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Hand strapping versus buttocks caning

February 21 2009 at 3:09 AM

When I was at school (1950s and 60s) hands were strapped at primary school (ages 5 to 12 ) and clothed buttocks were caned as secondary school (boys only, ages 13-17). For some reason, we were anxious to grow up and even looked forward to being old enough to be caned.

The strap really hurt and it was commonly assumed the cane would hurt more. But it didn't. I am not sure anyone let on - or was their experience different from mine? Or was I just tougher as a teen boy? The strap left the hands sore and there was never any warm after glow as there was with the cane.

The ethos was for boys to take their punishment `like a man` - a strange notion as no man was required to hold out his hand or to bend and present his buttocks. Boys were inclined to subtly inflate the severity of their punishments while at the same time making it clear they were not bothered by the pain. Most canings were good natured affairs - with rapport between those at opposite ends of the cane, provided only the caning was regarded as `fair` and was done well - on target etc.

How do others rate hand strapping and buttocks caning for relative severity?

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Strap & Cane

February 21 2009, 9:43 AM 

I have recalled in a previous thread that at my boarding Prep School in the 1950s the House staff exercised their authority with the application of a short strap to our bare bottoms. For more significant issues, the Head reserved to himself the right to apply a cane there. Over five years, I experienced both several but not many times. My recall is that the strap did hurt and made a lot of noise, but it was not as sharp nor as long lasting in its discomfort as the same number from the cane. But, of course, different people were applying them and generally the caning took place during the day, so the victim had to return to a hard desk seat not in itself a comfortable experience. Normally, the strap was administered in the evening before bed, a much better place to recover! So to keep to the thead, I suspect it was more about how and where the strap or cane were used and by whom....

American Way

Re: Strap & Cane

February 15 2010, 11:45 PM 

<<span class="image-embed">

In Memphis girls receive strappings from ages 11 to 14 on the hand. I thought where the girls from Malaysia passively linked seemed punished safely with more than just one stroke a close up may be of some avail as with this repeat archive link. In 2007 they were considering having females only apply the strap to the palms and calves of girls privately with the target chosen to avoid emotiional damage according to some. I am of the mind that the dangers of hand caning are far greater than feared by some. Inapproriately applied on either end CP can be dangerous and its more the care and caution than the instrument of correction IMHO. Oddly enough as an American I have never felt the sting of the paddle but that of a pointer on the fully clothed bottom and a wooden ruler on the palms. I prefer the latter. I felt an unease about being hit on the backside (just in second grade) and at least on the hands I had a measure of control for I could see and was prepared when contact would be made. My preference I suppose.

passive link to photo shown

The marks left on a Malaysian secondary school student's hand after she was caned once on her hand by her teacher. Picture taken with permission from the said student. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide.

Upon closer inspection of the girls I am convinced this was not a hoax and would some venture to say they received more than one stroke and would you consider them accurately applied? They look like one to me perhaps you could describe the cane you think was used. We never got hit with the ruler more than once but on each hand. It stung and made some ouch loudly and some eyes water but the sting dissipated but lingered long enough to serve its purpose. They threatened us to send us to the office if we didn't strectch out our hands. One sister almost lost her patience with a reluctant girl but she complied perhaps out of fear of what the principal had in store.

What would seem excruciatingly embarrassing and painful was just enough. Some teachers put mpossible expectations on us and others were inconsistent which was at best face insensitive and at worse cruel. I saw both end of the scale. In spite of being abused I see value in CP when applied appropriately.

19 year old girl and companions-hoax-or-real

[linked image]


Re: Hand strapping versus buttocks caning

February 16 2010, 4:20 AM 

At my primary school most canings were hand canings, so I know what it's like. It only hurts and stings terribly, and lasts a lot longer, when you are hit on your fingers, which was very often. The teachers didn't give a damn if they hit you on your palm or on the fingers.
It is not easy to aim just at the palms of a small boy's hand, especially if done with a thick ruler, which was mostly the case at our school. I believe that it would be the same with the strap or tawse.
If I had the choice I would choose the strap since the impact would be a lot softer than the hard cane or ruler, whether on hands or buttocks, especially on clothed buttocks where the strap can't penetrate like the cane.

