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Colour of Knickers

January 15 2005 at 9:33 AM
Keith Ash 

To the women here - what colour knickers did you wear at school?

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Veronica Soh.


January 15 2005, 9:43 AM 

Is the colour important???I find this forum fast becoming a "Fetish" forum.!Which is not supposed be.!!



January 15 2005, 10:02 AM 

Keith Ash is a well-know pervert and should not be allowed to be responsible for the welfare of our young people.

mrs palmer and her 5 daughters


January 22 2005, 2:40 AM 

I loved wearing pink knickers at school but then again I was a male wanting to be a female which is not the answer you wanted but anyway back to mrs palmer...


Re: Colour of Knickers

February 26 2006, 3:52 AM 

My sister and the other girls at her school wore dark blue knickers when in the lower forms. At a certain age, 5th or 6th form?, they started to wear white knickers with stockings and suspender belts.


Sports knickers

February 28 2006, 10:15 PM 

I assume that the knickers that girls and women use for sports like netball are rather more substantial than the standard type. Any one have info on these as worn now and in the past by schoolgirls?

Steve M

Re: Sports knickers

February 28 2006, 10:28 PM 


A quick glance at Wimbledon Women's singles will give you a clue-substantial, big pants, functional and not frilly, and majoring even more than what you see at Wimbledon in the gusset department.

After all, they are there purely to cover up vital areas in such circs and NOT for giving the men any good reason to ogle your performance as goal defence.



August 9 2010, 12:44 PM 

It is a matter of historical record that schoolgirls in Wembley wore green knickers, at least when they were being slippered.

Alan S



Re: Wembley

August 9 2010, 9:50 PM 

In his post above my esteemed fellow contributor Alan S said:

It is a matter of historical record that schoolgirls in Wembley wore green knickers, at least when they were being slippered.

Indeed so, though in the interests of absolute historical accuracy it must be said that the garments concerned were in fact bottle green. The suffering endured by our Honorary Life Member Fran of Wembley while wearing her bottle green knickers at a school in the eponymous London borough must never be forgotten!

Those recent arrivals who are unfamiliar with the story will find links to some of its many facets in my post here.


"Bottle Green" is much too vague

August 9 2010, 10:31 PM 

Knicker colour is of such great importance that it needs to be described far more precisingly than by vague terms such as "bottle green". I prefer CIE L*a*b* diffuse/0 D65, 10 degree viewer angle descriptions but others may prefer Pantone matching, asuming no specialist knicker colour scales have already been established.

Bottle green = A dark to moderate or grayish green. I would guess L* = 30, a* = -30, b* = 30 but really don't know.



Colour generator:

A similar precise approach could and perhaps should be taken when reporing the colour of smacked bottoms. "Red" is so imprecise. One person's red is another person's pink.

School knicks

Colour of knickers

August 9 2010, 11:10 PM 

So where on the scale do you place all the other leading colours for schoolgirls knickers? Such favourites as -

Navy blue. The UK's most popular colour for schoolgirls knickers.
Bottle green. The runner up.
Sage green.
Pea green.
Sky blue.
Royal blue.
Pillar box red.

These girls were certainly spoiled for choice!



Re: "Bottle Green" is much too vague

August 10 2010, 1:23 AM 

Hi KK. You never cease to amaze!

I prefer CIE L*a*b* diffuse/0 D65, 10 degree viewer angle descriptions but others may prefer Pantone matching, asuming no specialist knicker colour scales have already been established.

Far too complex for me! The only thing I recognise there is Pantone, but though I come from a family with extensive links to printing I was the black sheep and went into computers instead. happy.gif

I'm afraid the best I can do is RGB, and on that I reckon it's round about #0F6616, though I know from past experience that many of my esteemed fellow contributors including Jetta, Alan Turing, and Declan if he's still with us, will probably disagree. happy.gif


Re: Colour of Knickers

August 10 2010, 2:04 AM 

School Knicks is a true school knicker analyst!! My wife wore navy-blue knickers to school in both primary and secondary school and received the cane once.


Bottle Green

August 10 2010, 6:18 AM 


RGB hexidecimal 0F6616 = CIE L* 37.2, a* = -40.9, b* = 36.0 (approx) which is not enormously different from my guess of 30, -30, 30.

The problem with the RGB scale is that it is device-dependent. The colour you see will vary with different monitors. The advantage of the L* a* b* system is that it does not depend on the device. The colour is the same everywhere in the Universe. However, neither system deals adequately with gloss or satin finished garments. It measures colour rather than appearance.

According tohttp://www.december.com/html/spec/colorhex.html bottle green RGB hexidecmal = #1DA237 or CIE L* 58.4, a* -55.9, b* 44.6 which is rather different from my guess as to what "bottle green" might be.


Skin tones chart

August 10 2010, 6:23 AM 

[linked image]

School knicks

Montfort and Cherub knickers

August 10 2010, 2:59 PM 

I think the best selling schoolgirls knickers in the UK were made by two makers - Cherub and Montfort.

