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Cane Marks

November 6 2005 at 9:34 PM

I met my wife about 10 years ago in a church and even though I told her before we married that at school I had often got the cane and sometimes very severe it didn't prepare her for the cane stripes she saw on my backside on our wedding night.Over the years I;ve sometimes had injections in my buttocks from a nurse and the marks have always been commented on.I wonder how many others have a caned backside they can;t hide from.

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Re: Cane Marks

November 6 2005, 9:53 PM 

This seems highly unlikely to me unless you got flogged in Singapore. Ordinary canings, e.g. at school, did not leave permanent wounds. Typically the marks would disappear within a week.


The Stripes

November 17 2005, 12:51 PM 

At my school (small town, Australia) the kids all get the smacked by hand or a wooden ruler on the thighs quite often. Marks from this are always gone the the day.

At home, we kids don't wear clothes in Summer. I feel really sleek andslinky at home, and it's much more comfortable. But Mum smacks us on the bare legs. She uses the strap on the boys' buttocks and thighs when they are naughty. She really whips them, leaving bright red stripes which sometimes last a few days.

The kids can easily see the stripes on their thighs because of the short-shorts they wear. If the stripes are permanent, something must be really wrong with the teacher. I wouldn't want a teacher like that!


cane marks for years?

November 26 2005, 12:24 PM 

How did your cane marks last for years? I was caned in school for 7-8 times & recently in college for a offence, but cane marks would be gone in 8-10 days. But the memory of pain still remains. Pls read my article - Indian Scene & do reply.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: cane marks for years?

November 27 2005, 12:35 AM 

Cane marks can last for years - or even decades - in the imagination of a fantasist.

In the world of CP, if it's boring it's probably true. If it's not boring, it probably isn't


Indian Scene

November 27 2005, 2:36 PM 

I would love to read this article - but I cannot find it.


Cane Marks

November 28 2005, 11:58 AM 

Aparna - I live in South Africa and although my backside was regularly caned at school I can;t let my wife know that the scars on my bum are the result of being busted in the possession of stolen property.The cuts where automatic for a receiving offence back then.Getting the judicial cane at 18 certainly made my nose turn up.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Cane Marks

November 28 2005, 12:03 PM 

Jamie is a real contender for 'Fantasist of the Year 2005'


Cane marks

January 25 2011, 11:04 PM 

Red stripes from the cane or strap are often visible on the thighs of boys at school. It's a source of interest in the playground, and swimming at the river etc afterwards. They normally last only a day or so.



January 26 2011, 9:55 AM 

I was the recipient,along with my best friend, of what I can only surmise to have been a very severe caning, using the descriptions of other posters on this forum as a comparison.

My headmaster was a very massive,muscular,ex- rugby fullback, and he had extraordinary strength.

As in every caning that he administered, he delivered it using every ounce of that formiddible power.

This is why a headmasters' caning was dreaded and feared by even the toughest young tear-away in the school.

Although a relatively infrequent event, everybody was aware of what a sentence to the headmasters cane betokened.

It was common school gossip, spoken about with awe, and most chaps had seen the results when miscreants were returned by the head to the classroom, weeping and sobbing and in the most pitiful distress.

My friend and myself had served as the examples for our class unfortunately.
All of this aided in the canes' powerful deterrent value.

Once you had received it once, you never, ever, wanted an encore!

That caning left me with extensive bruising that took over 3 weeks to fade,and I could not sit comfortably for nearly a week.

Whether such a punishment was appropriate for 12 year old boys is another question, but if the headmaster's intention was to instil in us a fear of over-stepping the boundaries, then he most certainly succeeded.

As I say, the caning that I received was exceptionally severe from all accounts, but it certainly did not leave me with permanent scarring, physically at least.

Even the fabled birch rod does not leave permanant marking on the buttocks.

The only punishments that do so, as far as I am aware, are the fearsome rattan canings performed in Malaysia and Singapore, and delivered on the naked bottom.

I have read that the caning officer must practice a special technique in order for the cane to break the flesh, so as to leave scarring.

