the bottom really feels like? I have often fantasised about getting a school type six of the best but do not know whether i would be able to go through with it.

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There is no way out

March 22 2004, 5:53 AM 

There is no way of accurately describing what the cane feels like. You just have to try it. For a first timer I would recommend no more that four of the best using a 70 x 1 cm rattan cane across the seat of ordinary trousers.


Re: There is no way out

March 22 2004, 6:05 AM 

Many thanks, Is that typically the size of cane that would be used for school punishment accross the bottom?


Cane size

March 22 2004, 9:54 AM 

Cane sizes undoubtedly varied with time and place, and the age of the boys being punished. 70 x 1 cm rattan was probably typical for younger teens. I would be very cautious using anything longer than about 90 cm or thicker than 12 mm. Also, be very cautious of canes that have been soaked in water as this increases their weight and flesh pulping power. A moistening of the cane improves its flexibility, which is good.

One factor that should not be ignored is how tightly you bend over. The tighter the bend the thinner the pad of flesh available to absorb the impact. A stroke that might rate "moderate" when the hands are on the knees becomes markedly more severe when the hands reach the toes.

Literally millions of boys were caned in earlier days mainly without lasting harm and often to advantage. So, go for it!


Why do you want to suffer.????

March 22 2004, 11:30 AM 

Hi peter,i want to ask you,why do you want to try the taste of the cane.????Of course,it tastes NO GOOD.!!!I received a few strokes of the cane a few weeks ago,& i swear that i will not want to get it again.!!!If you are a good boy,better don't try it,If you really like to feel what is it like,very simple,try to misbehave yourself,i am sure you can taste the CANE.....{Make sure you wear a few underwear}.!!!!!


Rite of Passage

March 23 2004, 12:21 AM 

In earlier times most British school boys got caned a few times. It was part of growing up. Although very unpleasant at the time most boys did not regret the experience - judged in retrospect. Those that missed out feel they missed out and some want to try the cane just for the experience. Sure it hurts, but not for long.

Peter C

Caning Experience

March 25 2004, 6:26 AM 

KK you were absolutely right. The cane HURTS and the pain is quite a shock and impossible to describe.I was caned for the first time last night. The cane selected was very much as you described. Whilst I had agreed to take four, I found three strokes accross my shorts more than enough for me.The caning probably did not take more than a couple of minutes but it was two minutes of sheer agony.I can well understand the deterrent effect caning had in the days it was administered as part of school discipline.



March 26 2004, 9:58 AM 

I can recall from my school days that many of us chose minutes of sheer agony followed by quite some time of extreme discomfort as opposed to sitting in a detention room for maybe one hour.




March 29 2004, 5:55 PM 

If it hurts so mutch why do adults sill want to feel it?
I was slippered many years ago and that hurt like hell so iam sure the cane would be far worse.



Re: Caning Experience

March 31 2004, 10:05 PM 

Like Peter C I would very much like to discover what a proper school-style 'six of the best' with a flexible rattan cane across the seat of the trousers really feels like, for precisely the reasons that KK described.
I would like to know where Peter C found somebody to administer the cane to the proper standard. I bent over recently for my first caning and was disappointed that, although it stung a bit, it was far from the sheer agony that I was expecting. I thought that it was usual for schoolboys to find to their cost that the pain always far exceeded that anticipated. Unlike Peter C, I cannot understand the deterrent effect caning had in the days it was administered as part of school discipline.


Well ...

March 31 2004, 11:55 PM 

Let's not forget you are an adult and not .. say, a small 12-year-old boy. Your buttocks are probably twice as large than they were at that age. Also, the flesh will be firm and no longer tender.

Find a master who will cane you on one cheek only, and you might get a rough idea what it was like.



Quality rattan hard to come by

April 1 2004, 12:53 AM 

The ferocity of the cane may have declined in part because of a marked fall in the quality of the rattan available for the purpose.

Wild rattans have been seriously depleted throughout all of South East Asia. Rattan plantations have been established in Indonesia and elsewhere but they are producing stems that are usually inferior to wild rattan. There are bans on the export of unprocessed "rounds". What does reach the West is often of very poor quality - low density, low strength and lacking in flexibility and STING.


I once read

April 1 2004, 6:56 AM 

somewhere on this board that a cane would last a lifetime. KK's comments about rattan quality have se me thinking about the canes available in Malaysia and Singapore. In Malaysia, a rattan-producing country, the thin, two feet strips of rattan, coiled into a loop at one end, are sold in all open markets by the "housewares" vendor. (Most convenient for mums to pick up a cane with a new can-opener) These canes, however, were known to eventually bend themselves out of shape. I don't know for what reason (perhaps humidity), but it seemed as though these canes would get "curly" over time if used a lot. They didn't split or break, but they would get "floppy". I know this from the household canes of the family of my best friend. They always had at least two canes -- one, bent and floppy like a whip, the other in regular condition -- and they were used frequently. In my house we had one for years which stayed in the same condition, but it was only used once.

Does this mean that these canes were made from inferior rattan? I would guess that these canes were made from leftover rattan -- most rattan plantations and factories use the rattan for furniture-making -- and I think the left bits become the domestic canes. But there are rather a lot of these canes at all the markets everywhere.

Peter C

Response to Undeterred

April 1 2004, 7:18 AM 

I was caned by a gentleman in Sidcup who advertises on the ITC site. He used what he described as the senior cane.Based on my experience last week,if you really want to know what a traditional school caning feels like he is the one to visit. If you live in the North I am told by a friend that Miss Stricktland in Rotherham is the person to see. He is an experienced recipient but claims the six of the best she gave him stung unbelievably and were by far the most painful caning he had ever had.


Re: Response to Undeterred

April 1 2004, 10:23 PM 

What is the ITC site?


Re: Re: Response to Undeterred

April 1 2004, 10:51 PM 

www.itc-mag.com. Ad 9373.


Re: Well ...

April 2 2004, 11:03 PM 

I accept that my bottom is not as tender as it was when I was 12. However, there is a world of difference between a first former and a fifth or sixth former but, I would have thought, comparatively less difference between a fifth or sixth former and an adult - even someone in their forties. Senior boys were caned, and from what I gather, very effectively, in former years, so why did I find my caning not the test of fortitude I was expecting on the basis of all the accounts I have read?

Is it just me or do other adult schoolboys, with experience of the real thing when they were at school, find the same?

Perhaps it is more about the difference between having no choice in the matter and actively seeking a caning.

All I seek is to experience what it was actually like as authentically as possible. That means full school uniform (short trousers, blazer etc) with all the attendant ritual (wait outside study, stern lecture, cane selection, cane flexing and swishing, assuming the position, light taps before full and proper punishment strokes delivered slowly and deliberately with absolutely no chance of not receiving the full allocation, regardless of reaction. All this can be recreated, but authenticity needs to include the pain element.


How to deter Undeterred

April 3 2004, 1:24 AM 

A willingly accepted, sort after caning as an adult will undoubtedly have a very different pyschology than one received as a reluctant school boy. However, on the physical side I think the size of the buttocks should not be overlooked. It is more than just a difference in tenderness. Most middle aged men have a great deal more flesh on their backsides than the average high school boy of yesteryear. Their buttocks are wider, flatter and better padded (thicker) and much more able to absorb the energy. Consequently, the welting and pain is less.


Impossible Dream?

April 4 2004, 11:22 PM 

Sounds like I have an impossible dream then.



April 4 2004, 11:32 PM 

some questions for Peter C,
what is your age and physique?
what were you wearing for your recent caning and what position did you adopt?
what marks were left?
Are they still visible, or how long did they last?


What it felt like

April 9 2004, 5:54 AM 

As well as the amount of vigour I think a lot depends on the rapidity of the strokes. The teachers from whom I got canings at school used to apply the strokes in quick succession, the first one had a numbing effect for the ones that followed. I dont think the teachers realised that, fortunately.

Peter C

Effects: Response to Undeterred

April 15 2004, 7:49 AM 

1.I am 34, 170cm tall, medium to slim build.
2.I changed into a t-shirt and white gym shorts.
3.The caning produced three raised weals which had become double edged stripes by the next morning.
4.Two of thr stripes disappeared after 8/9 days but the third (the highest stroke)only completely faded after two weeks.
Trust this is helpful.


what is the length & the width of the cane use,?

