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23 schoolgirls caned

March 1 2009 at 10:53 AM

Readers who doubt whether girls are ever caned on the seat by male teachers may be interested in this account:

The school is in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur.

Curiously, only 4 days earlier, at another mass caning for tardiness, only the boys were so punished:

See the hall in which the punishment is administered here:

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American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 1 2009, 12:45 PM 

This will be picked up by the media and will be well known very soon. I've heard of behavior modification but this is ridiculous. You're suppose to respect other cultures but this is beyond the pale. It's unbelievable but sadly true. Let the Human Rights Watch pick on them and leave us alone. On a lighter note, the union would never allow that at my work but there would be more woman caned than men for tardiness if they did. I hope British humor and Anerican humor can coexists on this one.

American Way

Copied and Pasted from 2/12 and 2/16 student news

March 1 2009, 12:57 PM 

For the convenience of those who don't want to navigate the link, I've copied and pasted this. I think Jason Thow and ChinYong has read too many books not found at every bookstore. Definitely not the American Way!

Special Gifts For Late Students =]
by Jason Thow on Feb.12, 2009, under Past Event
For students who always like to come late, better make sure to come to school at time. No matter what reasons you have, you must still follow the rules and regulations. Most of the students claim that they came late to school is because their parents delayed them, traffic jams, woke up late or most probably, its they themselves who doesnt want to enter the school. Many students likes to hang outside the school and wait till the last moment and when they realised, they were late. All students must enter the school latest by 7.15 or will be counted as late.
Today, there were about 20 girls and 30 boys who were late, all lining in two long lines. The girls were lucky as they are not suppose to be caned, but they have to do some morning exercise, Running! I think it is a good punishment because they can be more healthy. For those who came late for school for the first time will be caned 2 times while for the second timers, itll be 3 strokes. Mr John caned them one by one.. Each rubbing their buttocks after they got caned, maybe it really hurts >.< I can hear nice sounds, phwack all over the air.. I think Mr John can play very good golf. He should pick up golf as his free time sports..XD. But, it is not an easy thing punishing students. <br> If you dont realize, punishing students can be very hurtful to the teachers heart. Not everybody is capable of doing this.
So for those who dont want to experience this, better make sure you enter the hall and school early or on time.

Archive for February 16th, 2009
~The Unusual Monday Assembly~
by ChinYung on Feb.16, 2009, under Past Event
16 February 2009
It seemed like quite a long time since we had our last assembly before Chinese New Year.
No doubt, students will be very glad if there is no assembly for a particular week. For some students (or perhaps I should say most), the teachers lengthy speech means nothing to them but a wonderful hypnosis treatment SO, it is definitely easy for you to spot a sleeping prince or sleeping beauty during assembly. Dont believe, you might have a try!
There is a new school rule in our school Fellow students, take note. You must get into the hall at 7:15 am everyday! 5 minutes earlier compared to last year. Seemingly, there were still a whole bunch of pupils have not got this message yet ==
I was taken aback for what I saw today in the hall. 23 cute, adorable and gentle girls were standing in front of the stage! (See? I even count them) It was an unusual scene indeed. I was racking my brain to think whats going on when the phwack sound was heard and this aroused students attention.
Again, Mr. John Toh used his lovely cane to kiss those students buttock. It was really a terrifying scene! Students were trying to explain the reason of the lateness, hoping to skip from the punishment. Unfortunately, I have to say, they had underestimated Mr. John and most of them winded up with their buttock kissed
Fellow friends, the school disciplinary board had already enforced this rule. Therefore, please be punctual!!
The highlight of the assembly today is the tag-giving ceremony to all the class monitors and assistant monitors. From Mr. Wong speech, all the monitors are the members of Majlis Ketua Tingkatan (MKT) [sounds cool!] The motive of having such a majlis is to train more leaders in school and instill leadership into monitors. Therefore, after the prefects, monitors will be the second layer of leaders in our school!!!
Mr.Wong also listed out the monitors jobs. (For more details on monitors jobs, please refer to the blog below.) Being a good monitor is no mean feat I could say. It is a tough one. {Monitors, God bless you} It requires a commitment. Without it, they wouldnt have their jobs done well. Sometimes, monitors even have to hand in their friends name to the teacher when their friends do something morally, legally wrong and this might put them in an awkward position if their friends got angry with them.
Immediately after Mr. Wong speech, tag-giving ceremony was held and one by one, monitors received their tags from Pn. Radiah, the school principle. After that, the monitors had to take an oath so as to promise they will do their best and handle jobs given with full responsibility. The oath was led by Moo Kah Kit from 5S2.
Soon, the assembly ended with only the national anthem and the oath which was led by the Head Prefect, Eric Moo Hong Yuen. Since the tag-giving ceremony consumed too much time, they skipped the 2 songs which were supposed to be sung. . .
Thats all for this morning assembly, unusual morning assembly For Form 3 and 5, All the Best in your Intervensi. Form 4, dont be happy. Prepare for your turn. Monthly Test await you 6 March 2009.

