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Use of Stinging Nettles for School Corporal Punishment

August 15 2006 at 5:01 PM

I have recently read an article on the net about the use of stinging nettles in an S&M context.

This has made me think about the possibility of the use of nettles as a form of school corporal punishment. From what I have read, I think they could be the perfect method of corporal punishment for children and adolescents. There are many advantages that the use of nettles would have over the more traditional forms of punishment such as caning/paddling/slippering etc, and also many of the disadvantages are avoided. I will look as these later in this post. First, let me describe how nettles would be used as a method of punishment.

Like other forms of punishment, the nettles can be applied to the skin of the buttocks and upper thighs. They can also be applied quite safely to the immediately neighbouring and more sensitive areas without any risk of injury or damage. The buttocks must obviously be naked for the punishment to be effective. The child or adolescent to be punished would be made to bend over and lower trousers and underpants (boys) or lift skirt and lower knickers (girls) to fully display his or her bottom, whilst an appointed staff member (of the same gender for obvious reasons) would apply several freshly pulled stems or sprigs of stinging nettles all over the exposed region. The most effective method of application is simply to brush the nettle sprigs over the skin so that the stinging parts of the leaves (being the serrated edges) brush over the skin. The punished child should have their feet (or knees if in a kneeling position) well spread to allow the nettles full access to every part of the bottom. The effect of nettles is first to create a stinging sensation, but this gradually develops within an hour or so into an extremely intense fiery tingling burning and throbbing, which can last for up to 24 hours. This period is the most intense and effective part of the punishment, and a child or adolescent so punished would find it nearly impossible to either sit, or stand still during this time, or to think about anything else other than the burning tingling throbbing sensation in his or her buttocks and adjacent parts. After this intense period has faded, the skin will feel slightly sensitive and sore for a few days, after which it will be completely back to normal again.

This method of punishment would have all of the advantages of more traditional forms of punishment, and would also avoid the disadvantages for the following reasons:-

1. It creates a similar (or even greater) intensity and type of sensation in the child’s buttocks as does traditional caning/slippering/paddling or birching, but avoids the injury, bruising and tissue damage that these other methods that involve beating invariably cause. In fact, “nettling”, as we shall call it, is completely harmless and causes virtually no physical injury or tissue damage whatsoever. The natural chemicals in nettles which cause the stinging are completely safe and harmless, and remain localised to the area of skin to which they are applied. Although the initial pain of the nettle stings is not as intense as a cane or paddle blow, the intensity and duration of the aftermath of a severe nettling is much longer lasting, with a burning throbbing and tingling sensation in the affected area which is virtually unbearable for several hours, but then fades completely, leaving absolutely no tissue damage or internal scar tissue, as can be the case with caning or paddling.

2. As nettling does not involve hitting or blows of any kind, but the simple brushing of nettles against the skin, the anti-corporal punishment do gooders would be silenced. The “never hit a child” campaign would have to rethink their name. As nettling is totally safe, and causes no physical injury or tissue damage at all, it would be far more difficult for the anti-punishment people to oppose on those grounds, as they oppose beating forms of punishment.

3. As with beating forms of punishment, the severity of a “nettling” can be varied to suit the offence for which the child/adolescent is being punished. This is simply achieved by increasing or decreasing the time of the actual nettling, and the number of nettle sprigs used. A sprig of nettles will lose some of it’s effectiveness after being brushed against the skin for about 20 seconds, as the stings are used up. “Nettlings” could therefore be classified by the number of sprigs/stems used, similar to how the number “strokes” used in conventional corporal punishment determines the severity. A mild nettling may therefore use say, 3 sprigs/stems and take one minute, whereas a severe one might use 15 sprigs/stems, and take five minutes to administer, with 20 seconds of brushing with each sprig of nettle leaves before it is discarded.

4. As nettlings have to be applied bare bottom, the avoidance techniques used by schoolchildren to lessen the effect of traditional forms of punishment (e.g. extra padding underneath pants/knickers) would not be possible. However, I would add the following note of caution. There is, in fact, an natural antidote to the effect of stinging nettles, which considerably counteracts and lessens the intensity of the burning/throbbing and tingling. That natural antidote is urine. Therefore, if “nettling” became established as a method of corporal punishment in schools, and this antidote becomes generally known amongst children/adolescents, which inevitably it will, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out what will happen. Very soon all schoolchildren/adolescents/teenagers, (especially girls), will soon discover that by discreetly wetting their knickers after a severe “nettling“, they can lessen the burning, throbbing and tingling in their bottoms. Girls would be at a distinct advantage over boys in this respect for the following two reasons:

(i) When a girl wets herself, the urine naturally tends to spread from the gusset of her knickers rearwards to the seat area, providing soothing exactly where the girl needs it. This is not the case for boys.

