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July 25 2007 at 10:31 PM

Agree with it or not, parents in the UK are still permitted to spank their offspring within reason.

But when did placing a child over the knee go out of fashion.

There have been documentaries about parents that still spank and inevitably we witness the parent carrying out a spanking. But instead of taking the child and placing them across the knee, what we see is a very irate parent lunging across the room, grab the child by the arm, usually swing them around, in an attempt to take a couple of ill aimed swipes at the Childs backside, while the child predictably attempts to spin round in circles in an attempt to pull away or wriggle free. Sometimes it is a case the child is momentarily suspend few inches off the ground by his arm.

More than often the child is then see running off crying, not so much from the spanking itself, but the shock of his/her parent suddenly screaming threats and rushing at the child, grabbing him/her in such a manner.

If parents do elect to spank their children, surely this is a most inappropriate approach, placing a child OTK is safer and kinder.


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Steve M


July 25 2007, 11:27 PM 


It's also a more pragmatic method of delivering the smacking or spanking.

As you & I know as parents! Once the little buggers/madams are over your knee, one arm pinions them effectively in position, leaving the disciplinary other limb to tan away.

All that effort in 1968 to scrape physics grade 6 O level had some practical use. Levers & Fulcrums!!

Steve M



July 26 2007, 9:31 AM 

I agree with Ketta about the unseemliness of uncontrolled lashing out at a naughty child. In the United States this would be thought of as ‘spanking‘, whereas in Britain most of us would describe it as ‘smacking’. In this country a spanking is when a child is put otk and given more than one smack on its bottom. The punishment is controlled: the slaps land only on the bottom, which is not the case with giving a few random swipes.

How many smacks constitute a proper spanking? (The word used from now on in the British sense.) I would say at least four given with the open hand. This raises another point. If the hand is to be used then the child’s bottom must be bare. Hand spanking over just one layer of clothing is ineffective. Clothes may be kept on if a hairbrush is used, but how many parents today would risk using that?

Whereas the uncontrolled lashing out is undignified, there is some dignity in administering or receiving a formal otk spanking. The punishment need not be carried out by an angry parent in the heat of the moment, and it may be advisable to wait a few seconds (or even a few hours) before spanking. The child may have to be picked up and put across the knee, but some when ordered to do so would place themselves in position. The parent may remove the child’s clothing before or after the bending over or the child may be told to do this him/herself. In this way the parent has full control over what he/she is doing. The child receives a sore bottom and no damage is done to any other part of the body.

It is a pity that this type of punishing seems to be dying out. Children are still being hit, and always will be, but nowadays it is with slaps to the face, cuffs to the head and even kicks and punches.


is this the way Ketta?

July 26 2007, 9:34 AM 

Purely for clarity you understand,I offer this image of how to deliver the message.



July 26 2007, 1:52 PM 

Hmmm a most unusual image Monty-very unusual-if not tending to the bizarre!
Any info on are there more in this series?
Yes one shudders at smacking.
Read in the papers about a girl was falesly suspected of all sorts of mischief.
Eventually an adult neighbour was found responsible,although she had successfully put the blame on the girl for many months.
The court report detailed that the girl had been punished over this time in various ways
confinement to room,starvation and also it said "been smacked".
This in 2007!
Surely this warranted an investigation in itself?
How was the smacking done?
For how long?
How many times?
We are not told.


That Image

July 27 2007, 10:57 AM 

Ahhhhh Bozo!

The image is from the opening banner of another forum. A most interesting place to find an insight into todays young and older females who feel the need for 'Good Old Discipline'.The as with here seem to try to remain objective.
Not sure who Sue is but she runs this open exchange of thoughts and deeds??
The link I here try to place:

If you copy and paste it should do the trick.



July 28 2007, 1:39 PM 

I should have mentioned in my previous post that some would argue against putting a child in the otk position for a spanking. In this position the child’s genitals are in contact with the leg of the spanker and this could lead to the child sexualising spanking.

