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Rachel's Paddling

August 7 2005 at 4:32 AM
Principal Paddlebutt 

Rachel’s Paddling

It's a new term semester at Paddlebutt Girls Junior High
And a fresh intake of young girls are admitted, by and by
All intrepid at the rigid discipline that, for them, is nigh
They have heard many tales, and rumours, that reach to the sky
Among these new girls, is one Rachel McSweeney,
Thirteen years of age with blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin
Her behaviour, however, leaves much to be desired
And her parents have decided that the firm discipline
Of Paddlebutt school, is what is required.

The first Friday comes, punishment day at the school
And the first batch of new miscreants wait outside the Principal's door
And who should be there, but Rachel, to be paddled, in this her first week
She knows not yet why, but very soon, she will discover what for
Thoughts pass though her mind, about what a paddling might entail
Thoughts of fear, but also curiosity, in her mind mingling
But, never having been paddled before, her bum wasn't tingling
As do the bums of those girls who've been paddled once, or more,
Each time they wait, in dread, outside the Principal's door

Deep in thought, suddenly she is alerted by a loud burst
It's the Principal's secretary, "Rachel McSweeney! you are to be first!"
Tentatively she enters the Principal's study, and sees the place where
She is to suffer her first paddling at school, which will by no means be her worst
In the middle of the room, a curious low bench stands
And on the Principal's desk, the paddle itself, a fearsome looking thing
Two feet long, and half an inch thick of solid oak, and drilled with several holes
Rachel's young gaze is transfixed by the sight before her, and she is puzzled by what the holes in the paddle are for?

From his desk the Principal rises, "Rachel McSweeney, I presume?"
Rachel once again swallows, and nods, but no words from her mouth proceed
Firmly the Principal addresses Rachel, "Do you know why you are here?"
Rachel nervously shakes her head and tries to say the words "No Sir"
Although her mouth moves, the words do not sound and Rachel begins to tremble
"Well, I will tell you, young Rachel McSweeney, three times this first week, you've been late
I have it recorded here in your class register, about that, there is no debate
So, you are here to be punished, in the traditional way at this school
And soon you will know, I do not tolerate here
Young minxes like you, playing the fool".

Rachel had never been paddled before, and hadn't a clue what to do
But that knowledge gap was soon to be filled, as the Principal instructed her anew
"You will stand by that bench, with your legs spread apart, and bend over and rest your belly
On it's smooth polished top, with your back arched well, in and your backside turned up, in full view."
Rachel assumed this position, as best she could, but the Principal still was not satisfied
"Miss McSweeney, did I not say, to spread your legs open wide?"
She thought she had spread her legs already, but not wide enough, so it seems
So, at the Principal's behest, she spread them further, and further, astride
And as she did, her young buttocks parted, and the cleft between them opened up wide

To Rachel's fear, was added shame, as in this strange position she found herself
She thought "Is he really going to whack the most intimate parts of my bum, with that hideous paddle?"
Her thoughts were cut short, as the Principal spoke, "Three tardies, that's nine swats in total"
Nine swats! On hearing this, her fear prevailed above her shame,
Although her face still flushed with pink.
What state would her bottom be in after her paddling, that she just couldn't bear to think.

And so, the scene was set, at last, for the punishment of this thirteen year old minx

But one more adjustment was yet to be done,
Before the heavy oak paddle did it's grim work on her bum.
The Principal took hold of the hem of her dress, and raised it
To rest in the small of her back
Revealing her brief, white cotton panties, below which the lower half
Of each spread buttock was exposed, having ridden up as Rachel assumed "the position".
And revealing a wide, gaping, cleft between her two spread buttock cheeks,
Between which, her brief panties barely covered her most intimate bits,
And from under her panty gusset , a glimpse, of the soft downy hair
Of an adolescent girl in full bloom of puberty, peeked

The Principal surveys the culprit's exposed bum, as a thousand times past he has done
He knows that this is Rachel's first time, and that she knows not, what is to come
But that 's no reason for lowering standards, and the heavy oak paddle, with full force, will be swung
Against the tender young bum of this blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned, girl, until it is red, raw and swollen, and numb.

Swish!..........POP!, the first swat, with a full swing it landed. Rachel screams, jumps up, and bursts into tears.
Within a few seconds, her bum feels on fire, and a big red paddle imprint appears.
"Did I say you may rise, Miss McSweeney, sternly the Principal demands?
For such insolence, you have earned yourself an extra swat,
Now resume the position, as school rules command"
Rachel once more bends, right over the low bench,
And spreads her legs as wide as can
She dare not infringe one more little rule,
Now knowing the cruel intent of this man.

Swish!.................POP, the second swat falls, with full swing, and harder than the first.
The crying young girl, lets out a roaring scream, but stays still, as the fire in her bum penetrates deeper, at the paddle's will, and the Principal, it’s keeper.

