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August 28 2006 at 1:11 PM
Red Riding Hood 

Too bad the video quality is'nt so good, but I like it anyway

I'm suprised at is how few spanking movie clips there are on youtube

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Barry Norman

Re: Youtube spanking vids

August 28 2006, 3:17 PM 

What a shame that some stupid sod had to go and ruin the original film by adding his own amateur special effects.

There are quite a number of spanking films on you tube.com, but many of them are just silly kids pissing about. Here is one of the better ones -


p.s.You are very clever to get the video to play directly from this site.

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Youtube spanking vids

August 28 2006, 3:25 PM 

I quite liked it it's arty lol, the music adds something too.

The original has a classic momment when the Head sees the girls smoking, swivels slightly, camply drops a hip and shakes his head disapprovingly... what a guy!

Barry Norman

Youtube and Dailymotion

August 28 2006, 3:48 PM 

I have just realised that you need to be logged in to view the video I recommended above. It is well worth it, however, to sign up with youtube.com as you will have access to the more interesting stuff.

In the meantime, here is a girl being spanked in green knickers at daily motion.com.

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Youtube and Dailymotion

August 28 2006, 6:04 PM 

Just in case you can't be bothered signing up...

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Youtube and Dailymotion

August 28 2006, 6:35 PM 

Another spanking music vid

<div><br />Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name<br />Uploaded by auntyagony</div>

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Youtube and Dailymotion

August 28 2006, 6:50 PM 

The girl in the demoted to fourth video backs up the point that unfortunatly most spanking film models look like they've already had a blood good spanking with the ugly stick!
However there are some serious exceptions to this mysogonistic rule, one of the most beautiful models would have to be Rosaleen Young (what happened to her?) another being Sarah Collins who is not bad looking, another is the deligtfull Pandora Blake who is posh totty at it's best.

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Youtube and Dailymotion

August 28 2006, 6:56 PM 

Bet You're gay!

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Youtube and Dailymotion

August 28 2006, 7:56 PM 

The School Corporal punishment site now has it's own mascot in the guise of a spanking vampire known as Count Spankula!

This is you're hero guys

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Youtube and Dailymotion

August 28 2006, 8:05 PM 

Count Spankula will be after me for that grammatical error, never mind!

But this is definatly your hero guys so go forth and place him besides your other hero's George the Headmaster and Lotta and Fran the men-women and wearers of green underwear. Revere this spanker of bottoms, this bastion of the spanko lifestyle!


Bob T

Where is Rosaleen?

August 28 2006, 9:37 PM 

Rosaleen used her bottom to pay her way through school. She has now graduated and returned to Australia. She is officially retired. She is an extremely bright girl and I doubt she will ever return to the biz. 

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Where is Rosaleen?

August 28 2006, 9:56 PM 

Year you could tell she was an academic she had a real intelligent but sexy look about her, unfortunately most of the girls prepared to take a walloping are a big dog-eared looking. Roealeen is an absolute angel.
I didn't realise she was Australian though, I suppose I've never actually heard here speak, sound down to avoid detection from Ma and Pa in the next room!

I read something witch alarmed me though, something about her retiring due to poor health! I guess maybe she was ashamed of her spanking roles and wanted to just disappear but I hope she is in good health and did just use her movies to get though college, that at least means she benefited from the experience and can go on to have a better life because of it!

It's not very male of me but I have to admit I worry about these girls, obviously I'm not worrying whilst I'm wanking like a caged baboon over their photos and movies but afterwards I get a real case of guilt and find myself wondering about them, lets face it why would any normal well adjusted, well educated girl go into the sleazy world of spanking modelling?

Brian 4

Re: Where is Rosaleen?

August 28 2006, 10:10 PM 

Thank you for all your work today, Spanking red riding hood. You have given me a bloody good laugh!

Copyright Brian4CagedBaboonPosts

S. Hampshire

Re: Where is Rosaleen?

August 29 2006, 7:47 PM 

The Academic Rosaleen, together with somebody’s mother and a chap calling himself ‘Earl Grey’, appears in a ludicrous scene at -



Bob T

Re: Where is Rosaleen?

August 29 2006, 8:55 PM 

Rosaleen was quite the drama queen. Wasn't she? Still, very pretty and perfect bottom.

Spanking red riding hood

Re: Where is Rosaleen?

August 29 2006, 9:52 PM 

Haha... Earl Gay more like! lol

Rosaleen is a drama queen of the finest quality, I bet she regreted agreeing to some of the spankings, caning and belt whuppings she got the day after when she would be sat on some hard bench in a lecture theatre lol

Worldwide Traveller

The old regime

October 1 2006, 12:38 PM 


SG disciplined

October 2 2006, 6:36 AM 

Not Very Anonymous

My Contributation

October 4 2006, 2:44 PM 

Spanking Red Riding Hood

Re: My Contributation

October 6 2006, 10:29 AM 

Lotta states that male teachers never caned girls!

Well check this out Lotta, bad quality but never mind.

Edward Longwanks

Re: My Contributation

October 6 2006, 5:09 PM 

Good points Mr Hood, This clip proves that M/F corporal punishment was practiced in many British schools, or at least ones govened by Oswald Moseley lookalikes. But we all knew that anyway, Hopefully this will shut up Lotta once and for all!

Goggle Box

Re: My Contributation

October 7 2006, 6:37 PM 

The man seen at the start of the clip is Richard Dimbleby, father of David and Jonathan. He was famed for his television commentaries on state occasions and in hushed, reverential tones would describe events to millions of adoring subjects in this fashion:

‘And now from the north end of the Mall we see the coach of burnished gold emerging into the sunlight and very soon Her Majesty, looking radiant in a salmon-pink silk dress, emblazoned with emeralds, and bestowed upon Her Majesty by Queen Mary on the occasion of her eighteenth birthday when as Princess Elizabeth…’ (continues droning in the same vein for another two hours)

**** face

Re: My Contributation

October 8 2006, 1:13 PM 

It does state that the Headmaster featured in the clip 'canes both boys and girls' how does Lotta cope with that? we all know she thinks no such thing ever happened outside of never never land!!