American Way


March 1 2009, 6:36 PM 

ChinYung's report sounded as if he derived pleasure by his focus and vocabulary and not the other one. It would be exploitation if the one who administered it, did as well. Where did you find this? The site just started in January. You certainly scooped Corpun.

I was taken aback for what I saw today in the hall. 23 cute, adorable and gentle girls were standing in front of the stage! (See? I even count them) It was an unusual scene indeed. I was racking my brain to think whats going on when the phwack sound was heard and this aroused students attention.
Again, Mr. John Toh used his lovely cane to kiss those students buttock. It was really a terrifying scene! Students were trying to explain the reason of the lateness, hoping to skip from the punishment. Unfortunately, I have to say, they had underestimated Mr. John and most of them winded up with their buttock kissed

American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 1 2009, 8:38 PM 

To get a flavor of the school I went to youtube. SMK Taman Connaught and found that school children everywhere are so much alike. Can you imagine how some teachers will react to these Michael Jackson like antics acted out? Beat it.


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 1 2009, 11:12 PM 

An interesting find Alaric! Although it is an official school site the bloggers are, I think, students. They obviously have a sense of humour. To quote:
  • If you dont realize, punishing students can be very hurtful to the teachers heart. Not everybody is capable of doing this.
  • Mr John, the beloved discplinary teacher
Presumably Mr John Toh, the discipnary teacher, must trot out the old line about this will hurt me more than it hurts you but despite this they still love him! happy.gif

American Way, I'm surprised that you find these incidents so shocking, or, as you put it, "beyond the pale". That's how they do things in parts of South East Asia. It works for them and that's how they like it. Very rigidly controlled conformist societies, whether a single school or the whole country.

American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 2 2009, 4:46 AM 

A man with an arm strength of a golfer and with a lovely cane as a boy heard their pleas go unheeded as each of the 23 cute, adorable and delicate girls lined up to feel the kiss of the cane striking their buttocks, wow, The administration may not look kindly upon his journalism nor will the girls caned. We'll see how long they'll be allowed to writewhen the adult content and mainstream media catches up to hit. It's easy to Google. Publishing what the boy overheard made it more embarrassing and more so in a shame and honor culture. The girls, however, adorable, cute and delicate may not look kindly upon the eavesdropping boy. Cultural restraints may keep the girls from telling their side of the story. It may make their national press because the caning of girls is infrequent judging by the boys reactions and controversial judging by the below link. Malaysia could care less what other countries think about their policies but I hope even by Malaysian standards, it might be considered OTT to group cane that many sleeping beauties for tardiness so close to a change to an earlier morning assembly but in my book it is beyond the pale but as I said, they wouldn't care.


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 2 2009, 11:54 PM 

Hi American Way. At the risk of shocking you even further I have to say that my reading of the source blog indicates that the reporter was not, as you put it, 'eavesdropping'. The account appears to me to say that the girls were caned in front of the school morning assembly.
  • The account is headed '~The Unusual Monday Assembly~'.
  • The reporter says "the phwack sound was heard and this aroused students attention". Note that he doesn't say 'my attention', he refers to 'students' plural.
  • He says "It was really a terrifying scene". Note 'scene' not 'sound'. He and others were presumably watching it, not just hearing it.
Sounds to me like a bit of 'Pour encourager les autres' on the part of the school authorities faced with a continuing lateness problem on the part of girls, possibly motivated by the conclusion that the girls caught in the lateness purge only 4 days earlier had been let off too leniently.

A great deal of school CP was and is to act as a warning to other children, with sometimes the punishment of the actual offender almost a secondary objective. Punishment in front of a school assembly simply carries this idea to its logical, though unpleasant, conclusion.


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 3 2009, 1:13 AM 

To see if American Way's prediction that:

This will be picked up by the media and will be well known very soon.

has indeed come to pass I have spent some time searching Google News. It is now 14 days since the girls are said to have been caned and if there was to be a tsunami of adverse opinion one would assume that it should have come ashore somewhere by now. Sadly my searches have yielded nothing whatsoever in this area.

However, I did find this blog. Unlike the blogs in Alaric's foundation post this blog is definitely NOT an official school blog! The blogger, whom I think is male, has just (5 January 2009) moved from a school he calls 'Maluri' to SMK Taman Connaught, the school which is the subject of this thread. This is an account of his first day.

