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Being sent for the cane

October 4 2004 at 11:57 AM

I wonder if anybody else experienced this during their time at school:
One of my form teachers in junior school was a Mrs. Green. She was ancient even then so I am certain she will no longer be in the land of the living. If she was displeased with a boy whether it was work or behaviour, she would say: "Go to the headmaster and ask him to cane you".
This happened to me on several occasions and although, on each occasion, I then left the classroom and walked towards the headmaster's study, I never plucked up the courage to enter and ask to be caned! I would wait what I thought was an appropriate length of time before returning to the classroom and retaking my place. She never once questioned me (or other boys who she had sent to be caned), about the punishment, or even ask if I had been through with it. I never asked other boys if they had asked the Head for a caning since I was a very shy wee lad in junior school and the whole concept of corporal punishment was extremely embarrassing for me even then. I lived in the constat fear that she would discover my cowardice and have the Headmaster cane me in front of the whole school which, believe it or not, did happen to some deliquents on occasion!
To this day I don't know if she fully intended that we ask the Headmaster to cane us or if she thought we'd been caned when we returned .... too late to ask her now!

kind regards

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Re: Being sent for the cane

October 5 2004, 8:04 AM 

I had a similar experience, I was sent to the headmaster at my prep school, this always meant the cane. I knocked on his door but he wasn't there. It was the end of the last lesson and so I just went home and never heard anything else about it.


Sent for the cane

October 5 2004, 9:26 AM 

When in Secondary school we were taught woodwork by one of the housemasters. One day one of the guys in my class was fooloing around and the teacher who was noted for his caningssent me to the office of the deputy head to fetch a cane so that he could punish this boy.
Now the boy concerned was a gang leader and someone the rest of us tried to avoid ypsetting so I decided to go and hide in the toilets for five minutes and then return to the woodwork class and say the deputy head was not in his room. This I did

It was a silly idea really because at break with the offending boy stood outside the staff room the woodwork teacher checked my story. He found out and the boy who caused the trouble in the first place got two hard whacks across his backside. A prefect found me and I was marched to the deputy head office told to bend over and received my two hard whacks as well. Although it was only two stroked it was really painful

Bob T

Re: Sent for the cane

October 5 2004, 9:40 AM 

Nice try Nigel. Too bad you were found uot. Sounds like something I would have tried.

Kath Britton

Re: Being sent for the cane

July 4 2008, 1:40 AM 

My school in Southport in the early 60's it was usually the boys that got sent to The Headmaster but occasionally girls including me (twice!!)..

1st time I was sent was for talking in class and was warned any repeat could mean the dreaded cane!..Stayed out of trouble for a couple of years after that but let my guard down one day when I cheeked our English tutor, Miss Shepherd. I was marched out of class and straight to the Headmasters room. Was kept waiting outside for an endless amount of time before being ushered in by Miss S who then left me trembling before the imposing figure of Mr O'Riordan..There was no more delay and within a minute or two I was on my way back to class with a sore backside after 6 of the best...My word the cane hurt and Mr O certainly placed them with pinpoint accuracy...

Even worse was going back to the lesson after. Everyone stared & i was crimson with embarrasment. Brings a shudder to my spine even now. Didn't cheek Miss S again though & it taught me a lesson that I have never forgot.


Re: Being sent for the cane

July 4 2008, 2:42 AM 

An interesting thread.
Mimi AKA jay a 55 year old male.
First year secondary modern circa 63, I was in a science class with a right old bat of a teacher Miss B. My pal said something to me and I made the mistake of acknowledging his word.
Miss B the old cow ( in fact about 25 ish) sent me to Mr S for a whacking for talking in class. obviously I was to be the sacrificial example.
I walked around in absolute panic then went back and said I could not find him. Only to be told that he was on the first floor rather than the ground. I had another walk around ( making sure that I did not meet the head on his hourly trips around when he looked for caning bait)
Got back and said I could not find him. Then bu""er moi she told me to sit down and get on with my work!!!
F moi, I got away with it and was the Garcon celebrere de la jour.
11 ans old and shaking in moi shorts I had "beaten" the system.
In "hind" sight I wish that I ahd got that whacking.

Steve M


July 5 2008, 8:19 PM 


Excellent-what a great piece of acting on your part.

You clearly missed your vocation.

Steve M


Never too late

July 6 2008, 4:19 AM 

It is never too late to get any canings you evaded by devious means in ealier days. Compound interest need not apply - simple interest will suffice.


Thank you, G&S!

