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Male/Female Teachers,

May 2 2007 at 9:12 PM

Male or female teachers, who WAS the worst for CP and discipline,.

My vote FEMALE .

F/ Spanked harder and longer (Primary school)

F/ Took a more sarcastic/ humiliating approach. (senior school)

F/ Happy to physically punish the opposite sex could only add further to a boy’s humiliation.

M/ Very rare for a girl to receive CP by a member of the opposite sex out of primary school

F/ Those that couldn’t bring themselves to whack, happy to call upon the services of a colleague

F/ Certainly didn’t hold back. (practising squash players )

F/ Sent pupils to Head far more frequently than their males colleagues

Add, never physically punished by a male teech , hence my views might seem biased.

ratio of female to male teachers at my primary school was approx 70/30%

co-ed school, f/m 40/60%

Single sexed (girls) f/m 90/10%


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Steve M

Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 2 2007, 10:18 PM 


Infants-all women-be afraid be very afraid!(1956-58)

Primary School-both about 2 to 1 in ratio of women to men teachers:-women much less likely to cane or slipper or send to head BUT far more effective verbal slaughter and knew where to smack or slap to hurt most-not to be trifled with again.(1958-1963)

Grammar-boy's, so about 12 to 1 male teachers, if not 15 to 1. Women usually had no trouble, as most boys too gallante(or too bloody stupid!) to play them up-knew right male teachers would be dealing with those who ragged the ladies, and dealing severely!(1963-1970)

Home-not my personal experience, but for most boys and girls I knew, up to around 11, wait til your father gets home to be feared, mother preciptantly anticipating father's vengeance and enacting same in advance of paternal return,a damn sight worse!

I never could work out why ALL the regularly-spanked Beano character's were spanked by Dad, incidentally, whilst on this theme. I don't recall a single instance of Dennis,Roger or Minnie's Mum so much as raising their voice,let alone their hands!

Maybe our Mums learnt spanking self-sufficiency whilst fathers in WWII? Now there's a spanking conundrum for Lard-arse Voderperson!

Steve M

Research Assistant 2

Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 3 2007, 7:07 AM 

Jetta’s opinions are endorsed by Edward Anthony in Thy Rod and Staff. He writes:

The conviction, among many of both abolitionists and feminist opinion, that the physical disciplining of children by means of the rod is a specifically male villainy, is not, to put it mildly, founded in historical fact. As long as women have had charge of children they have whipped them, in the home and also in school. And if in general (and The Rainbow excepted) the Schoolmistress has not been guilty of the excesses of pure violence that call to mind Messrs Busby, Udall and Keate, she has frequently deployed a great deal more finesse, and her chastisements produce for boys particularly, an almost infinite amount of humiliation: her distinct intention. Here lies the power and longevity of this truly formidable archetype, one of the most enduring of all flagellatory personae.


Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 3 2007, 9:13 PM 


Yes, pro active parents the worse, wonder how many fathers picked up on the slipper spanking technique of Dennis’, or Minnie’s dad.

Beano mums very placid, maybe into illegal substance, mum spaced on the cannabis brownies, dad keeping his vigour up on black bombers.

Come to think of it did Head teach Bash street kids ever raise his cane or was he just an onlooker, to Skinny teach of 2B and the unruly mob.

99p today gets you a politically correct version of the standard Beano, £2.48 Beano Max with FREE gift, slimy bugs. Not a patch on the old gang


Steve M

Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 4 2007, 12:06 AM 


From memory,the Head was just an onlooker, usually with tea & biscuits.

I always thought the real power was with Winston, the janitor's cat!

There were originally two girls in the class, at least in 1955, but the other one had gone by the time I started regular reading in 1957. Toots, though, was strapped or caned as required just as much as Danny & the boys.

Dennis the Menace was my idol & I won't tell you about the biggest escape I had from the cane at primary school when emulating his antics! It's embarassing even now!