American Way

Re: Hand strapping versus buttocks caning

February 16 2010, 6:39 AM 

Hi Willy: Thank you for your informative account as usual from someone who has been on the receiving end more than once and in more than one manner. It's refreshing to here someone sharing your experience with hand CP in such dispassionate and balanced manner as well. Awhile back you asked about America and paddling and I hope I was of help. I think of you have been following TWP (the girls have written extensively in the nature of the paddle wielding it from grade 3 to grade) you can understand the thickness and pliancy and of course the expertise and disposition of the administrator makes all the difference in the world. Awhile back I mentioned in New Mexico the administrator required training and made two paddles available. McRostie had a tawse for primary school age students I believe they may be using in Memphis for the scarcity of plaintiffs and the fearsome Lochleggy had M L XL available but did they make some thing lighter? I mentioned pliancy because you couldn't hold up a McRostie would it folding back and seem most appropriate on the young similar to a camera holder strap but the Lochleggy were of difference thickness but stiffer. If you never had a taste of the paddle it would be more like a ruler and more appropriate for the backside rather than the palm.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with wood especially on the fingers. That has not been our experience here with the ruler (more often than not in a benign manner as in Corporal Punishment on the Lighter Side photo. A few girls eyes watered when hit on the knuckles which to my knoweledge outside of one over the knee spanking was the worse a girl received. Calling student bad for the knuckles should have been verboten but that was a rare exceptiion too bad it had to be me. sad.gif even if the ruler is relatively thin and was only one rap. One mother (not much older than me) said she took her girl out the first time her son was hit with a ruler (on the palm I presume) she withdrew her child to a public school where CP was outlawed. Sorry for going on and on but by this time you're probably use to it.happy.gif Being one of the few Americans posting here however often I do so I hope makes up for that happy.gif and I was as I hopefully assume happy to have shared mostly data and srticles and not experience on paddling.


Re: Hand strapping versus buttocks caning

February 16 2010, 11:37 AM 

Corporal punishment is about deliberately causing the recipient a measured ammount of pain .

You could poke someone in the eye, stamp on their foot, slap their face or do anything thats going to hurt them.

Given that your own hand is a delicate, sophisticated part of your body you are probably going to want to use an implement to inflict the pain that you require.

You could use pretty much an implement you wanted. However the idea is not to permanently damage the recipient just cause a measured amount of pain . So probably not a good idea to use a baseball bat, or a golf club.

A good idea would be to use something like a cane, a tawse, or a paddle. An even better idea would be to use one of the above that after special consideration had been decided was fit for purpose.

Now having decided to use the implement to avoid damage to your own hand why would it be acceptable to use the implement on someone elses hand ? I mean the idea is to punish, not disable or damage seriously. It doesnt take long to locate a soft fleshy part of the body that when hit hard with nay of the above causes the required level of pain. The more you hit it and the harder you hit it the more it hurts.

So the bottom line is that it has to be the bottom !

American Way

Re: Hand strapping versus buttocks caning

February 16 2010, 3:57 PM 

When children become too old to be spanked over the knee too clumsy that is they were often strapped by their fathers with belts hence more often than by mothers. There are popular movies that depicr it and I'm sure when you were told wait to your father gets hime that was the way it was dished out. More often than not it wasn't on the bare but with less clothes to protect because it the punishment was administered after being sent to your bedroom for privacy and for the usual reason for punsihment when CP was not used.was followed to go to your bedroom to prepare for bed and then they lie on their "tummy" and get it on the "bum" quotes to use childhood terms. It might be practical more practical in a boarding school. Parents don't usually keep canes or paddles around the house. A strap's accuracy is not as important with a bigger target. Without it being bare bottom IMHO it can be done with a decorum of decency eothout loss of dignity and proportionally painfully appropriate to misdeed both in intensity and in number.

Alan Turing (missed for more reasons than milestone posts) used a medical analogy. CP between gender can be dicey (in spite of some protestations to the contrary) and needles are often given with the patient lying face or on the side down with a johnny for modesty and always behind a close door. It would be more painful of course if barriers were removed but not to the bare. I say this because the cane may be more effective over the more practical clothes when just bending over.

