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Are females sadistic

March 23 2008 at 11:13 AM

The recent post from 'well disciplined' prompted me to dwell on my experiance of being sent to the head by a female teacher.
Although his post bears no relationship to my visits for punishment, the fact that a young lady had 'sentenced me to be caned' by sending me to the heads office and having to inform him that I had displeased her in some way was certain to result in bending for the cane. Upon return to the class the way that I was questioned by her to establish that indeed my bottom had been caned, confirmed my thoughts that maybe she gained some sort of pleasure in in my distress.
I noted over my years at secondary school that it was the female teachers who did most of the sending to the head!!
Like 'well disciplined' at the the time I hated her, but now years later I wish she could take me to the head herself. Strange hey!!!

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Re: Are females sadistic

March 23 2008, 2:30 PM 

Oh yes,it happen here,some female teachers are 'hoping' the boys get the cane,& they enjoy it...

Research Assistant 2

Re: Are females sadistic

March 23 2008, 3:34 PM 

See Chapter 10 'The Lady with the Lash' of 'Thy Rod and Staff' by Edward Anthony, published by Abacus for a good account of sadism in females.


Female enjoyment of male pain

March 23 2008, 9:50 PM 

I once over heard a young woman questioning a young man about a school caning he had received 3 or 4 years before. She was clearly very interested and licked her lips as she savoured the details of the rattan wrapping around the boy's proferred posterior. The young man clearly enjoyed describing his ordeal. I did very briefly contemplate offering to help with a re-enactment but thought better of it.


thy rod and staff

March 24 2008, 11:16 AM 

Thanks for the info RA, any chance of a PDF copy of said chapter? Or anyone know of a link to this .

My origonal post was inspired by the fact that I noticed even as a boy that females had a deep interest in the infliction of CP to boys,not sure about girls as I went to all boys school. The heads secretary herself took great pains to be involved in the administration of the cane, although not hands-on she was always listening and had the task of entering the punishment in the record book. Believe me standing in front of her desk with a recently caned bottom was not pleasant, it seemed to take her ages to fill the book in!!
At home I recall my older brother being caned for some offence,the local headmaster did the honours. The lady teacher who lived nearby was a witness.This was at mothers request,how times have changed.



March 24 2008, 11:40 AM 

Reference my previous posts on primary teech dragging screaming boy upstairs to get strap on hand from male head.
She did not stay in the room however.
Are females sadistic?Some are some aint.
Female sadism is different and more subtle to male sadism.
Excluding pathological cases such as at Ranevsbruch (Ilsa she wolf of ze ss used to delight in running her big bicycle over campers)
she was later hanged for ze privelege.
( I was run over as a child incidentally by a speeding lightweight racer with another boy on it and it never did me no harm)
Females are tempted into sadism as is human when they are put in sole charge of someone weaker.
(this phneopmonen can be observed where ever humans have to "guard"weaker humans hence "brutality" cases in all manner of institutions.
Schools and nannys are no exception.
I think I have observed however only 2-3 cases of obvious female sadism in 30 years.It appears to be very rare.
By genuine I mean where the female is actually getting sexual pleasure or titillation from punishment as opposed to juist brutally bashing a kid out of frustration.
One was a South African White exile who was rumoured to bare bottom thrash her brood with a hardhairbrush in the bedroom with particular attention to the daughter of the family.
Another was a woman office worker who used to have a funny glint in here eye smoking a cigarette as she manhandled
a large particularly whippy perspex long ruler in front of young male student trainees.
The last was a young middle eastern housewife who was observed one sunny day receiving charge of a boy who it appears had run away and was returned by the family chauffer to an apartment
in a wealthy part of London.The last words heard were "dont you ever do that again...."as the front door slammed and some minutes later distinctive methodical lengthy slap slap sounds emerged from the sitting room window.A glimpse of her expression was caught just before this incident and it was again "that look"of looking down haughty gleaming anticpated pure sadistic pleasure at power over another in a bare buttock kind of a way.The "vibe"in aware bystanders of which there were few also came across as communicated.(Butterflies)This strongly suggested to me that she utterly enjoyed whatever was going on.Oh and then there was the giggling au pair in a library with a pupil who kept stammering and getting wrong awnsers to some homework.Shocked we were when she was observed to rap the pupil on the hand and state "come on.....get it right....or you will get one smack for every awnser you get wrong"or the woman on the bus over heard to say"behave or when you get home I will smack you very very hard"....or the other woman hugging a pupil and saying to it"well weve tried spanking and smacking and it didnt work..."