March 11 2009, 9:55 AM 

In the 1950s, my small rural Prep School was very well organised: there was a bureaucratic system in place to ensure victims got their canings! But like all systems, the unexpected could defeat it. Quite early in my stay there [I must have been about 9] I made the mistake of angering the old Assistant Head early in the day. I cannot remember how, but he told me to... Meet Him at the Headmasters Study After Lunch.... The Head was away, so like Mimi, I was fair bricking it, as the Old Man had a formidable reputation with the cane when he stood in for the Head. But fate was on my side: he and I had overlooked that the junior half of the school were off on some coaches to a theatre somewhere to watch a musical [G&S, I think] before lunch. I worried all the way there about the consequences of missing my Meeting with the AH and his cane: but the show put it out of my mind, and the responsibilities of running the school must have put it out of his mind, too, for nothing more was heard about it. But I did keep a very low profile indeed in his boring classes for a while....Lest He Remember!

Scotty the occasional poster

The long lonely walk

March 12 2009, 9:02 PM 

In my prep school the main teaching block had no corridor so you had to walk outside down a concrete path from the classroom to the School House which is where you were "Sent to the Headmaster". Fortunately my school it was a rare event and I never made that lonely walk but I saw it happen a small number of times and felt very sorry for the boy who was seen looking downcast (if not in tears) as he made his way to the study for and interview with the Headmaster which would presumably end with the slipper or cane.

Later when I was a sixth former at a Comphrehensive I saw a boy of about 12-13 with tears in his eyes as he fetched a desk from a neighbouring classroom to take into the Deputy Head's office presumably for him to bend over for the cane.

That sort of scene was probably a huge deterrent to bad behaviour.



Being sent for the cane

March 13 2009, 2:20 PM 

This relates not to myself but another boy at my school.Some boys ( about6) were caught smoking, a regular occurance, and sent to the head for a caning. One of the boys somehow failed to turn up for the caning, and the following day his name was read out in assembly and told to report to the head. He had never been in trouble before, and his father in fact was a headmaster at another school (And, according to FR handed out quite a few canings himself).

The headmaster, however did not cane him immediately, but made him come back at lunchtime, and then did not cane him and told him to come back the next day. This happened for a few days and we used to see this terrified boy outside the head's room every lunchtime waiting for the cane.

Eventually the deputy head took some sort of pity on him and caned him himself! The only good thing for the boy was the fact that he was caned on the bottom rather than the hand. The deputy head normally only caned younger boys, 1st and 2nd years, and caned the bottom, this boy was a 5th year.

I got to know him quite well in the 6th form and he gave a good account of the caning, and how the deputy head had a big smile on his face after the caning.I got to know his father as well, a very kindly and generous man, who must have had a personality change when he took up his headmasterly duties, it is difficult to believe he was a caner!

Slippa Boy

Re: Being sent for the cane

March 13 2009, 2:31 PM 

I was sent to the HM for the oronious cime of messing about in class (no one took into account the teacher and lesson was boring etc etc) I was 15 As I went in to the HM study, the cane as always was there beside the fireplace crook handle very flexi rattan, with red and blue bands on the crook a very horny and hot object indeed, I no doubt it was a Coopers !!!! My School was a pvt grammar in Berkshire
and No not Bradfield or Reading Blue Coat.

I was told that as I was acting like a child I would be thus treated like one and that I was going to be slippered!!

Big prob he did not have a gym shoe-plimmie in his study, he told me to wait there as I did I saw the punnishment book and flicked a few pages and I keep staring at the cane.

The HM had obviously gone on a gym-shoe hunt he came back a good 5 mins + later with the said impliment a black laced empire plimsoll (thin very flexy and plyable). He went to his desk and stood and wrote out the punnishment book, glancing sideways at me, I had my hands clasped over my cock!
Right xxxxxxxxxx over, the plimmie was picked up and used to gesticulate my place and direction my palms went on knees, the plimmie was used to fold the flap of my blazier the HM then put the thumb and first finger of his left hand across the nape of my neck and with the right hand I got 6 of the hardest stokes of "the slipper" that I had ever taken, He held me down, I could not move or gasp I almost spunked my pants was an experience I have never forgot and I was so humiliated at 15 to have been slippered and not caned, I lied to my mates and the teacher when I got back to class.

Great Great days, we need todays bad lads to have and enjoy the same, done me no harm!!!


Sent for the cane

June 17 2009, 2:56 PM 

I was sent for the cane when I was fourteen and in the third year of school.

All teachers could use the cane but not all teachers had canes of their own. I had been annoying the geography teacher for some time and I think I had just gone too far and he sent me to Mr James, the English teacher and head of middle school to borrow his cane.

It was very embarrassing knocking on the classroom door where he was teaching another third year class and having to give him Mr Drake's compliments and ask him for the cane. I remember that he asked me if it was for me and I had to say yes. He got the cane off of a cupboard in the corner and told me to bring it back after I'd been dealt with.

On the way back I was flexing the cane and wondering how bad it would be, I'd seen other boys get it but never had it myself until then.

Mr Drake made me hold my legs in front of the class and gave me three hard strokes which caused me to yelp a bit despite my best intentions though I stayed in position.

Then I had to take it back to Mr James, my bottom and top of my legs feeling very sore. He asked me how many strokes and if it had hurt which embarrassed me even more.