An alternative to otk is to have the child bend over a chair or table so that no friction is felt in the genital area. The bending over touching toes posture (known as the ‘Fran Position’). is unsuitable as the force of the smacks may knock the child forward.



July 29 2007, 5:44 PM 

Yes it is most important for women to understand that friction of the victims genital region with THEIR lap is most undesirable.
It causes erotic arousal and fixates the victim on the experience so that in later life they find it undesirable to perform "normal"intercourse without
some recreation of this preliminary.
This can lead to martial problems.
However any position in which the naked genitalia are in contact with ANYTHING:lap,table edge,sofa arm,pillow,even the carpet upon the floor
will have the same rubbing effect on the penis.
Particularly during the rough handling and swaying,struggling,rubbing around that is engendered during a spanking.
So ideally the subject should be free standing or standing erect with no contact at all.
No attempt should be made to forcibly pull the trousers down or lift a skirt.
Still less no attempt should be made to forcibly pull down underpants.
The lowering of these intimate garments is inextricably linked to the act of intercourse in later life and an unpleasant association will be engendered.
It MAY be permissible to "order"the victim to lower "voluntarily"their undergarments on pain of extra punishment,but this is a halfway measure
that is still questionable.
The act of forcibly lowering the pants is an act of abuse of power.
It is a statement.
It says I decide when your pants are up and when they are down.
I have CONTROL over this function.
The only other areas where such an abuse occurs are in marriage
when a husband can decide when a wife will lower her knickers
and at HM Customs where menustrating teenage girl tourists from Amsterdam in the 1990s
entering The UK used to be instructed in the same to check they werent hiding
marywanna up their jacksies.
Thank You and Good night,



July 31 2007, 5:36 PM 

Otk was quite common in junior school, but has anyone heard of it been used in secondary? Also, I suspect that the age limit also applied with domestic punishments. Was anybody here spanked otk by their parents after the age of about eleven?



July 31 2007, 8:47 PM 


I can't quite see you as a menstruating teenage Dutch girl, so when did you leave the Customs job?

As bad as DS Bob & his spanking Chelsea police force alsatians!

Steve M

Not telling


August 5 2007, 1:39 AM 

Bozo's comment about spanking is interesting but you have to remember that like homosexuality, a liking for fetished is actually pre-determined and not a result of parental discipline. Generally you'l find that someone will either seek it out or be turned on my other kinks such as standing in corners for a period even writing lines could be a turn on.



October 26 2007, 5:41 PM 

Here’s how to do it. The following is taken from the Spank With Love site

Over the lap

This is probably the most common position, and also the most desirable one. It is also often called "over the knee" although the child is actually put over the parent's thighs, not knees.
The parent sits down on an armless chair, a couch or a bedside. The child is placed across the parent's lap, with his/her head and arms to the left and his/her legs to the right. Normally, the child's arms and legs will be dangling down from that position. However, if the parent sits far enough back on a couch or bed, an inherent advantage is the full-length support of the child's body, making it that much harder to squirm out of position. As well, the lack of any real bending at the child's hips leaves his/her bottom rounder and more resilient; in other words, more spankable.

The "over the lap" position is recommended for children of all ages because it is comfortable for both participants. As the child is directly in front of the parent, he/she can closely monitor the effects of the spanking; the punishment's desired intensity is confidently attainable. Also, it gives the parent very good control, and reduces the child's mobility. Apart from its purely mechanical advantages, spanking a child across the parental lap allows the obvious unpleasantness of the experience to be mitigated somewhat by the extent of bodily contact.

A variant of the standard "over the lap" position (where the child lies directly across both thighs) is where the child is bent over the left thigh. The child's legs can then be tucked under the parent's right leg. This arrangement serves the purpose of preventing the upended child from kicking in response to a spanking. In every other respect, it's an uncomfortable position that should never be chosen willingly.