Steve M


Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 4 2007, 8:22 AM 

Ketta--at my all boys school (1960s/1970s), some teachers whacked a lot, others not at all. Though of course at the time it seemed like the natural order of things, looking back some obviously enjoyed it, consciously or unconsciously. Was the same thing true of your women teachers--did they simply see themselves as functionaries doing their job, or did some of them clearly enjoy the rituals of humiliation involved?

Mike from Oz

Re; Male/Female Teachers

May 5 2007, 12:18 AM 


I hope I am allowed to express my opinion on this topic seeing as I am an alien from another country on this forum.

From personal experience I believe Female teachers were far worse. Nuns, teachers in the thirties and the occasional PE teacher were teachers we kept very far away from.

Older female teachers-particularly those with teenage families were more tollerant than the younger teachers were, however, they still strapped hard when they felt the strap was warranted.

I remember whenever there was a raid on the smokers club and female teachers were among the staff raiding, you hoped and prayed you were not caught by one of them. The Female staff, and the PE teacher in particular, gave more strokes and belted harded than their male counterparts for offences and also belted more for trivial things a male would overlook.

Falling Star

Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 5 2007, 4:21 PM 

I am with Mike on this. At my (all-boys school in UK) we had only one female teacher, who taught history and Spanish. I didn't have her as a history teacher and I didn't learn Spanish at school, so she didn't teach me. From the lads whom she did teach came stories of very hard canings, and if you survived them, and a few did, she sent you to the headmaster, who made sure that you left his office with tears in your eyes!
Among the other teachers, some were known for caning at the drop a hat (or cap!), and others didn't. They were a very mixed bunch.
This was in the period 1956-63


Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 6 2007, 12:24 AM 


opinions from the alien world are always welcome , I know the folk from oz are a strange breed, for a start you can’t speak proper, but you have encountered just as many of those other strange breed of creatures TEACHERS as we have here,

The scenarios of all, very similar, seems pretty conclusive the female of the species was the most dreaded, whereas it was the norn for male/female to physically punish boys, for girls, it was the receiving end of the female orge only, to be feared and dreaded like no other .

Unlike Mike’s findings I found it was the older women that could spill the most venom and whack the hardest, the younger ones either more tolerant, or less confident, referring pupils to the house head.

In primary school, there were a couple of female teachers as if by accident, made a point of seeking out parents in the playground or out of school to spill the beans of misdemeanours, probably in the hope pupils coped it at home as well.

Nero , you ask if females teachers enjoyed the humiliation of pupils , they thrived on it , I also think any school connected to the church, as mine was, produced a kind of teacher that disciplined hard for their personal beliefs.

On another note:- I once asked an ex teacher, friend of the family, if he ever felt any remorse for caning kids.

Answer:- Pupils chose to be caned, they had an option, it is them (the pupils) that should feel remorse.

Not the sort of answer I was expecting, but why didn’t it surprise me.



Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 6 2007, 7:04 AM 


One of the ways in which teachers, particularly those in primary schools, made the punishment humiliating was to remove the clothing of the pupils. In your experience, were women teachers more likely than men to lift a girl’s skirt or take down a boy’s trousers when administering punishment?


Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 6 2007, 1:11 PM 

I do not recall any female teachers ( even the nicer ones) who did not display some kind of power fetish ( if thats the right word?). Some relly enjoyed sending some poor little miscreant or other off to a male teacher for CP. I think they got a real thrill from it. In primary school baring bottoms was accepted and practised on occasion. It does make one wonder in hindsight if they were already had sadistic tendencies before they went into teaching or wether it was something that developed when they were soon into the job.
Mind you some nasty kids deserved what they got and some really nasty ones got away with their crimes. Seems like a lot of pleasant kids got caught out and whacked just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Appologies for rambling on.

Mike from Oz

Re; Ketta's message

May 7 2007, 1:45 AM 


G'dayKetta,CooeeCobber,howtheyhanginmate? whatabouthavinadingoesbreakfast aquicksnakeshissandalookaround?

Is this what you mean by we don't speak proper? It's not that we don't speak proper-it the rest of the world doesn't listen proper!

