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schoolgirl slipperings and the like

April 26 2006 at 10:13 PM

My thoughts on the issue of girls receiving corporal punishment in state schools, prior to abolition, always leaned towards an opinion that it hardly ever happened, if indeed, at all. I'm sure you can all appreciate my feelings when I tell yout that at every school I attended, from junior to secondary, girls were never subject to copporal punishment at all, whilst boys were. Neither did I know of any girls slippered or caned at other schools during the period of my childhood. Quite often I can recall girls who lived in my neighbourhood saying, "Girls don't get the cane!" most gleefully, on my raising of the subject

My thoughts on the subject remained unchanged even when I got to hear about one ot two incidents in my later teens. For example, two of my ex-girlfriends were caned on their hands at sixteen, and a work colleague told me that his daughter was caned on the hand during the late 1970's, also at sixteen. I could only imagine that these three incidents were very rare, despite my learning about all the famous incidents soon after that time. I also thought that any rare occasions that did arise, resulting in a girl being caned or slippered at school, must surely involve a female member of staff carrying it out. Wrong! The above three incidents were all carried out by male staff.

However, my thoughts were very much changed even further with the advent of Friends Reunited. Once I saw the hundreds upon hundreds of postings on the site, where ex-female pupils mentioned receiving corporal punishment, I could hardly believe what I was reading. What struck me most was the sheer volume of girls slippered on the bottom by male staff. I'm still stunned by this today. Never in my wildest moments would I have imagined this happening. Furthermore, the amount of teachers that actually marked a chalked cross on the slipper so it landed on the girl's skirt or trousers is also astounding. In fact, I found a post recently where a girl said she was slippered five strokes across the bottom from a male teacher, and his slipper bore the words, 'Kiss My Arse' on it's sole. Well! I think this was during the 1980s and the girl actually named the teacher.

Can we only assume that what is on Friends Reunited is the tip of an ice-burg that was far bigger than most of us wouild have imasgined???!!!!

In addition to this, there are also qiute a large number of posts on Friends Reunited where girls were caned on the hand by men. However, despite the huge number of girls who got their bottoms slippered by men, and the smaller number who were caned on the hands, there is so far not one single post on where a girl is caned on the bottom by a male. I find that odd when so many had their bottoms slippered.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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Re schiilgirl slipperings and the like

April 27 2006, 1:06 AM 


Although it is quite true that at some schools, girls could and indeed did get the slipper and the cane, some of the references to it on Friends Reunited can be misleading.

The problem is that you have to be a paid-up member to post a message, and a lot of men use their wife/partner’s membership to post messages, rather than pay another £7:50. Some put their name at the bottom of the message, but a lot don’t, giving the impression that it is a girl who was punished.

As for the lack of messages regarding girls being caned on the bottom by male teachers it just didn’t happen. Of the three women I have met over the years who have admitted to being caned at school, in every case it was on the hand by a female teacher.

My only experience of girls being punished by a male teacher was at primary school, where they would very occasional get a smack on the hand with a wooden ruler.



Re: Re schiilgirl slipperings and the like

April 27 2006, 7:05 PM 

The writer and the whole mixed class in my N london school all got the slipper one day.
I therefore saw about 16, 14 year old girls get the slipper from a male teacher.
Lotta, who was not there said I did not see it.
But I did!
Whats so amazing about it?
Lots of reports in FR and lots of female aquaintances of mine admit to it! are we all imagining it?


Re: Re schoolgirl slipperings and the like

April 28 2006, 2:18 AM 

No MiMi, I’m sure you didn’t imagine it. As I said, at some schools, girls were caned and slippered and in some cases by male teachers.

Regarding girls being caned by male teachers, it no doubt did happen, However the vast majority of canings given to girls by teachers, male or female, were on the hands and there are few, if any, genuine references to girls being caned on the bottom by either sex on Friends Reunited.

As for the slipper, the majority of these punishments would have been given across a fully clothed behind, although there are a few references on FR to the slipper being given on the hand. Also at secondary schools, the slipper appears to have been the preserve of male, rather than female teachers. So in these schools where girls were given the slipper, it would probably not have been that uncommon for them to have be punished by a man.




April 28 2006, 8:46 AM 

I wonder why it was thought ok to give girls the slipper.

It seems it mostly in England and Wales.

In Scotland it was the belt for both sexes and of course the States use(d) the paddle


Re: Girls

April 28 2006, 12:38 PM 

You have got it in a nutshell Mike!
At the risk of incuring Lottas debunking, I would confirm that the majority of girls wore tight skirts ( it was the fashion) and it was applied to the seat of the skirt, hands on knees.
However pleated skirts tended to be raised ( or if short raise themselves) and the slipper would be on their underwear.


Re: Girls

April 28 2006, 4:52 PM 


Let's just get clear what you're saying:

Of the group of girls you saw slippered in a mixed class some of them had to lift up their skirts? And presumably some didn't??


