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August 30 2004 at 2:45 PM

Although it was a good few years ago I remember the belt at school only to well, here in Scotland in the secondary school I went to, it was a daily event.
During my days at primary, I can only remember it being used on I think one occasion, and although I never received it then, it scared the wits out of me.
I can recall the first time I was belted at secondary, I must have been in my first year and I think it was for passing a note to my friend who was sitting close by, I was too busy watching her and all I heard was the teacher shout my name at the top of his voice, and I was ordered out in front of the class. I must admit I had a good idea what was coming but it was only when he went into the desk drawer and pulled the belt out that I knew for definite. I don't mind saying that I almost wet myself.
"Hold your hand out" was what I remember and he drew the belt over his shoulder and brought it down once on each palm. It was agony, nothing made the pain go for about an hour.
That was the first of many, I just did not seem to learn, and as others have said "It didn't do me any real harm" but I'll never forget it.

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September 2 2004, 12:22 PM 

Hi Mary,

When did this take place and what part of Scotland was it.

Best wishes,




September 2 2004, 1:58 PM 

Hi John
I went to school in Perth, and started secondary in 1960.

It seemed that I was always getting the belt, suppose that after a few times the real dread it it wears off.

Remember once I got it from the science teacher just for forgetting my homework book



September 2 2004, 9:06 PM 

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the reply. If you started secondary school in 1960 it makes you and I roughly the same vintage!

My only experience of hand punishment was at primary school, where teachers used the ruler and our headmaster hit us with his cane. I recall being very reluctant to put my hand out after the second stroke, if 3 strokes or more were to be given. It was always hard to stick out a smarting palm for number 3 and 4 and I'm sure it was the same for most other kids as well.

My other recollection was of hands being waved about after being smacked, hands being blown on, hands being stuck under armpits or even between thighs. Does any of this ring a bell with you Mary or were Perth secondary lassies more stoic than their English primary counterparts?

At my secondary school punishment was administered on the bottom, teachers using a tennis pump and the head the cane(the deputy headmistress dealt with the girls). I'm surprised you got so used to the belt that it's impending arrival caused little concern, I don't think any of my classmates, be they boys or girls, would have said the same about the cane.

Was your attitude towards the belt reflected by the other girls in your class or did some get frightened or make a song and dance when they got it? If the other kids all had your outlook on it, was it simply a matter of overuse, a kind of familiarity breeding contempt?

A few final questions, if you don't mind Mary. How old were you when you last got the belt, what was the maximum number of whacks you got, were you ever part of a whole class or mass belting and did you get the belt at home or was it just a school thing?

Anyway, that's enough questions from me, but if you've any about my own school experiences then please ask away.

Best wishes,



September 3 2004, 3:41 PM 

Hi John

Yes I suppose we are around the same "vintage".

I can't remember getting any beltings or other whackings at primary, but at secondary it seemed to change overnight, I can imagine with you the cane or ruler on the hand being absolute hell. Thinking back now it must have been terrifying for a young kid to experience that.

After getting the belt, I always used to sit at my desk and rub my palms together between my thighs, I had this daft idea that the pain would be rubbed away as I did that, (even as I type I can feel it all over again) the best way to ease it was cold water, but that was not always available.

Most times here it was given in front of the whole class, and of course I did not want to show too much hurt, but in the third year girls were sometimes sent to the head female teacher for beltings and then it was done in private. I was always a bit of a Tom Boy at school, so in front of others did not bother me.

I think the first time getting the belt was more frightening than later because at first you did not know what was coming, also some teachers laid it a lot harder that others and I soon learned when to be on my best behaviour. I remember a female maths teacher who was quite short and very skinny, and boy she was viscous with the belt, I did get four of it from her – once.

All punishments in the schools I went to in Scotland were given on the hand, but a tennis pump on the bottom could not have been too sore eh? I was in an all girls class and yes some did make a bit of a scene before getting belted and they were usually taken out into the corridor, but we could still hear the strokes. Funnily enough the only kids I saw in tears were a few boys after they had it from the headmaster or his deputy. The dep. too was a small person, so perhaps smaller teachers could give a harder belting.

I don’t remember the very last time I got the belt at school but it must have been in my third and final year, and the most strokes I got at one time was four, from that maths teacher, she was a bitch, and no I was never part of a whole class belting, the only one’s of these I heard about got one stroke each, no doubt it was too strenuous for the teacher to give more. Yes I was belted at home, it only happened a couple of time and was by my mother, she had a leather trouser belt of my father’s and gave it to me on the bare bottom, very sore, but she never gave it hard enough to leave marks.