April 15 2004, 3:31 PM 


Length and width of cane

April 16 2004, 9:39 AM 

I am mystified that people know the measurements of the cane that they received when at school. All I know that if you were caned in the first three years it was a thin cane thatn left a considerable sting. When you were caned 4th year upwards then it was a thicker cane that left you in pain rather than stinging. If prior to the 4th year you were caned in the upper school you found out sooner what the pain felt like


Sweet Dreams

April 16 2004, 9:45 PM 

If you are near Sussex then give me a call, I am sure your dream could be fullfilled ?


A good wacking

April 24 2004, 8:57 PM 

Well having had the cane several times at school both with shorts on and shorts off I can tell you that a good caning is a wonderfully painful experience that sends a message right ot the brain. It tries to persuade you never to err again. For me I took 6 10 or even 12 hits of the cane without a whimper until I left the masters office and then I cried. Some of the prefects and teachers were no good at caning and left you feeling, well, quite happy but others were cruel and gave heavy punishment which actually cut my buttocks into shreads.

Would I take another caning, no fear. You got to be mad.



It hurt like hell

April 25 2004, 9:01 AM 

My first caning came when I was 8 years old a few days after arriving at choir school. The cane was in regular use but the one most feared was from the Headmaster. I still remember now the swishing noise as the sharp pain that seemed to spread throughout the body as he brought the stick down on buttocks only covered in thin cotton gymn shorts. The pain would last the rest of the day and into the next but the railway line marks would last a week. The Headmaster always gave one hit for each year of your age so by the time I left to go to the next school at 13 punishments were substantial though not as frequent as a new boy.

By 13 most boys were used to the cane and the test was to get through it without a whimper and then to show off your buttocks to the rest of the class for inspection. The experience was almost enjoyable.

Even today I will accept a good beating.



Caning Experience - again

May 6 2004, 11:41 PM 

Thanks to the enthusiastic attention of an experienced administrator, I now have a much clearer understanding of the deterrent effect caning had in the days it was administered as part of school discipline.
The six proper punishment strokes that I received over thin shorts on Wednesday caused involuntary gasps and an overwhelming urge to rise from the bent over position. It wasn't absolute agony, but it was very sharp indeed. Had I been thirteen - with no choice in the matter - (let's not forget that as an adult I had requested it and could have backed out at any time) - I have no doubt it would have required immense fortitude to take it. Nevertheless the initial pain soon subsided. I imagine that for many thirteen-year-olds shock would soon have given way to a satisfying feeling of having passed a 'rite of passage' and perhaps not being quite so concerned about facing a repeat experience (at least until the moment of having to bend over again!)
My administrator then quietly pointed out that the cane he had used was actually that generally regarded as appropriate for boys in the lower years of secondary school. I was left wondering what the more senior boys would have experienced and how it compared, but I will have to wait for another occasion before I find out.

Peter C

A few questions for Undeterred

May 7 2004, 1:11 AM 

I was delighted to hear that you had managed to experience a realistic school caning. How did you manage to locate an appropriate administrator? Did you take the cane in the voluntary touch toes position or accross a bench/chair? What marks have resulted from the caning? Regards, Peter.



May 7 2004, 7:13 AM 

When I was 15 I was spanked 4 times with a rattan cane. Its like a smaller area is hit and the pain radiates putward and lasts longer than a belt. If you been hit by a Paddle you should be able to stand a rattan cane. But people who only get hit by belts try to get away. If I had a choice back then I would have been hit with a hand, belt, paddle, cane.


Which country are you in.?

May 7 2004, 12:48 PM 

Can you tell me which country you study in.?For what offences you have commited.?Is sitting down painful after the caning.?


My recent experience

May 11 2004, 12:14 AM 

In response to Peter's queries, the administrator was someone who had read my postings and approached me privately. The cane was taken in a traditional bending over position, legs slightly apart, with me grabbing the lower part of my shins. Some care was taken with exactly where I was positioned in the room and the direction I was pointing so that the administrator had adequate space to swing the cane efficiently and land the strokes evenly. Whilst this may not be the most comfortable or stable position, at least I had a good view of proceedings and could plainly see the effort being put into it. The caning left dark pink very ridged tramlines, in one place it looked as though it had broken the skin. The sting subsided quite quickly but my bottom was tender to pressure for the first few days. I had no trouble sitting down, but it certainly reminded me of the experience. Some of the stripes turned to faint blue bruises within twenty-four hours and then yellowed slightly. Today is the fifth day. Dark pink lines are still discernable, but are fading and the tenderness has gone.

How does this compare with others' experiences. Have I now really experienced what it was truly like?

Lotta Nonsense

Re: My recent experience

May 11 2004, 7:52 AM 

The experience you describe almost certainly mirrors that of someone somewhere at some school at some time but a school caning was by no means a 'standard' experience.

A school caning could be almost painless or it could be utterly agonising. It was usually somewhere between the two extremes but, as the spectrum is wide, there are many points at which any individual's experience might fall.

Only one thing is certain: over 99% of school CP stories are pure fantasy (a certain lady's alleged birching being a classic example).


> 99% Fiction?

May 11 2004, 8:25 PM 

Undoubtedly, quite a few accounts of CP are pure fiction or heavily embellished or exaggerated. Some accounts of CP may be based on a real event but with unremembered and hence fictional details of clothing, words spoken, etc. added for dramatic effect. Of necessity, most accounts of CP are lacking details of time, place and participants names that might allow their veracity to be tested. Attitudes and CP practices may have varied greatly in different times and places. Only a omniscience commentator could assess the plausibility of many of the stories.

Some accounts posted to this forum are highly suspect but I very much doubt the suggestion that more than 99% are fiction.


Memories of how it was

May 12 2004, 10:37 AM 

As time goes on fewer people will have had experience of cp at school and interest in it for that reason will diminish. But for the moment I think most men and a significant percentage of females over 40 will have at least attended a school where it was practised to some extent even if they didn't receive it themselves. So Ms L. Nonsense's claims match her name.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Memories of how it was

May 12 2004, 5:29 PM 

The fact that tens of millions of living UK citizens attended schools where CP was practised does not in any way support a suggestion that the relatively small number of writers of allegedly true School CP Stories are telling the truth.

Over 99% of such stories are pure fiction.



May 14 2004, 12:39 AM 

Dear Sir,

Just been reading through the messages on this site, and wondered, would you cane me one day, as descibed by someone, good full stokes properly laid on, hope to hear from you,



Lotta Nonsense - how do you know?

May 14 2004, 1:45 AM 

"The fact that tens of millions of living UK citizens attended schools where CP was practised does not in any way support a suggestion that the relatively small number of writers of allegedly true School CP Stories are telling the truth.

Over 99% of such stories are pure fiction."

Lotta Nonsense, you make a bold and precise claim. How do you know this?

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Lotta Nonsense - how do you know?

May 14 2004, 10:06 AM 

It would take a long time to explain why that statistic is correct but I'm very confident that it is.

That's not to say that there aren't some genuinely true stories around but, for various reasons, they are extremely rare.


Caning Experience

May 14 2004, 4:53 PM 

Lotta's claim is based on the latest, verifiable statistics compiled by using the most robust researching techniques.

She has privileged access to school records which she has painstakingly matched with the mostly spurious claims made by alleged recipients of corporal punishment.

She carries the trusty sword of truth with which to smite the fantasists, wanker spankers and dissemblers who post on this board.

She is an example to us all - Long live Lotta! - And my name is Pete.

Torquil Tennant

Re: Caning Experience

May 14 2004, 5:25 PM 

The problem is that although the corporal punishment of girls at school was fairly commonplace up to the 1980s, fetish spanking Internet sites and message boards such as this one are the LAST place any women with genuine experience of such CP would want to talk about it. Such sites are created by and are sought out by men who get gratification from reading about the subject. And there aren't really any non-fetish Internet sites dealing with CP. Even the supposed "serious" ones like corpun.com are principally motivated by an erotic fascination with subject.

I was at school at the time CP was still used and have known a few women who received it. But not a single one of them was interested in CP in any sort of fetish or erotic way. Corporal punishment was just an unpleasant experience which they now remember in a more humorous way than anything else. And I'm certain none would ever want to relate there experiences on a site like this in order to give jollies to a bunch of spanking obsessed males.



> 99% of all CP of just Male/female CP stories?

May 14 2004, 9:13 PM 

Lotta Nonsense,

When you say more than 99% of the stories about CP are pure fiction do you mean all stories or only those involving males punishing or being punished by females at school?

If you mean the latter, I also am very suspicious about the supposed frequency. It never happened in my personal experience and was unthinkable where and when I was at school.