Translation of the above; Greetings Ketta, how are you? Did you catch the morning news on the television? The snakes bit in the above you can work out for yourself!

Ketta, I want explain my comments in my other post regarding the ages of women. I agree in part with you however, in my experience of being on the end of a wonan's wrath I felt the older women just couldn't be bothered and it was a token punishment more so than a painful one.

The middle aged teachers were only slightly behind the 30's group basically because being mothers, these women have had the experience interacting with their own children and were more aware of the childs behavour which is why they were a bit more tolerant than the younger group.

This does not mean to say they were softies when it came to chastising an errent pupil. They coud strap hard with the best of them.

What I found with the group of 30 plus females was that most of them were single. I also found they could not connect to an age group of students like the older ones who were mothers did. I felt that these women enjoyed having power over students and the control gave them a rush of some sort.

As to the 20's group two things stick out in my mind. My first grade teacher was so nice on the first day of school. She stood in the doorway of our class welcoming us and asking which Prep teacher we had. Her classroom had a door at the rear which opened into another classroom and she directed students not in her class through the door to the next class.

Looks can be deceiving as we know and we all thought we had a nice young sweet teacher. We didn't realise how much of a dap hand she was with a pencil case lid, ruler, blackboard pointer and strap.

This woman would have been more at home in a B&D parlour than in a classroom.
I would estimate nearly every boy in her class at one time or another felt her ruler.

The second incident which sticks in my mind is when I transfered to a new school when I started grade 5. This was the first time I came in contact with student teachers-we never had any at the Catholic Primary school.

Our normal teacher, a male suffered from Asthema and was away for days at a time throughout the year. The Headmaster came in one morning and told us our teacher would be away fro a few days and we were going to be taught by a Stedent teacher who was visiting along with several others at the time.

She had red hair and I remember her saying she was graduating at the end of the year. She took our class for nearly 3 weeks. After a few days of getting to know the class she became more strict as she went along. I remember some of the kids having fun and a couple boardering on being cheeky and she quickly sorted them out. I also remember her holding a strap-where it came from I don't know, but she was walking up and down the isles of the classroom holding it and hitting it into her other hand.

I remember her saying that she hadn't used it yet but was looking forward to it. Whether she was carrying out some sort of power play or she was enjoying using her authority and frightening us I don't know. However, the class did quiet down. She did keep a couple of kids after class but I don't know if she punished them or not.

My impression was I don't think I would have liked to have been in her class after she graduated.

I think this woman forged the way for me to take a more critical look at female teachers as I progressed through school. I never thought about the Nuns I had as teachers because to me, they were not human like the rest of us. After saying that I wonder if I will get into heaven!


Male V Female teachers.

May 8 2007, 6:07 PM 

I went to a mixed comprehensive, 1973-76, at our school both boys and girls were subjected to corporal punishment.
Boys could be slippered by anyone of the teachers, if they so wished, although female teachers usually passed over the responsibility to a male head of year. For more serious offences, it was a trip to the headmasters study for the cane.
The deputy headmistress, who was responsible for the discipling of the girls (slipper usually), sometimes caned boys when the headmaster wasn't available and those who had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of six of the best from her, said she caned far more enthusiastically than the head did and was more painful.
Although I myself was never caned by her, I do find it hard to believe she caned harder than the headmaster, my three trips to his study were the most terrifying and painful experiences of my life.

paul b

can't make my mind up

May 13 2007, 10:28 PM 

i went to a boy's secondary school were we had two female teachers' the cane and the slipper were used to punish us. only one of the female teachers used c.p.and that was the slipper well a plimsoll carried out after class. she never slippered me but i got two slipperings from the same teacher'a male who called me out to the front of the class for talking told the boy on the front desk to remove his plimsoll tucked the lace inside and said bend over touch you toes our school blazer had two vents he lifted the panel and folded it on your back. he gave me only one stroke but it hurt more than i thought it would. the second and last slippering was for eating sweets in class'after he established who had the largest plimsoll he chalked a question mark on the sole and gave me three strokes he and the class seemed to think it was funny i did't. my wife also was slippered at senior school by her headmistress. three whacks on the knickers. her punishment was official my wife said she entered her name and details in a book with the words the slipper book wrote on the cover ' would any one know if these books were kept for historical purposes or what would have happend to them my wifes headmistress allways slippered girls in private in her class room after school or in the entrance hall. i think both male and female could be feared


Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 13 2007, 11:49 PM 

I have been codgitating on this thread ( don't worry they can't do you for codgitating nowadays) and it has made me wonder about the fact that we all tend to think of most male teachers as sometimes sadistic or even perverted in their application of CP.
Could it be that because of their air of " feminity" that female teachers were in fact much more sadistic, disguising this behind their often outwardly gentle appearance.
How sadistic and controling was their usual method of sending their pupils to others for punishment, knowing full well the extra humiliation this caused.
They appeared to wash their hands of the result of the delegated punishment, but were they turned on by this more than we realised.
My personal memories of this tend to make me believe that this was so.
Its one thing to be given a whack by ones male form teacher on the spot but its another think to be sent as a 1st year to be whacked by the 5th form master while his brood of elder pupils laughed at ones misfortune.
An instance of this was :-
Mis B sent me to Mr S to be whacked for the first time. I pretended that I could not find Mr S. Although being sent twice to find him the ruse worked and sadistic Miss B gave up. My crime? the lad next to me said something and I looked up.
It was lucky that while out of the class that I was not caught by the Head during his regular prowls looking for cane bait or else I would have got 6 of the best.
Laughable in the extreme when one thinks of todays classroom behaviour.
My female ex teacher friend who has worked in a schools that do not use CP ( 1968-2004 )tells me that it is little wonder that the majority of us were not mentally damaged by CP.
Perhaps we were or we would not be writing on this site?
Mind you she was bossy enough I am told with her lines and detentions.
What was worse a whack and over and done with or having time wasted doing daft lines etc.


Another country , But More Female Teacher Brutality

May 16 2007, 8:09 PM 

PANCHKULA: Don't tell 14-year-old Saurabh Agarwal that corporal punishment has been outlawed in the country. He won't believe it. On Wednesday, three teachers of Blue Bird School, Sector 16, got together to thrash him for no fault of his.

First it was the mathematics teacher who beat him with a wooden stick "for scoring zero in a class test". As if it was not enough, English teacher whipped him with a steel ruler for not giving proper answers in an oral test. Later, as his classmates jeered at him and Saurabh complained to the Punjabi teacher, she slapped him hard "for complaining".

Deeply humiliated, the boy broke down several times while narrating the shocking incident, as his bruised arms and battered self-respect were there for all to see.

It was two years ago that he came to India with his parents and took admission in Blue Bird School. He rued the day his parents made the decision.

"It was a terrible day," he said, clutching his arm which had by now taken a bluish-black tinge that battering triggers.

"Every teacher of mine hit me badly. My English teacher hit me with a steel ruler and my maths teacher used a wooden stick to beat me. When I informed my Punjabi teacher that my friends were teasing me about it, she too slapped me. She had no answer when I asked her why did she do so."

An agitated Rajesh Agarwal, Saurabh's father, said this is no way school authorities should treat helpless students.

"I accept that my son may not have been able to perform well, but it doesn't mean he be thrashed mercilessly," he said. "Teachers are like parents, but their attitude towards my son was horrible."

R Bhatnagar, principal of Blue Bird School, said she had spoken to the teachers about it and that they had accepted that they thrashed Saurabh for his poor performance.

"I will see to it that it does not happen again," she declared, adding, "I'll take action against them tomorrow."