The Cherub school knickers were made from 100% thick cotton and had strong elastic around the waist and legs, a large double gusset and plain back and front panels. When the knickers were taken down, a red line could be seen around the waist of the wearer and a red ring around each of her legs where the tight elastic had gripped the thighs.

The Montfort knickers were slightly differently designed. They had an elastic waistband, briefer cuff legs, which were softly elasticated, and a double back panel. This panel was designed for extra wearability and warmth. The double panel extended from the crotch up to the waistband at the back and was slightly tapered, being wider in the lower area of the buttocks and narrowing slightly as it rose up and over the buttocks to the waist. The panel was stitched internally with the seams prominent up either side of the panel. The result was that, when the knickers were taken down, red lines ran all the way up each buttock as a result of the panel seams having been pressed into the buttocks when the girl was seated, particularly so with hard wooden school seats. Sometimes these knickers were referred to (erroneously) as "Punishment knickers" due to the additional protection the double panel offered the buttocks. In fact, like Cherub's, they were simply well made and durable school knickers suitable for normal school wear as well as for gym. Intended not to attract the interest of boys, they often had the opposite effect. Younger girls would wear size 14, 16 and 18 with larger girls requiring size 20, 22 and 24.

At the equivalent of 17p per pair at the height of their popularity they were excellent value. Many schoolgirls didn't like wearing them. Too big and baggy, not sexy, itchy to wear, horrible, but they sell for big prices nowadays!

American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

August 10 2010, 11:41 PM 

Forgive me for another off topic post but I couldn't resist. Good thing this isn't in Oxford Alabama. happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif

I see Paris. I see France. I see Japanese underpants. wink.gifwink.gifwink.gif




Re: Bottle Green

August 11 2010, 1:34 AM 

Hi KK. For completeness here's a background in the #1DA237 version of bottle green from September.com that you mention above. Our readers with expertise in this area and good eyesight will doubtless inform us which seems closer to the bottle green they recall from their schooldays.

I must research the CIE L*a*b* system you mention. I have genuinely never heard of it, which annoys me, because while certainly not expert I would have expected to at least know what it was. You are of course absolutely correct to say that the appearance of colours specified in RGB on a monitor varies with the gamma and general settings and characteristics of the monitor, but surely this would be inevitable with monitors regardless of the system used to specify the colour?

There is though a further problem with colours viewed on the web. Different browsers render colours differently. On a local scale some of the coloured stuff I do here looks completely different in IE and in Chrome - and that's on the same monitor!


Re: Colour of Knickers

August 11 2010, 7:06 AM 

The girls at my school wore what were known as bloomers and they were orange. I have no idea of the make , but they had elastic around the thighs, and were relatively baggy. I don't think the girls liked them , as they must have chafed, especially after a good hockey game. They wore divided green skirts on top of them for outside sports.

One strange thing , the girls had to sew their names on to the bloomers as a part of needlework lessons.

Off topic of this thread, but I was looking at Friends Reunited recently, and I hadn't looked at it for months, and I noticed that a chap I went to junior school with had very recently joined.

I was a mate of him and got in touch, I mentioned a few names and also the names of two teachers. He replied by asking ( in a friendly manner) why I had mentioned those particular teachers, and added if this was because of all the canings and slipperings they gave us! I didn't prompt him whatsoever!

He also mentioned two boys, one of whom he still keeps in touch with, who must have held records for the canings and slipperings they received. This particular boy certainly got one of the most severe canings I have ever seen, just for talking in class.


School knickers

August 20 2010, 7:30 PM 

I agree with School knicks,I have a large Collection of Gym knickers including all the makes.colours and styles mentioned,would be good to chat.


Commission internationale de l'éclairage

August 20 2010, 9:29 PM 


The colour of any object, such as a pair of knickers, can be measured by illuminating it with white light and measuring the colour of the reflected light, or more precisely, the spectrum of the reflected light suitably collected, in the visible range 400 to 700 nm wavelength.

A number of things need to be standardized including the spectrum of the illuminating light (intensity versus wavelength). A common standard illuminant is the black body radiation at a temperature of 6500 Kelvin, a close approximation of indirect daylight, denoted as D65 to distinguish it from other standard light sources such as A (tungsten filament), C (an older daylight standard produced using filters) and F1, F2, ... (fluorescent tube light).

Hunter developed the L a b scale in an attempt to match human colour perception. This was later refined by the CIE. Asterisks were added thus L* a* b* to avoid confusion with the earlier scale.

Every colour is described by just three numbers. The lightness or darkness of a colour is denited by the L* value. White = 100 and black = 0. The greeness (negative) or redness is denoted by the a* value and the blueness (negative) or yellowness by the b* value. It is possible to describe all the visible colours in a way that is independent of any graphic technology.

You seem to have been concerned with generating colours with light absorbing dyes and light emitting devices rather than objective measuring and reporting the colour of objects and materials.