March 24 2008, 11:51 AM 

PS I understand how the link is made but it is not real
it just seems sadistic
I could never understand how boys at our all boys public school could get caned
badly thrashed brutally leaving black and blue marks and welts as they howled
in grim dark silent rooms whilst outside fat bottomed untouchable "ladies"in delicate pantyhose
wobbled and laughed carefree about in the town oblivious to the 18th century torment being inflicted just a few hundred yards away on the backsides of young males.
The importation into the towns newsagents of sado masochistic porno mags (early 1970s)like Search and Relate previously confined to small areas of Soho London did a lot to make awar boys that
what was going down at the school was in many respects "kinky"in the parlance of the swinging hip early 1970s youth world.
the complete indifference to these plantation like episodes of flogging and the fact that girls and women in general seemed "to have it soft"no doubt contributed to the inculcation of a masochistic mind set in the boys that sought outlet in fantasies of these women being
whipped themselves a fantasy that was very attractive as were the women to young rebels being so unobtainable and unthinkable and taboo,.It is a curious transference but as I say there is little substance that these women were even aware of flogging or thought much of it.I think if anything the affected boys were being turned into Sadists themselves by the flogging rather than masochists though of course in every Sado Masochist there are dual components of both sadism and masochism they are usually able to swtich between the two at will.


Re: Are females sadistic

March 24 2008, 1:51 PM 

I still remember a female teacher in my school,very fond giving demerit points to any male student offending her,then she will says,'you better wear extra underwear to school tomorrow' i will make sure you got at least 3 strokes of the cane...then she will laugh when she hand the form to the discipine master.


Re: Are females sadistic

March 24 2008, 7:17 PM 

I always thought it was just plain nasty when school marms sent us boys for a whacking. You have got to be one heck of a sad b**stard to delegate such things.


Re: Are females sadistic

March 25 2008, 2:37 AM 

You raise a very interesting question.
Certainly some females are sadistic, but I don't think real sadism is any more prevalent in females than males.

However, I do think that females are more inclined to gain pleasure or satisfaction from controlling males, and my experience as a child under the almost constant threat of corporal punishment, suggests that they are far more likely to use some degree of added cruelty, to gain or reinforce such control.

The threat of being sent for the slipper or cane was much more likely to be made by a female teacher than a male one. Curiously the few female teachers who administered corporal punishment themselves seemed far less likely to derive pleasure or satisfaction from the event.
The removal of clothing, or the suggestion that this should be a part of the punishment, was almost exclusively used by women, both at school and at home. They undoubtedly knew the psychological effect that would have on a boy, especially an older boy.

Although many of my female friends were subject to corporal punishment at home (as were the boys), it was very rare at school. It was clear however that the girls had a great fascination with how any punishment was conducted.
The almost universal question was "Did you have to take your pants down?". When the answer happened to be "no", a hopeful "your trousers?" usually followed. They seemed really disappointed if that got a "no" as well.
In fact my first serious girlfriend (I was 17, she was 16) asked if they caned me on the bare bottom at school. When I said no, she replied "Oh, they should have done". I asked why she thought that, and she simple replied "I don't know, they just should".

As adults, I'm sure we have all encountered women who clearly derive pleasure from teasing, mocking and belittling men, and I firmly believe it is based on a desire to control.


Women Teachers and CP

March 26 2008, 12:23 AM 

I remember at my secondary modern school in the early 1970s we had a young female social studies teacher, a Miss Stone, who must have been about mid twenties. She seemed to relish talking about corporal punishment, and introduced it into social studies lessons at every opportunity. I remember a whole lesson being devoted to the (then) recent history of the cat o'nine tails and the birch in judicial adult and juvenile CP. After the lecture part of the lesson, she opened the class for questions and thoughts either pro or anti CP. This was in the first year, so the class would have been full of 11-12 year olds (mixed boys and girls). I remember one little girl putting her hand up, and commenting that scarring from CP on a victims back might prevent him from going swimming! A typical childlike thought! Miss Stone then appeared to take delight in explaining that in the case of the birch, it was applied to the bare bottom, and the scarring would be on that part of a boy's anatomy. This elicited a muffled chorus of giggles from the class, mainly from the girls.



March 26 2008, 6:36 PM 

Yes a similiar experience at Primarary School.
A boy pupil came in one day with a nose as red as Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer due to a cold.
He was the only boy sat at the girls' table.
The girls all kept giggling intermittently at his nose.
Seems the colour bright red parts of the anatomy has that effect on them!
At least it wasnt his bum!
The current school generation are very much aware of Birching and the like even if it does not go on any more.
However it appears to be more a byword for sex and erotic deviation nowadays than anything taken seriously.
A sort of nod nod wink wink phenomonen.
The older generation might be surprised at the "openeness"of the "Club generation"to such topics vis a vis their schooldays in the 1950s?

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