It seems as if your schoolmaster was under-studying these gruesome chappies.

It is the first time that I have ever heard of a school caning producing such a result.


Re: Cane Marks

January 27 2011, 5:21 PM 

as hard as a school caning was back then,the marks were no more than a faint trace after about a month.

Anyone who caned a boy so hard that the marks were still visible after a month should have been prosecuted.

However anyone who believes that may need a reality check.

I was caned on numerous occasions some of them getting close to a beating as opposed to a caning. But still marked a month later, I dont think so.

Matthew (2)

No marks!

January 28 2011, 3:09 PM 

Perhaps I went to a milder educational establishment? Apart from the immediate aftermath when there was some redness and distinct slightly raised weals, the marks of the cane were gone within a day or two. I now realise I may have got off lightly compared to some here even I did not think so at the time.


(I should explain that I answered the cp questionnaire with the name Matthew only to go back afterwards and realise that another Matthew had answered the questionnaire with the same name only recently. I am not him! Apologies)


Re: Cane Marks

January 29 2011, 4:36 PM 

When I got four of the best in 1958, the bruises, four seperate wealds, stayed very clearly on both cheeks of my bum for two weeks, fading during the third week. From anecdotal evidence, plus infamous Mr Noel McKay Headmaster of Rongatai College in Wellington NZ, canes were lighter in the 70s and 80s prior to abolition.

Getting to Jamie's post. I have a South African friend of similar age to myself (middle 60s) and he related a similar experience that happened to one of his friends. His friend was sentenced by the court and got 8 strokes bare buttocks in the early 60s. My friend saw his friend's buttocks two days after the event and he said the sight was sickening. His friend required medical treatment.

The caning was carried out in a cell at the local police station by a fit young police officer.

So I believe Jamie's post. In my opinion the effects would be similar to those punishments handed out in Singapore and Malaysia.

My wife and I have visited Singapore frequently on our way to from different parts of the world. We always take the opportunity to stop over for a few days there and marvel at how safe the streets and shopping malls and parks are. The Singapore government has very strong measures in place as most of you are aware, against violence, vandalism and drugs. In my opinion they are to be admired for taking a stand against the increasing violence of the world that surrounds them. You can walk around Singapore safely, without fear as long as you observe the local laws.

Surely they still have crime. When visiting certain markets we were warned by our friends to be careful of pick pockets, there are rapes and murders, but per head of population, nowhere as bad as New Zealand or anywhere else in the world. When walking back to our hotel on one visit, after dinning out with some friends, one of our friends saw a young man they knew a little drunk. They asked him what the problem was, and he told them that had broken up with his girlfriend and had had a few drinks. My friend warned the young man that if the police saw him in that state, he could have problems. They got him a taxi and told the taxi driver to take him home. Later they told me that if caught in that state by the police, the young man could have been sent to jail and maybe even caned for breaking the law.

Passengers on aircraft are warned prior to landing of the penalties that await them if they offend.

Isnt it time that some of the other governments in the world took a leaf out of Singapores book.

When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s my parents used to leave their house unlocked. We could walk home after the movies at night in complete safety without the fear of being attacked. From what I have read of small town America it was the same there at that time. No doubt, it I is the same in Great Britain or any other country for that matter. In the bigger cities of course, there was more crime. Nowadays you cant walk the streets at night without some fear for your safety.

Part of the problem it is argued, is that today, both parents work, there are many single parent families etc. When I was growing up my mother stayed at home looking after the family as did the mothers all around our town. Perhaps the answer is to pay people enough so that the mothers of today can stay at home as well.

But, arent we just making more excuses?

It is my contention that drug pushers/suppliers/makers should be executed. Those taking drugs should be punished in the first instance by fining and ordered to go for counselling. Offending a second or third time results in imprisonment and caning. Likewise for crimes of violence. Murder once proven beyond a doubt is punished by death. The criminal has one year to appeal, then is executed. There is not the waiting about on death row for years as is done in some of the states of America. For young people, the borstal/reform schools are reinstated.