The Magdalene Sisters

October 9 2006, 11:17 AM 

Looks like these girls were caned on the backs of their legs.




Re: The Magdalene Sisters

October 13 2006, 9:52 AM 

Lotta refuses to comment on the video a few posts up which features a genuine Headmaster and states that he canes both boys and girls.

Is this because it she has yet to see it or because she hasn't an answer? It proves that despite her constant disbelief M/f corporal punishment did happen, girls had their bums caned by Headmasters.


Fiona Phillips talks about being slippered at school

October 14 2006, 11:54 PM 


And Tracy Shaw - Maxine from Corrie slippered

October 15 2006, 12:01 AM 



Re: Fiona Phillips talks about being slippered at school

October 15 2006, 8:15 AM 

Mr Ross appears to be in deep thought 11 secs into the clip.
I wonder what he was thinking?


How do you download from you tube ?

October 15 2006, 11:25 AM 

Any help would be appreciated !!

Newer Member

Re: How do you download from you tube ?

October 15 2006, 11:33 AM 

First play the video and then look for it in your web browser cache folder. Youll soon get the hang of what it looks like if you look before and after. Copy it to somewhere else on your hard drive and rename it. Done.

Big John Downloader

Re: How do you download from you tube ?

October 15 2006, 11:36 AM 

Instructions supplied by alaric - he's my kind-a poster:

You can download clips from Youtube to your hard disk with a simple, free, standalone program called VDownloader from

It needs no installation. Unzip the two .exe files to your desktop or a folder. Open VDownloader.exe. Paste in the URL of the Youtube page and select AVI when it asks you which format. It will download the clip to your desktop (or wherever you specify) and convert it from FLV to AVI and then you can watch it as often as you like in Windows Media Player or similar program.


colour of gusset

October 16 2006, 12:02 AM 

This a screenshot at 1.07 and the delectable Fiona is saying the word 'green' in reply to the suggestion that she was showing a navy blue gusset. It appears that Mr Ross was correct in his fantasy that Fiona was wearing green knickers.


Re: colour of gusset

October 16 2006, 1:27 PM 

Just to clarify: the advantage of using the VDownloader software is that in addition to saving the clip to the folder of your choice, it also automatically converts it from flash video (FLV) format to the more mainstream AVI format.

The method suggested by "New member", viz. find the file in your browser cache, is perfectly OK but then you have to either have an FLV viewer to play the clip in, or else have software for converting it from FLV to a format such as AVI or MPG which will run in ordinary media player software.

You can get a free FLV player from


That'll Teach 'Em

October 16 2006, 1:44 PM 

Re the Richard Dimbleby 1950s clip.

I don't think even Lotta has claimed that no girls were ever caned by male teachers. Or if she has, the claim is clearly falsified by quite a few contemporary press cuttings that are freely available in various places on the WWW.

What I do think is the case is that this was relatively rare, especially compared with the general level of CP for boys. My impression is that girls were more often caned by female teachers.

I also think there can be little doubt that canings of girls were usually on the hand, whereas canings of boys were more often on the bottom, at least at secondary level. The Dimbleby clip doesn't tell us where Mr Gardner applied his cane.

These are only generalisations, and there are exceptions to every generalisation. Practice in the UK varied widely because education was highly decentralised in those days: a great deal was left to the local education authority, and quite a lot was left to the individual school head. Sweeping, categorical statements that such-and-such a thing NEVER happened are almost bound to be wrong, but nor can we assume that practice at a particular school was necessarily typical.

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

November 30 2010, 5:33 AM 

Note the on all four posture. She plays the part of a 25 year girl who gets expelled only wanting herself to be a teacher. The scene begins at about 2:50 into the video.



American Way


November 30 2010, 10:33 AM 

Subtitled again start at 2:50. Even though she was caned 300 times she did not flinch. Commendable. She bucked up.


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

December 16 2010, 4:08 AM 

You Tube: mszwelling

There are ritualistic aspects the school and domestic videos have in common and I wonder how commonly corporal punishment is administered? Domestically girls' modesty is respected.

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

December 16 2010, 12:36 PM 

Follow up in corporal punishment on the lighter side thread. It's Korean and not Japanese.

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

December 28 2010, 11:23 AM 

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

December 28 2010, 12:33 PM 

obecna skola (elementary school)



Real spanking vids

December 28 2010, 12:34 PM 

I prefer to see the real school spanking videos caught secretly on mibile phone cameras in class, though these seem to be mostly from Asian countries.
Have there been any of them lately on Youtube?

American Way

Spanking schoolgirl cartoons

December 29 2010, 4:26 AM 

Under safest setting to wit, this appears. It perhaps flies under the radar screen and will be taken down under that setting but then again maybe not due to artistic license. Granted it is a fetish video but it does relate to school corporal punishment. I post it here without compunction.



American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

December 29 2010, 4:45 AM 

A longer version. One of them has been up for nine months and the others have been up for three weeks.


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

February 23 2011, 7:51 PM 

Caning rehearsal first video not school CP belongs is one the lighter side of CP. There was some feign repentance from the two in the queue. Second worth watching again in light of gender agenda. Would the viewer be surprised if he hit her in light of many regulations that spared girls? Was he really serious about caning her in the eyes of the viewer? Or was it to scare her? The slap on the face is corporal punishment technically but the formality was dispensed with.

The person who chooses these video has an interests in CP.