Not refuting the charges, Ranjana Jindal, maths teacher, said she didn't mean to harm the child.


paul b

females more cold blooded

May 29 2007, 12:17 AM 

regarding male or female teachers' the male teachers at my senior school caned or slippered boy's on the spot. the only female who used a slipper made the boy wait untill the end of class. may be women liked to make their intended victim sweat. this certainly was the case when my wife was punished by a female (headmistress) at 15 years of age not long before she left school. she had to wait all day till after school to report to her room. although she thought it was a routine lecture. she did get a lecture but was told she was going to get the slipper. her name and details were entered into a book (with the slipper book wrote on the cover) before she was slippered' althrough a bit of time was killed fetching a chair. was a second lecture necessary with the slipper waved about in her face.(she said i thought get on with it you are a real bastard) my wife said i can understand her lifting my skirt up but not the time or way she did it. i did not wear tight skirts for school but short pleated wrapover sport style skirts easy to lift and fold back' but she appeared to have trouble gripping the hem' her fingers were tickling my bottom like a spider running over it when i wriggled she said keep still girl or i will give you a extra stroke. my wife said the slippering took about 60 seconds from first stroke to third' because she was still giving me a lecture. the only time she shut up was just before the slipper landed on my bottom. i think this was a sadistic way to punish a girl or boy. my wife was a attractive girl and still is' the headmistress was plump and short and quite uggly (my wife pointed her out when we were shopping) she may have been jealous of attractive girls and got enjoyment out of treating them this way my wife said she taught RI so she must have had nicer side to her

Mike from Oz


May 29 2007, 2:26 AM 

Paul, I mean no disrespect here but I'm just curious as to the comment your wife made about the woman having a nicer side to her because she taught RI.

My experience was they were just as bad. Perhaps things are different in your country but I always found a teachers personality remained the same no matter what subject they taught.

At one of my schools, I had a headmaster who was the most decent bloke you could ever meet. He had a good personality and a good approach to his job and to the students he was responsible for-a direct contrast to the feather duster weilding Mother Superior I had earlier.

Their personalities could never be so far apart. This is why I am curious about your wife's headmistress.


Re: Male/Female Teachers,

May 29 2007, 9:18 PM 

Mike, the female R I teacher at my senior school was the most unpleasant, sour faced bitch. Although only in her 20s she seemed to hate children and had some kind of religeous fanatic persona. None of us could believe it when the cow got married. Strange thing is I do not recall her ever hiting anyone or sending anyone for a whacking. She obviously got enough satisfaction by her scaving nasty demeanour.

paul b


May 29 2007, 11:40 PM 

mike i did't take your curiosity as being disrespectful my wife and myself came to the same conclusion regarding my wifes headmistress. we thought how can a person teach christianity and not live by the same standards regardless of personality. i suppose it dos'nt allways work like that' the world is riddled with hypocrites' we have had examples through history the spanish inquisition is one of many. my wifes headmistress was a spinster who was very strict when she made her mind up nothing would change it. my wife had a feeling she batted for the other side' the pupils parents liked her but my wifes friends who went to the same school as my wife said she was a cow. i hope i talk proper cobber as i like os humour

Mike from Oz

Re: Male/Female

May 31 2007, 10:19 AM 

Paul and Mimi, thanks for the information. I had written a reply 3 times yesterday but the post disappeared eaxh time.

My wife is from the UK-she came out when she was 7 and lived in another state until we married. My wife and I are different religions, a bit of the orange and the green as they say but I can only assume that she attended Sunday school in South Australia at some point but we never discuss these things.

I can identify with sour faced (I wont use the word Bitches because I once said to a bloke I had two at home...One being the dog! Only joking of course)women-many of the Nuns I had could scare an alcoholic into sobriety or sink a 1000 ships with one look.

As far as RI went at my state primary and first secondary school, all the Catholics were segregated from the main body of students during RI periods so I never knew aht went on in their lessons. Similar to ours more than likely.

I remember our 5th grade teacher once saying that teachers were not to talk to the class about religion or politics and I understood then why the lay teachers at my Catholic school never taught any lessons involving religion. And who would want to talk to a bunch of 11 year olds about politics. Especially in a blue ribbon Labor seat.

I think perhaps too that there may have been another reason which may have had something to do with the teachers not being Catholic but this is speculation on my part. I should add this was circa 1958-1962.

