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smacked bottom

April 20 2006 at 5:13 PM
flash harry 


I'm new to this type of forum, most people seem to be talking about caning at school but has anyone heard anyone getting or experienced themselves a good old fasioned 'smacked bottom' at school?

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Steve M

Re: smacked bottom

April 20 2006, 9:45 PM 

In my experience, this was a phrase almost purely for infants, though I did hear it once or twice as a threat in primary school.

At Grammar(boys only), threats were of slippering or the generic tanned backside or sent to the Headmaster(cane only job) if threats were made.

I'd also associate the phrase at home with parents of c. 4-8 year olds & no older.

My experience was South London then Mid-Kent, by the way, so maybe there were regional variations.

And, Harry, if you look at my post (this page) re 3rd R in Sarf London, you'll see that I've first-hand experience of what I would define as a good old fashioned smacked bottom, albeit nearly 50 years ago!

I suppose, if teachers were being literal in their threats, it should indeed've been the bottom that was smacked!



Re: smacked bottom

April 21 2006, 8:13 AM 

From the age of 10 to the age of 13 at a school in Melbourne, Australia - thought mostly at the age of 10 and 11. It was quite a common punishment at that school for boys of that age, and while they made more use of the strap when we got a little older it wasn't unheard of even at 13.

It could be a proper over the knee spanking, or just a single smack delivered with little warning while you were standing upright. The latter didn't hurt all that much but at 13 was quite embarassing, which was probably the point.


Re: smacked bottom

April 21 2006, 1:25 PM 

At my Primary School in Leeds in the early eighties, boys were often "smacked".

The first punishment I remember witnessing was in the first year of school, when the teacher Miss Plant sat on a chair in the middle of the room and several boys had to form a queue to go across her knee in front of the whole class. I don't remember what they had done but they received probably three of four smacks each with her hand across their short trousers.

A similar thing happened again later that year.

Then a couple of years later, I remember the deputy head smacking boys. This was done with him telling them to "bend over" and pushing their head down with his left hand as he smacked them hard (usually 3 times) with his right hand over their trousers.

This was a fairly regular occurence and a couple of times I saw boys get at least 6 and possibly 12 smacks.

Only once do I remember a girl being smacked. This was done by a female teacher. The girl was probably about 9 and was bent over and smacked 3 times in a similar way in front of the class.

Nostalgic Noel

Re: smacked bottom

April 21 2006, 4:04 PM 

When my old school changed over from being boys only to having girls as well, I once saw the headmaster telling off a group of girls who had been running through the corridors and had nearly knocked the old gent over. I was really intrigued, as I had never seen girls being told off before, so I went to listen and I remember very vividly him saying

'I aught to have you all lined up outside my office to have your bottoms smacked'

He didn't of course and after their brisk reprimand they all wandered away looking nervious and blushing a little in the spring sunshine.


Re: smacked bottom

April 23 2006, 5:12 PM 

Go on Brummie tell us more about Sharon Smith.


Re: smacked bottom

April 23 2006, 8:20 PM 

I’m sorry I am unable to write any more about Sharon Smith. As I wrote before, I never knew her and you wouldn’t want me to make it up, would you, even though everyone else does.


Re: smacked bottom

April 23 2006, 9:03 PM 

Who are you suggesting makes it up?


Those who make it up

April 23 2006, 9:21 PM 

Fran of Wembley; Halfpenny; Susie Dent; Emma; Club Retro Spank; William Intercourse; E Ling Broadway; The Curse of Brian; Joan Riley; Bloke who ran the now defunct Square Brackets Group and there will be more to follow when I’ve sobered up.


Re: smacked bottom

April 24 2006, 2:35 AM 

I once saw a boy get an old-fashioned smacked bottom at my UK grammar school in the 60s. The normal punishments by masters or prefects were whackings on the bottom with a plimsoll. More serious offenders were sent to the headmaster for a caning.

But one day in maths class the teacher got angry at one boy for some misbehaviour. He called him out to the front of the class. Although this master wasn't known as someone who used the slipper freely we all expected our mate to get the usual good whacking with a plimsoll. Instead, the teacher made him bend over and smacked his bottom with his hand.

No idea why. Couldn't he find a plimsoll? It seemed a bit strange. First of all a bit pathetic as we all knew a plimsoll would hurt more. And also a bit gay. Seemed wrong for a master to smacking a boy's bottom with his hand.


Re: smacked bottom

April 24 2006, 5:06 AM 

Worldwide Traveller

Get with it

April 24 2006, 8:16 AM 

You can find an account of a spanking I received from my headmaster at primary school in the 'Get with it get Witham' thread.


Smacked bottom

May 2 2006, 5:39 PM 

I first had my bottom smacked at school in the first year of junior school aged 7, for throwing a snowball at a teacher.