Commission internationale de l'éclairage: http://cie.co.at/

School knicks

Colour of knickers

August 21 2010, 10:55 AM 


Can chat if you want to if you send let me have your email address.

American Way

Best Tennis Bottoms

July 4 2011, 7:32 PM 

My Fourth of July gift to all. wink.gif


Jelena Dokic till the age of 15 was allegedly chastised by her rigorous father/coach, Damir Dokic, for a lack of effort in training and poor displays in matches - rumor has it that her father would take her across his knee and spank her bare bottom with his hand or a belt. It supposedly came from a TV report from a WTA junior tour.

A more reliable source with less salacious details speaks of physical abuse. Girls at a very young age are sent off to tennis school. Does this qualify as school corporal punishment?

The father, who has admitted beating his daughter, was charged with "endangering the security" of the Australian ambassador and unlawful possession of weapons. His 15-month sentence was confirmed in a retrial.


Jelena Dokic

American Way

Jelena Docik

July 4 2011, 7:45 PM 

Oh dear, her derriere was recently posted. I had no idea how some of this estimable Forum were attentive to such matters. happy.gif I don't feel so bad now. wink.gif I should have searched but no harm done. I hope to the prior poster. I wouldn't want anyone to do that to my Ukrainians. sad.gif


Colour of Knickers

July 4 2011, 10:33 PM 

On the subject of women tennis stars and their underwear what about Martina Hingis ?

She wore the briefest of knickers, usually nylon briefs, and just one pair that means they soon rode up.

I can remember when she first started playing at 16, a newspaper photo of her stood on the base line, and the photo was titled "Has she, or has she not". It looked as if she had not, with the lower half of her bottom completely bare.

I have a couple of photos of her but I do not know how to post them.

It is also rumoured, and I have been told by someone connected to the tennis circuit, that her mother was prone to spanking her if she did not play well.

American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

July 5 2011, 12:01 AM 

It's a family forum: I see London; I see France; I see Martina's underpants. Has she no shame? sad.gif



Colour of Knickers

July 5 2011, 8:10 PM 

I am wondering why Martina Hingis wore such brief undergarments, (knickers to you and me). Was it just the innocence of youth with an attitude of,I have my knickers on, if it shows my bottom, so what.

Or was this a publicity stunt by her rather pushy mother, show your bottom, that'll get them talking ! Martina was at this time 16/17, and maybe had to do as told by mum. She later did ban her mother from watching her matches.

Just as well she did not go to Jennys school, but she may well have been made head girl at Bacons !

I have been skating for most of my life, and although girls wore short skirts like Martina's dress, most wore quite respectable knickers that covered everything, but there was always one or two that wore just one pair of brief nylon ones, that soon rode up and and left nothing to the imagination, so far as her bottom was concerned. Oh happy days wink.gif



July 5 2011, 11:50 PM 

School knickers (or bloomers as they were called) worn by the girls where I went to school for navy-blue and bottle green. The term gym knickers did not exist and girls wore bloomers for normal lessons and for PE where their PE uniform consisted of a netball skirt, polo top, white ankle socks and sports shoes no matter if they wer doing athletics, hockey or netball. My wife still plays netball and she wears maroon bloomers to match her maroon netball skirt-I think she looks great in them.

American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

July 6 2011, 1:33 AM 

Stretching the relevance of Martina Hingis to SCP is quite a task but here goes. happy.gif

The very lovely Martina Hingis banned from professional tennis for testing positive (four years ago) for cocaine appeared on Strictly Dancing (second link). Was Martina spanked (switched) in school? Not specifically ruled out, however unlikely, c.f. Scholar's Corner next link.



Pretty Miss Swiss was Slovakian born in 1980 and migrated to Switzerland in 1987. Czech easter pomlazca spanking would not be something totally unfamiliar to her. Again the switch like the reported switching administered by her mother. It is the ubiquitous switch. No cane or paddle.


Again the switch in this historical image.


BTW she is wearing panties (knickers). It's hard to guess with just a gusset. wink.gif


Colour of Knickers

July 6 2011, 3:14 PM 

I have got to agree with OzSchoolboy

The knickers girls wore to school in the past were just the ordinary navy blue, bottle green, maroon or what ever, school knickers. Normally required as specified as part of the uniform for girls. Referred to by those in authority at school as regulation knickers because they were specified as part of the uniform. This was because they were quite likely to be shown in the ordinary run of things, NOT just because girls had their skirts lifted up to have their bottoms whacked. How many girls used to do hand stands against the wall, skirts fell down around their necks with knickers on show. Younger girls were just not bothered about boys seeing them like that, or if they did have reservations they tucked their skirts into the legs of their knicks.