American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

November 23 2011, 12:00 AM 

Follow up on Obecna Skola with subtitles. Corporal punishment scenes and themes are found throughout the parts.


At 3:00. Obecna skola eng sub 4/10


At 3:30 and again 7:30 Obecna Skola eng sub 8/10


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

November 23 2011, 12:09 AM 

Instead of seeing in 10 parts it is better to watch in its totality. Some may disagree but I liked it.


American Way

Un Bon Petite Diable 1983

November 23 2011, 7:38 PM 

Un Bon Petite Diable 1983

The mentions of corporal punishment is weaved throughout this 1983 film entitled Un Bon Petite Diable even from the beginning graphic.



Images 6, 7 and 8 below


One corporal punishment snippet.


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

December 18 2011, 12:25 AM 

One of the most beautiful girls ever to administer corporal punishment Thai style in this drama is found in the video below. Two scenes. As always there is a softening of the heart of the teacher toward the culprit. Unlike the nuns getting on her wrong yielded no benefits. happy.gif


7:50 and 20:20



American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

March 7 2012, 3:22 AM 

Since the first video was on youtube before it was removed I thought it would be more appropriate to post here. I have followed R.G. Tracker's advice under thin skinned in the manner I posted and of course the usual caveat about the nature of the content.




American Way

Iran & Ghana

May 29 2012, 10:18 AM 

Punishment in Iran. N.B. age of the last one punished.


School Corporal Punishment in Ghana. N.B. Jocular demeanor within disciplinary context.


American Way

St. Nasty's

June 3 2012, 5:58 PM 

The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff.

12 to 13 minutes St Nasty's Beating Students Since 1749.


The beating Jenny. 4:20.

Avuncular Buttock Pat to Death by Spannking


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

June 4 2012, 12:54 PM 

This prior posting is an update of the steam powered entry under machine (perhaps best listed as a follow up) that I entered back in March. The March "in situ" is of no use now from that pasting and snippets are never as good.

American Way

Female Teachers and Male Students

June 27 2012, 3:56 PM 

You always hurt the one you love. Korea. How fictionalized are these common dramas. Not all that uncommon?


Attention A_L catering to your perverse penchant

:36 Buttocks


9:40 Hands




Re: Youtube spanking vids

June 28 2012, 2:07 AM 

Hi American Way,

Perverse penchant indeed! Watch it, or it might be the end of a beautiful friendship! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

But have I got the right video, the middle one? I can't make head or tail of it! What's all that stuff with the hand with the ring on it at the start? Why is the teacher waving half a tree about? And when there are 4 of them lined up, why are there only two whacks - or thumps in this case, given the half tree! Very strange! And stranger still, why do you say something happens at :36? Not on the one I'm looking at it doesn't! happy.gif

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

June 28 2012, 4:13 AM 

At :36 the scene cannot be fully appreciated without looking at the teacher just prior to the infliction of corporal punishment.

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

June 28 2012, 5:19 AM 

The last "jocular" video was featured on Corpun. It had an interesting comment above the link whether to be believed or not. The lady in the first two links could pass for some of my nuns. The rubbing of the nether regions I found amusing. It doesn't take much to amuse me.




This video was taken by a student at Bangkok Christian College in Bangkok, Thailand. It shows students being beaten with a cane for the crime of not having bringing their textbook to class! Shame on those boys. The beater obviously enjoys his work. BTW, irony of ironies, this is their BUDDHISM teacher!!


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

June 30 2012, 2:54 AM 

Two actual school corporal punishment scenes and last link drama. Don't be surprised if the video starts with a Chivas Regal commercial. The last link is a mainstream drama that I have posted stills from but cannot for the life of me find them. It seems like the ladies are always caning the boys and the men the girls.




American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

October 5 2012, 7:56 AM 

Japanese television drama Queen of the Classroom in 2005. I love it when she addresses the students with her "open your eyes".

Amani Yuki.





The Mean Queen. The competition for entering a private school is intense among these 12 year olds.


An episode gives a taste of education in Japan from the Queen of the Classrooms. I don't like the way the takes confidential material and uses it as a weapon to publicly humiliate her charges. I discovered some of these things by scanning through several episodes.


A pep talk from the teacher

Start at 9:50


Her philosophy.




The spanking is mild and unique in style. The girls is the most like her. The bright rebel. I have not been able to find the episode. In spite of my scanning atypically I wasn't able to find the context within an episode.


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

October 8 2012, 4:35 AM 

It has been a definite collateral benefit of my research to come upon the Queen of the Classroom television drama. I have enjoyed watching episodes but I cannot place the snippet proffered into a fuller episode. Kids here could learn from the show and whole lot more than they are learning now. sad.gif


Background info

October 8 2012, 6:19 AM 

The Queen's Classroom (Japanese Drama)

Yuki Amami plays Maya Akutsu, a sixth-grade teacher who dresses all in black and is repeatedly referred to as "oni sensei" (the teacher from hell), when, in fact, she seems to be an ultra-realist at heart.

The drama focuses on a year in her classroom and, particularly, the effect it has on 12-year-old Kazumi - a nice but mediocre student whose parents want to send her to a private secondary school. Akutsu-sensei accomplished this feat by introducing a test-based rank and privilege system on the first day. The highest scorers on the Monday morning test get their choice of seats and other perks while the two lowest scorers are burdened with all the chores for the week from blackboard and toilet cleaning to serving lunch.

The system also disallows toilet breaks during class because this reflects an inability to manage one's own schedule. Kazumi gets the first week's work assignment along with the class clown, a warm-hearted boy who is not nearly as silly as he acts.
[. . .]

American Way

Whoopin Time - Classroom Spanking

October 20 2012, 4:48 PM 

Whoopin Time - Classroom Spanking

The second girl is preparing to serve our proud nation in the armed services. I laud her for her willingness to put herself in harm's way during these difficult times. That is the American Way. I am amuse by the boy's nonchalant witnessing. It must be a frequent occurrence. Paddles are not usually hanging around in areas where corporal punishment is not allowed by law. I do detect a southern accent but I'm not 100% sure.