Education is the key. Boundaries have to be set and communicated clearly to all. There are no excuses then if a person is caught. Visitors to the country are warned of the consequences of law breaking as in Singapore.

Schools and parents to have the right to use corporal punishment in moderation. By that I mean that six strokes with a supple cane, tawse, paddle or strap across the clothed buttocks would be the maximum allowed. That causes sufficient agony to the offender if well applied. The resulting pain and bruising disappears at the most in a couple of weeks. Enough time to remind the young offender to behave themselves in future.

Females wanted equal rights and I argue that is part of the problem. They have taken the mystic away from their gender by the way the they act and dress. Many young girls (13-18 year olds) are just as violent as boys and if they commit the same crimes of violence and or drugs, they should be punished in the same manner as males both at school and by the courts.

I know that what I have written is not the complete answer, but I suggest to you that it would go along way towards bring our society back onto a straight path.

Ted B



January 29 2011, 9:40 PM 

Like Edward,I recall with great nostalgia the times when Mum stayed at home and looked after the kids.
If I was ill or troubled or even if I simply wanted a chat or a cuddle,Mum was there for me.
We didn't have the fancy overseas holidays or two cars in the garage,or all the gadgetry and designer clothes, and a house that looked like a public building,but I wouldn't have wanted that anyway.
As kids we could roam and explore without care.
Our parents were not walking on eggs wondering where we were,because they knew that they didn't have to worry.
The streets and parks were safe.
I also recall that when Mum would go up to the shops,we never locked our doors or windows.
I can't recall one single burglary or break-in in our neighbourhood growing up.
Kids were spanked sure!
We were spanked very soundly if required.
Did it leave a bruise or two?
Yes! Sometimes.
But a bruise on the backside doesn't kill a kid,and by heaven, we DID learn from it,I can tell you.
Edward brings up a good point about drugs.
I can remember that once drugs started to become more common,standards everywhere began to decline.
It was a slippery slope,and it continues.
It is not just drugs!
Thanks to various do-gooder groups,all natural authority has been questioned and diluted or rejected,down to the very basic family unit.
The individual is king!
Rights,rights and more rights!
But never mind the responsibilities.
I suppose that we can never go back.
More's the pity.



Re: Cane Marks

January 29 2011, 10:01 PM 

Yes, interesting.

I wonder what percentage of all illicit drug users commit crime?

Especially compared to alcohol abusers?

And what percentage of drug users were forcibly made to take it?

I can tell you the last one-none. It's a choice, so why single out drug smugglers or pushers? They are doing no more than prostitutes & rent boys-fulfilling a social need.

Perhaps it might also be worth researching why people take them, what it is about our society that drives them to & keep taking them?

I often see an obvious pair of ex-junkies collecting their 2 small kids from school. Both are well-dressed & their kids appear quite normal & civilized.

Possibly a good idea we didn't execute that pair or not?

BTW, you can tell because they are, I'd guess, in their late 30's/early 40's, therefore at a time when heroin-chic thinness didn't exist, and neither would've been out of place in The Ramones, the thinnest pop group ever. You never need to look at arms etc to spot one!



Re: Cane Marks

January 29 2011, 10:25 PM 

Some years ago, two Australian teenaged girls were each sentenced to 8 strokes of the cane in Malaysia for a drugs offence (and were then deported). There is an account of it on this page:


Scroll down to the Malaysia heading and it's the second paragraph.

Those canings appear to have been given with a fairly typical school-type cane (not a thick heavy one like the Singapore rotan) but, judging by the article, both girls had pretty severe marks afterwards. The girl describing the caning says that she had to take off her dress and pantyhose but says nothing about taking off her underwear, so the canings were presumably administered over panties. Nevertheless she said that she had never felt anything so painful! Just shows that you really don't need a thick heavy cane to produce plenty of pain.

Also, it's interesting that the Malaysian authorities considered that the girls had been treated leniently as a teenaged boy had previously been given 12 strokes for a similar offence. No doubt that would have had Jenny up in arms (and quite rightly!).