Fact or Fiction

May 14 2004, 9:50 PM 

I attended four different high schools (two of which they asked me to leave). I was only ever caned by male teachers. normaly either the Head or deputy head. I was slippered a few times by woman teachers, none of them had hour glass figures and they were all at least 300 years old (maybe a little younger). At the time no C.P was not nice at all and anyone would try anything to avoid getting it.

I think it can be very difficult to put into words how it felt at the time. To be able to receive a PROPER school caning now and for it to feel the same as it would have at school, could be very difficult.

As for the fantasy. Yes I think a lot is fiction although I am not sure about 99% being fake. In general you can normal tell after a little while by what someone has to say as to wheather they did receive it at school or not. I never received more than six strokes at once, although I did once receive 2 x six of the slipper in the same day only because I was too scared to say I had been whacked by the P.E teacher in the morning, and yes. it did hurt and not something I would have wanted to repeat ever again.


Caning at School

May 15 2004, 9:55 AM 

I attended a public School in the 60's, where I was caned several times.
We had a system of pluses and minuses. 4 minuses awarded in one week would automatically mean a visit to the Headmaster for the cane. I was 11 when this happened to me for the first time. I arrived outside the Head's study at the appointed time to meet 3 other unfortunates. The Head came out, called the first boy in, and told me I would be next. A few minutes later came the dreadful sound of cane meeting bottom 4 times. The door opened and out streaked the boy furiously rubbing his bottom. I was called in, lectured about my conduct while the Head bent the cane in his hands and told to bend over and touch my toes. I then received 4 strokes of the cane, which I managed to stay down for and did not cry. He told me to stand up and said that the next time I was sent to see him I would get 6 ( and I did! ).
I too made a rapid exit rubbing my bottom. The pain was exruciating, but quickly subsided to a stinging glow. I went back to the dorm and lowered my trousers and pants and proudly showed off my stripes to my peers. My bottom felt delightfully corrugated and left with an affinity for the cane which I still have.

colin farrell

says who?

May 18 2004, 9:14 PM 

Torquil Tennant wrote:

Even the supposed "serious" ones like corpun.com are principally motivated by an erotic fascination with subject.

-- And your evidence for this sweeping assertion is ...?



Says me!

May 19 2004, 8:36 AM 


To pretend that your interest in the subject is purely academic is self-deluding.

I am in complete agreement with Torquil Tennant.

Torquil Tennant

Methinks he doth protest too much!

May 19 2004, 1:01 PM 

Well Mr Farrell I cannot read your mind but it should be clear to anyone who sees it that your website is a labour of love. You are on the sort of mission that is driven by a powerful fascination with the subject whether you accept that this is an erotic fascination or not. I believe that the erotic/fetish aspect of CP is really inseparable from the subject as whole. Which is probably one very good reason (even if there were no others) why it should be abolished in the "real world" and just left to people who enjoy it.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with your site or that it shouldn't exist. But I would stand by my assertion that ANY Internet site dedicated to CP is per se primarily motivated by erotic/fetish reasons whether this is openly so or in the guise of "serious research".



Why to suffer

May 22 2004, 10:35 AM 

Dear Yee Ling

Laws have changed in UK. It cannot be used in this country anymore. Sometimes you want what you can't have or maybe its is just curiosity.

Somehow the very word 'cane' has a perculiar facination. Hard to describe. Perhaps the thought of being caned by the opposite sex?

If you are reading these columns you must have some understanding of this.



But he doesn't protest at all!

May 22 2004, 8:58 PM 

Colin Farrell asked just a simple question which has not yet been answered.

The responses to his simple question tell far more about their authors than they do about corpun.com and its compiller.

Torquil Tennant


May 22 2004, 11:43 PM 

Err?? like what?

I made a perfectly reasonable observation. You don't have to agree with me, but please save the trolling bollocks.


Jim Nixon

True stories

June 13 2004, 11:42 AM 

How can you say that 99% of school caning accounts are pure fiction? What evidence have you got to back that claim and what was your sample size? By all means be sceptical but don't dismiss other people's accounts unless you can proove beyond all reasonable doubt that they are telling lies!

Jim Nixon

True stories

June 13 2004, 11:43 AM 

How can you say that 99% of school caning accounts are pure fiction? What evidence have you got to back that claim and what was your sample size? By all means be sceptical but don't dismiss other people's accounts unless you can proove beyond all reasonable doubt that they are telling lies!

Lotta Nonsense


June 13 2004, 8:48 PM 

Higher on the page, Jim Nixon today wrote:

How can you say that 99% of school caning accounts are pure fiction? What evidence have you got to back that claim and what was your sample size? By all means be sceptical but don't dismiss other people's accounts unless you can proove beyond all reasonable doubt that they are telling lies.


I didn't say 99%. I said 'more than 99%'.

Of course, the figure can be neither proven nor disproven but I am confident that it is substantially accurate.

If you find a story you believe to be true, that's fine. There are several on this site that I myself find entirely credible.

However, I maintain that over 99% of 'true' CP stories on the Internet are pure fiction.


99 per cent

June 14 2004, 5:02 AM 

Too true.
It would be nice to met some women who were into the cp scene out of interest, rather than money. Oh well such is life

Confused Canee

Caning Experience

September 4 2004, 12:20 PM 

I'm considering the same thing, but don't know what to expect. It will be a whippy crook handled cane, 80 cm in length and around 10mm in diameter.
Peter C, how long did it take you to recover from the canings, did it leave lasting marks ? Do you think I should wear two layers of clothing?
Will it be hard to take?

Confused Canee

Peter C

Re: Caning Experience

September 6 2004, 1:21 AM 

The cane you describe seems very similar to that which I experienced. In answer to your questions:-
1. The actual sting from each stroke probably only lasted around 15-20 seconds. In reality therefore you recover very quickly. The moment after impact however you suffer an agonising sting accross your buttocks whilst 15 seconds can be a long time to have what feels like a red hot rod held against your bottom.
2.The marks lasted about 10 days before they totally disappeared.
3.Wearing two layers of clothing may well reduce the intensity of the sting.I was caned accross the gym shorts and did ask that the strokes be laid on exactly to replicate a school caning.
4.I only managed to take three strokes, so yes it is hard to take if you are caned properly. At the end of the day however it is very satisfying to know what a genuine caning felt like.
In summary, my comments are based only on my own single experience. Others may feel differently but I strongly suggest you act to finally satisfy your curiosity.
Regards, Peter.
Regards, Peter.


Are you a man or lady.?

September 6 2004, 12:28 PM 

Canee,what is you sex?Are you a man or a lady.?

Peter C

Re: Caning Experience

September 13 2004, 4:45 AM 

Have you taken it yet? I would be interesred to know your reaction. Regards.

Confused Canee

Re: Caning Experience

October 25 2004, 8:54 PM 


Not yet.

I guess from your review, the whole aim of a genuine caning was to space the strokes out, to allow the pain to reach it's maximum and then to lay on another stroke, so as to ensure pain for 30 - 60 seconds.

Confused Canee

BTW Have you been back since?

yee ling

Try it.!!!!

October 27 2004, 3:32 PM 

Canee go ahead,try a few strokes of a long cane & you will know the taste of it.!!!!


Re: caning experience

October 30 2004, 11:14 AM 

Three strokes on the bottom from a school cane isn't a lot. People's tolerance to pain obviously varies. From my reading the main natural pain killing biochemical in the brain seems to be noradrenaline, the levels of which must vary between people? It can be boosted by both natural and artifical means.

Da vid

My experience with my Miss

November 14 2004, 8:54 AM 

I have had the experience of being caned by school tution teacher at her house. She had a long thin cane which was dark yellow in color. I had not done the home work. My tution teacher was very kind and polite...I did not know that she could be nasty with the cane. She had asked me to bend across her knee and gave two tight ones below the knee. Oh it was burning and I came to know that she had soaked the tip of the cane in saltish water. It was very painful and had left deep green marks. I was also given on the palm and it had burnt the whole night. I cannot forget madam for the punishment. The next day when she kept the cane on the table, I used to shiver the sight of it. Madam used to give it with equal intensity and she would not stop if even we cried.


Great!! I hope this is true

November 14 2004, 10:08 PM 

Great!! I hope this is true

When was it ? Which decade?.


It's no fun when it's for real.

March 23 2008, 12:50 AM 

I was caned twice at school.