What would you surmise for what precipitated it? What determined the number of swats? It was not totally by mutual consent. Will the school allow this to go on if they knew? Will it be taken down from you tube? Would they expect negative parental reaction? The fifth swat for the first girl would be as hard as I would imagine Renee as a designated paddler. They look like seniors in high school.

It's only been up for 21 hours so it might be taken down. Did she ever think she was being video? There will be marks to show for sure. Can someone please get a close up image of that paddle? It seems to be a formidable instrument of correction.


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

October 20 2012, 8:18 PM 

Number of hits are growing rapidly on youtube. Trouble for her and her supervisors may be sooner on the horizon than they may think. Then again it might be just one of those ho-hum moments in that neck of the woods. It certainly was for the boys and from the audible encounter of their classmates. Let me know what you make of the dialogue now in case they take it down. That fifth swat was a doozy. Ouch. sad.gif


Re: Youtube spanking vids

October 21 2012, 12:12 AM 

Hi American Way ,

On blowing this up it loses too much resolution. however the calendar by the board is dated 2007. That is very clear.so I suspect if its not current it may stay up unless someone recognises the teacher or class members. there appear to be painted comments on the paddle but they break up on magnification. The video isn't high quality and I would guess an older generation of phones to today's.

My guess as a Brit from the accent of the teacher does deep south Mississippi ,Alabama, etc , not Louisiana , the creole lilt isn't noticeable at all. .



They're having fun!

October 21 2012, 12:36 AM 

Hi American Way,

You said above:

Can someone please get a close up image of that paddle? It seems to be a formidable instrument of correction.

Your every wish is my command! See below. happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

But while that paddle may have been used as a formidable instrument of correction in times past, it certainly isn't being so used in the YouTube video you link. That undoubtedly shows 'celebratory' spankings of some sort, birthday, graduation, or similar. Everyone is having a high old time and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The teacher (if indeed she is a teacher) is well aware that the incident is being filmed, and the only time anyone gets even slightly hurt is when a swat accidentally catches the second girl on just one cheek, which clearly stings a bit.

The paddle is being swung very melodramatically, but it isn't being swung fast. The girls are acting their little hearts out. But look how the second girl is grinning in one of the pictures. That paddle must be at least an inch thick, and is quite large. Assuming it is made of wood and not some very lightweight material, you certainly wouldn't be grinning if the large lady wielding it was swatting you for real!

Anyway, pictures and more pictures as requested:



Done edit at request of Brian@notts.com

American Way

Curiouser and curiouser

October 21 2012, 12:47 AM 

Thanks prof n. Maybe A_L you might get clearer image and as always I would value your input. I wouldn't want the exercise to divert you from your assignment. Wouldn't it be something if we could track down the name of the school?

The paddle looks like it has been around. Are there more than one floating around in the school? My take was that the girls were expecting love taps and didn't know what they were getting themselves into. They may have agreed that if they were to do something that would happen. It's more severe than corpun highlighed jocular school corporal punishment. This hardly a jocular birthday spanking.

What does the teacher mean when she says too late before the two minute mark? It was odd that she would be holding on to a piece of paper. Too late? Too late to call off the paddling. Are the numbers of swats of any significance? Are they paddled a lot harder when they misbehave, e.g., the fifth swat when being "officially" paddled.

2007 is not that many years ago and it would come to me as no surprise if the custom continues. She doesn't look close to retirement age and younger siblings are sitting in those very classrooms. Wood on fingers and tailbone makes you wonder if she has any idea of the damage that could occur other than a bruised bottom.



Re: Curiouser and curiouser

October 21 2012, 1:26 AM 

Hi American Way>,

Nope, sorry, the pictures above are the best I can do. The video quality is rubbish. But Prof.n is certainly right about the calendar date.

I have a feeling that I've seen that woman and that classroom somewhere else. Either I've seen that video on another video hosting site, or that particular teacher makes a habit of 'fun' spankings and I've seen her performing another one.

I did actually wonder for a time if it was actors messing about on a fetish film production set.

I simply do not believe there is any punitive intent involved. The teacher is grinning all the time, and so usually are the girls when we see their faces. I am not saying the girls didn't feel some of the swats, the second girl certainly felt the one that impacted just her left cheek. But I don't think they are being punished except in the most jocular of fashions.

I agree with you that messing about with a paddle like that is foolish. The girls are not confined to a posture which would make its use relatively controllable and safe, and with them dancing about like that hitting a hand, or an out of bounds area, would be all too easy.


Re: Youtube spanking vids

October 21 2012, 1:46 AM 

Got to agree another Lurker, there is no serious intent here. It reminds me of way Jackie showed me what a paddle was for the first time I saw one - If you are a Brit and as I did saw it on the coffee table you haven't a clue,in my case I just started playing with it !!! ....but she didn't need to illustrate much before I soon picked up the idea !

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

October 21 2012, 3:14 AM 

I wonder about the teacher. Does she have a fetish? Some posters and I are in agreement that abuses are not simply things that happen then and not now. IMHO this is a more common than one imagines. I think it will stay up as will the numbers. Why did the poster wait all those years? Trying to get back at the teacher? Probably doesn't think it would cause trouble in that region. How long do you think it will stay up? Kids are cyber savvy.

It was made does seem to be a bargain made of some sort. The girls fell short on their end and had to except the consequences. It seem like they knew how many were coming. Taken as a cumulative in higher numbers there would be as much pain as inflicted by a maximum of three punitive swats.

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

November 2 2012, 1:42 AM 

A you tube coverage with commentary on use of school corporal punishment in Vietnam.