Certain sections of his comment are of particular relevance. His language is a little immoderate, and I have 'asterisked' some of his words in case larry1951 objects:

7. The discpline teacher.

In Maluri, the discpline teacher, Mr.Saad, is way way alot "cooler" i can tell you. The disclipne teacher here is way way too discpline until ...................*ahem...

8. Strict

Ok, in Connaught, it's **** ******** strict! STRICT! STRICT! STRICT! Unlike Maluri, when the disclipine teacher saw your shirt is untuck, messy hair, necktie hanging or whatever, first he will tell you "Boy~!Your shirt~!/hair/necktie". Here, the displcine teacher won't talk so much. He'll just cane you in the ass. That's for boys. For girls, you will have to sit for detention class or clean the toilet/class/school area.

With regard to the punishment of the girls this blogger makes absolutely no mention of it in his February blogs. He may of course have been absent that day, or alternatively the 'official' blogger may have been purveying 'official' propaganda and it may never have happened! happy.gif

Either way, never having been caned and not being a schoolgirl I am unqualified to say if cleaning the toilets would be preferable to being caned, but I suspect it would be a close run thing!

American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 3 2009, 3:08 AM 

Colin Farrel never sleeps and it will be a highlight of his next update. That boy was in the right place at the right time and wrote a good story. Corporal punishment of group caning of schoolgirls is not an everyday event and might not sit well with woman teachers like this celebrated case.

Youre right he wasnt eavesdropping. The (first link) highlights cultural differences. I dont think those teachers would break rules so they may not come under the rule of the education ministry (like some private schools in the States). If theyre transparent they have nothing to be ashamed of, as with the paddle in the South, so why not put it in the paper and give everyone a heads up. Like the paddle for tardiness the cane would be applied to both the sleeping princes and the sleeping princesses, but their discipline matrix tolerates less deviation. Its obviously their call.

Beyond the pale, even in Malaysia, is a 20 year old substitute teacher going on a caning spree five weeks ago there, caning 40 primary school students (boys & girls in the third link). Students face consequences for breaking rules as do teachers. That teacher should face draconian measures (even judicial corporal punishment) and just a slap on the hand that would make the school happy. Its a police matter that has yet to be resolved.

Safe and sane practices are more likely to occur where there is transparency. The Southern handbooks reflect the rules of their governing body and are published as are the Malaysian education ministry's guidelines that says that only boys can receive corporal punishment and only from the principal. Only the palm or buttocks can be hit and the maximum number of strokes is three. The women head of the national teachers union made sense in my book about dealing with the growing unruly behavior among girls, who are presently exempt from caning. She has favored, to no avail since 2007 according to a Corpun story (like many teachers here), safe and sane practices such as a concession that girls should be caned on the palms or back of the legs by only a female teacher.

American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 3 2009, 5:24 AM 

American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 3 2009, 3:50 PM 

The first link is a movie showing a group caning in Thailand. Movies are reality based but the two boys dont have to act out that scene. Maybe the caning of boys was not an unusual event before assembly not for him an unpleasant surprise. Mass caning of 23 girls before a thousand students may have been unprecedented, at least during their school years there. In the states, we say a new sheriff is in town. The boy seemed surprised by his caning prowess. I would think subsequent canings for tardiness will be fewer in number and will be handled in a more intimate setting. They must have things they need to accomplish in that time period. The second video is boys having fun spoofing corporal punishment. More photos follow.

[linked image] - 262k

American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 6 2009, 11:14 PM 

Is this school caning movie scene reality based, however rare? That's the kind of corporal punishment you would expect from a judicial caning. The spectators seemed horrified (more so with the girls) but helpless. Nothing they could have done less than a felony (even at that) could justify that brutality. I hope it's fiction based for the good of their nation's pupils but the parents must need money badly to exploit their children (appear to be minors). I think that would be against the law in most parts of the world (doing it or acting it). Can someone translate the plot? Like bullet proof vest, I hope they were wearing cane proof clothing.

MY Boy

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 7 2009, 12:14 AM 

Caning of girls in schools in Malaysia is actually a lot more common than 'what is published'. Back in my primary school days, seeing boys and girls caned in front of the class is a daily occurence, and I have received a fair share of them too.

Yes, the official rules by the government says girls cannot be caned, but believe me, rules in Malaysia are not usually followed!