I read a lot of stuff on this forum about bare bottom canings and how it left some serious welts which lasted for a long while, what about canings on the palm. The only hand canings I have seen have been on TV in films like KES, and it appears that they were done for real. Also some people in adulthood seek out a caning or belting, don’t think I would fancy that it was sore enough at school without out getting it again – what is your opinion? One last question, what is your recollection of being caned for the first time, especially your first sight of the cane and how you dealt with the incident?

Best wishes


Two in Harmony

September 3 2004, 7:34 PM 

Welcome, John and Mary, to our Happy Circle and thank you for contributing such interesting pieces in these sad times when our kinky teachers suffer from the Post-Holiday Blues.



September 4 2004, 4:50 PM 

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your detailed reply to my post. Seems like you had your hands out quite a lot! Did you have to stick each palm out seperatly or was you belted with one hand on top of the other, having to switch hands for each stroke, as I've seen described in other postings on this subject?

I was caned twice at primary school, both times in the fourth year (10-11), but was also the recipient of at least a dozen rulerings from class teachers during my primary years.

My first sight of the cane was, belive it or not, at age 5. I would only have been at school for a short time, probably only for a few days, and was playing in the sand pit located in a large corridor outside our classroom, when Mr Negus, the headmaster strode by cane in hand into the classroom next door(I guess the kids in there would have been about 6 or 7). Although it's more than 50 years ago I can still picture his red, angry face, his raised voice and then the loud cracks followed by children crying out.

In many respects, this memory is clearer than even my own canings which stand out well enough and certainly clearer than the various rulerings, which at this range tend to merge together in my recollection.

Even allowing for the times we grew up in, I think Negus was a child abuser and a bully. To cane children as young as 5 or 6 must have been unusual, even for the 1950's.

What it did do though, was prepare me to some extent for my own canings, the first of which was for some essay or other my class teacher had taken a dislike to, and the second, with another boy and two girls, for the awful crime of running on the newly seeded grass alongside the playground(we were playing kiss chase I remember and in our childish enthusiasm didn't notice we had strayed onto the grass).

The first caning was one on each hand and the second, two on each hand(the four of us were caned in front of each other). As I said Mary, in many respects I was already prepared for what was coming but that didn't stop it hurting all the same. The second time I was very reluctant to stick my hands out for strokes 3 and 4, due to them already stinging like mad, but when I did I recall doing my level best to keep them still, as a stroke across the knuckles or finger tips was a lot worse than the palm and left painful bruises.

Now my memory may be playing tricks, but I seem to remember that the cane left white marks for the first few seconds which then turned into thin, angry red stripes. There were not, as far as I can recall, any ridges or welts left(the ruler left only paler but wider red/pink markings). Caned pupils were usually unable to write afterwards but Negus got round this by carrying out nearly all his canings after school, thus also leaving the children to be caned sweating on it.

A personal opinion only Mary, but I think a cane across the backside was a good deal worse than across the hand. The pump did sting but not enough to take your breath away and the discomfort soon faded, unlike the cane.

You ask for my opinion on adult caning. Well as it happens, my wife Helen and I use Domestic Discipline as a life style choice (as indeed I did with my ex-wife, Diane). This means that whilst I've not been on the end of an adult caning I have, when misbehavior has warranted it, handed a number of canings out during the last four decades. I can confirm that even for an adult, the cane is a very effective instrument of punishment!!

I think that's answered your questions Mary, but if any more occur then let me know. On one final point, as we are exchanging messages on this board but don't seem to be tempting anyone else into conversations, would you like to exchange private e-mails with me? If you would then I'm happy to post my e-mail address(at least the one I use for this type of thing!!) on this board so you can message me directly. If not, I'm also happy to keep exchanging any further messages through the board.

I look foward to you reply,

Best wishes,



September 5 2004, 2:03 PM 

Hi John

Once again thanks for your very interesting note.
If I can jump to the final part where you talk about others not joining in, I am keen to continue our discussion and think you are right that we should do so by e-mail.
As I am not the most switched on person about internet security etc, please advise me of the best way to exchange addresses.


Lotta Nonsense

Re: Belted

September 5 2004, 3:32 PM 

I too am not the most switched on person about internet security but my advice is as follows:

1) John publishes an email address on this thread (as he already offered to do).