In the state primary school we used to have a lady from St Gabrielle's come in to take RI lessons. She had a daughter who was in my classes at St Gabrielle's. She was a nice lady and I don't remember any real trouble while we attended her classes. She did joke about slippering one of the kids but it was in fun.

One thing which did annoy me at the Catholic school was whenever there was a funeral service at the church across from the school, we all had to attend regardless of the fact we didn't know the guest of honour.

If anyone spoke in church or was inattentive, the Nuns would note it grab the offender as soon as the service was over. On occasion, the Sister would advise the culprits teacher of their misbehavour once we arrived back in class. Most times however, the Nuns preferred to handle the business themselves.

I've already posted about the teachers there so I won't write anything more on that, suffice to say that Miss Burke aka Thrasher Burke to the kids was one person you didn't want to be caught by messing around in Mass. She was a devout Catholic with no sense of adventure and actaully joined the Convent half way through my 3rd year. Fortunately, I wasn't in her class.

paul b

re male female

May 31 2007, 10:20 PM 

mike both my wife and myself went to church of england schools' primary and secondary. some years after our marriage we became roman catholics' we went for instruction weekly with our parish priest' and was accepted into the faith' with a ceremony incorporated with mass. basically we converted from taking comfort from a catholic funeral. my wifes uncle died he had married a irish catholic girl and had converted to the catholic faith. we had a chat with our priest and went on from there. we took our youngest daughter out of her church of england primary school and into a catholic school. my wife was invited on to the board of governors and accepted. we attended mass went to confession' helped fund raising. then we noticed the decline of our daughters education. cutting a long story short the school was a shambles pupils running amok in lessons.the teachers could not hold our daughters attention. we expressed our concern to the school but nothing changed' so we took our daughter out of the school. the priest wiped the floor with my wife (never seen that happen before) she came back home really upset' so the next day i went to see him to tell him what i thought about the whole situation expecting a argument' he could not have been nicer to me (took the wind out of my sails) but i still told him he had no right talking to people in that manner' and about our daughters education. he said our daughter was unteachable and had not got the capacity to learn' i said thats a matter of opinion i know her better than you and left it at that. after that we were disillusioned and have never been to mass since. my daughter is approaching her final year as a student midwife a job where you need a capacity to learn. talking about that teacher called wilson in your school did he go into films and play a ball in castaway with tom hanks. just my humour' my wife said why don't you grow up stupid i replied i thought i had

Mike from Oz

So Common

June 1 2007, 4:01 AM 

Hello Paul. My title of so common relates to the story you have written about the Catholic Church. If they were to take away the hypocricy and remove the sticks from their rear ends and also try being humble for a change, they might, just might, keep people in the faith.

Paul, I respect people's religions and their thoughts so I won't revolve this post around my thoughts as I always keep them to myself. As I said about soap and religion, I stick by it and I only discuss Catolicism because that's what I happen to be. It's just unfortunate that you had this experience with the two faced Bastards who wear a Priests garb. However, I think it is wort saying that it's not the cloth but the person wearing it who causes the problems.

I agree with you about your daughter as I have had a lot of experience in the medical areas with not only my job, but also my wife who is a PA to an IVF Specialist and comes into contact with a lot of nurses and midwives. You daughter has my respect for entering into a noble porfession.

If I may, I will recite a story about an incident I saw when at St Gabrielle's primary school. The whole school yard was covered in ashphelt. We had no sports ground or any grass area. The old church was actually on the school grounds until 1960 when the current church was built across the road in the side street the school bordered on.

To the right of the church was the main quadrangle bordered by classrooms and sheltersheds, where I got a hiding along with a group of other boys for sitting on top of a desk and stomping onto the seat. Unfortunately for me, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. An innocent victim. We were told to stand on the seats which were attached to the wall of the shelter shed.

The Sister then went up and down the line smacking the backs of our legs after she pulled our long socks down. What an absolute hero she was. Forty plus years on and I'm still spitting chips over it. She never bothered to listen to the boys and girls who told her we weren't involved.

But I digress. On the left side of the church were 2 netball courts where the boys played football most of the time. Aussie rules football Paul which if you have seen a game, can get pretty rough as it is a contact sport.

