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Three Whacks for Girls

September 24 2007 at 8:24 PM
Research Assistant 2 

When girls were caned or slippered on the bum at school, three strokes appears to be the number frequently administered.

I hated School with a passion from 13 - 16 and each day seemed like torture and couldn't wait for the day I left, until then I had to make the most of it. I remember vividly getting 3 strokes of the cane on my bum, when I stupidly admitted to something I hadn't done, like smashing eggs over a girls head, it was another gang member, who happened to be the 'cock' of the school. Mum gave permission for me to be punished and thereby making me hate the system even more.

From the Bolton Evening News, first published Wednesday 19th Mar 1997.
SIR: I reply to your correspondent B Derbyshire. During a PE lesson at the Co-educational Grammar School that I attended in Bolton during the 1970s, one of the girls let off a fire extinguisher. As the culprit would not own up the entire class of 20 or so girls had to touch their toes for three strokes of the slipper.
I am glad that my children, who are approaching secondary school age, will not be subject to such an 'instant, painful' and too easily resorted to 'solution'.
My children will not grow up into 'unteachable yobs' as they have been bought up properly and do not need the threat of a beating to make them behave at school.
Mrs S MacLellan
Wellington Street, Bolton

I have several girlfriends of around my age who received corporal punishment. One of them was once publicly caned by her Headmistress with three other girls on her bottom (three strokes touching toes) in assembly at her mixed primary school. (Fran)

my wife was also slippered at senior school in private except for her friend peeping through a window the headmistress gave her three strokes on her knickers. (paul b)

I was at school in the late 50s/60s. CP was only given on the backside by the head or deputy both female, In my case my skirt was lifted by the teacher after being told to bend over and receiving three whacks of the cane. (Ketta, as New to the site)

Miss Dines told her she would have to cane her, told her to pull her dress up, bend over and lean against the bookcase, and gave her three strokes on her backside. (Northwich Guardian, 18 November, 1976)

One day our teacher Mr Wiggins said if there is any more fighting those involved would get the slipper and shortly after being told that, a girl from the outside who I hated started calling me names and I just pointed at her and said just you wait I’ll get you after school she was so frightened she ran and told the teacher the next day I was called out in front of the class all Mr Wiggins said was that he was disappointed in me then told me to bend over and I got three whacks of his plimsoll that was the end of my crush on Mr Wiggins.

I along with three other girls and several boy was caught playing in the schools old WW2 air raid shelters, which were strictly out of bounds.

We were marched down to the Headmistress’s office and lined up outside her door, whilst the teacher informed her of our misdeeds As there were to many of us to all get in her office, she came out and gave us a real telling off in the corridor. Then we were taken in one at a time and given the slipper, which was in fact an elasticated plimsoll, which was commonly referred to as “The Pump”

We all got Three of the Best, the one concession being that we only had to lean against her desk to be punished, where as the boys had to bend right over and touch their toes.

I remember the whole experience as being really frightening and of course painful. However afterwards I can remember felling really proud that not only had I had the Pump, but that unlike some of the others, I hadn’t cried. (Valerie G)

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Steve M

Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 24 2007, 11:28 PM 


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Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 24 2007, 11:39 PM 

I though ooor cillaa got 6 of the best on two occasions as on SF&R.
Most girls I have personal details of were either one of the cane or one of the slipper. Plus one 6 with the ruler.
There were lotsa lotsa girls getting it back then, I would gues most every girl got some sort of CP at least once.

Alan S

Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 25 2007, 11:08 AM 

I think Mimi should get six of the slipper for adopting the revolting American practice of writing "most every girl". The word is "almost". Bend over! Right down, girl! Touch your toes!


Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 25 2007, 6:24 PM 

Alan *** off, mimi is my nom de plume I am mostly male.
If you bothered to look further you will see that three letters are missing, something called a typo error and something called dyslexia.


Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 25 2007, 7:04 PM 

MOSTLY!!!???? What exactly are you then, Mimi?


Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 25 2007, 10:13 PM 

Danny, Mostly was a bit of a play on words concerning most and almost.

Alan S

Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 26 2007, 11:16 AM 

Anyone called Mimi has to be a woman, just as all Georges are men. Lottas, on the other hand, are hermaphrodites. Anyway, it's an extra three of the best, Mimi, for swearing at a teacher.

Paul b

Three Whacks for Girls

September 27 2007, 11:49 PM 

Reading through posts and gathering information, it appears R.A.
Is correct, three whacks across a girls bottom, with the cane or
Slipper happend on many occasions. With my wife receiving three
Strokes of the slipper at senior school, I compare the number of
Whacks she received to that of other girls.
I have a passage from "The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls"
Leicestershire's school year 1980-1981. Only seventy-six girls were
Beaten in that year, and all received the slipper, rather than the cane
Across their bottoms. Of these girls, thirteen received only one stroke;
Thrty-one received two strokes; twenty-three received three strokes;
Seven girls rsceived four strokes and only two received more than four;
An average of 2.4 strokes per slippering ( calculated on the assumption
That more than four means the traditional six).
On that occasion three whacks were the second highest amount.


Re: Three Whacks for Girls

September 28 2007, 5:13 PM 

The book "Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls" is not a definative survey. It is more a collection of snippets of information. What may have been the practice in one county could have been completely different elsewhere. In West Yorkshire only canings were recorded in punishment books therefore slipperings disappear entirely from the offical record. There really is a need for serious historical research into C.P. In many cases only the punisher and the punished know what actually happened in a given instance so that most evidence is anecdotal


What;s the big fuss?

October 16 2007, 7:48 PM 

So what if a few girls got punished for things not done by them?

I got the cane & other types of CP in my school in India & believe that no damage was done to me.

Accounts by other girls such as Lee Ying [got ane on buttocks at age of 19-20 in Singapore] also point to benefits of a good dose of the cane to a naughty girl.


Sill Lee Asso

re: What;s the big fuss?

October 17 2007, 5:14 PM 


I have told you many time and oft before - E Ling Broadway is ladyboy. Do not listen to him. Yes please. He can fool lot of fatties on British Spunking but not here when we have sophisticates like Special Jetta and Gary Price.


schoolgirl caning

October 24 2007, 9:27 PM 

when iwas 9 i went to a mixed school in the late 50s The head mistress caned senior girls ,there were no boys in the secondary just in primary school I was on an errend for a teacher i saw two girls 15yr olds standing ouside the office.The first girl was always in trouble her friend looked pale and fidgety the taller blond said well get the cane for sure im up for six after last time the friend said ill get 4 Just then the door opened and thesmaller one was called in i heard voices then the swish of the caneand yells of pain 4 strokes the door opened nd she came out holding her backside her face was red The taller girl went in and again i heard the cane but no noise until the 5th stroke then a yelp folowed by a loud groan She came out both hands down her knickers her friend asked if she was ok she said my arse is on fire i wont be able to sit for days they walked away i was mesmerised


Re: Three Whacks for Girls

November 23 2007, 8:38 PM 

Lisa Harrison
09/06/2007 I was caned twice at my Wiltshire (English) senior school in the mid eighties and my word it hurt. I should have learned after my 1st smoking offence (2 on my hand) but didnt. I knew what was coming 2nd time and the wait outside the heads office was indescribable. This time it was 3 on my behind and lots of tears...I no longer smoke! Paddling or caning should be legal on both sides of the pond for society's sake. They just have no respect any more.

Three-Whack Anorak

Re: Three Whacks for Girls

April 30 2008, 8:40 AM 

I love to read about those three-stroke canings. They are severe, but not too severe. Tear-making, but not too tear-making.

A new one has been added by Belinda Kite to the “corporal punishment in girls schools thread”.

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