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School Paddlings - Position assumed

June 23 2005 at 3:52 AM

I attended a strict christian private girls senior school in Texas, where the paddle was in daily use, and girls between the ages of 13 to 18 were regularly punished with heavy wooden paddles (24" long, 4" wide and 1/2 inch thick mahogany) by both male and female staff. Up to 12 swats could be given in a typical paddling.

I was paddled more times than I can remember throughout my time there. The school had a dress code that allowed dresses and skirts only (no trousers), and paddlings were always given on the seat of panties/knickers, with dress/skirt lifted up.

When a girl was to be punished she had to report to the principal (or nominated deputy's) office. She would be solemnly told of her offence (e.g. breaking one of the school rules) and what her punishment was to be (i.e. how many swats she would receive).

More interesting though, were the schools rules as to the position to be assumed by girls to receive paddling, which rules were rigidly imposed.

In the middle of the room where the punishment was administered was a low desk which the girl was instructed to bend over, and spread her feet wide apart. She was thus bent over at more than 90 degrees, with her feet placed 3 feet or more apart. This was the case whether the girl was only 13, or 16/17. I have heard that this is a common paddling position used in many schools.

The girls dress/skirt would then be lifted, and the paddling would commence, with the paddle being swung with maximum force to the girls presented bottom.

I have often wondered why so many schools require girls (or boys) to assume this wide spread-legged and bent position for paddling. From my own recollections of my own paddlings, I can remember the feelings in my bottom caused by the heavy and severe paddlings I received in this position, and how both the vibrations from the force of the paddle blows, and the intense heat, which felt like my whole bottom was on fire, seemed to pentrate beyond just my buttocks and right into my anal and genital region, setting the whole area "on fire".

On reflection, when either a girl or boy has to assume the position I have described, the effect is to separate the buttocks, and to fully open the cleft, exposing the anal and genital area. Modesty is preserved at most schools that insist on this position for paddling, by the girl or boy keeping his/her underpants or knickers on. However, underneath the underwear, the spread-legged and bent position has the effect of exposing the most sensitive areas of the buttocks, as close as possible to the anus and genitals to the blows from the paddle. The effect is that both the vibrations from the force of the blows, and the heat and redness, penetrates deep into the anal and vulval region. I must therefore conclude that this is the primary reason for many schools that use the paddle insisting on this position.

Have I struck on a point of truth here? Does anyone else have views on this aspect of school paddling?

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Lotta Nonsense

Re: School Paddlings - Position assumed

June 23 2005, 7:34 AM 


Please put your dick away and stop pretending to be female.


Re: School Paddlings - Position assumed

June 23 2005, 6:31 PM 

Well, imposter though you be, this matter is explored at length by an anti-CP website called Southern Education (


Re: School Paddlings - Position assumed

June 23 2005, 9:28 PM 

An interesting "anti-CP" site is

Staged photos of girls bending over to be paddled - "just to show how awful it is".

Interviews with girls who had been paddled where every little detail of the paddling is asked for (exact position, what they were wearing, were skirts lifted etc etc)- "for completeness".

And an unhealthy obsession with the idea that paddlings were videod and are being swapped around - "to see if the author can get any perhaps??????????"

Strange - looks to me like the sort of site a spankophile would have put together to try to get info.



Re: School Paddlings - Position assumed

June 24 2005, 4:26 PM 

Did you check out the section about the use of paddling in slavery? Pretty sobering stuff.


Schoolgirl paddlings - position assumed

June 27 2005, 5:54 AM 

This is axactly how proper paddling of highschool girls (or junior high for all I care) should be.

Bend them right over and spread their legs wide, and paddle them long and hard on the lowest part of their butt. If it set's their cunny on fire as well as their bum, too bad!


Re: School Paddlings - Position assumed

June 29 2005, 5:55 AM 

>>The effect is that both the vibrations from the force of the blows, and the heat and redness, penetrates deep into the anal and vulval region. I must therefore conclude that this is the primary reason for many schools that use the paddle insisting on this position.

Left out of your exposition in why the schools would seek to produce this particular effect. Is it not sufficient (albeit less of a dominance kick, I suppose) to inflict pain without it reaching into the student's most intimate areas?


Shut up!

July 10 2005, 8:19 PM 

Dear Nonsense,
will u stop accusing genuine contributions?