The first reference I heard of them being called gym knickers was the reporting of the Helston incident in the papers. This was to make it obvious to readers that the girls were quite respectably covered, even though they had their knickers pulled up tight at the back to be punished on their bare cheeks. Girls of 17 & 18 at this time were wearing stockings and suspenders, rather than just the white ankle socks. The newspaper reports of gym knickers was just making it clear the girls were not wearing little flimsy nylon ones, in an attempt to show Guise was not just interested in eyeballing their undies. One of the girls was wearing a roll on instead of a suspender belt, she was required to take this off, as it covered her bottom and she would not have derived the full benefit of the discipline about to be administered.

In the past girls used to just take their skirts and ties off for PE, and did it in knicks and blouse, look at the photo of the bats hanging upside down on the wall bars. If girls were wearing ordinary knickers, they would then put their regulation ones on over the top for PE. A lot of girls of 16/17 used to wear regulation school knickers as normal wear during the week, with maybe white ones for Sunday best.

Since then gym knickers seems to have been commonly used simply to mean regulation knickers or school knickers.

Just as a point of interest, from what I have been told of by girls, or heard of from other sources, it was quite normal for girls to have their skirts lifted up if they were going to get the slipper or cane at school, even though this was rare compared to boys. This seems to be at odds with what others say on this forum. I have only been told of one instance where a girl was caned over her skirt.

American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

July 6 2011, 3:59 PM 

OzSchoolboy: Nota Bene: The word bloomers is used even today. A slight less substantial now but by today's standards modest I would imagine (that's my issue). wink.gif You guys with shades of green. happy.gif



Knickers, knackers, knockers [attrib. Mr. Lesley Dawson]

July 6 2011, 4:17 PM 

In our [English} infants & junior school it was navy blue. Girls did P.E. wearing white vests tucked into same. We boys just had white tops & P.E. shorts [underpants verboten], so when the inevitable slipperings happened the girls had the better deal. All yours Jenny!

While we're here, did anyone attend a UK junior school that DIDN'T have a P.E. teacher armed with a lost-property gym-shoe?

Alan Turing

PE teacher?

July 6 2011, 7:20 PM 

As far as I remember, there was no such thing as a specialist PE teacher when I was at junior school. All the teachers took all the subjects, including "physical training" (so it was PT rather than PE at that school).


PE teacher

July 7 2011, 9:14 AM 

Memories emerging! For the first couple of years we did PE/PT indoors with our class teacher. It was called "music & movement" which involved variations of jumping up and down to taped music in the school hall. When we were all grown-up [ie 7 or 8]we graduated to variations of running in circles round the yard, under the supervision of Mrs.Whateverhernamewas. Never saw her in anything but a tracksuit with a whistle round her neck. Think that was the limit of her abilities.


school knicker colours and regulation

July 11 2011, 2:34 PM 

This articles title is Colour of school knickers.
Colour was dictated by the school and had to be worn.

Several people have queried about school knickers,regulation knickers and gym knickers.

My research has shown that there is or was no difference.

School knickers as far as the UK is concerned refers to the knickers a girl wore to school.

Regulation knickers refers to schools that required pupils to wear a regulation uniform of that schools colours and knickers were part of that regulation.

Gym Knickers as I understand it were no different, they were just ordinary regulation colour school knickers that were on show when a girl did here pe/pt or games lesson.

I can find no definite timeline as to when school knickers were first introduced or indeed when they stopped being regulation. Can anybody help ?

My guess is (and it is only rough) That school knickers probably appeared during the 1930's and Lasted until sometime in the late 1980's.

At first they were made of cotton and these carried on until the late 1960's when they started to change to nylon ones.
As years went by school knickers got briefer and made with thinner material.
At the outset they were not unlike ladies bloomers from which I guess they ascended and made of cotton.
Then the legs got shortened.
There must have been a call for stronger harder wearing knickers as some manufactures produced school knickers with a double back panel and even a re-enforced gusset.

As fashions changed during the 1960's school knickers got briefer and thinner.
Some brands did away with elastic in the leg bands and the cut of the leg holes was higher.

Back in 2005 simon posted a link to a school knicker research group Tenbra Tigers which was on Smart Groups Network.
Smart groups ceased a few years ago and the group has transfered to Group spaces.

Anyone interested in learning more about school knickers can join this group.
This is not a fetish group, but a group for research and stories about your school days and knickers for both female and male readers.

I am male by the way and went to school during the 50's/60's so I saw plenty of school knickers.



That gym knickers heresy!

July 14 2011, 12:53 AM 

I really cannot allow the continual perpetration of the myth that gym knickers were the same as regulation knickers or school knickers. This hideous heresy, widespread in this thread and most recently voiced by pe knicks who said

Several people have queried about school knickers,regulation knickers and gym knickers.

My research has shown that there is or was no difference.

School knickers as far as the UK is concerned refers to the knickers a girl wore to school.

Regulation knickers refers to schools that required pupils to wear a regulation uniform of that schools colours and knickers were part of that regulation.