(ii) It is much easier for a girl to wet herself discreetly, where the school uniform requires a skirt or dress, so that the wet area of her knickers will not normally directly contact her outer clothing and therefore show a visible wet patch. Again, for boys wearing trousers, this will not be the case.

Therefore, school authorities would need to have policies in place, with particular attention to girls, to prevent such avoidance tricks

However, this is a small problem which could easily be resolved with suitable deterrents. I would recommend that any girl (or boy) found with wet knickers or pants within 24 hours of being nettled would have their nettling repeated with double the dose the next day.

So, what do you think?

Out of interest, does anyone know of nettles being used for school/institutional punishment in history?

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A further point

August 15 2006, 5:13 PM 

I must just add a point about what I mean by child/adolescent etc. in respect of the ages for which nettling punishment in schools would be appropriate. As far as I am concerned, it is suitable for all children of UK secondary school age and above, that is both boys and girls in the age range from 11 up to 18. Obviously the severity should increase proportionally with the age of the child. Therefore, for a sixteen year old, say, a 5 minute, 15 sprig nettling would be appropriate, with this severity decreased or increased for adolescents/teens below or above that age accordingly.

Wembley Man

Re: A further point

August 15 2006, 5:38 PM 

I’m very much in favour of this, but getting fresh nettles would be a problem. Schools are unable to grow their own nowadays, having sold off every last bit of land to the likes of Burger King and Spud-U-Like.

Therefore, as an alternative to ‘nettling’, I suggest ‘sandpapering’.


Bob T

Re: A further point

August 15 2006, 5:55 PM 

This just proves there are more horses asses in this world than there are horses.

Steve M

Re: A further point

August 15 2006, 6:00 PM 

There was a reference in Under Milk Wood to rhubarb sticks being used.

Having had the fortune to use one on a compliant 16 yr old(and I was 16,then,too!!), it was "enjoyed" by sticker & stickee!

Nettles would need a serious supply of garden gloves,fairly heavy duty ones too, to the nettler. This might be a cost factor-the other is the destruction of a VERY significant source of food for butterflies. That might surprise you from a man with 12 cats,but the more that breed in my garden, the more the cats get just bored with the plethora of easy kills & let sunning butterflies sun.

I'd have to say there would also be a case for using the nettle to beat the victim-after all, if the stem is thick enough to simulate a cane, the merest contact with those leaves would be sufficient stingies for most miscreants.

Whatever, it would bring a new meaning to getting nettled!

Lotta Nonsense

Re: A further point

August 15 2006, 6:19 PM 

Disciplinarian, please get therapy!


Ants in their Pants

August 16 2006, 4:02 PM 

What an excellent idea Disciplinarian. As an alternative we should also explore the use of ants. Certain species of ants can deliver a sting that is quite painful. If the headmaster or headmistress of the school kept a suitable supply of stinging ants in an ant farm in his or her study they could be used in a similar way to the nettles.

The miscreant would be required to lower their trousers and underpants in the case of boys, lift up their skirts and lower their knickers in the case of girls, and then bend over a chair or desk. The head teacher would then place a number of stinging ants appropriate to the punishment on the bare bottom of the pupil. Ten ants might be suitable for a minor offence such as talking back to a teacher. Forty ants could be used for more serious offences such as smoking dope or cheating on an exam. The head teacher would use tweezers to pick the ants out of the ant farm and spread them evenly over the bare bottom.

Once all the stinging ants are in position, the pupil would be required to pull up their knickers or pants therby trapping the ants inside their pants and then return to class.


Ants in their pants

August 16 2006, 6:17 PM 

An interesting idea Dave, but I think that certainly in the UK anyway, the availability and, if necessary the cultivation, of nettles would be more practical for schools to administer. Most schools have some areas of free land, e.g. around the borders of the playing fields, and around the school campus itself which would easily be sufficient area to maintain a plentiful supply. A heated greenhouse may, however, be required to maintain the supply though the winter months.