Re: Girls

April 28 2006, 6:38 PM 

In this incident the skirts were all rather short and the effect of bending over mean't that those girls with tight skirts got it on their skirts. The act of bending over for those few with pleated skirts revealed their underwear (just).It was all done rather fast due to the numbers involved.
In other incidents where a single girl got the slipper and was wearing a pleated skirt the skirt was raised. Mainly perhaps to add to the drama? who knows.?
Lotta don't bother commenting!


schoolgirl sliperings and the like

April 28 2006, 8:46 PM 


It's Paul, who started this thread about girls being slippered in school.

Sorry, Mike, but I don't subscribe to your theory that men use their wives/partners' membership at all. If so, it could easily work the other way round too with wives using the husbands.' I can say that of every post I have found on FR, not once have I come across a message without a female name

The only near thing I found was one lady who wrote on behalf of another guy and that was not corporal punishment related.

Best wishes,



GeorgieC writing

April 28 2006, 9:07 PM 

Hi, GeorgieC,

It's Paul. Did you not at one stage write some rather excellent fiction on the schoolgirl CP theme? Pretty good stuff!

(see my thread seeking 'School CP Writers!')



schoolgirl whacking

April 28 2006, 10:16 PM 

I attended a mixed grammar school in lancs in the seventies.

Boys were caned on the trouser seat by the head but only for serious offences. I would estimate that less than 10 per cent of boys were ever caned. The slipper was more frequently used, mainly in PE or games but also sometimes by teachers in class.

Girls were theoretically eligible for the cane administered on the hand by the senior mistress but I can think of no instances of this in the seven years I was there.

In those days girls tended to be more gentile than they are these days... ie they didnt fight or smoke or do many of the things which might get boys the cane.

Hope this is of interest ....


Re schoolgirl sliperings and the like

April 29 2006, 12:41 AM 


I was not for one minute saying that the majority of references to girls getting the slipper were posted by men using their wife/partners membership. However in addition to ones where they have added their name, I have found some were the entry is under a girl’s name, but the school’s name, pupil list or school photos confirm that it was an all boys’ school. In other cases a look at the girls profile indicates that she attended two or more schools at the same time and that the circumstances in the post tend to indicate the fact that it was a boy who was involved.



Re: Girls

April 29 2006, 7:39 AM 

"In other incidents where a single girl got the slipper and was wearing a pleated skirt the skirt was raised. Mainly perhaps to add to the drama?"

Mimi ma cherie, you leave us in suspenders!

So this girl's derriere was slippered by madame teacher, oui? Et pourquoi? Tell us the particulars!

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Re schoolgirl sliperings and the like

April 29 2006, 9:44 AM 

At my school, a male teacher once made the entire class of 15 year-old boys and girls strip stark naked before slippering them.

During this mass slippering, he would occasionally suspend his punitive efforts and make mad passionate love to the person bending over before him, regardless of their gender.

Needless to say, I escaped through an open window before it was my turn.

Could I have attended the same school as mimi?

Could mimi have been the boy who queued up twice ?

We'll never know.


Re: Re schoolgirl sliperings and the like

April 29 2006, 10:44 AM 

Cherie Jacque, these slipperings happened over 35 years ago, I cannot remember details of exact cases other than the whole class slipperings.
What I can say is that any type of missbehaviour could result in the slipper, boys and girls alike.
For instance a boy once got sent to the Headmaster for 3 strokes of the cane on the bottom for merely dropping a pencil.
Unbelievable in this day and age but true then.
Lotta, the boys including moi were slippered first, much to the horror of the waiting girls. I had the dubious pleasure ( with the rest of the eager lads) of watching the girls get it, a ringside seat.
But I am not replying to you as I have sent you to Coventry.


Re: GeorgieC writing

April 29 2006, 9:29 PM 

Hi Paul

Yes - c'est moi. At least,I did write some fiction - the quality is for others to judge.

Anonymous Dave

Re: schoolgirl whacking

May 2 2006, 3:01 PM 

James wrote "In those days girls tended to be more gentile than they are these days... ie they didnt fight or smoke or do many of the things which might get boys the cane."

Now that girls are less gentile (so presumably more jewish) are they getting the cane more often?

This message has been edited by larry1951 on May 2, 2006 3:06 PM


Re: Re schoolgirl sliperings and the like

May 12 2006, 8:00 AM 

In 1966 I remember the whole class getting the slipper for generally missbehaving while the teacher was absent.
On HIS return we were all sent out of class.
The boys lined up to the left of the door, the boys to the right.
Boys first, we went in one at a time and bent for a whack.
Then when all the boys were seated it was the boys turn to watch with amusement as the girls came in one by one and bent over for a whack.
A lot of the girls were really terrified and were crying even befor they were slippered.
A great true memory of a N London sec mod class whacking.
Some girls had very short skirts and the slipper got them on the base of their bottom, ie bare!

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Re schoolgirl sliperings and the like

May 12 2006, 8:26 AM 

And the name of this North London school is . . . ?

And the name of the teacher is . . . ?

I should point out that if the above story is a fantasy, Jack might be held to be guilty of libel - not against the now-probably-dead teacher but against the Education Authority that permitted such happenings.

So, may we have the names?

The real jack

Re: Re schoolgirl sliperings and the like

May 12 2006, 2:55 PM 

I did not write this on May 12th! it was copied from an earlier post? by Lotta perhaps?
As for saying where, with the lack of security on this site!don't be silly!

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