Gym Knickers as I understand it were no different, they were just ordinary regulation colour school knickers that were on show when a girl did here pe/pt or games lesson.

is an anathema unto those who, like myself, are devotees of gym knickers, especially  bottle green gym knickers!   happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

Clearly I cannot expect my recollections of my own Junior School days in the early 1950s alone to establish my case. I therefore look to one of our very esteemed female contributors, Ketta, to support me in my contention that gym knickers were worn over school knickers, regulation or otherwise. Ketta said here:

Gym Knickers were larger, fuller, and much thicker, elasticated round the legs and may surprise you to know, worn OVER knickers, also in a range of boring colours including GREEN, worn as an outer garment, occasionally under short wrap round skirts, hated by every girl ever forced to wear them.

Although Ketta was at school somewhat later than me, her account tallies exactly with practice at my Junior School, where for PT girls removed their dresses and donned  bottle green gym knickers and a bottle green T-shirt , a combination of garments which both teachers and girls referred to as  'green things' , a title both brief and descriptive!


A one word reply

July 14 2011, 1:21 AM 

Sports girls wore


at my school.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloomers_(clothing)



Re: A one word reply

July 14 2011, 1:43 AM 

Hi KK. That's as maybe, but what colour were they? happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif


colour of knickers

July 14 2011, 3:57 PM 


Although it is not in good taste for gentlemen of sobriety to discuss at great length young ladies undergarments of the nether regions ( knickers ), I feel it incumbent of me to disabuse you of your beliefs about Gym Knickers. I agree entirely with Pe Knicks that gym knickers just meant regulation school knickers. I think you are stuck in a time warp, due to your unfortunate experience of seeing a girl at your school getting her bottom slippered on the aforementioned garment. I can well understand it must have been a most traumatic experience for you. wink.gif

I can remember a newspaper photograph (late 50s) of a Headmistress with one of her girls, the captain of the netball team, showing off their trophy for winning a cup. The girl was only a slim little thing, normal at the time, and not at all like todays buxom 15 year olds. But her knickers were voluminous enough to provide respectable cover for a more matronly woman with hips the size of the back end of a bus. They were somewhat even more generous than those in the right hand photo shown below.

In my junior school there was no uniform, and for PT, as it then was, girls took their dresses off and did it in vest and knickers, of many colours, and boys took their shirts off but kept short trousers on.

When I started secondary school in the 50s, knickers were part of the uniform for girls, navy blue at my school, which were worn under gymslips for winter, or a dress for summer. During the 60s they became somewhat briefer, more like the left hand photo, but still of the cotton variety. The nylon ones, even briefer still, but still in appearance like school knicks, only came on the scene later. As I have said before, skating was my sport, with girls wearing little home made wrap round skirts with plenty of knickers on show, before the advent of dress leotards. A lot of girls wore their school knicks for skating, that gave adequate coverage, and they probably felt more comfortable wearing them, as it was more like doing PE, rather than a night out without a skirt. There did seem to be a competition for who had the whitest knickers, some of them blancoing them I am sure. One 16 yo I knew wore her school knicks, brown ones, in the 1980s, so they were still part of the uniform at her school in 1983.

If girls put gym knickers on over their ordinary ones, this was because they were risking it by not wearing regulation ones, for something more feminine for normal wear under their skirt, but being under obligation to wear regulation ones for PE, was this where they got called gym knickers, because they had to wear them in the gym for PE ? The only other reason I can think of for being called gym knickers are the ones worn by athletes, runners etc, usually with a white stripe down the out side to let the spectators know they are not running about in their underwear.

To me, school, regulation or gym knickers are all one and the same, the prefix of gym is just to designate they are not just flimsy little things.

[linked image]



Re: That gym knickers heresy!

July 14 2011, 10:36 PM 

Hi Willyeckaslike. I have inspected your post above very carefully. Despite your intimations to the contrary, to misquote Lord Nelson's immortal dismissal of his orders when he (reputedly) put his telescope to his blind eye and ignored the approaching Danish fleet prior to his great victory at the Battle of Copenhagen,

I see no knickers!

I presume that this is the image you meant to display:

Wikipedia Taisaougi2 is displayed under licence  GFDL and Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 and linked to the relative Wikipedia page

This image by the Artist Kasuga is displayed under the terms of the GFDL and Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 which may be inspected by clicking the image.

You said above:

Although it is not in good taste for gentlemen of sobriety to discuss at great length young ladies undergarments of the nether regions ( knickers ), I feel it incumbent of me to disabuse you of your beliefs about Gym Knickers. I agree entirely with Pe Knicks that gym knickers just meant regulation school knickers. I think you are stuck in a time warp, due to your unfortunate experience of seeing a girl at your school getting her bottom slippered on the aforementioned garment. I can well understand it must have been a most traumatic experience for you. wink.gif

It was indeed traumatic, terribly traumatic! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

I have no desire to debate the matter further. I stand by my statements above. Suffice it to say that at the time I posted the account of my female classmate's punishment that you refer to I was labouring under the same delusion as yourself and others in this thread. Indeed, I referred to how little protection the garment in question would have afforded the girl who was slippered - not that 2 layers would have made a great deal of difference in that case.