The first time was when I was 10 years old and sent to the headmaster, because a registration book I had fetched for the teacher at an after school class the day before, had hit her on the bridge of the nose when I foolishly threw it onto her desk (or so I intended).

He had a freshly cut bamboo about 6ft long in the store room, and after telling me I was to be caned, he stood on it at the mid point and flexed it until it broke in two.
I was then told to bend over a chair which he placed in the middle of his office.

I was given two strokes over my trousers. I was already quite accustomed to corporal punishment, as we were frequently smacked by teachers with their hand, ruler, plimsole, table tennis bat, or in the case of our previous headmaster, a junior size cricket bat.

However, I had never experienced anything like the caning I received that day. When I left his office I could not believe that a teacher was allowed to inflict such pain on a pupil. Looking back I think I was probably in shock.

When both strokes hit, I didn't feel anything on my bottom, and still do not recall any stinging or burning lines, as a moderate caning might cause. What I remember quite vividly is the shock waves I felt travelling up my back and down my arms to my hands, which were gripping the sides of the chair.

I was sent back to the classroom, and only started crying on the way back down the corridor. I was strongly of the opinion that this form of punishment was totally unnecessary, and utterly excessive, and he should be reported for child abuse. Previous punishments had been quite sufficient to get the point over, and I never resented a punishment or hated a teacher like I did then.

I had had a very good relationship with the female teacher up until that point, but after that I wanted nothing to do with someone who could send me to be brutalised like that. That was the biggest shame of all.

apache kid

believe me,you don't want six of the best.NO WAY.

January 1 2011, 5:17 PM 

I was at boarding school during the 1940s and I can tell you now that a headmasters caning in those days was an excrutiatingly painful buisiness between your bottom and 36inches of heavy duty rattan and this is a truly authentic account of what a crippling and viciously telling 'six' was like'I can still recall this a lifetime on because a 1940s school caning is something you will never forget.To give you some idea as to how unbearably painfull such a caning was it was my first and last visit across the headmasters caning trestle[well I think that's what it and obviosly made for the specific purpose where the boys bottom would be perfectly presented for a caning]and that's because I realy felt each and every stroke that was applied full force at 10 second intervals to allow the agonising pain to linger then fully revived with the next explosive stroke.This then equated to a full minute of unimaginable agony that left ytt our head swimming with pain and your legs buckling beneath you as you tried come back up from over the caning trestle.With the caning over you could just about manage to walk and you literaly limped uot of the study and somehow managed to make your way to the toilets to give yourself time to recover before you staggered back into your classroom where you had to seek permission to stand up during the lesson.Now that was a standard six[very rarely was it ever less]so unless you have ever witnessed a 12 stroke thrashing given during school assembly as a pre-beating to expulsion or any other serious infringements then it would be beyond words alone to describe the swish of the cane,the lurching body of the boy being caned and his futile attempts to hold back audible expressions of pain.I,for the life me,cannot possibly see how an Etonion boy for example stay conciuos during a bare bottom caning of 12 strokes which quite evidentely was nothing unusual at Eaton and Harrow in it's heyday of realy severe discipline where even a boy as young as 13 could be subjected to the most severe caning immagineable. so to the gentleman who asked that question.Believe me Sir,the last thing you'll ever need is to experience a thoroughly hard and crippling 1940s style school caning.Go for a good long hard bare bottom spanking instead.To tame you might say.Don't you believe for I had several of those too before I got to boarding school and when administered properly by a practiced hand[know any retired matrons]you'll know all about good old fashioned discipline I can more than promise you.


Pure agony.

January 2 2011, 3:02 AM 

Apache does not exaggerate the pain associated with the use of the cane.
Even over trousers it is agony to the nth degree.
At primary school,boys only could receive corporal punishment after I had reached 4th grade,the practice being banned for girls at that time. This was in the early 1960s.I found this gender bias unfair at the time and I still do.
Mostly teachers would spank us,usually in front of the class.
All of the boys wore shorts to school back then,and as they were abbrieviated and the legs rather loose fitting,they were a gift for the teachers,mostly female,who would smack your bare thighs,or grasp the waistband of shorts and underpants,pulling them up your buttocks,exposing quite a lot your lower bottom for the sting of the ruler.
The cane was applied only by the headmaster,and only on the hand,or fingertips actually to be more precise. I had dreaded this punishment and did not receive it until 6th grade,and to my surprise and happiness,I found it did not hurt much at all. Your fingertips became rather numb and after 2 strokes,it was a doddle.This made me become rather bolder at school,as I was not longer in fear of the cane.
The inadviseability of this attitude was brought home to roost when I began at secondary school. This was a rather prestigious,church run,all boys college.
The headmaster was an ex rugby fullback,so quite beefy and strong,but a very jovial man,so I did not really fear him very much when I started.In order to impress the boys in our class with our bravado and derring-do,my best freind and I became little nuisances to our form master,who rapidly began to run out of patience.
One day,sure enough,we went too far,and were sent up to the head.We were not too bothered by this,until after the head had lectured us severely,he commaned me to bring a sort of piano stool from the corner,and to lie across it. Gulp! I had never experienced the cane on my bottom before.This was somewhat disconcerting.I did as bidden,and with my poor mate watching,obviously making things worse for him,the head caned me with four cuts,each one well spaced to maximise the force of the punishment.
I could not see behind me,and the awful anticipation that I felt,made the caning much worse.My whole consciousness was concentrated on my offered bottom,which made me more sensitive to the cuts when they arrived.
In essence,it was sheer,unadulterated torture.I cannot recall any time in my life since then suffering such awful agony.
Each cut was simply excruciating,taking my breath away,and making me jerk upwards with an uncontrollable reflex.
After the very first cut I was crying. Despite all of my efforts to be brave,I simply could not help it.How I managed to hold myself there to take those strokes I don't know.The last two made me squeal like a stuck pig.The caning literally doubled me up in a blanket of excruciating agony.
Then I had to stand there and watch my poor mate,by this time petrified with fear,take his cuts as well.
The head took us back to our classroom,presenting us to the class,berating us for our sins and warning wrong-doers by our example.
My friend and I stood there sobbing and clutching and rubbing our agonised backsides,and the class was solemn and quiet,obviously in awe,as we were known to be tough little fellows.
I had bruises on my bottom for several weeks until they faded, and I got no sympathy on the home front,my Dad remarking that he had a mind to hairbrush me as well. Luckily he didn't. I watched my Ps and Qs after that I can tell you,and did not receive the cane again to my immense joy.

Old Timer

1940's/50's canings

January 3 2011, 9:57 AM 

I full concur with apache kid and with his boarding school experiences in the 1950's.
It sounds as if we went to the same boarding school! Albeit myself some ten years later in the 1960's.
A visit to our Headmasters study was the ultimate sanction and an intimidating and terrifying experience which was to be avoided at all costs. The cane strokes meted out were full measure and force and our school shorts and underpants did absolutely nothing to cushion the blows.The whole experience was ritualistic and leisurely and meant to instil the maximum fear and terror. Firstly the sentencing of the number of strokes. Never any less than six strokes and on occasion twelve strokes as an alternative to expulsion. Then the Head's selection of his cane from an extensive arsenal hanging from their cooked handles in his corner cupboard. Then the flexing and swishing of the canes until satisfied he had selected his correct cane for the nature and severity of the chastisement. The mounting of the caning trestle with the Head using the tip of his cane to coax one into a final prone position. The initial laying and measuring and tapping of the cane across one's drum tight short seats before being dealt the first blistering stroke. Like apache kids experience at least 10 seconds lapsed between eaxch stroke to allow the full intensity of the stroke to come through. It did also allowed one to catch one's breath
On both occasions that I was caned by our Head, a six stroke caning on both occasions, I had to lifted off the caning trestle. A further humiliation was that it was impossible to sit for at least an hour after the flogging so we were given a concession and added humiliation of standing during our first two lessons.
I remember aged 11 years and shortly after commencing school witnessing the first of many public canings in assembly after morning chapel. The first time I very nearly fainted.
Although the Heads canings never caused bleeding they did graze and break the skin. The seats of one's underpants would stick to the welts and were very painfully peeledoff at night in the dormatory.


Re: Caning Experience

January 5 2011, 4:19 PM 

I was caned twice when at school, some thirty years ago, when I was 16 and 17.

I would really like to experience a caning again - preferably by another man (like a school teacher, but doesn't have to be role play). I live in South London / North Kent.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how I can achieve this discreetly?