Swish!..............................POP, falls the third swat, with yet greater force still, striking low, right across the open cleft and top of thighs. The impact sunk deep, into the flesh of Rachel's seat, and again, with a deafening scream, she cries.

Swish!.........................................POP! Number four, the Principal has delivered now with his full strength, on the same spot as before. The swat resounded like thunder, and so deep the paddle sunk , into the wide open cleft of her rump, did it impact her anus, or vulva?, I wonder? From the deafening scream from Rachel, exuding, I fear it may be true in so concluding.

Swish!..........................................POP! Number five, now at maximum force, as the thunderous crack resounds beyond the room, to the hallway outside, where Rachel’s school comrades nervously await there turn. There bums now tingling more and more, as each swat of Rachel’s paddling resounds through the door.

But what's this?, The Principal pauses, and studies each red swelling buttock.
He sees a wet patch has appeared in her panty gusset,
Spreading up, though her cleft, to her seat of her pants,
It seems the poor girl has wet herself. None the less, thinks the paddler, such a happening, cannot halt,
The due course of punishment, an back to his task he resumes,
It is, after all, her own fault.

Swish!..........................................POP The sixth swat, with all his might he delivered against the now wet seat of her panties. But Rachel’s bum, was beginning to go numb, and the paddle’s sting was thus felt less sharply. But the vibrations from the blows, and the tingling fire that grows, throbbed like mad in her private parts, smartly.

Swish!............................................POP! Number seven, another almighty swing, and right across the lowest, and most open part, of her bum cleft. Rachel winces and jerks, as the paddle slams in, but no shriek this time she makes. The paddle again, so deep it slammed in, across that wide open cleft twixt her bum cheeks, it's an unlikely thought, that it's impact stopped short, of her most sensitive parts, in between them.

The principal pauses once more, to consider, his good work on Rachel's behind
And notices that, with her panties now wet, they have become completely transparent
Closely he gazes, and the detail amazes, all her intimate parts now apparent.
Now, he can see, every square inch of the flesh,
Of this young girl's spread, parted, buttocks
From the crown of each buttock, and into the wide open cleft
Right up to the anus and vulva,
Is one blazing red, raw, blistered, and swollen mass of wet flesh.
Rachel won’t sit down for some time, once this, her first paddling, is over.

The Principal prepares himself, once more, the final swats to deliver,
Of young Rachel McSweeney's first school paddling,
Her discipline, and welfare, his job to consider
Three more swats to go, and then a minutes repose,
Before the next miscreant enters
He turns back to the task in hand,
Roasting the bum of young Rachel.

Swish!.............................................POP! Number eight, slams the heavy oak paddle Into the red swollen bottom of Rachel. But not a scream, or a yell from Rachel comes forth, as she lays, now slumped, on the bench
Continuous sobs, and crying is all, that is heard
As her buttocks throb and ache, and her anus and vulva tingle, and burn
With prickly heat, all the more inflamed by her urine soaked panties.

Swish!...............................................POP! Number nine

Swish!...............................................POP! Number ten delivered in quick succession. With all his might, were both swats swung, and Rachel's first school paddling, it is finally done.

Short of breath, the Principal lays down the paddle, and rests for a moment in repose
Then in cold, strict, formality addresses his young charge, "Your punishment is over, Miss McSweeney, you may rise"
But Rachel still lays across the bench, and seems not to hear his cold words
But she whimpers, and sobs, and trembles, and heaves, and stays in her paddling position, unmoved
The Principal's secretary, who has witnessed the proceedings, as at all paddlings she does
Speaks to Rachel in a gentle, womanly tone, "Rachel, it's all over, you really can rise".
But Rachel, her spirit broken, breaks out into bitter sobs and crying, and still in her paddling position, she slumps
And behind her, her bottom, numbed beyond all sensitivity, but still tingling and throbbing, is still spread wide open, displaying all her intimate parts.

As she lays slumped, with her spirit, and bum, broken, whimpering and sobbing inconsolably
The Principal holds his gaze, and still is amazed, at the sight of her red swollen bum .
And then, looking closer, at her well displayed vulva, now almost as red and swollen as her bum
He sees that from it, urine is dribbling once more, and dripping though her wet, see through panties, to the floor.

Principal Paddlebutt

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Bob T

Sick Bastard

August 7 2005, 4:54 AM 

You need professional help. And for the record, you have no clue what a real school paddling is like.

Principal Paddlebutt

What's your problem, Bob

August 7 2005, 6:21 AM 

I really can't understand why you have taken such offence at my second paddling story, but, apparently, not at my first.

In both Lianne's and Rachel's paddling, the two schoolgirls actually receive identical paddlings, in all respects - position assumed, number, and force of swats etc.