After Ketta posted the item I linked above I made discrete enquiries of a female ex-classmate of my acquaintance. It is truly amazing how at over 60 one can readily turn the conversation to topics in areas where as a little lad one would have never dared to tread! wink.gif It transpires that the situation was exactly as Ketta describes, and indeed in hindsight this does accord with memory. Certainly the girls brought the two items of clothing, T-shirt and gym knickers, with them to school on PT days.



Re: That gym knickers heresy!

July 14 2011, 11:23 PM 

Does anyone else experience the strange phenomenon whereby the mind goes into overdrive after the posting?

Naturally I am concerned to find myself at odds with so many of my esteemed fellow contributors. I wonder if there may in fact be a simple explanation. My Junior School was a Church School. I believe that at least part of Ketta's education was at a school with a strong Church influence. Is it perhaps possible that, at least in the periods concerned, Church Schools tended towards a greater emphasis on decorum?

Willyeckaslike, as it may be of interest to you I'll put a note of why your image didn't display in Computing Corner asap.


Regulation knickes

July 16 2011, 10:49 PM 

Just to add a little bit more about regulation school knickers.

I attended a UK mixed senior school in the late 50's and early 60's and so I saw plenty of cotton school knickers being worn.
There were many brands around some of which were, Cherub,Montfort,Mollissa,Meridan,Tenbra,Chillprufe,
Puritex,Gymphlex,St Michael to name a few.

In most of these brands there would have been more than one style.Also styles changed over the years and school knickers got briefer after about the mid 60's.

I cannot see how you can think that up to the mid 60's gym knickers were any different from those worn in class.

As far as I know,girls just took off their skirts and did gym. I have no knowledge of them changing knickers or putting on a second pair.
I have also conversed with a lady who used to sell knickers and she says gym knickers are just another name for school knickers.
I will however concede that in later years 70's onwards when school regulations started to relax, girls may not have been required to wear regulation knickers under their uniforms, but would have had to change knickers when doing gym class or other games and sports to a more formal style of school knicker.

I own several pairs of 'Cherub'school knickers amongst other brands and there is about three different styles amongst them, they all say 'Cherub' on the label, but not the style or pattern name.

You might like to look at this linhttp://www.schoolnicks.info/ here you will see different styles on sale.

It would be interesting to read any reports from Ladies who attended school during either 1950's/60's/70's/80's, who had to wear regulation knickers in class or just for gym. what can you tell us.



July 17 2011, 7:08 AM 


The bloomers were approximately this colour

depending upon how your monitor is set.

As a callow youth, I was once exposed to school girls wearing thick black stockings and short skirts playing sport - a shocking arachnidic sight. I had suppressed this memory until now.



Re: Bloomers

July 17 2011, 9:32 AM 

Hmm, not one of the web-safe colours that one, KK. Sort of HTML Midnight Blue only hold the red!

But I'm sorry to have brought back such unhappy memories, I didn't really want to know, I was merely trying to stay on thread topic for once! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

American Way

An observation is not a censure.

July 17 2011, 12:19 PM 

You brits have a curious propensity for attention to these matters. Is this a cultural thing with you guys? happy.gif Let's stay on topic for a change. wink.gif





Re: An observation is not a censure.

July 17 2011, 3:11 PM 

Hi American Way. Photoshop or GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) or similar IMHO. I've seen it suggested that the floral buttonholes mean they are taking part in a very solemn school ceremony, and their demeanor certainly supports that. With those hemlines we can, I think, safely assume that the classroom slipper isn't in regular use for disciplinary purposes at that school!

I think your second link would have been best left unposted, but with your volume of output I guess you're entitled to the odd lapse. As you say, an observation is not a censure. happy.gif


Colour of Knickers

July 17 2011, 4:47 PM 

Hi American Way

Probably we do have a "propensity" as you say, but don't you in the USA have a propensity for breasts ? ( boobs, knockers, bristols etc )

Did American girls ever have such garments stipulated as school uniform ? not just for sports or cheerleaders, but just ordinary school uniform at schools that did have a uniform. Did any schools have a uniform apart from private fee paying schools and religious schools ?

In the photo I notice it is only the front row that have their pants at half-mast, were all the rest of the girls too shy ? The girl on the left and on the right of the front row do not either, was it because, heavens to margatroyed, had they gone commando and were not wearing any !

Here anything from granny drawers (closed at the knee) to thongs or "G" stings seem to get called knickers by their wearers.