The apache kid

A proper caing hurts- take a spanking instead

January 5 2011, 4:22 PM 

The painfulness of a traditional school caning depends on several factors.For example no two headmaasters cane equaly as hard even if each is giving the caning as hard[which no doubt whatsover he will be doing]as he possibly can.The cane itself of course plays a major role here.IFf it is a junior cane it will still be enough to make you wince and a heart felt six will stagger you and bring tears to you eyes.If on the other hand the cane is a heavy duty senior rattan boy o boy are you in for some serious pane the kind that will make your legs give way beneath you,your head swimming with the accumulating agony as each stroke drives through your whole body and leave you to stagger out of the study and make your way painfuly back to your classroom with a noticeable limp.It also depends on the circumstances leading to the caning.For example, if you were forewarned of your caning in advance,i.e immediately after assembly on the following day this will give you plenty of time to phsyce yourself up so when the time comes you won't be going over the caning table 'cold'On the other hand that within five minutes of being caught out doing something so serious that a caning can't possibly wait amother moment longer you suddenly find youself stretched with shirt tails pulled out across the caning table with the first cripplig stroke of a realy haevy six well on it's way you realy are going to feal the kind of pain that you could't even start to immagine.A 'cold'caning is,apart from an assembly caning in front of the entire school,is about the worst kind of caning you can get.So if anyone out there still has the desire to suffer-and you will suffer,believe me- a traditional school caning then I would very strongly advise that you try six with a nursery cane first.Did I hear you say to tame?Well take the caning first and then try telling me that!

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The Apache Kid

A caning from another perspective

January 26 2011, 3:03 PM 

Further to my message-jan 5 2011-I have been taking another look at your question as to what does a caning actualy feel like and any conclusive answer is'nt exactly that easy to arrive at.For example,you could no longer compare a 1930s school caning to one of recent years than you could have compared a traditional school ]caning then to the kind of caning a reformatory school headmaster would administer to an abscondee on his IMMEDIATE return-a very,very painful 8 stroke caning from the senior cane.To strike a happy ballance,if indeed that is the right word,I would say a private or boarding school caning-and I say this whithout an intended pun-would take a lot of beating in terms of severity.I have actual experience of a boarding school caning and albeit it was a lifetime ago I shall never forget [something strangely enough that the headmaster told me at the time] how painful it felt and how that evening in the dorm' I had to literaly peel my underpants away from my backside where thay had 'stuck 'to the raised weals.It was'as one could confidentely count on,a very forceful and well placed six and in those days a boy was never to far away from another painful spell over the caning table;this was just a common table that the head kept in his study for the single purpose of disciplne.It was also used on occassion for public assembly canings.So,yes,I would say,that's if you still insist of course,that a boarding school 'six' will give you more than a good idea as to what 42 inches of a senior school cane feels like.All you need now is a retired headmaster to demonstrate!

The Apache Kid

Worst caning-Reformatory,Grammar School,Boarding School?

February 4 2011, 2:55 PM 

My guess here is the REFORMATORY caning by a wide margin.48inches by half inch of prime Malayasian rattan says it all.

An abscondee on his IMMEDIATE return to the school can expect,in fact will get,EIGHT forecful strokes from the afforementioned cane and for the most gravest offences-TWELVE strokes!!

The kind of pain and bruising a caning of this severity can inflict does'nt even bear thinking about and I can't possibly see how a 16/18 year old lad could take a heavy beating like this whithout having to be forcibly held down,indeed it would be little wonder if he never passed out which has me thinking that such a severe caning could only be tolerated if given in two seperate bouts;the first six immediately,the second six a few hours later.

A Boarding school caning,something that I felt personaly,is severe enough in its own rights and is a strong contender here but what might run against it is the six stroke maximumn albeit twelve is permmisable whith special consent from the school board of governors.Niether was allowed on the bare bottom but had it have been it woud most certainly be up there with a Reformatory caning.

A GRAMMAR SCHOOL caning I would immagine is the least severe here but on the contrary I have heard tales of some very hard and severe canings being dealt out but,and not unlike most personel accounts of heroism,well endowed with an extra pair or two of arms and legs

So,whats your view-or to put it another way,which one WOULD'T you choose?!

The Apache Kid


February 4 2011, 10:06 PM 

This is strange Maybe someone can explain.

There's an overwhelming presence of people on this planet,male and female alike,who are more than just a little partial to a iether a good solid spanking or agood hard caning and on a good day,both.

Why this should be I have no idea but as an educated guess I would assume it's because they've never had iether,or they've had to much of both which answers bugger all!

I suspect to get the ball rolling in the right direction a right good spanking as a kid followed later by an eye watering caning and before you know it you'll be sharing your experiences on forums like this.

Some ,no doubt,arn't to sure iether way so take rapid six to find out( 10£ a shot.Your place or mine.)and then think to hell with that and emigrate to Canada to chop down trees.But,these people I can understand.

The people that I can't understand however,is people like me who were spanked senseless as a kid and caned into oblivion at school and who would have sold his kid sister into slavery to have gotten out of iether then somewhere down the line everything changes direction and they end up drooling and twitching as they trawl through the classifieds in Womens Own looking for-'Strict ex-headmistress,likes cosy nights in,travel,sewing and knitting,birching,caning,flogging,whipping and skittles.Reduced rates for OAPs with ricketts,MPs Circuit Judges and lumberjacks.No DHSS.Meet behind the gasworks.Bring some rope and a scaffold plank.

But WHY?!


Re: Caning Experience

February 5 2011, 10:40 AM 

i can remember what a caning felt like, although it was many years ago. i was only given 2 or 3 strokes on my bottom from the age of 12 upwards , never had the full 6 so i cant comment on that, i can only imagine that the full 6 would have been a massive stinging sensation. whilst bent over wearing thin cotton trousers and thin underpants you feel the cane resting on your bottom as he takes aim. there is a couple of taps then the cane lifts away, i second or two you will hear a loud whistle and a twack. at first you dont feel anything and wonder what all the fuss is about, about 4 or 5 seconds later you feel a massive stinging right across both cheeks of your bottom, like a red hot iron is placed there and held there and it is not moving. a rush of blood feeling shoots down your bottom through your private parts and into your stomach which gives you a feeling of sick watery taste in you mouth. in your mind you want to shout out ouch but dont as you try to hold it together. eyes are now watered and as you look at the floor you see a blur as you feel the headmaster place that cane there again for another stroke. 10 seconds or so have now passed, this is to let the first one sink in , you now feel that tapping again just below the first one, then another whistle and twack and the second one has landed. this time you cant help but give out a ahhh and even jump foreward a foot or two. there is now double the sting . this was my first time and only got the two. as i stood up i felt the room was spinning, my eyes blurry due to the water and the headmaster gave another small lecture about behavior. rubbing your bottom made no difference, that sting is not going away. this lasts for about 10 minutes or so then it starts to fade into a warm feeling. at home i inspected my bottom in the mirror, 2 deep red and purple stripes across both cheeks and even into the partition of the cheeks. the headmaster was an oldish chap so at first you would think he couldnt hurt. but how wrong i was, being older he would have caned many thousands of boys , and even girls, so he would been very experienced...

The Apache Kid

Wear what you like laddie,you're still gonna feel it!

February 5 2011, 5:14 PM 

I;ve never met anyone yet who has been birched and now,of course, I'm never likely to-damn it! So now I have absoluteky no idea whatsoever how it would compare to aI caning or,indeed,how it would hold up to all those 'birshed to a pulp' tales written no doubt with great enthusiasm and even greater immagination if only to suit the authors fantasies and to hell with his reading public,in short-never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Then on top of all that you get to read all about these Naval birchings-well I'm sorry,I'm just not having any of it.12/14 year old lads going bare bottom over the barrel of a gun to recieve THREE DOZEN LASHES of the birch!NO WAY,they would bleed to death and most certainly,pass out before they did.

Yet,for all its devestating reputation all you need to do to render it useless is to wedge two layers of insubstantial clothing between it and your backside and you write home to your mum while they were wearing themselves ragged laying it on-"Ee aint made a sound yet capan' I know I 'ad a few last night sir but me aim aint that far off,beggin'your pardon"-Never mind Bosun' keep floggin' away,plenty of time afore we reach land.