When I went to grammar school lines and detentions were more normal punishments or for serious offences a trip to the Headmaster'd office for the cane. There were however a few teachers who used the slipper or simply spanked with their hand in class.

I never got the slipper but those who smacked my bottom included the Engish teacher, the RE teacher and the art teacher in the 1st year, the art teacher again and the games teacher in the 2nd year and the german teacher and gym teacher in the 5th year.

If you want any more details pleae e-mail me: paulsmithfl@hotmail.com

Flash Harry

Re: Smacked bottom

May 3 2006, 4:03 PM 

What was the procedure of getting a smacked bottom at school? I mean we all know about the caning rituals but what was the procedure of a school smacking? How does it compare to the spanking films? appart from the obvious, it happening to a eight year old rather than a eighteen year old sixthform girl.

Was it from the Headmaster? was it in his office? was it over his knee? was it with pants down? how many smacks? how much did it hurt etc.?

Conquistador Jim

Re: Smacked bottom

May 3 2006, 4:55 PM 

Where in the heck is our resident bloodhound?

Lotta wants to rid the world of fantasists and constantly attacks the wrong people with no concern for the burden on the forum, yet this topic and others are crawling with fantasists and... no Lotta.

C'mon, Inspector Clueless, do your thing!


Re: Smacked bottom

May 3 2006, 7:00 PM 

The L person is in Coventry for another 3 weeks or so.

Anonymous Flash Harry

Re: Smacked bottom

May 3 2006, 7:45 PM 

Well we all know for a fact at primary school in the UK a smacked bottom from the headmaster was not uncommon so how was it done? its a reasonable question was it anything like the fantasy when stripped of the eliment of a sexy sixth forme girl?


Re: Smacked bottom

May 8 2006, 9:37 AM 

The first time was in primary school. It was the end of break and it had been snowing. We were all lined up waiting to go back inside and as the teacher was walking down the line I threw a snowball which hit him on the shoulder. He walked towards me, put his hand on the back of my neck, bent me over and smacked me once. I don't remember it being particularly painful.

At grammar school when a teacehr called a bot out to the front of the class for a couple of wallops with his hand or plimsoll it was obvious from the resounding whacks on their backsides that these were much harder than anything I'd experienced or witnessed at primary school. I soon found out for myself when the English teacher thought he'd seen me looking at another boys work. He called me out to the front of the class and told me to bend over which I did, reaching down to touch my toes. He then smacked me twice and I felt it. That was fairly typical of the normal procedure.

The last time I got smacked was in the 5th form. The gym teacher called me over to him after he had returned to the gym and caught me using some weight lifting equipment which we weren't supposed to use unsupervised. I was fuuly expecting to be told to bend over for would have been my first slippering, his normal method of punishment so I was a bit shocked when hw suudenly sat down on the end of an adjacent wooden gym horse, hauled me across his knee and smacked me 8 or 9 times with his hand. That was by far the most painful and embarrassing smacked bottom I received.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Smacked bottom

May 8 2006, 10:35 AM 

It was also the most fictional.

Flash Harry

Re: Smacked bottom

May 8 2006, 1:09 PM 

I agree that last one sounds fictional, but the other two sounded fairly authentic, didn't they? Is that the kind of 'smacked bottom' action other people experienced at school?

Was anyone ever taken in the a private office for a smacked bottom? or worse a bare smacked bottom?


Smacked bottom

May 12 2006, 3:56 PM 

In my tgime (the 1940s) pupils had their bottoms smacked (ie, hand spanked) in the junior scholl, but you got the cane or strap when you were about eleven and older.
The slipper was also in use, mainly in the gym, or for minor infractions in the classsroom.


Re: Those who make it up

May 21 2006, 8:20 PM 

I have never made anything up Brummie, so I suggest you get your facts straight before you start throughing unfounded accusations around.


Re: Those who make it up

May 21 2006, 9:04 PM 

Please accept my most humble apologies. It was a typing error. I should have written ‘Susie Dent’ and not ‘KathrynP’. I have contacted the forum administration team requesting that my offending post be edited.

Uncle nobby

Re: Smacked bottom

May 22 2006, 6:44 PM 

I think in the 40/50's primary school punishments often revolved arounds the traditional 'smacked bottom' from the Headmaster, even for girls. I think this got less so during the 60's and by the 70's girls hardly ever saw any Headmaster action, even at primary school.

Laughing Boy

Re: Smacked bottom

May 22 2006, 6:50 PM 

‘Headmaster action’ - what a wonderful phrase. I shall be laughing for weeks.


Smaked Bottom

November 7 2008, 11:29 PM 

I was only aware of being spanked in the grammar school, Grades K-8. Had one incident in upper grades but that was not school sanctioned.