At the end of the courts was a dirt patch with trees and some of the boys would play marbles there. I remember one day the priest came along and saw the boys playing marbles. He rushed into the group and kicked their marbles everywhere screaming that they were palying a devils game. He probably saw it as gambling of some type. he pushed the boys and manhandled them carrying on like a lunatic which makes me think he was a Collingwood supporter-an Aussie Rules joke. All Collingwood supporters are crazy. After that, I had little respect for priests and that one in particular. I actually have a pic of him sitting with my Communion class.

This particular priest crossed swords with my Grandmother and came away licking his wounds. He was Irish and my Grandmother was a Scot. He had a go at her for not coming to Mass and she said she had 6 children and a husband working 6 days a week and didn't have time to attend Mass and said there were better Catholics that didn't attend Mass than those who did. The irony of this was the priest used what my Grandmother siad in his sermon the following week so she was told.

When he died I was going to pour a bottle of Scotch over his grave after filtering it through my kidneys first. So I can see how your wife had a hard time with the local Darby. Funny isn't it? They are really big in front of women but they back down when facing a man.


paul b

re so common

June 2 2007, 2:01 AM 

hello mike we still consider ourselves catholics' although not practising catholics (don't attend mass) i don't get involved in arguments on religion or politics' i respect other peoples views. sometimes i think people act the way they do because of their upbringing' the way they were treated when they were young. as well as my daughter my wife works in the medical profession as a ward sister at our local hospital. regarding my ex teachers i could talk to them all amicably with the exception of one' he took over from the english and games master the one who gave me two slipperings. i broke the rules i knew the consequence i thought he was fair afterwards. the games master who took over was a vile man. an ex army p e instructor' a bully who played the hardman to boy's he knew could not retaliate. he used a large pump a dunlop flash to beat boy's at every excuse. i was lucky enough not to be one of them. we had two sittings at dinner we had to line up before the doors were opened if he was on duty 5 or 6 boy's were ordered out of the line for any excuse and made to touch there toes for his pump. he only taught games no other subject so that tells it all. i was good at sprinting and long distance running no good at football my real passion (wolves fanatic) he would browbeat and belittle you at every opportunity never any praise. 3 years after leaving school i joined a boxing club' a ex army boxing champion and a ex professional ran the club' they could not do enough to help you' they were unpaid and did it for the love of the sport. art and boxing were the two things i had a natural ability for or so they said. i did think about going back to school and asking mr games master if he would like to spar in the gym then i thought why bother

Steve M

Bugger all to do with slippers!

June 2 2007, 12:35 PM 


Mike is also an honorary Man U fanatic, just as I am an Honorary Sydney Swans supporter.

You will doubtless remember some great clashes at Molyneux, with Peter Knowles & George Best in direct opposition! Football flaming heaven,especially once Doog joined your lot,too!

Amazingly enough, we had a whole crowd of JW's in our street today, but none bore any resemblance to Peter K.

Steve M

paul b

re not slippering

June 2 2007, 2:07 PM 

steve peter knowles is older than me but i used the same venues in wolverhampton to pull the birds (with success) he disappeared of the scene after his jw involvement and worked in a wolverhampton store. the doog lives on the outskirts of wolverhampton looking very old now. the late great george best the greatest footballer i was lucky enough to see play was a wolves fan too

Mike from Oz

Re: More Memories

June 3 2007, 3:40 AM 

Hello Paul and Steve. Paul, Steve already knows this and he actually provided me with more infomation from a conversation I had with him about Cricket and PE instructors.

One of the PE instructors I had at school was a man named Jack Potter a state cricket player for Victoria. This was in 1966 so its a few years ago now. I was never into cricket as a youngster and I had a run in with him over not being interested in playing a game of it during a PE lesson one day.

For my efforts I had my ear twisted. I'd like to invite him to try it on now!

I was more into Softball, football and gymnastics as I was a member of the Preston Police and Citizens Youth Club at the time I was at school. I wasn't so much interested in persuing gymnastics at school after I broke my arm trying out for the school team.