Re: Cane Marks

January 29 2011, 11:55 PM 

Hi Steve. You said in response to Edward Bear:

I wonder what percentage of all illicit drug users commit crime?

Especially compared to alcohol abusers?

And what percentage of drug users were forcibly made to take it?

I can tell you the last one-none. It's a choice, so why single out drug smugglers or pushers?

We've always had drunks and those dependent on alcohol. They very seldom commit crime to support their addiction. Drug users on the other hand frequently commit crime on an epic scale to support their habit. They often need sums in excess of £100 per day for drugs, they are unfit for work, so they get it by stealing. Since they can seldom if ever sell what they steal for anything like its value they have to steal considerably in excess of the cost of their habit.

And please don't tell me that drug dealers wait passively for someone to come and ask them for the stuff! They target the vulnerable, the weak minded and the young, even children, and they supply for free until the subject is hooked and then the price goes up sky high.

While I could never support the death penalty I'd lock drug dealers and importers up for life. There's enough barren islands off the west coast to keep the cost down. Give them a minimum diet and let them sort out shelter etc. for themselves. A few heavily armed guards are all that's needed.

Hi Keith. The story of the Australian girls supposedly caned in Malaysia occurs on various non-authoritative web sites. I first saw it years ago on the forerunner to this site. In that case the site name, 'Internet Trash' is a fair description of the contents. At that time there were no other references on the web. Since then the story seems to have been widely copied.

There is never an actual reference to the supposed Associated Press report, nor are any dates ever given. That's because the story is fiction. There's a challenge everyone, shoot me down with something with authority, like the date and source of the press report. I'll happily apologise if by chance I'm wrong. happy.gif


Re: Cane Marks

January 30 2011, 12:18 PM 

Hi Another_Lurker

The story of the Australian girls supposedly caned in Malaysia occurs on various non-authoritative web sites. I first saw it years ago on the forerunner to this site. In that case the site name, 'Internet Trash' is a fair description of the contents. At that time there were no other references on the web. Since then the story seems to have been widely copied.

There is never an actual reference to the supposed Associated Press report, nor are any dates ever given. That's because the story is fiction. There's a challenge everyone, shoot me down with something with authority, like the date and source of the press report. I'll happily apologise if by chance I'm wrong.

Thanks for the information. I'm quite happy to accept that the story is fiction, although it would be interesting if anyone could substantiate it. Even if that particular incident never happened, is it true that canings of that kind can be given to teenaged offenders in Malaysia, both male and female, for serious offences including drug-related ones?



Re: Cane Marks

January 30 2011, 2:25 PM 

Hi Keith. You asked in relation to the fictitious story of the Australian girls caned in Malaysia:

is it true that canings of that kind can be given to teenaged offenders in Malaysia, both male and female, for serious offences including drug-related ones?

I don't believe so, at least not for females. The Malaysian Civil Law does not include any judicial corporal punishment for females.

There could I suppose be a very remote possibility that young foreign women who were Muslims might be sentenced to caning by the religious Shariah courts in some Malay states for certain specific religious offences. I don't think these include drug related offences, which would be a matter for Civil Law. These Shariah courts can sentence both males and females to the cane, though caning sentences for women are a recent development and have caused a great deal of controversy, rather a lot of which found its way into threads here. See this thread, this thread and this thread. Beware though, not all our contributors are dedicated to truth and accuracy like wot I am! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

The first women to be both sentenced and actually caned as a result of Shariah court sentences were punished at Kajang Prison in February 2010 for extra-marital sex. This is certainly not caning as the fictitious Australian girl report describes it! See the second video on this page from the excellent Corpun.Com site.

For full and authoritative information on the corporal punishment situation in Malaysia, Judicial, Shariah and Scholastic, I would recommend perusal of this page and its associated links on the Corpun.Com site.