However,there must have been a time when someone must have tried it for the first time.-"Right lad,get over that desk while I give you twelve with this bush thing"--"Er,pants up or pants down Sir?"--"I'm not to sure lad,what do you think-tell you what,keep 'em up this time and I'll make up for it next time with couple of dozen,'ows that-brace yourself!"-"Eh"

But the cane-ah wll now thats a different tale altogether is'nt it? different league altogether would cofidentaly say that a damn good hard caning would easily cleave through sevsral pairs of trousers-and underpants-and still send you into orbit and if,by any stroke of bad luck on your part that your headmaster picked up agoog secondhand Reformatory cane at the local car boot sale then in Sir,you would'nt be in any fit state to go anywhere as they peeled you off the desk!

So one has to say that while the birch in it's day had a fearsome reputation,a realy good hard Reformatory caning would have knocked it-and pardon the expression-for six!


Scotty the Occasional Poster

Were All Canings as Bad as Described here?

February 9 2011, 9:07 PM 

I ask as I attended four schools (prep, public, grammar and comprehensive) from late '60s through to late '70s where the cane was used, infrequently I believe.

I was unfortunate to experience the cane at age 15, 4 strokes. It hurt but it was all over in less than 30 seconds and I do not recall it hurting for more than a few moments. Although there was some bruising they were gone in a day or so. At this school we had to shower so any cane marks would be visible, I never saw any, either here or at any other school I attended apart from the marks of a slippering handed out to a boy of nine or so at prep school, but I saw his bottom maybe 5-10 minutes after he had been slippered and all that there was to see was some slight reddening.

Okay, I am not saying what people have written is not correct, merely that not all canings are as bad as described above.

Did others receive what we might term a "light caning" or was I unique in going to four schools where although the cane was used, there was little evidence of it afterwards.



Torquil Tennant

February 9 2011, 10:28 PM 

I think that Torquil Tennant has a valid point, so let's not lambast her. Leaving Collin Farell out of it - because it is unfair to make assumptions - this lady is right on the money.

C'mon, just the posts on this topic have got people drooling. You are not all here just out of historical interest and you know it. Most forums and websites on this subject are run by males for their own gratification.

But, so what. It doesn't matter. Each to their own. But, let's not kid ourselves.

Me? I only come here because I am interested in the historical aspects - honest. And anyway, a lot of what goes onto this forum is pure fiction.

I am not being critical, I like this forum it's probably the best one out there. But fiction we can do without, it distorts the our historical perspective.

Now then, let's talk about bare bottom schoolgirls getting walloped. Ah! I see I have now got your full attention.


Re: Were All Canings as Bad as Described here?

February 9 2011, 10:44 PM 

Hi Scotty

I was unfortunate to experience the cane at age 15, 4 strokes. It hurt but it was all over in less than 30 seconds and I do not recall it hurting for more than a few moments. Although there was some bruising they were gone in a day or so.

That was similar to the canings I had. Although being caned isn't a pleasant experience, it's over very quickly. In general canings were intended to cause considerable discomfort although I did receive one, what I would call, "token" caning - four strokes for flashing my boobs to some boys. I doubt even the "six of the VERY best" I got the third time I was caught smoking was anything like the brutal beatings some have described here.

"Token" slipperings were much more common. Just two or three whacks in front of the class and most of the sting had worn off by the time I got back to my desk. Even a "proper" slippering wasn't all that bad.


To Scotty

February 10 2011, 3:24 AM 

Scotty, I do believe that it rather depends on who it is doing the caning,and what effect that they are trying to achieve.

I had the cane on my fingertips a number of times at primary school,and I have to say that I thought it was ineffective,because after the first two whacks,it didn't really hurt.

I had the cane on my bottom but once,and it was severe,and it was intensely agonising.
I believe that my headmaster planned it this way,and that is,in essence,why I had it only once.

I have spoken to quite a few chaps who were caned at school.
Most all of them have said of the cane on the hands,much as I have said,that it did not hurt overly much.

All who have been caned on the bottom have said that it hurt,and all who have been caned on hands and backside,have stated that the cane applied to the bottom hurt much,much more.

Most never experienced a caning of the same severity as my own,and in fact, some have said that in a number of cases,the master did not seem to be really trying to inflict a serious punishment,but basically following a routine,quite mechanically and without any sort of real interest in its punitive value.

Some older teachers were 'softies',and probably were losing their muscular strength anyway.

My cousins who attended a public school, have said that the absolute worst canings they can recall,were not from masters at all, but from either the 'head of school' or the 'captain of games',the joint arch-prefects of their school.

Both of these sixth form tyrants were young,athletic and wildly enthusiastic,fired with a passion to inculcate in younger boys, obedience,school-spirit and the upholding of tradition,especially in relation to awe of the upper-school.

They are described as being passionate caners,alive to their power and authority,and delighting in their ability to inspire fear and inflict pain.
They were pretty much in competition with each other in that respect.

So it seems that a caning is not an egalitarian experience,but one depending to a great extent on what cards you have been dealt.

I would say,that from your description, your luck was in.
Perhaps you should think of visiting a casino old bean!


Re: Caning Experience

February 10 2011, 9:13 AM 

Hi OZGeorge

All who have been caned on the bottom have said that it hurt,and all who have been caned on hands and backside,have stated that the cane applied to the bottom hurt much,much more.

That's interesting, I found the opposite. My first caning was three strokes on my hand and that hurt a lot more than my subsequent canings on my bum - with the exception of my last "(what I call) "six of the VERY best" the third time I was caught smoking. sad.gif It could be because my first caning was from a different headmistress so it's possible she caned harder than her successor. It's also possible that the same (size of) cane was used each time (it was over two years between my first and second canings) so it had greater effect when used on my hand.


Re: Caning Experience

February 10 2011, 12:51 PM 

I have spoken to quite a few chaps who were caned at school.
Most all of them have said of the cane on the hands,much as I have said,that it did not hurt overly much.

All who have been caned on the bottom have said that it hurt,and all who have been caned on hands and backside,have stated that the cane applied to the bottom hurt much,much more.

I'm surprised at that. I never got the cane at school at all, but I knew one boy who went to a different school and was caned both ways. I remember him saying that two strokes on the hand were agonisingly painful and left his hand swollen, whereas he found that two or three strokes across the bum (presumably over his normal clothing) stung for a couple of minutes but then started to wear off.

Some older teachers were 'softies',and probably were losing their muscular strength anyway.

You really don't need great muscular strength to deliver an effective cane stroke. It's all a matter of timing, including a nice snap of the wrist at the last moment.


Re: Caning Experience

February 10 2011, 2:49 PM 

In answer to OZGeorge's point:

All who have been caned on the bottom have said that it hurt,and all who have been caned on hands and backside,have stated that the cane applied to the bottom hurt much,much more.

Keith wrote:

I'm surprised at that. I never got the cane at school at all, but I knew one boy who went to a different school and was caned both ways. I remember him saying that two strokes on the hand were agonisingly painful and left his hand swollen, whereas he found that two or three strokes across the bum (presumably over his normal clothing) stung for a couple of minutes but then started to wear off.

You really don't need great muscular strength to deliver an effective cane stroke. It's all a matter of timing, including a nice snap of the wrist at the last moment.

I tend to agree with your friend, Keith. I can't say that the cane was that much more painful on the hand but I found it much easier to cope with it on the backside, even though it was applied far harder.

I also agree with your second point, it doesn't take a lot of strength to make a cane hurt. In my experience, the force used had more effect on how long it hurt, rather than how much.


Shome mishtake shurely!!!!?

February 11 2011, 10:01 PM 

Well Gadzooks! Sacre bleu! Shiver me timbers! Gott in himmel! Shut m' mouth an' spank m'*** wif a mule's tail!!!!

I am flabbergasted, startled, staggered, stunned and generally pole-axed!!!!

Do mine own ageing eyes deceive me? I rub my them frantically! But nay! Verily I say unto thee,the words still leap from the page at me, with a force that "would have made Quintilian stare and gasp".

We have here a mystery of most cosmic proportions!
Did the cane hurt more on the hands or the bottom?
On the bottom, quoth I in good faith and conviction.
But nay!
The opinion of some of our honoured posters here is the opposite!
How can this dichotomy of views exist?

Can it be that my brother and myself,all of my school contemporaries, my male relatives, and all of the many male friends and acquaintances, that I have chatted and reminisced with over the years, are sensory freaks?

Can it be that Australian boys had hands as hard as cured hickory, impervious to painful stimuli, but had highly susceptible bottoms,as dainty and sensitive as faeries' kisses, whilst the opposite was true of their British conterparts?
Can this truly be so?