Smacked Bottom

May 14 2009, 1:05 AM 

Three teachers at my Secondary school did it.

One teacher would bend boys over and deliver one very hard smack for not having your top button fastened. A woodwork teacher used the same technique for doing anything wrong in his lesson. This was used on boys aged 11 - 16. Never experienced this personally.

A History teacher bent first year boys over the front desk for smacked bottoms usually consisting of four to six not-very-hard smacks. I had quite a few of these. On one eye-watering occasion though he smacked me sixteen times and he did it hard. One more and I would have been crying!


smacked bottom

May 14 2009, 9:16 AM 

Being bent over the front desk or your own desk for a well smacked bottom or upper thighs was a very common punishment in both primary and secondary school (girls only) but only by a female teacher of course.

Over the course of my schooling I reckon I received more smacks across my bottom and legs than most people have had hot dinners. But strangely enough was never slippered.

I think I held the record at my school for the most smacks during one session. 6 across the bottom and 4 across each leg from the gym mistress after skylarking around despite at least two warnings. I suppose it was well deserved but a bit severe.


smacked bottom

May 14 2009, 12:16 PM 

I think I can beat your record Emily. I once received 8 across the bottom plus 4 across the back of each leg very high up from the dormitory mistress.
Smacked bottoms and legs were quite common but mostly in private. Some teachers smacked in front of the class and those who did usually had the best behaved classes. The various gym mistresses I had over the years were also keen on this type of correction and most overdid it in my opinion.


Bottoms smacked by gym teacher

May 26 2009, 11:08 PM 

We had a teacher who favoured this method . I went to a small private school up till end of the 90`s . Corporal punishment was still allowed .
Boys could be called into the middle of the gym room and smacked on the bare bottom with his hand .
I can say that it really hurt and somehow it seemed just as dramatic as the
slipper or cane as it was his hand on our bare bottoms .


smacked bottom

October 2 2009, 4:49 PM 

hello everyone,the primary school i attended in the 70 s in australia the teachers where quite happy to give you a smack on the bum,from a single smack while standing to over the knee for a decent spanking,i was a fairly quiet,well behaved kid,but didn't mind being spanked,recieved a smack from most teachers in the school at one stage or another

rodney bacon

smacked bottom

October 3 2009, 12:18 PM 

I shared a flat whilst at college with a girl who had attended a large mixed comp in the Kirklees local authority area. The deputy head handled most disciplinary matters, and whilst he caned boys on the bottom, he would slap girls bottoms over their skirt. "Sue" received such punishment when she was 14 (in 1970)having been reported for classroom misbehaviour. She received 2 slaps whilst bent over a table, and said that it made her eyes water.

The deputy head had daughters at the school who were not exempt from such punishment.


American Way

Re: smacked bottom

October 3 2009, 3:39 PM 

Spanking? I've mentioned this before but I think this is as good time as any to flesh it out. Oddly enough (not one boy) but 12 years of Catholic education with the Sisters of No Mercy and other than a girl getting hit on the palm of the hand (double standard)there was no other incident in third grade when a girl (mentioned before) was spanked over the knee in front of the class. The sister was very old (not seemingly old) but judging by her obituary she was at least 80 when she had us. Her mother who I recently talked with said she would have taken her side but when you're growing up you think your parents will kill you.

On a lighter note I had great olfactory glands and could detect the industrial strength soap (I'm sure they were allowed only one shower a week) so I was the lookout although I sat far from the door and would always shhh to hush the class.

The mother didn't ask me what she did because maybe because she knew her daughter was always getting in trouble but too bade for her she was caught committing the ultimate sin of running back to her desk. I can't remember how many times (maybe a half dozen spanks) but the Sister stopped when she owww loudly. It was impossible for her to get back to her seat in time but when she did she cried and never did that again. I was angry with the Sister because I thought only a mother should do that and if anything like that happened to ours we would have yanked her out of school in a New York secind but that is now and then was then!!!

American Way

Re: smacked bottom

October 4 2009, 6:48 PM 

The mother didn't ask me what she did because maybe because she knew her daughter was always getting in trouble but too bad for her she was caught committing the ultimate sin of running back to her desk.

What a coincidence I ran into her mother today. She said she called her daughter and she remembered and thought it was nice of me too feel for her. They did not change schools because of that but moved. She said she is not sure whether she would have punished her again because that's how it was back then but it was the first she heard of it. I said it must have embarrassed her more than it hurt and mentioned the third grade teacher. She said no it hurt.

She may visit for a short period of time and dropping by to see me may not be a priority. We weren't close. She told her mother she would like to see me. It might just be a good intention.