I am waiting for another lurker to tell me how to post a picture, when I do know how to post it I will send another one of a very briefly attired Martina Hingis. As the last one of her seemed to offend your sensibilities, (but much to the delight of the avid bum watchers) do not look at the next one if drinking a coffee, otherwise you will cough and splutter and maybe choke, and I would miss trying to decipher your posts. wink.gif

American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

July 17 2011, 8:27 PM 

No such restrictions. Maybe because we won the revolution. Maybe tennis needs restrictions. Bold hussies. wink.gif What would the sisters of no mercy do? One can only imagine. wink.gif Turn the audio off if it annoys you as much me.



Re: Colour of Bloomers

July 17 2011, 10:37 PM 


This was well before the invention of the internet or even computers.

This may be a better estimate of the colour.



Those sisters of no mercy!

July 17 2011, 11:07 PM 

Hi Willyeckaslike. You said above:

I am waiting for another lurker to tell me how to post a picture,

It's in the pipeline, immediately after how to defeat Fred and immediately before what went wrong with your image link above. Fred might even go on the back boiler, in which case it's number one! happy.gif

Hi American Way. Far be it from Another_Lurker to rain on the parade, but do you not think that these young lady tennis players should be judged on their performance in the game rather than by how unfortunate (or should that be fortunate?) they are in attracting photographers drawn to displays of their underpinnings?

You said above:

Maybe tennis needs restrictions. Bold hussies. wink.gif What would the sisters of no mercy do? One can only imagine. wink.gif

Well you're the expert on the sisters of no mercy, I can indeed only imagine! However, one thing Another_Lurker does not lack is imagination, and maybe if the said sisters of no mercy had free rein the unfortunate young tennis players would find themselves lining up for something like the picture I link below!

WARNING! The picture linked below is almost certainly fake. However it is from an adult content spanking blog. Whilst there is nothing in it which should alarm readers of this estimable Forum it should be noted that knickers, the subject of this thread, are conspicuous by their absence! It is also quite a large picture, 794x1191 pixels and 131 kb, representing a tangible overhead for those on slow links.

The picture. Despite the rather silly privacy box, presumably intended to suggest authenticity, we can I think conclude that the sister of no mercy is supposed to be not best pleased and to be intending to deploy the implement she holds (riding crop?) for purposes other than banging against her boot to make her horse gallop faster! happy.gif


Re: Colour of Knickers

July 18 2011, 12:09 AM 

hi Another Lurker,

I only get


You don't have permission to access /spanking-pictures/japanese-catholic-schoolgirl-caning-large.jpg on this server.


Apache/2.2.0 (Fedora) Server at www.spankingblog.com Port 80

on your link

Why please?

American Way

Tennis and Nuns

July 18 2011, 1:12 AM 

As I , not so uncharacteristically stray surrealistically off topic, in real life a nun (massaged my neck, c.f. earlier pasts) was our tennis coach. She played in the post Vatican II "modified habit" that permitted some movement. She left an became an elected political organizer for the poor, not that much unlike President Barack Obama in Chicago. I'm recovering from a nasty spill as I type from tripping over a crack. Forty years ago a stumble becomes a fall. Sic transit gloria.

The principal did the hitting and her habit was blue and a mid-calf length. But she was much better looking. The downside was if you sat in the first row you wish she would say it and not spray it. Nasty habit. sad.gif


Your TV tonight Declan (one of my favorite posters) June 30, 2009

I once lent Andrea Jaeger my umbrella during a thunderstorm and never got it back, so if I do see her again it will be a lively session with the old McCrostie young lady, though I understand you are now a nun.

She did dress modestly but her bratty behavior on the court would earn her a yardstick at the least. Decan, I hope it wasn't a Burberry. I have one and I'm afraid of leaving it behind. It costs more than a Church Antique Lochleggy. You're being kind with the milder McCrostie.






Those Picture Problems

July 18 2011, 2:33 AM 

Hi Prof.n. An interesting question, and the answer is I haven't a clue though I suspect it may be related to matters we discussed in another context and your virtual location.

Have you tried right-clicking on the link and selecting 'Save link as ...' to actually download the file instead of viewing it?

Please let me know if this works. If not I will consider further.

If anyone else experiences problems in accessing the file would the first couple or so please comment in this thread. Please bear in mind that the link was a specific response to American Way's July 17 2011, 8:27 PM post above. The picture is relevant only in that context, it has no intrinsic merit.

Alan Turing


July 18 2011, 8:45 AM 

I was told "forbidden", too. But nobody forbids the inventor of the Turing machine! So I copied the address of the forbidden page from the address bar, then pasted it into a new tab. Voila!

(I guess that site doesn't like incoming links from unknown sites.)

American Way

Bifurcated Garments

July 18 2011, 9:34 AM 

A little history might be in order about knickers. The crossbar on a bicycle proved to be challenging. I could never say would you go wheeling with me? Thank God for Dr I N Love for moving the medical community forward including woman doctors.