Woman teacher canes a group of teenage girls.


Another caning. The gentleman sweeping up is totally non-plussed by the caning. The girl has an interesting reaction.


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

December 1 2012, 7:23 PM 

By far my favorite of the Vietnamese candid videos is the first. Image grabs would be ideal to share here A_L. You are always so accommodating to me and I wish there were a better word than thanks to express my appreciation. I hope it's sufficient quality.

I can capture at the bottom face by face the expression of the girl who gave the peace sign to her caning that took forever at the end. It's amazing how strict they can be for lack of performance and how law tolerant they can be for indiscipline.


A rather unusual caning for the boy. Was the girl in the queue?


All boys and 2 girls (2:14) and (2:47). The first raised hand perhaps because she was ready to cry. Better a girl to cry in public than a boy.


The girl caned (or was she?) before she bowed? She gathered the boys attention. Her smile did not seem to please the teacher who look like she got a couple pats as she returned to her seat.


Perhaps because it happened during instruction rather than punitive following failure the comments are not very favorable among her peers


Oliver Sydney

Thai music video

January 7 2013, 12:41 PM 

A sympathetic "day in the life of a teacher". An unusual punishment at 0:30, and she canes a girl for smoking at about 1:40. Apologies if it has been posted before.


American Way

Oliver Sydney Good Find

April 12 2013, 9:39 PM 

An Asiatic Renee:

I find if you right click and hit pop up you get a clearer. It's the closest thing I have to a screen grab of her facial attitude. Is there any reasons why it would or is it just my imagination? Another thing A_L if you hit share a box indicates if you want to start at that point. It uses ?t and not #t . If I use #t, as you taught this faithful disciple, it disregards the start up time and starts at the beginning of the video. Aren't you glad your star pupil is on the cutting edge and keeps you updated. happy.gif Would you consider posting a few screen grabs? Presuming your kindness, thanks.


P.S. If I was bowing that close to the hem of her skirt I would find it hard not to be distracted. wink.gif



Re: Youtube spanking vids

April 13 2013, 6:38 AM 

Hi American Way,

The 'Pop out' thing is apparently Google's attempt to induce people to watch YouTube on their televisions. This page gives details. I am not quite clear what it is all about, and as I don't possess a television it is of no interest to me anyway. The impression I have is that people are supposed to use their 'phone, tablet or personal computer to program their TV with a vast number of YouTube videos and then sit back and watch them via the 'Pop out' interface. I have absolutely no doubt that worldwide millions of idiots are doing exactly that.

You comment on the superior quality of the 'Pop out' interface, and certainly on a simple visual appraisal I would agree with you. I think two factors may be involved. The 'Pop out' interface is much neater and more stylish than the 'bog standard' YouTube interface, which inevitably impacts on how content displayed on it is perceived. In addition, in the case of this video the standard YouTube interface plays the 360p version by default (or at least it does on my system). A superior 480p version is of course available via the 'gear wheel' control, bottom right of the screen, and I suspect that this version is the default for the TV 'Pop out' window, which would add to the impression of superior quality.

Those 'jump to' controls. As far as I can see ?t= and #t= are interchangeable. Both have the expected effect on this video in my tests. BUT occasionally both produce an effect where the video starts to play from the beginning, plays for a couple of seconds, and then jumps to the intended start point. I wonder if perhaps this happened to occur when you tried #t=. I have been unable to determine why this happens, but I've seen it with both methods of setting a jump point.

I am indeed glad that my star pupil is on the cutting edge and keeping me updated! happy.gif And yes, certainly you shall have as many screen grabs as will fulfil your heart's desire! Well, within reason, anyway! happy.gif You say of the 'Pop out' display:

It's the closest thing I have to a screen grab of her facial attitude.

I'm not sure who's 'facial attitude' you wish to grab, but I shall assume initially that you are mindful of the title of this estimable Forum, so here goes:

A naughty schoolgirl is caught smoking and has cigarette confiscated by teacher.

The penalty for smoking is a 'public' caning. Her schoolmates are drawn up standing at attention in rows and columns, girls to the left, boys to the right and the unfortunate girl has to stand facing them.

With almost military precision the girl to be caned is placed exactly on the audience centre line between girls and boys and the caning commences.

The cane strokes are applied in a determined fashion by the female teacher, who seems to shed her 'angel of mercy' character portrayed in the rest of the video. Doubtless she thinks that the potential effects of smoking on her pupil's health and wealth merit severity.

A total of three strokes are applied with vigour to the seat of the offending girl's skirt. It is interesting to note that the principle of 'Three Whacks for Girls' as defined by Research Assistant 2, and utilised by Renee of TWP for smoking offences is also observed in Thailand. happy.gif

During her caning the girl's facial expressions appear to betray the fact that she doesn't find the procedure at all enjoyable, which presumably was the object of the exercise.

At the conclusion of the caning one hopes that not only has the errant girl learnt her lesson, but also that her schoolmates have not found the spectacle edifying and have duly taken the appropriate message to heart. I wonder? happy.gif

I trust that will do for starters, American Way? If you had some other facial expression or incident in mind when you request frame grabs let me know and I will attempt to comply. As a special bonus for you, each and every one of the 12 pictures above will, if clicked on, take you to a full size, 1280 pixels wide version thereof. Aren't I just the very epitome of generosity? happy.gif

American Way

Re: Spanking schoolgirl cartoons

May 8 2013, 5:56 PM 

Cartoon 1939 by Clyde Lewis.

It's nice of you, Rupert, to say I'm the prettiest girl you ever paddled, but that's such an ambiguous statement!"


American Way

Masterpiece Theatre

July 1 2013, 2:48 AM 

The Sword Divided 1983. Seven of the best endured admirably and well acted. It's an added touch of impudence for her to thrust defiantly and offer her buttocks for chastisement. Brave Lucinda!