Unlike some of the others here, I had no choice, because I had to bring the cane back to the teacher who wanted to punish me


Sent to fetch the strap

June 17 2009, 8:48 PM 

This happened when I was in primary school aged about 10, long ago. The headmaster occasionally visited classes and tried his hand at teaching. On this particular occasion he took offence at some boy's behaviour and sent me, apparently a trusty lad, to his office to fetch his strap from the drawer in his desk. Both office and drawer were unlocked as was the custom in those days. I ran there and back and completely failed to inspect the strap or to have a few trial swings. I do have recollections of its leather smell and texture. Alas, the strap was not used but its presence did have a calming effect on the class.

Life is full of missed opportunities.


RE Being sent for the cane

July 2 2009, 3:33 AM 

This is just another memory drawn from my diaries, which may amuse some of you.. It fits the title of the thread like a glove, but with a twist. The incident became legend, and there have been a couple of embellished versions published by old boys in their magazine, but the contributors- who were there- never knew the punch line!

As I have said elsewhere when I was 16 I was given the chance to play with Miss F , my deputy head in her country rock group. The group ,was semi professional, most of the players being drawn from the local teaching and University community. This gave me a nice little source of income....and therefore some of my friends thought we could emulate it on a small scale locally.

Several of us gave it a try, but as we could not afford a rehearsal studio, we practised in the schools acoustically soundproofed music area. On the weeks when Miss F took Saturday detention,( which was reasonably frequently ; the rotas reflected who used the method of punishment , and she sprinkled them like confetti.)... she would encourage us to rehearse at the same time, as she would open up and lock down the facility which was in the so-called new school buildings , normally not open at the weekend even to boarders. .. the quid pro quo for this was that she expected us to keep her supplied with coffee and biscuits whilst she took the three hour detention. This arrangement suited me because as she lived only yards from my house, so , I got a lift in and out to boot.

This particular Saturday was like any other. We set up and started practising about 8.45, and decided to make a second coffee at about 10.15. It was a hot Saturday and I drew the short straw to take the coffee to her. This involved going across to the main school , almost the length of the main corridor to the room where detention took place. I took the coffee. On entering the room I sensed something unusual.

Detention was never, well, happy, but today there was frisson, no maybe cordite in the air. However she seemed as normal. She thanked me for the drink and then asked if I would stay a few minutes. She had marked some work of mine that morning and thought it quicker and easier to talk it through rather than write a commentary on some points. I sat down at a table just inside the door. I didn't get any welcome (!): the rest were beavering away, knowing her, many doing a chunk of improving Latin lines! She came and perched on the table in front of me and started going through the work......Suddenly she stopped in mid sentence., and glared at one of the detainees, I'll call him D. It was hot and D ,(a fifth former in the bottom stream who was known to think himself 'hard') presumably seeing me in summer sweat shirt and jeans was busily undressing himself, sans blazer, shirt out , tie off...... .then he moved to sit on the window ledge....'just getting some air' he commented. She retorted for him to sit down and get dressed...and reeling off all his errors that day ( no pen , paper, etc. etc. general nuisance, sass, ) she continued with words to the effect that 'if dumb were'd spread an acre...' I think the point was lost on him as with the next comment about back in the States he would already be getting swats.

Knowing her 'Americanisms' , I could have offered a translation service.......but it didn't seem a wise option. Everybody went silent..she continued..( and I recorded this bit word for word,as did others, ' come on big boy, well, how tough are you, are you going to see me, raise me or fold? But, before you decide, just be sure you can take the consequences....' He neither moved nor replied.. The young kids in the room started to look for a nuclear bomb shelter, Miss F was not renowned for her infinite patience...... . suddenly she turned to me She called me by a nick name, ( that didn't go down well.....) go to my desk and pick up my keys, then, go to my office, the small key opens the cupboard , and bring me the senior cane.....( no please or thank you, and hey I wasn't supposed to be in at this. where's the Red Cross ?....Non combatant)!.

I didn't move an inch....The doomsday clock moved two minutes forward......She looked again at D and the conversation went something like ' Just hope your tough enough.....I never back down....' she turned back to me ' come on I want it this week, not next... stat! Oh , maybe you don't know which one I want . Can't miss it ...Its the one that if you were choosing for yourself , you'd avoid like the plague....' That seemed clear enough ' Now go get it' I moved to the table, picked up the keys and started for the door. ....Then slowly D descended from the window ledge and dress himself properly.........the room stated breathing. Miss F turned to me and told me it looked like my little errand was no longer needed.

When D had got back into his place she turned on him , and set in with a will, amongst other issues calling him yellow and chicken : No one , let alone a woman had ever spoken to him like that! I took my leave asap! Not a healthy place to stick around He got a further detention......

In the car on the way home I challenged her. Would she have caned him in class? Against all convention and rules? She grinned. :-

That was for her to know, me to guess, and him to find out. .........

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