Most of the instructors at the youth club were volunteers in gymnastics and we did have one guy who was on the state team. After a few years and progressing to the senior ranks, 4 of us were made assistant caoches helping the Junior coach. In those days there were 100 or more kids doing gymnastics-no video games then.

I remember my father wanting to take my older brother and I to a Boxing club but mom was against it. When I jioned the youth club, in addition to the Gymnastics team, I also joined the Judo club. I got as far as obtaining my Green belt but went no further. Most of my mates were buying guitars and I did too. Most of them gave it away but I kept it up and have been playing in bands and duo's since 1968.

IN PE at school we had both female and male PE teachers and the male teachers were easy to get on with. The female teachers prefered gym work, Softball, and long distance runs whereas the male teachers prefered Track and Field, Football and Cricket.

There was no such thing as being hit with a gym shoe or slipper at my schools. Teachers did use CP but the strap was the preferred instrument of punishment.

I meant to elaborate on Wilson, the Englishman who taught Solid Geometry. Wilso was a short man with an accent like George Formby, the English actor of the 30's and 40's. He was a short bald headed man who wore round thin rimmed glasses which were a turtle shell colour. I'm sure had had some sort of inferiority complex or what we refer to here as short man syndrome.

My school had a lot of female teachers while I was there-all different ages and sizes. I probably got into more strife with them than I did with any of the male teachers. However, I did find that it was easier to talk to the female teachers than the males about certain issues.

I have written about my mother being sick and one female teacher finding out at the time. She gave me quite a bit of help and extra time to complete assignments. The down side was I still had deadlines to meet so I didn't get off scott free milking my mother's illness for an excuse.



The older female

June 5 2007, 12:43 AM 

From my experience at school it was the older female teachers who especially liked to see the schoolboy howling as he struggled to come to terms with the canes stinging pain

Mike from Oz

Re: Older Female Teachers

June 9 2007, 12:48 AM 

Greetings Downing Jim, to define your post a little more, I would like to put this thought to you which evolved from conversations I have had with some of my friends on this topic.

Do you feel that within this selected group, Single or Widowed teachers were the worst?

I had a conversation with some friends about this very topic and most felt it was the old biddies who went home to the company of good old Puss at night were far worse than some of the teachers who had families to go home to.

My experience at school was that teachers who were mothers themselves, were not overly cruel when using CP as a corrective measure. If anything, they were expressionless and were never nasty verbally. It was just a case of "Come out here" Bam! and "Return to your seat and pay attention" I think was the standard phrase used.

However, on the other hand, some of the elderly Nuns-those in the 50 onwards catagory seemed to take delight in using their feather dusters or straps and they used them very effectively.

Another thing the elderly teachers enjoyed was berating a person. They really made a meal out of it. It wasn't bad enough your hands or legs were stinging, your ears had to as well.


Male/Female Teachers

November 9 2011, 3:33 PM 

Male teachers hurt me more I have to say, especially with the slipper/gym shoe. I was strapped off the headmistress at infant school where all the teachers were female. As we had to wear grey short trousers I got my bare legs smacked.

Female teachers were strict though but being a boy the male teachers were more strict and could whack harder.

At home it was my dad who did the whacking. I got spanked over the knee and sometimes I got his slipper.



TWP Perspective

November 10 2011, 3:21 AM 

Hello y'all:

Interesting thread.

As to the four of us in TWP, I think our school "kids" probably perceive us as substitute moms (or maybe big sister?) which is fine by us. I really think our "kids" realize that we truly dislike having to sometimes punish them with a few moderate paddle swats. The tears we sometimes see are, in my opinion, due mostly to shame and not the swats themselves. Many times afterwards, the child I paddled has hugged ON ME! This always gives me a "lump in the throat" feeling and makes a very unpleasant task for me even harder.

I guess you could say that we have acquired a "motherly instinct" towards our charges even though we are already moms ourselves. (As an assistant middle school principal, I'm "mothering" over 750 +/- students!)

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