Was she expecting twelve?




American Way

Getting the stick with loud speaker.

September 6 2013, 3:19 PM 

A loud speaker spanking. Bad memory. Second grade getting the stick in the principal's office with the kids listening over the sound system.


In retrospect the witch, with a capital B, saved me from the ignominious fate of being hit in front of the class. The worse part of the punishment was waiting to see if you were one of the two of the 50 or so that didn't put their name on the paper. The papers became fewer and fewer in her hand until I knew but how cruel for she had to know who it was. What if it were a girl instead of a boy? That would may have made it worse for the other cried like a banshee. Born in the wrong decade. Drats. sad.gif

She doubled as both the second grade teacher and the principal. Sure, that was an incredible burden to put on one sister's shoulder but why take it out on me. Second grade was when you were old enough to sin. My fault I had reason and free will. Who ever said I have a bad memory. I never had to recover them for I rarely forget but never forgive. Ergo don't ever cross me but I'm a pussycat. happy.gif

Prior Posted January 2010 in Uneasy About Matrices.

Having been on the receiving end of getting the stick I was proud that I bucked up until the sister was convinced I would not break down. She was sending me a message but I was sending a louder one to her and those in my class that listened to it through a loud speaker (state of the art technology at that time) as well. I was bullied less I think because of that encounter with the stick.


A period piece from my college days. happy.gif


American Way

The Family Friendly Bible Belt

September 7 2013, 2:06 AM 

Split Infinity a Gift from the Past. 1992

A girl is shocked to be paddled by a board named Mr Discipline transported back in time to 1929.


New York Times Review.


Come and meet Mr Discipline.


How narrow. sad.gif I love the last sentence. wink.gif No need for a time machine just move to the Bible Belt today but Amelia Jean show some respect and you don't run from the paddle in 1929. happy.gif

The only bad language is one use of the word darn, and a few uses of the name-calling terms geek, dweeb, and hussy. There is also a brief scene of a boy/girl equality argument.



Re: Youtube spanking vids

September 7 2013, 3:02 AM 

Hi American Way,

All your recent YoutTube video links have been uploaded by Till Rentuck, who clearly has an interest in the subject of this estimable Forum. And yet looking at that YouTube user's account on each one, it doesn't show any other videos uploaded.

Clearly you've found a way to see the other uploads by Till Rentuck. Time to repay some of that vast amount of useful stuff I've passed on to you here! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif How do you do it please?

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

September 7 2013, 3:32 AM 

A_L no problem. Search Cakám na Vae príspevky but be sure to hit translate this page. His interest is not altogether wholesome.



Re: Youtube spanking vids

September 7 2013, 6:40 AM 

Thank you American Way,

Easy when you know how. I won't ask how you tracked that blog down and found out how! happy.gif

A very grandiose software set-up to display the photo album, but sadly some very grotty photographs . B&W when colour versions are available, small blurred versions when big, sharp versions are available. If you're going to nick stuff you might as well nick the best. Better be hung for a sheep than a lamb! happy.gif

You said:

His interest is not altogether wholesome.

Unless I've missed something (I didn't bother with many translations) I'm not quite sure what you mean. Tell you what though, I bet he'd enjoy a visit to the virtual conference room! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

September 7 2013, 2:23 PM 

A_L Your wish is my command and anything to keep us a Happy Family. Google: Mainstream Spanking Scouts. That URL appears under the question. Is this from a play?



Re: Youtube spanking vids

September 10 2013, 4:26 AM 

Hi American Way,

Thank you. How on earth do you remember detail like that? Very impressive indeed!


Re: Youtube spanking vids

September 11 2013, 1:28 AM 

Do NOT pun like this at home !

Do not click here

American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

September 30 2013, 2:54 PM 

This is a semi-serious caning IMHO. It's interesting that he uses the chalkboard and doesn't simply line them up. The girls must be angels in his class or been given a free pass. sad.gif The girls could have received the same outside to avoid the near occasion of sin though I might be projecting. wink.gif In spite of Google translate the comments shed little light on this caning so it leads us free to speculate. It may have been posted here or in corpun for it has been around for years. I believe the caning was due to academic failure rather than behavior considering the conduct of the classroom. Also, I would hate to have to sit down after the cumulative pain from six-of-the-best judging more by the sounds and sight of the indentation of the buttocks upon contact even with his restrained swing than by their varied reactions. That is a formidable instrument of correction.


American Way

Re: Youtube spanking vids

October 26 2013, 3:10 AM 

Human rights education school corporal punishment videos.



An America Conservatives view of SCP

October 31 2013, 5:14 AM 


Bryan J Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association. He hosts the radio program Focal Point on American Family Radio.



Re: An America Conservatives view of SCP

December 30 2013, 12:16 PM 

Before saying anything want to point out this has nothing to do with scp or what Bryan Fischer comments. I am just pointing out how much of a crazy lunatic Bryan Fischer really is.


I could have have posted many more clips that are just as hateful or whacky but think this will do.

understand that most of the poster are not from the united states so want to give a brief explanation about why his statement is wrong about wanting to ban Islam. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution provides equal protection under the law to all people within its jurisdiction.

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."



December 30 2013, 4:46 PM 


We may have differing opinions about religion, but in a civilised world we accept others to follow their own religion. But is this a reason for outlawing islam.


Along with flying aeroplanes into buildings, shooting schoolgirls, and beheading an off duty soldier
We are told most muslims are not like this, and are good muslims. The good muslims have had more than long enough to get rid of the extremist in their midst, but they have not.


'If it be your will.........'