Retired Mississippi Paddler

Answer to Karen's Question

August 18 2006, 9:08 AM 

I have an answer for Karen's question.

The reason many schools require students to spread their legs wide apart during paddling is to prevent what is known as "clenching" during paddling. What exactly is "clenching"?. Well, it is an age old problem which institutions which use any form of corporal punishment applied to the buttocks have been trying to overcome.

"Clenching" is a term that describes two simultaneous involuntary reflexes that occur in both sexes, when having corporal punishment applied to the buttocks. The first of these is a convulsive "clenching" of the buttocks tightly together. The second is
a convulsive "drawing in" of the lower buttocks and genital area, caused by a convulsive tilt of the lower pelvis (i.e. pelvic floor) forwards and away from the locus of impact.

Both of these are involuntary reflex actions which occur a split second before the paddle impacts the buttocks. They are triggered in the punished student’s subconscious mind, which is somehow aware of the exact moment the paddle will impact, even if he or she is looking straight ahead and can‘t see the paddler. The subconscious mind somehow knows exactly that split second, and “reflexes” accordingly.

The purpose and effect of the first reflex, the clenching of the buttocks, is to "close" the buttocks tightly together, protecting the anal region from the impending blow. The purpose and effect of the second reflex, the pelvic tilt which "draws in" the lower buttocks and genitals, is to bring the genital area forwards, away from the locus of impact, and within the protection of the clenched buttocks.

Both of these reflexes are completely involuntary, and triggered by the body's natural reflexes. They are involuntary reflexes to protect the anus and genitals when a blow to the buttocks is imminent. You therefore cannot simply instruct the paddled student not to do them. Both of the reflexes occur together simultaneously in the form of a single convulsive jerk or thrust, literally a microsecond prior to paddle's impact on the buttocks, and are totally outside the conscious control of the paddled student.

If, however, a paddled student assumes a spread leg position whilst bending over, that position makes the “clenching” reflex ineffective. In this position, the buttock muscles are unable physically to “close” the buttocks over the anal cleft, which therefore remains wide open, allowing the paddle to impact the whole surface of the buttocks, including close to the anus.

The spread leg/bent position also severely restricts the effectiveness of the reflex to "draw in" the lower buttocks and genitals by tilting the pelvic floor front-wards. In fact, this position causes the opposite, and tends to force the student to, tilt the pelvic floor and genital area backwards to the rear, and thus closer to the locus of paddle's impact.

Both of the reflexes actually still occur when the “spread and bent” position is assumed, but they are rendered ineffective, and only operate as a reflex convulsion with no real movement. The reflexes are effectively prevented from achieving their intended functions of “closing” the buttocks over the anal cleft, and drawing the genitals forward, away from the locus of impact, and within the protection of the clenched buttocks.

As all (I hope), paddlers do not aim to impact the anus or genitals, the body’s natural reflexes intended to protect those areas are not in fact required during a paddling, and all they achieve is to contribute to making a punishment less effective, as the paddle is striking tight, clenched and “drawn in” buttocks. In most opinions, this makes the paddling less safe as well. In particular, the reflex which draws the pelvic floor and genital area front-wards away from the locus of impact, also creates a corresponding backward tilt of the upper pelvis and tailbone, increasing the chance of tailbone impact/injury.

With the punished student in the spread legged and bent position, the buttocks remain fully open, loose and bouncing, and can much more safely absorb the blows from the paddle. Agreed, the paddle may impact areas of the buttocks very close to the anus and genitals, but in a properly administered paddling, will rarely, if ever, directly strike those areas. Also, this position ensures that the tailbone stays well out of harms way, and, in my opinion, is therefore the safest position, as a tailbone impact can have far more serious long term injury issues than an anal or genital impact.

So, the prevention of "clenching", and the avoidance of the injury risks arising from it, is the main reason why the "wide spread legs and bent" position is used in some schools.


Re: Answer to Karen's Question

August 18 2006, 10:00 AM 

What an informative post! Would that there were more like it. In the UK I believe those being punished were told to keep their legs together.

Here’s what forum Honorary Life Member Anna dk has to say on the subject of buttock clenching:

In my view [being told not to clench is] a ridiculous demand. It's a natural reaction when someone makes an onslaught to your behind and I don't see how a child can avoid it. I couldn't and as Molly said, it stings no matter what you do.

