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Rare:Woman pulls pants down to protect lap?

December 17 2007 at 3:49 PM

A odd idea has arisen in my mind concerning the modus operandi employed by Female Spankers.
It is this:
Some Female Spankers undoubtedly recognise that the spanking of the male bare bottom wriggling in their lap can occassionally result in untoward consequences of a wet nature.
(Either from fear or over sexual stimulation either way a wetting may occur.
Females will put up with this however if they are true advocates of the effectiveness of chastisment none the less.)
I wonder if any female recognising this has ever seen fit to first of all immediately prior to spanking lifted her skirt pulled her foundation panties or girdle inside out to the level of her upper thighs/knees to form a sort of ad hoc
receptical for whatever may be coming that way in her lap?This would consitute the bizarre spectacle of 2 bare bottoms bouncing around in tandem,one seated on the bed the other wriggling around on top of the garment in a well endowed lap.
Should the unthinkable occur the garment could be laundered by the maid afterwards after full removal in the bathroom without damage to tights or stockings a substattial garment
absorbing most of the mess.
An emergency situation granted.
But better than spoiling a good terry towelling bedspread or a expensive pair of seamed hose eh?

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Re: Rare:Woman pulls pants down to protect lap?

December 17 2007, 4:28 PM 

I would have thought that the appropriate use of a PVC (or other water resistant)apron in this circumstance would be effective.



December 17 2007, 6:47 PM 

Hmmmmm very possibly-rubberised bedsheets were all the rage some 50 years ago,
but use of PVC in contact with male genetalia is very likely to result
in a PVC "Fetish"in later years sadly.
However one of those kitchen aprons with a suitable pattern or photo on it
,appropriate to the event taking place,(tomato theme,rolling pin or butter pat board or pandas and bamboo perhaps?)might avoid the effects of using shiny black plastic.
The apron scenario might even occur spontaneously if a chastisement is delivered straight from Kitchen to Bedroom without time for change of gear.
A large wooden cooks'spoon grabbed on the way out of the kitchen and used to good effect might suitably complement the vignette?

Alan S

Re: Rare:Woman pulls pants down to protect lap?

December 18 2007, 4:44 PM 

I find this discussion tasteless. You should be caned for even thinking such things.

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