December 30 2013, 11:30 PM 

Hmmmm............I still remember my first year in university, well, at least one incident there. I drew by luck a tutor for political economy who was a chain smoker. Not only was he a chain smoker, ( which I loathed) , but he had this annoying habit of twisting a lighted cigarette through the fingers of his right hand as he was talking ....I digress. There was no meeting point, no common ground between us , intellectually or socially.

I gave him my first paper . He'd asked for a critique of liberal views of the market. I'd given him one. He did his ciggy trick looking out of the window,and then turned to face me . Very er...comprehensive critique.....tell me have you read the three volumes of Das Kapital? I replied in the affirmative, and , for good measure added I had also studied the theories of surplus value . This produced a second ciggy trick .......'yes' he continued ' I thought so, you see I always have problems with students who have actually have bothered to read it, even more with those like you who seem to understand it '

That probably sums up the big problem with fundamentalism. A lack of reading coupled with a partial understanding .

Now I admit I'm sorry but I don't hold that the Bible, the Qur'an or come to it the Hadiths were in any way divine revelations which were dictated by God and therefore , as Fundamentalist Christianity puts it

 (The) doctrine, also called biblical inerrancy, stated that the Bible was divinely inspired, religiously authoritative, and without error. The Princeton Seminary professor of Theology Charles Hodge insisted that the Bible was inerrant because God dictated its contents to the men who wrote it. Princeton theologians believed that the Bible should be read differently from any other historical document, and also that Christian modernism and liberalism led people to hell just like non-Christian religions.( Kee, Howard Clark; Emily Albu, Carter Lindberg, J. William Frost, Dana L. Robert (1998). Christianity: A Social and Cultural History. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. p. 484. )

Any such assertion by any religion of a a level of infallibility, which places its central doctrines beyond question , must I would argue render them ,per se, incontrovertible . Such doctrines are therefore completely incompatible with the central tenet of Western Liberal democracy, which is that decisions are made by the testing of ideas in the arena of public debate , not laid down 'kingly fiat' or 'religious zealotry' .

Of course the problem is that the majority of the followers of such rigid interpretations never have to face the issues of social context .That the word was given some in nomadic times, in a military/agrarian kingdom, or in the case of Islam in 7th Century Arabia matters not one jot . The word is true and unbending for all time .All adulterers should be , for example stoned to death . All Gays and bisexuals likewise . In any case they are all condemned to hell.

The vast majority of followers have no real knowledge of the texts . Even 'Hafiz' who have memorised the entire Qur'an do not attempt to interpret it , nor understand the fact that the text today is not the same text as originally passed down. The same is , of course true of the bible. And just as you need to understand Arabic to really trace the roots of Qur'anic interpretation, you need at least Latin and Greek , if not Aramaic to understand the nuances of Biblical study.

This has social effects. Those who believe their views are informed by their 'god-king' see those beliefs are superior in a tabula rasa sense, over the invectives of our society and its social conventions. They are required to say, do and perform acts which are laid down my a power who has or will grant them access to heaven . Therefore earthly niceties take a back seat .

Unfortunately modern liberal democratic states are culturally unprepared and both in legalistic terms and administratively unable to deal with such inflexible obedience, no matter what quarter it comes from.

So to uphold the constitution to freedom of religion is fine and correct : just don't let the bxxxxxxs trample on the rest of your civil rights, and lets hope the courts and legislators have the 'true grit' to stand firm on issues like free speech and the choice of moral values. One needs to remember

 one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

It cuts BOTH ways !!!!! or else we might end up here



Re: Youtube

December 30 2013, 11:37 PM 


one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

and 'under God' really will have to be optional !!!!!!!!!!!



Re: Youtube

December 31 2013, 9:27 PM 

Hello Willyeckaslike,

You said above:

The good Muslims have had more than long enough to get rid of the extremist in their midst, but they have not.

Hmm, in the last year in the UK there were a large number of crimes, ranging from the extremely serious down to the very minor. They were committed by persons claiming allegiance to a variety of religions and to no religion. However, a substantial number of the offenders had in common that they were UK citizens.

I have had over 50 years as an adult UK citizen, but despite this lengthy period, during which I have consistently voted for political parties who took action against crime seriously and done my bit practically to deter anti-social behaviour when I was younger and fitter, I have clearly failed to get rid of the criminal element in UK society. All my law abiding fellow UK citizens who've been around for a few years are similarly guilty.

Or at least we are if your above observation concerning the Muslim community has any reasonable basis and validity. Thankfully, it doesn't.



January 1 2014, 5:15 PM 

From another lurker ; Re Wilfred Ing the truth September 29 2013 @8.50 pm

Hello Willyeckaslike,

You said above:

I am sorry to learn that it maybe beyond you capabilities to reply to me in future.

For 'maybe' substitute 'will be', for 'you' substitute 'your' and for 'capabilities' substitute 'patience'. Then you'll be absolutely spot on.

As he wanted it to read

I am sorry to learn that it will be beyond your patience to reply to me in future

So much for his very "selective" memory in only remembering things that suit him.

It is a pity good things do not last too long. Every time I post he can not resist some sort of inane response. It is rather like a squawk from the back of the classroom from the teachers pet happy.gif


Re: Youtube

January 1 2014, 11:08 PM 

Hi willyeckaslike,


Now in my day 'teacher's pets ' normally squawked from the from the front of class : unless unwilling like sheep they were herded to the back by teacher who wanted the 'naughty'where s/he could keep their beady eyes on them.

There were exceptions. Old timers who insisted we say either in alphabetical order by surname- from the door to the window ( which normally put me directly under the teachers desk at the front by the window desk), or in reverse class order ( which, as I was normally class rank order 1 or 2 normally did the same).

Luckily I never qualified for the epithet 'teacher's pet' well except in a cynical way so far as Jackie was concerned. I'm glad because even though we were an 'A' stream, if you were a teacher's pet . and got marooned amongst your peers, whether by accident or teacher fiat , you wouldn't believe the sheer variety of torture , from compass needles to spit balls you would have to endure.