Another variant of the standard "over the lap" position, which was suggested by a reader (see his mail dated June 16, 2003) is to sit on the edge of a bed, on an angle, facing towards the left. This way, the child's upper body is fully supported by the bed (similar to "over the lap, facing backwards", see below), while his/her pelvis is positioned over the parent's right thigh, and his/her legs are to the right of the parent's lap, as in the regular "over the lap" position.



November 10 2007, 9:21 AM 

This is one of my favourite topics, but where is the person who started it?



November 10 2007, 5:27 PM 

I would agree that if a child is to be punished with a spanking/smacking then it is best to put the child over the knee for punishment.

I was often hit by both parents when growing up and both would let fly with slaps to the head/face or occasionally aim for the bottom or legs. More often than not their slaps ended up striking anywhere - particularly when you could see the blow coming and tried to swing away from it.

Some slaps to the head or ears did cause harm and would leave the ears ringing and sometimes leave us (I had 2 brothers) dizzy for a minute or two. It was surprising that we didn't come to more harm with slaps around the area of the ears and eyes.

Don't get me wrong - my parents were very loving and looked after us well. They believed that CP was a useful tool in raising boys but their methods in administering it was haphazard and could have caused injury.

My brothers and I realised that we were no angels and that we deserved to be punished from time to time. On refllection, I believe that if our parents had taken more time to administer punishment they could have done so and limit the possibility of causing unreasonable injury. Putting a child over the parent's knee should ensure that the only serious damage is nothing more that a sore bottom.



August 20 2008, 9:34 AM 

It seems that otk is still practised in America. Here are the comments of three regular contributors to Yahoo Answers.

She needs to be placed across your lap face down. Panties lowered to her knees. You need to slap her bottom hard enough that she cries. You need to slap her bottom several times; after she is crying uncontrollably, slap her bottom 10 times, but harder. Let her cry. Give her a hug and then some privacy.
I usually have a talk with my daughters later, after they have regained their composure. (ShakenSharon)

Yes, we ALWAYS put our children over the knee (lap) for spankings. Why? It's what works best, and also supports their back. (OlSchoolMom)

My children get "taken over the knee". It's really a good way to control the child while giving the spanking. If your spanking them while they are standing up, then more than likely they are trying to get away and doing a lot of squirming. If they are turned over, then they have to focus on the spanking and why they are getting it. (Blessed Mama)



September 11 2008, 9:55 PM 

Spanking is not "delivering a message". Delivering a message is delivering a message. Teach people verbally instead of HITTING them - especially kids. Wonder why the US is the most violent country on the planet. The children are being beaten!!! ...LEGALLY!!!

American Way

Look Magazine Letter September 24, 1940

January 21 2012, 4:59 PM 

Not necessarily true account from a letter response but 1940 was a different time. You can gather that much from the cover.

"So Patricia Summers of England doesn't think American girls ever get spanked. I' d like to see her enrolled in the Texas high school I went to. It's nothing for a girl of 16 to be sent to the principal with a note."


American Way

Look Magazine September, 24, 1940 Note

January 21 2012, 5:06 PM 

What makes the account more likely the principal is a woman and at 16 the number of spanks is quite plausible for a girl that age. "Dorothy Needs a spanking." The principal turns you over her lap and gives you 20 good ones...



January 21 2012, 6:18 PM 

i was spanked over the knee sometimes when i was growing up and always on the bare for the most serious offences. the last time i was 12 and a half but this was many years ago. at the time it seemed a normal punishment for a boy or girl who had done something wrong in the home or even at school. a teacher did spank me bare although it was in private. even now i cant see any danger in delivering such a punishment as some sugestions are made. times have changed, when i was growing up it never seemed to matter if genitals were seen by an adult being parent or teacher and of course at the time i was more concerned about my bottom....



January 27 2012, 8:52 AM 

just an afterthought..i belive it would be safer to spank otk, but bent over an object the spanker would have more of a swing, so would hurt more...

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