Apparently it is, going by several of the afore-mentioned postings.
Yet,the denizens of the continent of Australia,are to a very large degree,descendants of British and Irish stock.
Has some strange genetic mutation occured?

I turn in desperation to my cousins and friends,children born and bred on the sacred soil of Britain.
Soft! What do they whisper to me?
From those who have had experience of both,it is unanimous- on the hands hurt,but on the bottom hurt a lot more!

Would that we could put it to the test,to sort out this dilemma once and for all!
Ahhh! But by what means?
One mans' meat is another mans' poison! (Or womans' Jenny,I beg your pardon.)

Strange indeed are the corporal memories derived from our sensory pathways.
In conclusion however,I will just mention that I still cringe and tense, and recall the tears welling in my eyes, as I think upon my headmaster's cane,or my seventh grade teacher's dowell-stick,contacting my poor,defenceless little backside,but recall my primary school hand canings with a species of amusement.
Vive la difference I suppose!


Re: Caning Experience

February 12 2011, 12:08 AM 

I think the difference in perception can probably be explained.

At my school, the cane used on the hands was lighter than that used on the bottom and was applied with much less force. Other forum members found less difference between the two. Perhaps the experience of your friends was more like mine.

As I said, I'm not sure that being caned on the hands at school actually hurt any more, I just found the experience more unpleasant, so it seemed to be more painful.


Re: Caning Experience

February 12 2011, 12:22 AM 

Hi hcj

As I said, I'm not sure that being caned on the hands at school actually hurt any more, I just found the experience more unpleasant, so it seemed to be more painful.

In my case, getting it my hand was my first caning so that could have affected my perception of the pain. As I didn't get it on my hand again, I can't compare it with subsequent hand canings either.

prof n.

Re: Caning Experience

February 12 2011, 3:34 AM 

Hi Oz George, HCJ and Jenny,

I suspect one reason that there is no agreement on whether caning on the hands is more painful than on the backside , may be purely physiological. As I understand it the distribution of pain receptors/transmitters ( noiceceptors ) follows a bell curve in general terms, but in all case there are a quite high minimum number on the hands.

Therefore there will be more equality of pain on the hands,wherever you lie on the bell curve whereas those of us who have a low distribution quotient in general will fell less discomfort in the other area !!!!!

Those with a higher count it will be equivalent to the pain of a hand caning or even reversed.


Re: Caning Experience

February 12 2011, 4:15 PM 

I suspect one reason that there is no agreement on whether caning on the hands is more painful than on the backside , may be purely physiological. As I understand it the distribution of pain receptors/transmitters ( noiceceptors ) follows a bell curve in general terms, but in all case there are a quite high minimum number on the hands...

That explanation sounds too complicated to me. Apart from the obvious differences in the size and weight of cane and the force of the strokes, there are a large number of factors that influence how much a caning hurts. Some are seemingly trivial such as the temperature of the room or the time of day.

More significant in the case of the bottom is how stable your position is, how tightly you are bending over and whether the tip of the cane strikes the buttocks.

When being caned on the hand, was the wrist being held or could your arm move down as the cane hit? Did the cane strike at the base of the fingers or across the palm?

There are many variables in the equation.


A few thoughts.

February 12 2011, 10:26 PM 

I believe that there is a good deal of merit in quite a lot of the posts here,commenting on the perceived differences in painfulness from the cane on the hand as opposed to the bottom.

I just wanted to contribute a few thoughts for consideration.

To begin with, the hands are virtually always uncovered,and due to the work which hands are designed to do and their exposure,hands become less susceptible to some stimuli than other areas of the body.

Most people have experienced the sensation,perhaps when on holiday,when feet are released from the confines of shoes,and for some time are very sensitive when walking barefoot,but after a while,become less and less sensitized,as the skin and nerve endings become habituated to it.

The bottom,on the other hand, is almost always well covered,and is not usually in contact with anything more sensorally stimualting than a hard seat.
For this reason,I believe that the buttocks tend to be more sensitive to sensations, especially powerful pain producing stimuli,than the hands would be.

There is also the question of a pain threshold,or the point when a stimulus is perceived as pain,and pain tolerance,or the intensity and duration a person can endure before outwardly responding.

The pain threshold does not vary significantly among people, or in the same person over time.
Pain tolerance can be conditioned by a number of factors,such as culture,role behaviour,physical and emotional health,pain experiences and expectations.
Pain tolerance can be reduced or increased by a number of different factors.

Some factors which may decrease pain tolerence are apprehension,fear,anxiety,fatigue,anger and a perceived lack of personal control over one's body or fate.

In my own case,I found that having to bend over for the cane,which was an undignified and submissive position,reduced my feelings of personal control,in a way that holding out my hand did not.

Although there were feelings of anxiety,fear and apprehension associated with both,it was far more pronounced with bending over to get it on my bottom.
I could not see behind me,and therefore I was unable to calculate expectation of when or where the stroke would be applied,nor be able to guage its likely force.

I felt totally helpless and disempowered,and at the mercy of the headmaster.
My whole mind was totally focused on my raised bottom,and the pain to come,which made the whole event so much worse to me.

My hand canings gave me at least some modicum of dignity and control,no matter how slight,in enduring the process.

Although the average distribution of nociceptors in the hands,and fingertips especially,are higher than in other places,I believe that the force of the blow from the cane on them,may produce a sort of shock effect,which acts like an analgesic,as subsequent cuts felt more like dull thuds,and were not essentially painful.

However,I have spoken to people who had a heavy strap applied on the hands at school,and they tell me that this punishment was cumlitative and extremely painful applied to the hand itself, and not the fingertips.


Re: Caning Experience

February 12 2011, 11:05 PM 

There are some interesting points here OZGeorge:

...due to the work which hands are designed to do and their exposure,hands become less susceptible to some stimuli than other areas of the body.

I've never thought about it before, but I suppose those who play cricket regularly would be accustomed to the type of blow to the hand experienced when catching a ball. It is certainly more painful when it hits your body.

Some factors which may decrease pain tolerence are apprehension,fear,anxiety,fatigue,anger and a perceived lack of personal control over one's body or fate.

At my school, hand canings tended to be those that came suddenly and unexpectedly when we stepped out of line in the classroom, so we were unprepared. The teacher delivering it tended to be in a bad temper. Punishments on the bottom were usually carried out in the head's / deputy's study and were planned events, delivered in a calculated way and for which we had time to prepare mentally. I think that may have had some influence on what we felt.

I could not see behind me,and therefore I was unable to calculate expectation of when or where the stroke would be applied,nor be able to gauge its likely force.

There have been some suggestions that I found that surprising in the Medical Press this week. It is said that if you look away as you are pricked with a needle, which I have always done when I have had injections or blood tests, it hurts more than if you watch the needle going in. If it is true, perhaps seeing the cane hit your hand makes it hurt less?


Re: Caning Experience

February 12 2011, 11:19 PM 

hi Oz George, Jenny,

However,I have spoken to people who had a heavy strap applied on the hands at school,and they tell me that this punishment was cumlitative and extremely painful applied to the hand itself, and not the fingertips.

I couldn't agree more George. My experience can be found here


Caned for being bullied

February 26 2011, 11:30 PM 

At a London grammar school I was caught 'fighting'in the art class. In fact I had been attacked by another boy and simply resisted him. 'See me in Room six at the the break' was the message from the art master.
I went to Room 6 and the art master was waiting there with a long thin cane and the punishment book.I tried to explain what had happened but he would not listen.
'I shall have to cane you,' was all that he would say. 'Now turn round and bend over.'
I obeyed, but I did not go down far enough.'I can't cane you like that, boy,' he said as he tapped my buttocks with his cane. 'Get down further.' I went down further and rested my hands on my knees. 'Oh, yes,' he said apparaently delighted,'that will be fine.'
I felt him turn up my blazer. He placed the cane on my tight,thin shorts. Swish ! At first I felt nothing and I was surprised, but then the pain tore into me as if I had been hit with a red hot poker. Swish again. And then the indescribable pain of the second stroke.
'All over. Get up,boy.' I stagered to the door and ran downstairs.

Rodney Bacon

Re: Caning Experience

February 28 2011, 1:54 PM 

Returning to Oz George's discussion about variation in pain, firstly my experience of hand caning at junior school (across the palm) was that the first stroke could dull the pain of the subsequent strokes (excluding the finger tips)if applied hard. A "skilled" caner would progressively increase the severity of strokes and this had the effect of increasing the total pain felt.