Re: Cane Marks

February 3 2011, 7:55 AM 

i was caned as a boy in the late 1970s, first time aged 12 and the cane marks on my bottom lasted about 2 to 3 weeks, deep red and purple at first and then changing to yellow.it also would depend on what you was wearing at the time, i had to wear very thin cotton trousers and underpants and these never provided any protection and when bent over only protruded my bottom. it may as well be given bare bottom.


Lasting damage

May 10 2011, 6:59 PM 

Hmmm. I was caned, for the only time in my life, very severely, in 1964. Pain was beyond description at time of delivery, but dulled to a manageable level in about two hours; all discomfort was gone in two or three days. The deep, purple welts lasted visibly for a couple of months - fading each day, with the residual light bruising finally invisible about five or six months later. Close examination - and I do mean close examination, with a magnifying glass - reveals very very faint lines of white scar tissue even today.


Cane marks

May 11 2011, 3:25 AM 

The longest period of time that cane marks lasted on my bottom was five days. It was after my first official caning at the age of twelve where I received six strokes of the cane on my buttocks for misbehaviour on the way to school. I had tramlines and light bruising. The tramlines and the bruising had faded substantially by the fifth day and the marks were feint and the bruising was a very light yellow. Slipper marks were like the marks from a spanking, I was slippered by my gym master and received six with the slipper over my underpants and my right buttock had clear marks from the sole of the slipper and that took about a day and a half to fully fade.



May 11 2011, 10:09 AM 

The amount of marking caused by a caning depended on both the size and thickness of the cane, add to of course the clothing worn and the force with which it was applied.

From my experience, heads who caned over trousers and pants tendee to leave a boys bottom marked much longer than those that did it on just pants or bare. On trousers a much thicker cane was used. This in fact tended to numb the buttocks after about three strokes. After three strokes it just marked the bottom causing extensive bruising. The pain was not felt until the feeling started to return to the buttocks. Heavt canes did not bend on impact so the full impact was on the bottom. This caused massive bruising and in many cases cut and grazed the bottom. Such canings would leave the boys bottom tender for at least two days and the bruises took over a couple of weeks to completely fade but were not tender after about the third day. On pants or bare a thinner more flexible cane was used. this bent on impact and did not bruise so much. It stung more on landing but did not numb the bottom so the full effects were felt seconds after it landed.It did leave swollen red weal lines on the bottom but these tended only to be painful for a few hours. Most boys could not feel the effect of the caning the next day and in most cases the marks had vanished within 10 days. The other point is, that if the cane was used on a boys bare bottom, it is more likely that he would not use the cane so hard as he would see the marks it left, and human nature would make him not hit with excessive force. After all the idea was to cause short sharp pain, not discomfort that lasted for days



June 17 2011, 8:35 PM 

I can vouch for the fact that marks can last a long time. I went to school in South Africa and was caned for fighting in PE swimming class wearing a Speedo. To this day, 30 years later, I have a scar on bottom righthand side of buttock where tip of cane struck

Rodney Bacon

Re: Cane Marks

June 17 2011, 11:21 PM 

No mark, but a reminder on some cold days of the cane stroke that cracked my thumb 50 years ago.


Canes can and do leave permanent marks

July 16 2011, 9:16 AM 

My partner is 46 and has a fine White scar, about 3 or 4 cm on the far right side of the lower right buttock. This, 31 years after a school caning. There are also some faint White scars across the middle of the upper buttocks and one when a stroke must have gone astray on the lower back. The only clear scars are the first one mentioned and the one on the lower back. The others are only visible with very intimate perusal. But are there nevertheless. I asked about them, and my partner mentioned that the housemaster took pleasure in splitting his canes. Other than that, the topic is not open for conversation. I fear my lover has scars that run more than skin deep from that caning.


sore by choice

April 24 2012, 11:57 AM 

The best is being beat by your teacher. I used to torment this one teacher and she would paddle me good! I would sometimes regret it at times because of how harsh it got but masterbating afterwards was the best! It made me be bad another day for sure! Lots of anticipation for the next session...

American Way

Re: Canes can and do leave permanent marks

April 5 2013, 11:00 PM 

A boy's back after looks far worse than it feels. London. 1914


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