American Way

Take it down (not their knickers)

July 18 2011, 12:29 PM 

In light of this being a family forum maybe it should be forbidden? I was squeamish about showing the iconic slide rule National Lampoon cover. Even after they did that (soccer) to our nether regions yesterday I wouldn't want them to be hit by a riding crop. None of the nuns were equestrians. happy.gif

American Way

U S Open 2011

August 31 2011, 11:42 PM 

For those who follow tennis here is a FYI. British Heather Watson gave Maria Sharapova a 2 hour plus three set match scare the other day in the US Open. With Venus Williams withdrawing Maria might win another US Open title.

The first Maria is awaiting swats from Trey in the brace position for her immodest attire in the brace position. The last two links are for our friend on the mend.






Re: U S Open 2011

September 1 2011, 2:21 AM 

Hi American Way. Your first link: Prof.n has tried very hard to explain the brace position to me, and I thought I understood it. Clearly though I didn't! Are you sure that's the brace position? Perhaps Prof.n and/or Renee would care to confirm that that is indeed the brace position as certified and utilised by TWP! happy.gif

I am sure you will have done Declan a world of good with your second link, especially if he realises that via those little numbers at the bottom of the page he has access to 1424 other similar pages each likewise containing several pictures of attractive young ladies (well at least the ones I've looked at do), some of which are so large that if blown up to full size they'd test even a well known 24 inch monitor! Should just about occupy the whole of Declan's convalescence to get through that lot! wink.gif


Re: Colour of Knickers

September 1 2011, 9:00 AM 

Hi Another Lurker ,

No Way !!!!Not like that happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif anyway your nose would probably hit he wall with a lick that, in my friend's words , ' really counted' !!!!!!!!



That brace position!

September 1 2011, 10:23 AM 

Hi Prof.n. Thank you. You have put my mind at rest. For a time there I thought I might have to stop attending Renee's classes in case my luck ran out and I found myself taking that short walk to the conference room! Although I made it to the top of a (fairly easy) overhanging panel for the first time since the op at the climbing wall yesterday I'm darned sure I still couldn't assume that position!

And even if I could, unless the conference room wall is heavily padded (which seems unlikely) my apprehension regarding the swats would be significantly less than my worries about collateral damage! Despite Renee's carefully moderated 90º swing and relatively light ¼ inch paddle even then, as you correctly point out, superb muscle tone (to say nothing of self-control) would be necessary to avoid head-butting (or face-butting if you tried to look up) the wall at every swat. So American Way, no more jokes about such serious matters please, I might have taken you seriously and missed out on those classes! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

June 28 2012, 7:58 PM 

2012 to Wimbledon with the Daily Mail.


Is it time they apply stricter standards on the players. Does everything have to be about sex? Have these girls no shame? At least Ashley Hakleroad is not wearing unaustralian thongs happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif nor sporting bottle green knickers and abiding by some standards of decency

Ashley is it all about the almighty dollar? Your prize winning career was about to come to an end in 2008. You are not exactly a Courage to Submit candidate unless they bring back caning for things like dress code violations.





Re: Colour of Knickers

June 28 2012, 8:45 PM 

Hi American Way,

These ladies are athletes competing in a very high intensity sport. They wear what they feel most comfortable in, subject to the Wimbledon dress code. It's a very traditional place, I'm sure it still has a dress code of some sort. My advice is watch the tennis not the knickers,  bottle green  or otherwise!

American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

June 29 2012, 1:50 AM 

Chris Evert won 18 grand slam titles as you all know. Showing your undergarments is fine. Chris Evert showed hers with modesty and dignity and so could those trollops. I understand the game. And I understand theirs. And I am none to please. sad.gif

A_L Easy peasy for you to follow your own advice but I am still distracted. Let's not make this anymore unpleasant.


American Way


July 1 2013, 11:51 AM 

One of my favorite beauties is Jelena Dojic who seems to finish her career in 2013. She achieved on of the all time upsets when she dismissed Martina Hingis 6-2, 6-0, in just 54 minutes in 1999.


Here is a video that may appeal to some that have an interests in aesthetics as well as athletics.


American Way

Re: Colour of Knickers

July 4 2013, 10:23 PM 

You Go Girl. Sabine Lipsicki. Wimbledon Finalists.

She is allergic to grass.


But on topic of game on that surface having excelled at Wimbledon in prior years.


True, those among our Happy Family that say that these girls wear comfortable clothes to compete at top levels may be missing a point in some cases but they must be aware of their bottoms. The above photos are sports appropriate. Nothing wrong with that but don't expect some men not to be distracted. For those who say I'm straying from SCP au contraire need not be reminding that I'm consistent in advocating wide berth for relevancy. Paddling or caning a girl near her age should be verboten in prof n and IMHO as well. Her bottom should be off limits.

Neither bold nor brazen Sabine is acting age appropriate and she is well aware of her assets. wink.gif Are seniors in high schools not aware of this? The prom paddling would be a case in point.




Colour of Knickers

July 4 2013, 10:52 PM 

This afternoon I watched the ladies semi finals. Agnieszka Radwaska was wearing her old navy blue school knickers happy.gif

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