At Grammar school the Headmaster could and would vary the intensity of a caning by slipping in one or two strokes across the thighs which were infinitely more painful. For a three stroke caning one might get one across the thighs, maybe two during a sixer, but it would be random so one could only anticipate. Perhaps this was guaged by the boys reaction as it was seldom or not (to my knowledge)the first stroke. Some canings did not contain any thigh strokes, but there was enough evidence "in the changing room" to suggest that this was by design and not just inaccuracy. A cleverly executed angled stroke so that the tip wraps and bites the upper leg induces an eye watering pain.



In prospect and retrospect

March 17 2011, 10:34 AM 

I just want to add two points to this discussion.

First, receiving corporal punishment is a major psycho-physical experience, the more so if it is infrequent and given in ceremonial fashion (going to a special place, bending over, removing clothes, etc.). It is quite capable of being both humiliating and painful on the one hand, and a sexual stimulant on the other. The experience impregnates itself in the memory and is re-lived in these forums often in fantasised forms.

Second, all of our contributions are written in prospect or retrospect. Few enjoy hard corporal punishment at the point of administration; the thrill occurs in the anticipation and the re-call of the caning experience. It could hardly be otherwise. Yet for these thrills to be real caning actually has to happen.

Lets enjoy but not delude ourselves.


Caning Experience

April 28 2011, 10:16 AM 

Having been a boarder at both prep and public schools I received quite a few punishments. These ranged from being spanked with a master's hand whilst over his knees to being caned on the bare bottom at age 16. Most punishments were given with a degree of formality. In my prep school my Housemaster would haul me across his knees and spend a little while smoothing my grey shorts over my bottom to make them tight and to check for padding. he spanked quite hard and always finished off by slipping his right hand under the leg of my shorts and saying that I was lucky not to have my shorts taken down.
At public school the headmaster would say "You leave me no alternative, boy. Take your blazer off and get your trousers and shorts down to your ankles. Bend over the back of the chair". As I did so my shirt was folded beck and the cane was applied. Usually 6 strokes were standard but I once received 9 for a repeat of a crime committed a week earlier (smoking!). We boys regarded corporal punishment as a way of life at school. A way to be avoided if possible as it was not at all pleasant, but neverthgeless inevitable.


Caned many Times since school/

July 18 2011, 8:12 PM 

Once you have been caned I believe the need continues for declararing contrition in ones life.I have had many masters since school and always
have had strict punishments and would like to have some ladies wishing to try or improve their technique in applying a thorough school caning onto my deserving buttocks in S herts.


Caning Experience

October 17 2012, 7:32 PM 

The nightmarish aspect of the cane cannot be conveyed by considering a single stroke.

There is the time between knowing that you are going to be caned and the actual caning. At my public school this would often be 36 hours. Then, on the evening itself - beatings were always done during 'prep', ie, homework - there was the wait for the summons to the Head Prefect's study.

I would sit in the 'dayroom' with two dozen other boys, and try to learn enough geography to pass the next day's test. Waiting. And then, yes, footsteps at the far end of the long corridor. An older boy enters, speaks softly to the prefect in charge, and departs. The prefect pauses. There is a suppressed giggle from the boys. My name is called, and I am told to go to the Head Prefect's study.

I know that I shall receive six. I have only ever had four - and found the fourth, the last one almost unbearable. Except this time it wouldn't be the last one.

I shall spare you the interview with the Head Prefect in his study. Somehow I find my way from it to the undercroft of the chapel - an ill-lit, gloomy place, with an echo. The Head's footsteps. Firm. He appears and indicates where he wants me. I bend over, feeling my trousers tighten over my buttocks. He tells me to part my legs and to hold my ankles.

He then lifts the tail of my jacket over the small of my back, and studies my backside. I feel his hands on the waistband of my trousers, which he pulls still tighter.

He steps back and to one side. I can see him through my legs, running his fingers along the cane. I feel the touch of the rattan on my trousers as he measures his distance and adjusts his stance. Then I feel it no more. The first starts with shock. It takes several seconds for the pain to register. The cane rests on my buttocks once more. The Second. The pain is immediate. Forking through me like lightning. I clench my teeth. He tells me to reach further down. The Third. This is awful. Was the third always so bad? "Hold your ankles tight," he tells me. And the Fourth. I let go. I can't help it.

But he is patient. "Down again," he tells me eventually. And I obey. By now there is a reservoir of pain running from my buttocks through my whole being. He takes his time. Then. The Fifth. Christ!! Somehow I keep my position, but I'm aware of a sort of moaning noise coming through my teeth.

The cane touches my tight trousers once more. I shut my eyes. It touches again. And again. And then....Never had there been pain like it. That Sixth!

Before I could collect my wits, the Prefect had stepped away and departed. And I was left to struggle my way to the dayroom without crying.



Of undercrofts and canings

October 17 2012, 9:04 PM 

Hi Charles,

An excellent story, thank you. But I liked the previous one better 'cos of the bit about the girls at the end! I went to an all-male public school, so anything in that context with girls in it is a novelty. wink.gif

You had a bad time in that undercroft, didn't you! We sadly didn't have an undercroft, we had cellars, but they weren't peopled by rampaging homosexual Head Boys and trouser tightening Head Prefects who mysteriously quit their own study immediately they've caned someone, leaving the person caned in possession. However while I was at the school someone did discover a large cache of hitherto unrecorded fully working rifles from WWI down there.

Regrettably, as far as I'm aware, nobody ever got six of the best in the cellars, with or without their trousers being tightened first. I certainly didn't. But if I had, encountering a party of giggling schoolgirls on making my exit would have been quite a shock! I don't believe I ever saw a schoolgirl on the premises in the entire six years I was there. sad.gif


Re: Caning Experience

October 17 2012, 9:37 PM 

I've posted this before, but Charles brought it to mind .Vintage cinema :vintage Public school.



Personal caning

January 14 2013, 3:19 PM 

I have been receiving canings on a fairly regular basis for several years. I was caned a couple of times at school which may have given me an appetite. If you wamt to proceed along these lines it is essential that you find someone who is able to understand your neeeds. I have been to several women who have caned me, some are much more suitable and helpful than others and it is almost a matter of trial and error to find the right person. I am lucky that I am able to visit to a very suitable disciplinarian.
For a new person they should make their position clear that they are experimenting and may only be able to take a limited dose. This you will find you can increase as you experience more sessions. You should not be caned with your trousers on, but wearing a thin pair of pants or knickers, if you have these on it is probably more painful than on a bare bottom.
I find that two types of cane are the best. School type canes which are more flexible, give a considerable stinging experience and leave thin red lines. On the other hand rattan canes are more bruising and leave red weals which take much longer to disappear.
As one is older and able to take much more than a teenage boy or girl the comparison is difficult to make, but adults are nearly all caned for their enjoyment. If you are really serious about receiving a caning I would say there is much to recommend it. One should not be caned too frequently, certainly not before the previous marks have completely diappeared.
One has to be in the right frame of mind to be caned. It is no good just to turn up, but you must have considered what you want and be ready to take your punishment and enjoy the results. Quite a lot of this activity is in the mind. Good luck to anyone who tries it, I am sure you will have no regrets.


Caning experience

February 19 2013, 9:48 AM 

When I was caned at school in my school shorts the one thing I MOST remember is the shock of that first stroke. I would describe it as a deep, searing, raw intense sting that took my breath away and made me gasp loudly as my head jerked back involuntarily. It was so intense that I always thought I would never be able to take even one more like that let alone six or nine that I was sentenced to. My instant reaction was to want to jump upright and clutch my burning bottom but dare not. Afterwards, even with rubbing, the pain just continued and sitting down was almost unbearable on the hard wooden seats of our desks. So intense was the pain that to me it truly felt as if my bottom was naked, the cane cut horribly efficiently through my shorts and underpants. It left deep red tramline marks that quickly turned purple and took two weeks to clear. The cane was much dreaded by all boys and you never got used to it, every time it was an awful shock. I wanted to yell and did and found my mouth just opened to emit the noise, my feet and legs kicked involuntarily upwards and were hard to keep on the floor. To me each stroke felt as if I was being cut in two, it went so deep and seemed to go right through my body from my feet to the top of my head. Every thought was driven out except for the mounting agony in my bottom. Afterwards I felt completely humbled, taken down many pegs, sore and sorry and quiet and determined to make sure this never happened to me again.

Amazingly I felt later that being caned was a good experience and now I regularly go for discipline, first changing into school uniform and short trousers for it. It still does me a heck of a lot of good!

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