Has CP been administered in a similar manner in the school or domestic setting to you or someone you have known? Do you think it would have been wise in retrospect if infrequently applied in this manner? Although personal accounts are the rule of thumb has there ever been a thread under the school corporal punishment of siblings rather than classmate? No sense starting some thing if it has already been dealt with. BTW Renee talked about possibly getting a double dose from her father's belt which like school corporal punishment would be more frequent in the home as well. It should go without saying if you know what is in the childs best interests you would not strike a child in such a way to cause wittingly bruises from without or within. Long and short should the methods used by the parents in the home be carried over to the teachers and administration in the school? How practical or wise would that be? Sorry for errors bur feel free to ask for clarifications? Sorry for taking so long to express my self in UK english and not the American Way.

American Way

prof n: He ain't heavy he's my brother.

February 16 2010, 8:59 PM 

prof n: So many people have false notions when it comes to my country and I find it especially annoying when good things occur in a city or a charter school are overshadowed by the insubstantiated bad. hcj rightly used the word franctic when it came to finding someone to agree with the dangers of hand punishment. It ill behooves you to try so franctically to find someone to agree with you on hand punishment as well as to a lesser extent to swallow hook line and sinker every negative thing you're told about Memphis Academy.

Lawyers are often called sharks for when they smell blood they go for the jugular. Look at what's going on in Memphis Law School and understand why I am so proud of my country as is Tennessee of its former two term Senator of this proud state former Vice President Al Gore. The bottom two links gives another dime,sion to Memphis.

prof n: Only an insensitive person couldn't understand why you are so ardent reacting so ardently to allegations without knowing the facts. I consider not a waste of sentiment to feel your pain nor wonder why you give ear to the accuser and assume guilt for the one accused. How can anyone be dispassionate or balanced? I'm sure I'm not the only person that becomes unhappy in this Happy Circle when one reads of your experiences. Please don't feel patronize because no two experiences are the same. He ain't heavy he's my brother.


Re: Hand strapping versus buttocks caning

February 16 2010, 9:36 PM 

Hi American Way,

You said you did not intend to continue with this particular bone. I therefore posted my final position on the TWP thread. There were a number of questions posed there, and some comments. Here I'll confine myself to repeating the conclusion:

Whether you see it as abuse or not , it is a long way from those 5/6 swat paddlings in private with appeals etc. you promoted in your handbook AW.

I can't however support that , and I condemn any school which refuses to talk openly when questioned about its punishment policies. Silence may not be guilt , but transparency is truth!

As I've said hundreds of times before the South needs to smell the coffee. well organised , moderate cp is a fine method of discipline. But it must not be autocratic, public or excessive.

American Way

Re: Hand strapping versus buttocks caning

February 16 2010, 10:17 PM 

If you took it to be a continuance or as my breaking of an unspoken truce that's my bad. I should have made that clearer. My intent (however clumsy) was to let the people of this estimable Forum know that there are good things going on in Memphis.

As a child of the sixties (I take it you're a few years younger) I was brought up to think that TN was a tale of two cities (Nashville and Memphis) but today's young people are slowly breaking through generations of bible belt thinking in Memphis in spite of the pressures placed upon them not to change. True many had to leave the area to go to school and establish themselves elsewhere but there is something (beauty of the land) or generations of family pride that bring many back. For sure on a spectrum they're still religious conservatives compared to the rest of the country but are leaning more toward moderate.

During the imfamous 2000 election Gore wasn't able to carry his state for many thought he turned his back upon them after leaving the Senate for eight years to serve Bill Clinton (left wing adulterer from their POV). The two of us know how divers and hard to charcterize a nation of 320,000,000 people.

As that Texan LBJ said my fellow Americans and lacking many among this Happy Circle I would feel awfully lonely if we started (never have) disagreeing disagreebly. BTW my guess is TWP are from TX but wouldn't it be a hoot if they were from TN. happy.gif

Long and short please forgive me.

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