Hello prof.n

January 2 2014, 1:02 AM 

Very enlightening post as always prof. I agree with most of the points you made but have to admit I am a little confused about some of your post.

"Unfortunately modern liberal democratic states are culturally unprepared and both in legalistic terms and administratively unable to deal with such inflexible obedience, no matter what quarter it comes from.

So to uphold the constitution to freedom of religion is fine and correct : just don't let the bxxxxxxs trample on the rest of your civil rights, and lets hope the courts and legislators have the 'true grit' to stand firm on issues like free speech and the choice of moral values. One needs to remember. "

Think I might understand what you are trying to say but it is a total guess.


Re: Youtube

January 2 2014, 4:34 PM 

Hi momabear 2

Happy New Year.

"Unfortunately modern liberal democratic states are culturally unprepared and both in legalistic terms and administratively unable to deal with such inflexible obedience, no matter what quarter it comes from.

Sorry I tend to use shorthand . What I mean is that modern constitutions presuppose that citizens are pretty rational individuals who can argue their point and be argued with .they will accept then the 'will of the majority' so long as their fundamental freedoms are protected. The problems with fundamentalists regardless of which faith they follow is that you can't argue with God's word, or come to that the actions of god's hand !

So for example we are considered rational and liberal enough to see it is WRONG to insist everybody subscribes to the same faith or religion, and it is right that people should have the right to the freedom of speech .But what happens if by the very act of allowing people to follow their own faith , a small minority then believe God requires them to IMPOSE the tenets of their faith on everyone else? Those imperatives might , for example , be intended to ensure their God isn't ridiculed or libelled , but this in itself might impose restrictions on others freedom of speech which is equally protected under that same constitution.

The law gets itself very twisted and convoluted in these cases, as does the justice system. There is no clear God given imperative as there is for the fundamentalists.

What worries me is that on occasions the courts and administration tend to take the easy way out and concede ground to such fundamental objections (giver their claims priority), which just incrementally removes everyone else's freedoms in other spheres, one at a time .

Hope that helps


My Thoughts

January 2 2014, 10:27 PM 

Hello y'all:

I stumbled across the last post of this thread and couldn't help myself. I just have to give a few points here.

1) In the US Constitution, we have the establishment clause which prohibits the Congress from ESTABLISHING a religion while protecting the free exercise thereof. Most liberals love the first part and forget the last: no religion in the public square PERIOD. Hey, I don't think the folks that gave us Obama care should be trying to create religion either. But when our nation was founded, according to a political science professor I heard back in college, a "deal"was made between the new Republic and the churches: in return for religious "neutrality"and not creating a "state religion", the churches were given total license as to cultural life in the new nation. In other words, if churches want to put nativity scenes into public square They can so long as other groups can do the same.

2) Render unto Caesar is more than a biblical passage, it is the way civil society should operate. We in the USA are not ruled by religious councils but rather by civil law. At the same time, the church has historically had an out sized influence on our society and culture. That is a good thing.


Re: Youtube

January 3 2014, 12:01 AM 

Hi Renee,

As to religion, a visit to Salem MASS made me wonder. A constitutional legal issue had just been settled when a group of self styled'black witches' bought and took over a disused church to use it for their ceremonies. Just what they wanted to do I don't know , but they had a a large selection of chains fastened to the church door , they had painted the building black and red,and with the statues , well ....... They had placed the following notice outside. 'NOT a church -YOU'D BETTER GET USED TO IT'

Now yes they'd won their court battle against the town fathers and others ,( who included I understand representatives from two covens of 'white' witches in the town ) but it behoves us perhaps in a liberal democracy not to be too triumphalist.......and sometimes you do wonder ........

Still there is a lovely romantic hotel on the dockside ..................

American Way

Re: Youtube

January 11 2014, 6:37 PM 

In light of the growth of homeschooling in the states this may not seems as irrelevant. Did you ever wonder why an African American woman like Paula Flowe have few black allies in her cause considering the disparity in racial numbers between races? It's cultural and this gives you some idea. It's good to know the laws of North Carolina about bruising. I wonder if this has a carryover to SCP?




Re: Youtube

February 8 2014, 1:23 AM 

American Way

Re: Youtube

February 14 2014, 2:37 AM 

Matilda (1996). Corporal punishment on an adult in a classroom. Just as a change of pace instead of indicating video I'll replace CLICK with Youtube. Keep you on your toes. sad.gif

Principal Agatha Trunchbull. In honor of Sochi.


The sweet teacher Miss Jenny Honey (Embeth Davidtz) is perhaps best known by her heart tugging role as a Jewish Maid in Schindler's List.


Corporal punishment scene from Matilda on Miss Jenny Honey.


Here is a funny Montage of Pam Ferris who played Principal Turnbull. Agatha is a lady. wink.gif


Embeth Davidtz played the part Felicia Koonz in Californication.


During its run, Californication -- Showtime's longest-running series -- has won several key awards, including a Golden Globe for Duchovny and two Emmys. The series has also seen its audience grow, as season six marked its highest-rated season with 2.9 million viewers across various platforms.

This was from the third episode in its first year. Who could imagine such a racy television show, granted it's late hour showing, would ever be lauded by mainstream awards or have such longevity? We're far beyond the age of innocence. Let's hope not beyond the point of no return. sad.gif


Feel Free To Discipline Me.


Tan Her Hide dicey site referenced by me on several occasions. .


American Way

Re: Youtube

September 5 2014, 9:24 PM 

Dangerous behavior and a negligent teacher with improvised paddles. The woman teacher with a cane intervenes from time to time. It ends with a final interruption with her smiling.




What do you make of this video. Is this common? If not would she be sanctioned?


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