2) The contributor currently known as Mary writes to John at the address provided.

3) John replies to that email, thinking he's pulled a red-hot little spanko babe.

4) I smile a wry smile.



September 5 2004, 8:24 PM 

Hi Mary,

I only suggested continuing by e-mail as no one else seemed interested in joining our discussion. However, as Lotta has now decided to infest this thread, I will only continue if it is by way of a private exchange of

If you would still like to do this, despite Lotta's childish insults, then please e-mail me at the following address;

Mary, please rest assured that your e-mail address will remain private, I will not put it on this board nor exchange it with any third party. In addition, my wife is a university lecturer in computer science, and whilst I'm no internet expert, she is. Helen tells me the hacker hasn't been born that will get into this computer, so your privacy is well protected.

I look foward to receiving an e-mail from you Mary, and to an enjoyable and interesting exchange of correspondence between us.

Best wishes,

Big Ray's Old Mum

Belted together

September 5 2004, 10:07 PM 

The boys will be well pleased that their foro has brought people together like this.

Thank you John! Thank you Mary! Thank you Lotta!



September 5 2004, 10:12 PM 

Dear Lotta,

A few months back I cropped across this Board and spent an evening thumbing back through various threads I thought might take my fancy.

I made only one contribution, a short and factual account under the thread "Caned in Stockings and Suspenders." For my trouble, I was described by your goodself as a fantasy merchant with a fantasy wife. I didn't bother to respond, there's never much point with a narcissistic individual such as yourself.

However, given your latest intervention on my jottings, I feel that it would be helpful to use my professional expertise to help solve the riddle of who and what is Lotta, a subject which has vexed many contributors to this Board.

I am a psychologist by trade and an experienced psycological profiler. It will be my pleasure Lotta, sometime over the next few days, to go through your various utterances and provide you, via a new thread, with your very own detailed personal profile, including your personality type, gender, age and sexual orientation etc. I guarantee almost 100% accuracy on the personality type and around 90% on the rest of it.

My normal fees vary between £75 and £150 per hour but you should be flattered Lotta, for you I will provide my service completly free of charge.

I very much look foward to writing about you.

Kind regards,

Lotta Nonsense

Helen outed!

September 6 2004, 8:43 AM 

I'm sure the allegedly existent Helen will be delighted to have been outed on the Internet. There can't be more than a handful of Helens lecturing in computer science in the UK and how many of those will be married to a John old enough to have started secondary school around 1960?

I suspect the answer is either 'one' or 'none'.

So, if Helen exists, she's just been outed by her husband on an Internet spanking forum.

But does Helen exist? There are several reasons to believe she doesn't but foremost among them is the fact that John is clearly not a madman - and only a mad man (or an exceedingly cruel one) would expose his university-lecturing wife to university-wide ridicule in this way.

No, it seems much more likely that John is foisting pork pies upon us and, for Helen's sake, I hope he is.

But be that as it may, I can hardly wait to read my 'psycological' profile - although, for John's sake, I feel his time might be better spent profiling 'Mary'.



September 6 2004, 7:41 PM 


Thanks for your concern, but I am not exactly a "daft wee lassie" as we say in Scotland, I have been around long enough to know how to conduct relationships.

You seem sure that John is out to turn me into a plaything and that he will waste no time in putting me across his knee for a sound spanking.

However I am convinced that it is you who is the sad person and the only reason for your intervention is that like others, you were enjoying our thread but had no desire to contribute, then when it appeared that it was to be continued by e-mail you spoke out.

I expect you are like a lot of school boys I knew in the 60s and your best friend is your right hand.


Lotta Nonsense

Re: Belted

September 6 2004, 9:56 PM 

Scene: a laboratory.

John is seated at his computer, writing a charming missive to his ladylove.

He finishes the letter, clicks 'send' and strides quickly to his workbench where a green potion bubbles violently in a glass beaker.

Grasping the beaker, he lifts it to his lips and drinks the contents in one quick draught.

He drops the beaker and grasps his throat as he collapses - falling behind the workbench.

We hear gasps, groans - even howls - before a figure rises from behind the bench.

It is a gruesome sight: human but somehow not human; John but somehow not John.

The grotesque figure staggers to the computer and begins to type.

It types "Dear John,"

It types more...

...and more...

...but the body of the text swims before our eyes as they are drawn to the bottom of the page where the creature has signed itself . . . "Mary" !!!!!!!!!!!!!