Here are a few blog links that I've found in the past:
A girl, Evelyn Quek, detailing her primary school experiences. Must say my experience quite matches hers, lots of canings given for non-serious things.
A girl, Yentheng, in Form 2, caned once. Didn't say why she was caned though.
(Post on 24 Apr 2008) Girl, Jia Ern, caned for not passing up homework
A girl, Zixin, caned in Primary 1 (age 7) 13 times for not doing work?
A girl was caned on her hand for 'unauthorized' seat changes in class. She even took a picture of her caned hand!

I'm sure if you want to keep finding, you'll find more! I must say though, caning 23 girls on their buttocks in the school's assembly, is really unusual!

But to have a taste of what more unusual things Malaysian teachers can do, here is an example - (Scroll down to "Similar case in Malacca caused uproar") - Apparently the primary 6 girls (age 12) were told to lift their skirts and remove their panties to check who is the one menstruating - to determine who could be the culprit for throwing their sanitary pads into the sink! Apparently the teachers involved was let off after they apologized.


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 7 2009, 12:23 AM 

Hi American Way. Looks just like what happened nearly every day at morning parade in my secondary school! happy.gif

Seriously, the link you give is to a YouTube contributor's page rather than an individual video so it's difficult to know which video you mean. However, if you are referring to this one it has to be an extract from a commercial film.

It may be as accurate a depiction of events in a Thai school as the famous film "If" was of events in a British public school, that's to say not very! Equally it may have foundations in reality.

There doesn't seem much doubt that some schools in that part of the world favour 'public' CP. Also the standing position for the unfortunate recipients is apparently fairly normal. How common it would be for a woman to dish out the punishment to males I've no idea but I wouldn't have thought it was the norm. As regards the severity, it doesn't look to me any harder than a caning in a UK school when caning was legal, but others better qualified than me may comment on that.

American Way

Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 7 2009, 1:26 AM 

The clip:

I'm almost sure it's Thai, with the bowing, and a television drama serial and not a movie, judging by the parents' theatrics. I've calmed down about the scene's brutality. Very few blows are shown and who knows how much protection the clothes provided? I'm told that years ago the paddle in the states was abused by being wielded harshly and leaving severe bruises, but was used almost exclusively on boys who bucked up and took it like a man, so to speak. It's interesting how the paddling incidences have grown more regulated; girls are getting, not as much, but catching up as they're becoming almost as unruly. Parental permission and student choice (corporal or non corporal punishment) for teenagers lessens the likelihood that abuse will return. How do you force a senior in high school to submit to a paddling against his or her will, without a struggle? In other cultures, as the video demonstrates, it wouldn't be a problem. On the Southern states it's still believed that a sharp sting leaving a mild bruise goes a long way as a last resort and deterrent and according to a lot of teachers, who still believe that if used properly, can be a great attitude adjuster and behavior modifier.


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 7 2009, 1:43 PM 

Hi American way. Not the clip I assumed you meant. Looks a bit like one of those Australian soaps (Home and Away?) we get in the UK with added CP! The comments on the video say the students were fighting in school and are being punished in the presence of their parents. Could have fooled me - I thought it was some sort of court until I noticed the blackboards!

You are almost certainly correct in saying that it's made for TV. Whether it bears any resemblance to reality only someone with local knowledge could say. Brutality? Well, as I said before, I don't think the force depicted would differ too much from a typical UK school caning when CP was legal here. I'm no expert though. The standing posture is certainly less humiliating for the recipient than the usual UK method!

Interesting to note that though the boys I think got 4 strokes the 'three whacks for girls' convention seems to be observed here. This was the subject of an excellent thread started by Research Assistant 2 which is to be found here.

If anyone out there speaks the language and can provide a summary of what the clip is about I'll be indebted to them. Posting is very easy if you haven't done it before. Just click on the "Respond to this message" near the bottom of the page. You don't need to fill in the email address or log in! Sorry to repeat your link, American Way, but sometimes it's easier for people to click on a link rather than copy/paste it.


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 7 2009, 3:32 PM 

Hi I am thai people

i am not so good in writing english

the clip in youtube is soap opera

the girl is punish because they fighting with each other

in thai corporal punishment is prohibited by the law

But in reality many school still use cp espectually government school in local area and strict private all boy school

all girl private school caning is very very rare

bare bottom caning or caning over knicker i never listen

if you want to know something about thai please ask me


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 7 2009, 3:46 PM 

i forget to tell you soap opera is soap opera

in the end of this drama the male teacher who cane student marry with the last girl

you can ask me by my e-mail if you want to know something abouth this clip


Re: 23 schoolgirls caned

March 7 2009, 4:06 PM 

The Thai clip is no longer. It was up for a week and in a short time after been referred here, it vanishes. Be careful, guys...

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