Re: smacked bottom

October 5 2009, 9:55 AM 

A smacked bottom was quite common at junior school in the 1960s, One male teacher used to regularly spank boys, he would bend them over and administer about six smacks. I never got this but a female teacher would often give out one smackers which were not at all painful, and not really embarrassing as it happened quite often. I don't think most of these smacks were intended as punishment, I think she just enjoyed doing it. Girls sometimes got these smacks.

One odd incident happened at grammar school. On a school trip a boy was misbehaving on a bus and the teacher put him over his kneee and spanked him quite severely. This boy was about 13 and it did seem a bit odd at the time. The boy was hugely embarrassed about it.

Another incident at junior school was a teacher ( female ) who dished out leg slaps to both boys and girls. This involved pulling up your short trousers or skirt and slapping your thigh. One boy, aged about 10 was wearing long trousers and could not be given a proper leg slap, so she bent him over and gave him a good spanking .

Naughty Robert

Smacked Bottom by default

November 20 2009, 1:45 AM 

I went to a mixed secondary school in kent 73-78, I was about 13 yrs old and was use to being slippered and caned at home and school, I had already been told off by my English mistress (miss p)for not handing in my homework,within 10 mins of that telling off, she order to go to a near by office (not her office)for talking in class,I got told off again, unable to find a cane in the office, miss p ask "do you have your gym shoes with you" no miss! I reply, "I will have to smack your bottom" miss p said and order me to bend over the back of the chair, her big hard hand lands on the middle of my bottom,SMACK 5 or 6 times I stand up crying and holding my bum.I could still see the inprint of her hand on my bottom at bedtime. I think I am the only person in the school to have had a Smacked bottom, boys and girls were only ever cane or slippered.



I was given a 'smacked bottom'

December 3 2009, 7:29 PM 

I was given a smacked bottom by a History teacher when I was in my first year at Secondary school.

I had been messing around on the corridor at break time and the teacher came out of his room and took hold of me by the upper arm and led me into his classroom. He took me to the second desk in the aisle just inside the door,(an old-fashioned desk with an ink well), then put his hand on the back of my neck and bent me over the desk. After this, he lifted up the tail of my blazer and began to smack my bottom quite firmly. I counted the smacks in my head and to begin with it didn't hurt too much but either he started to smack my bottom harder or the pain level just built up. He smacked me sixteen times altogether and the last three or four were especially painful. I had a very sore hot bottom by the time he'd finished and was quite close to tears. I was relieved, however,that he hadn't slippered my bottom as that really would have led to tears!

Scotty the Occasional Poster

The build up effect

December 3 2009, 7:50 PM 

The previous post mentions how painful 16 sharp smacks were on his bottom even when (I imagine) 12-13 years old.

I recall reading an account (the name escapes me but it was c19 and the boys later became a Governor of India) of how he was spanked at school by a master and how a good spanking really began to sting after 12-20 spanks and his record was 42 spanks in one punishment.

Although I was spanked as a boy, I have no actual memory of it so cannot comment but it does sound plausible and is similar also to the birch in that the first stroke did not hurt but the pain very rapidly built up intensity.



smacked by private tutor

December 24 2009, 2:50 PM 

When I was 12 to 14 years old I had a private tutor to help me with maths. The lady was a former teacher who had given up her job after she got married. My parents gave her the permission to punish me corporally and she did. I remember her smacking my bottom on several occasions, usually over clothing ,but also once on my bare behind after I had been extremely rude. This was in the early 1980s when corporal punishment was still "fashionable" at home and in school in Britain.


Our Long-Drawn-Out School Punishments

May 9 2012, 10:01 PM 

At our school, they never used to smack. Our teachers had no sense of humour and they thought nobody else did either. They hated comedy shows so they thought we'd all hate them too. If you were naughty, they'd sentence you to half an hour of Laurel and Hardy or two episodes of "Red Dwarf" or the infamous six of the best (ie six episodes of "Rising Damp"). I must admit, though it's strange to admit it, I rather enjoyed being punished at school.

One time I turned the music teacher's breathometer right up to "Particularly Nasty" (he usually had it just on "Mouldy Coffee" or, for special visitors, Scent O' Roses). Of course, he started breathing out all this foul breath and everyone was choking. When they caught me standing there sniggering, they were even cross about it and absolutely cross and they said I'd been even terrible and absolutely, well, you know - terrible!

I was sentenced to nine hours of "Father Ted" for that and the headmaster sat there gloating when he saw my tears. He didn't realise they were tears of laughter! He was going on about how I should take it like a man and he's had to watch hours and hours of Harold Lloyd and Will Hay as a child and he'd never cried and it'd made a man out of him. That made me cry even more - I absolutely, well, you know - LOVED it!

It's unbelievable, isn't it?


Edit: vulgarity removed

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