September 7 2004, 11:38 AM 

Dear Lotta,

After sending my last missive I had serious doubts as to whether I should post the promised profile. Firstly, I'm a busy man, why waste my time? Secondly, even allowing for the fact that this is an anonymous internet chat board, it could be considered both unethical and unprofessional to do so, without the victims permission.

However, I knew you would have to have the last word, you really can't help yourself can you Lotta, and popping back on the board today, I'm glad to see you haven't disappointed me. Indeed, as you seem able to respond to all posts within an hour or two, you really ought to find a job or, at the very least, get out more.

Anyway, you've cleared up any ethical dilema I faced. You're apparently looking foward to your profile, so as I hate to disappoint, it will be my pleasure to find the time this weekend, to prepare the necessary.

As for the wife Lotta, you are quite right, I'm neither mad nor cruel. My posting to Mary was intended to re-assure her that her anonimity, if she so desired it, would be completly protected. In short, Helen's primary lecture area and that for which she is known, is the subject matter she completed for her BA and MA, donkeys years ago.

For reasons I won't bother you with, she subsequntly gained a BSc in computer science and has in the past taught the subject. However, for university also read colleges of further education and like establishments, and don't take it for granted that she works in the UK. So, as you seem to have plenty of time on your hands, if you fancy trying to track her down then off you go Inspector Clousea, though please don't think either of us will be laying awake at night worrying about it.

I suppose if you have nothing to say but have a pathogenic need to say it anyway, then it may as well be funny. To that end I can tell you I found your last posting most amusing, way off the mark my dear, but a laugh, nontheless.

This positivly represents my last message on this thread. If you want the last word Lotta, or the last ten thousand words for that matter, feel free because I won't be responding again. I am committed though, to providing you with your profile and as my dear old mum used to say "if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well"

Now the varied and numerous threads you participate in give me everything I need to determine your pesonality type(It's so clear Lotta, that if this wasn't a spanking board, I would print off a few off your messages and hand them out to psychology students as a case study}. I also have what I need to determine your gender and approximate age and motivation in life.

However, your personality type has some characteristics which are consistent between individuals of the same type, and others which are variable. In order to be precise about those characteristics which apply in your case and to determine your sexual orientation, I would be grateful if you would answer the following;

1.Have you ever taken prescription anti-depressants?
2.Have you ever been diagnosed with any form of
compulsive behaviour disorder or, if not, have you
noticed such symptoms in yourself.?
3.How did you get on with your father?

In the unlikly event that you want to reply via e-mail, please feel free, but if not, then post your answers when you respond to this message. No hurry though, I won't be looking at this Board again until Friday evening, at the earliest.



Lotta's personal psychological profile

September 7 2004, 2:49 PM 

Roll-on Monday when we will all be able to read Lotta's personal psychological profile. I can't wait!

Will Carl and mats' post on the thread: 'Time for Lotta to go' (currently on page six) prove to be correct when they asserted that: “All her postes has passed the minge test.” Or is Lotta really a guy with a penchant for rounding up the tadpoles when visiting this site, as Mary suggests?

I know people do make spelling mistakes, but personally, I would have rather more confidence in John's profiling ability if he were able to spell the word 'psychological'.

Perhaps I'm a bit of a thickie, but on which page is the thread: 'Caned in Stockings and Suspenders'? I don't suppose Gillian will help, as I've posted anonymously.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Lotta's personal psychological profile

September 7 2004, 4:20 PM 

I think we'd all have a lot more confidence if he could produce a profile without having to ask me to supply the information upon which it's going to be based.

I bet he can also tell me my zodiac sign if I tell him the day and month of my birth!

Ooooooooooooooooooh! Spooky!

In his guise as 'Mary', John makes the same mistakes as almost everyone else who tries to write like a woman - and he's come unstuck.

He's been exposed as a pork pie merchant with regard to his allegedly existent wife's occupation. He's been exposed as playing both parts in this thread's romantic dialogue. Basically, he's been exposed as a total fraud and he's hopping mad.

The profile will be an amalgam of all the other angry posts from all the other angry frauds who've come to grief on this forum.

Throw in a bit of psycho-babble, copied and pasted from a suitable source . . . mix well . . . and there you have it.

I can hardly wait.


Lotta and Profiles

September 7 2004, 7:31 PM 

I too would be interested in a psychological profile of Lotta. It will assist us in avoiding him.

Disappointed of Sussex

Lotta's personal psychological profile

September 13 2004, 8:02 AM 

Where is it?

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