Retired Mississippi Paddler

Answer to Karen's Question

August 18 2006, 11:13 AM 

You are quite right. There is no point in telling a recipient of corporal punishment not to clench, because it is an involuntary convulsive reflex which occurs a microsecond prior to impact, over which they have no control.

Requiring the paddled student to keep their head upright, looking straight ahead whilst bent over, was always intended to reduce clenching, the idea being they would not be able to see the paddler, except maybe out of the corner of their eye, and would therefore by unaware as to the precise moment each swat would impact. However, the mind/body can still "sense" the paddle's approach, and the involuntary clenching reflex still gets triggered immediately before the impact, so the "looking up and ahead" method does not really solve the problem.

The only way therefore, to nulify the effects of the clenching reflex is to require the "legs spread wide" stance.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Answer to Karen's Question

August 18 2006, 11:25 AM 

I'd be very interested to know where in the world Retired Mississippi Paddler is posting from.

I have a feeling he's some way from Mississippi.


Re: Answer to Karen's Question

August 18 2006, 12:03 PM 

It must be Mistercippi, surely Lotta!


Bob T

Re: Answer to Karen's Question

August 18 2006, 1:12 PM 

Having been paddled at school myself, I have to disagree with Retired Miss Paddler. Clenching is not involutary. Peripheral vision is used to time the clenching.Something learned amazingly fast when your bottom is on the line. Also, simply having one grab their ankles is enough to prevent clenching.  The schools I went to did not have anyone in a spread legged stance.  

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Answer to Karen's Question

August 18 2006, 5:45 PM 

Retired Mississippi Paddler's posting is typical of those made by people who know (or think they know) lots and lots of theory but have never been within a million miles of any practice.

As with most sexual activity, those who actually do it are usually too busy doing it to be hovering around the Internet writing about it.

Retired Mississippi Paddler

Answer to Karen's Question

August 19 2006, 7:41 AM 

Bob T - You are quite correct in that many students, when paddled, will deliberately clench in advance of each swat. In such cases, the involuntary clench reflex will cause very little further movement of the buttock muscles or pelvis, as the student is already "clenched" at the moment of impact.

However, the spread legged an bent position I believe is effective to prevent both deliberate clenching as well as severely restricting the movement of the buttock muscles and pelvis during "reflex" clenching.

With respect to grabbing the ankles, this was in fact the position which I required my students to assume when I was in practise, but combined with spreading the legs. This position is the best overall both to prevent deliberate clenching, and virtually eliminate the pelvic and buttock muscle movement caused by reflex clenching. In order to grab the ankles comfortably and keep the legs straight (i.e. not bending at the knees), the student will need to have his or her legs spread at least 3 feet apart, unless they are some kind of gymnast. To grab the ankles with the legs together invariably causes the student to bend at the knees to some degree, which is not desirable.

Lotta Nonsense - Whether readers believe I am genuine or not, is not of concern to me. I do believe that I know what I am talking about.



August 19 2006, 9:19 PM 

I can't clench my buttocks if I bend at the hips even a little bit. It does not matter where my hands or feet are. Please try the experiment and report back as I am concerned I might be deformed or something.


Re: Clenching

August 19 2006, 11:56 PM 

neither can moi.......


Bob T

Re: Clenching

August 20 2006, 12:58 AM 

You guys aren't deformed, you're just old.  When I was school aged, I could clench to a certain point when bent over. After a certain point, it's impossible.

It's obvious Mississippi Paddler has spent a LOT of time thinking about this.

If I recall correctly, the reason for keeping the feet together at the schools I attended was to avoid injury to the family jewels. I guess this was not a concern of our retired paddler. 



August 23 2006, 11:32 AM 

I was caned a few times during my schooldays and at home. I like others had a problem not clenching (our teacher insisted I was trying to prevent punishment) until one day I was told to have my feet apart and grasp my ankles before bending. I cannot say if my cheeks did not clench but I did feel the caning hurt more.
Years later I visited a professional lady to relive my school days (something that perhaps some of you should try)and of course I had to be caned. I was told to bend over a desk and have my legs out straight on tip-toe, this position I can assure you prevented my bottom from clenching.

I have also been told that if you are positioned laying face down on a bed with your feet turned inwards this also prevents the clenching.

hope this helps the debate.

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