The only difference is the effect which the paddling has on the respective girls, one being a sixteen year old, accustomed and hardened by many previous paddlings, and the other, a thirteen year old, experiencing a paddling of equal severity, but for the first time.

However, if you claim to know more about the subject than me, please enlighten me.

Principal Paddlebutt

Principal Paddlebutt

More info for Bob

August 7 2005, 6:27 PM 

Although my story is fictional, many of the aspects it touches on have some basis of truth in regard to school paddling.

Please see the following extract from the book "Southern Education", a serious treatise on the sexually exploitative aspects of school paddling:

"People are sexually built differently, just as they are in every other way that we see outwardly. With males some have a longer or thicker penis. Some have penis’ that expand and contract more while others stay closer to the same size, whether limp or erect. Some have testicles that are “close” to the body and others which hang low. If a man is warm or cold, sexually aroused or not, the size and engorgement of his penis and testicles can be affected within moments. Some women have protruding “Venus mound” genitals while others have more “flat” or withdrawn genitals. Some women’s outer genitals are extremely small and others take up a larger area. In both genders the actual placement may vary as well, with some being higher up toward the “front” and others “farther back.” We are all human. The basic elements are the same, but there is a lot of variation that can have a tremendous effect on injuries and sexual exposure during a paddling.
Likewise everyone has buttocks, but some are larger, more or less muscular, smaller, bonier, or softer. Additionally there is the way the “butt-cheeks” either “stay together” or “spread out” when various people bend over, alternately protecting or exposing their genitals in a very different way than the next person’s exposure will be. A person whose cheeks tend to "spread out” will have their genitals and anus much more exposed to direct and indirect impacts from the paddle than a person who has a large buttocks that “stay together” more when they bend over. Similarly the “position” assumed could affect victims sexually, as can the placement of the hit and the direction angle the hit comes from. The fact that “paddle position” is also perhaps the most highly pornographic “sex position” imaginable, and that a man’s penis is capable of fully inserting itself into the vagina or anus of a person holding that posture, shows that the paddle is likewise capable of contacting, with the right conditions, the victim’s anus or vaginal opening. It may not be the most common paddle occurrence, and it certainly does not happen every time, but it is possible to happen with a few conjunctions of slightly unusual circumstances. With millions of paddlings occurring every school year we can be very sure some number result in direct paddle contact to the vaginal opening as well as to the anus. The labia are very likely hit much more frequently than the vaginal opening itself, especially on women where they are large, where their buttocks configuration offers little protection, and where they are made to spread their legs wide and the paddle hits from a direction that facilitates that contact. A man may even sadistically try to contact a victim’s anus or vaginal opening with the paddle hit on purpose. It would break no law, and the injured and humiliated student would have no recourse, if he did. He can laugh and joke about it afterwards too if he wants to, as hitters often do with bruises and other injuries.
Not only are the force of the hits and the sexual arousal or humiliation of the paddler, victim, and witness(es) impossible to predict, but even “simple” seeming aspects of paddling, such as what position each student assumes and which part of the student’s body is the “target” are, in practice, complex. Paddlings for individual students are never applied "the same," even within the physical act itself. No two paddlings ever have "equal effects." Paddling is unjust because various students have so many differences that the position is itself actually impossible to define. “Bent over the desk” could mean the buttocks are projected high, low, or straight. Even if the students were told to always assume the “exact same position” as all other victims, the genitals on some will nonetheless be exposed to the paddle much more so than others, as will the anus and tailbone. The specific “target” the paddle impacts is thus another impossible to define variable. Even if we outwardly think the student has the same position and we are hitting the same part of the buttocks we can be sure we are dishing out very different punishments to every student. Violence is not quantifiable even in how it is dished out, before we even begin to consider people's individual biology, gender, and psychology. There are tremendous bodily variations between individual victims, sexual dangers from primary or secondary impact with individuals who are "built" in significantly different ways, that are likewise impossible to define or predict ahead of time"

The full book can be read on line at:



Bob T

Re: More info for Bob

August 8 2005, 12:19 AM 

I knew just by what you wrote that all of your info came from that book. I posted the link. My issue is with the age of your victim. If your your victim had been 17 or 18, it would just be another paddling fantasy. But all of this dialog is just not real. In a real situation, there is very little dialog. First, she would be trying to talk her way out of it. He would be mostly silent except to surgically pick out any discrepancy in her story. After he had decided on her punishment there would be no further discussion and it would all be over very quickly. Second, it wouldn't be until about the 3rd or 4th swat before she started having real difficulty with the pain, because it does go very quickly. Third, 9 or 10 swats is unheard of except at some of the "Christian" schools. Or a military school. I was just sickened by the thought of a 13 year old being subjected to that type of abuse.

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