Bob T

Re: Ants in their pants

August 16 2006, 7:40 PM 

Finally, a solution to the discipline problem in schools! Just look what can be accomplished when people of your ilk put their heads together. I reccomend this ant >  . Of course you wouldn't want any of them getting loose. 


more nettling

September 23 2006, 2:33 AM 

I agree with the use of nettles on both schoolboys and girls of all ages 11 - 16. A slight change to your method would be to make the pupils change into gym kit i.e tight fitting pants and shorts for the boys and p.e knickers for the girls. What you do is put the nettles down the back and front of there pants and make them keep them in for a set amout of time i.e 5 - 15 mins. You make them walk of run or do other excercise till the pain builds up beyond belive. then you pull the nettles out.

I can asure you this is a very painfull punishment and very affective.


Steve M

Re: more nettling

September 23 2006, 1:41 PM 

Just a thought, but are there any species of ants known for their nettle-harvesting tendencies?

We could then combine the "best" of both worlds. Might also save a heap of money re juvenile offenders-all the probation officers could start as nettle harvesters or ant trainers,too.

After use, the nettles could also be boiled down to provide excellent soup for Jamie Oliver's new school dinners!

Isn't it wonderful how we think outside the box on here?


Bob T

Re: more nettling

September 23 2006, 5:20 PM 

I suggest we do a full round of testing first. I'm sure Steve, nettles, and Disciplinarian will be happy to volunteer. We can start with some Fire Ants and work our way up to the Bullet Ants.


Stinging nettles

September 24 2006, 9:54 AM 

A good idea of punishing without the hassle of caning or spanking!!

But I have a few doubts:

1. How does one ensure that there's no bleeding?
2. Can nettling cause damage if applied to testicles for boys/vagina for girls?

I am sure that the knowledgeable Mr. Disciplinarian will have a answer to these questions!



This subject...

April 28 2008, 11:31 PM 

Well, I must admit, I had never heard of "nettles punishment" until I read this. But then, being American, I suppose that's not too surprising...

I know that in the Victorian era, as a way to prevent masturbation & "impure thoughts" in boys, it was a practice to fit a locking cage-like device with barbs inside over around the genitals (such "chastity" appliances are employed in the BDSM scene today) but the notion of something like "nettles" I find curious; and, yes, kinky... And unduly sadistic, likely harmful, and most probably illegal...

Indulge me to aver here the way used to tame & discipline boys at the school I attended as a youth as an alternative in this regard, as it worked amazingly well:
Simply, you'd be made to spend several days going in a pair of inordinately brief & snug short pants-- during which time you were subject to (often) having your naked thighs whacked with a ruler (whenever a teacher deemed you'd "earned" it). The pain of being swatted on one's inner-thighs is quite more "impressive" than even a bare-bottom spanking; likewise, the humiliation of being exhibited so barelegged total. It was a dreaded punishment only more awful to endure, which is why it "worked" so well as a deterrent to bad behavior & to instilling good...

Anyway, thanks for your interest...




April 29 2008, 11:17 AM 

Flagellation upon the bare posterior is very theraputic and was practised in medieval times by religious penitants without pants.
nowadays it can be indulged in by health crazy women if desired as a tonic and invigorating toner.!
i would be glad to offer an introductory course at £15 a lesson.
Tight lycra bottoms are not advised as afterwards sitting will be extremly painful.
the nettles (stingius bumus)are organically grown in woods around the land and near fairy groves.
a big bunch is required for the fatter arse.
it has the merits of being a particularly quiet form of flagellation avoiding the loud cracks and yells of a bull whip that so alarm pikknikers and local livestock.
all that is heard is the rustle and swish swish swish sound.
after 10 minutes of the nettle cure a state of nirvana is achieved or ought to be
the arse comes over in a red tingling glow and exitation may result.
however it can be a bit sore sitting all the way back on the 408 from Banstead Woods.
mandatory chatting about your experince with the girls later is reccomended.
please ignore any sour comments like "'e did wot?filthy perv"
they are most probably just jealous


Re: Use of Stinging Nettles for School Corporal Punishment

April 30 2008, 9:08 AM 

Brilliant Bozo.

Thanks for the cheer up this morning.



June 8 2012, 10:27 PM 

Nettles are perfect for discipline!! A guy who deals with me on a regular basis loves to have a fresh bundle of nettles ready (when available) to rub my back with - man does that hurt! But it's perfect - you can have your bare back punished without the risks involved with whipping and hardly any marks either - all gone the next day. So I highly recommend the method.



November 15 2017, 10:03 AM 

i didn't got nettling at school but at home i some times got flogging by nettle on my bare bottom it was very "memorable"



November 27 2017, 11:22 AM 

Are you got a nettling? [i really got} Wright my about it/

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