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Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

June 22 2009 at 12:59 PM
American Way 

Corporal punishment humor follows. The second link was on national television so the videos need not be censored Dr Dominum.

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American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

July 29 2009, 3:15 PM 

Mature audience. Was I right in posting this? I hesitated to post this for obvious reasons but there is a relevance that might justify it on the lighter side like Fernwood Tonight that I found just as amusing. Spanking in our culture has a bedroom context but the British vice is not the American Way. There is no carry over to the bedroom from the classroom unless of course your testing a TWP paddle with your husband.

American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

August 1 2009, 1:57 AM 

This is another example of corporal punishment on the lighter side. This was the position with chair from what I learned in the faculty lunch room about our principal when I taught. After reading about how paddling works someone may want to comment on how safe this procedure is? Today's disciplinary paddlings are usually three and not five so that was what they probably chose in number for the wheel with the luck of the draw.It was quite a popular program with a large range of dares. It might work over there. Her sorority sisters must have taught her what assume the position meant because there was little hesitation on her part. Thank you Joe may I have another. I'm sure after a few more she would want more money per swat. There was a bit of a pained look after the third sat but that could be my imagination? On a scale from one to ten what would you give that?

American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

August 2 2009, 5:55 PM 

American Way

Stoning of a Young School Teacher

August 2 2009, 6:53 PM 

New York Times had this news story and sometimes you can get in and other times not but the second link tells you the rest of the story. The boys got away with murder. That's almost as unbelievable as the stoning. I post the NYT because some would say these things never happened. I hope you don't have a hard time getting into the New York Times. Violence is a part of life today but with guns we have Columbine. It's all so very sad. Sometimes I'm sad to say it's the American Way.

Corporal Punishment on the Sadder Side

American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

August 21 2009, 10:14 PM 

you cant paddle me

Winona MO has a dress code published in their handbook that only allows baseball caps, cowboy hats and visors allowed at school. Caps are to be worn forward or backward only. Sunglasses are to be worn outside only.

This girl is hell bent for wood.

American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

August 24 2009, 10:27 AM 

The part time Malaysian model sentence was postponed in case you don't know. News stories are now calling her a supermodel. Thou shall not cane on an empty stomach. It's enough to drive the poor woman to drink.

kartrika caning

American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

September 30 2009, 4:30 AM 

I think the graph and the image in the Spanking Lowers IQ link would highlight how indeed it belongs in this thread entitled Corporal Punishment Lighter Side. Maybe someone can walk me through computer corner where I'm sure it's been dealt with but I'm slow.

Spanking Lowers IQ

[linked image]

Alan Turing

Spanking lowers IQ?

September 30 2009, 7:27 AM 

This is rubbish. It's a confusion between correlation and causation.

The researchers studied some children and found that a relationship between two variables. In itself, this says nothing about whether a change in one causes a change ion the other, or vice versa, or whether both depend upon some third factor which hasn't been investigated.

For instance:

Maybe some of the children were in well-off families, who provided good social support to reduce bad behaviour, and also provided good intellectual support to encourage IQ development?

Or maybe there was some other factor which had an influence? Who knows?


Doctor Dominum

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

September 30 2009, 8:17 AM 

It's Murray Straus promoted research and I'm afraid that makes it suspect. His biases are so strong and obvious that he'd been doing his cause a favour by staying away from it.

(Yes, I'm biased as well, in the opposite direction - but that's one reason why I don't get actively involved in publishing research in this field).

Speaking as a psychologist, the difference in IQ being described in this study is so small, it's within the margin of error. In other words it's meaningless. There are also the issues that correlation doesn't equal causation, as has been said.

And then there's the issue that when you look at the data behind the study, any differences that do exist may well be connected to other factors.


Tanzania. South Africa. Guatemala. According to this study, they have the lowest average IQs. Frankly the scores for South Africa and Tanzania are ridiculous - it implies the average inhabitant of both those nations is - to use an old fashioned term for clarity - mentally retarded, which simply is not true (the reason for the low scores has to do, mostly, with the way testing is used in both those countries - if the only children you IQ test are those you think might have low IQs, you're going to wind up with a low average).

But on the other hand look at Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and most especially Taiwan - 'high spanking nations' according to this research - and also the most intelligent nations according to this research.

And why is Sweden so low in the IQ stakes?

Leave all that aside for a moment though and consider the implication if the research is write. Straus claims a 5 point drop in IQ at most.

That's statistically irrelevant.

The difference between a 102IQ and a 97IQ on an IQ test is absolutely irrelevant. You get that difference between two kids and any competent psychologist would tell you "Peter and Jane are equally intelligent".

105 versus 95 - that I'd start taking serious. 120 versus 110 probably means something. But around the average range, and that's where these large scale population differences come from - irrelevant.

American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

September 30 2009, 2:59 PM 

Dr Dominum: It's Murray Straus promoted research and I'm afraid that makes it suspect. His biases are so strong and obvious that he'd been doing his cause a favour by staying away from it.

The University of New Hampshire is considered a prestigious university. Is the University of Central Lancaster considered one? There is a saying here publish or perish. Does that apply to the UK? Who sponsors these studies and who tenures (my assumption considering their senior status) these professors? Murray Strauss has found a new hobby horse (domestic violence). UK feminist (Nicola Gramham-Kevan) has not made herself a darling among her own with her study showing liberated woman batter men in Europe. And just think how often do I say at the risk of spousal abuse?

University Central Lancaster

Murray Strauss Commentary


C.P. the Lighter side

September 30 2009, 9:06 PM 

Hi American Way ,

You do ask them . ! Nothing more controversial than comparing universities in the UK.

First a piece of geographical /historical information. Central Lancashire is one of the new Universities ( Central Lancashire not Central Lancaster : there is a Lancaster University , I know it well but it was a University when Central Lancashire was but a gleam in the eye of what was then known as the 'Harris college' a regional college of technology in Preston Lancashire....which then became Preston Polytechnic and then in the 1990's University of Central Lancashire (UCLA) please don't get the two mixed ; neither will appreciate it ).Lancaster university is on a campus outside Lancaster. UCLA has a campus in Preston.

Next , The gradings of New university staff in England ;-

Lecturer/Senior lecturer ( Main grade)
Principal Lecturer (promoted grade)
Reader ( promoted research leadership grade)
*Dean of Faculty ( or equivalent)
*Pro Vice Chancellor (Senior management Deputies )
*Vice Chancellor ( Runs the whole shooting match )

('Professor' . conferred by the university . Mostly HOD and above, can be certain nominated Principal Lecturers in some institutions).

* Just to confuse not all New Universities use exactly identical titles at these Senior Grades. .........

No such thing as tenure or tenure track in the meaning of the American University system.


There is no agreed ranking of research institutions. The nearest thing is the 'Research assessment Exercise' which you can find on line . It is undertaken by the Higher Education Funding Council irregularly, and is available in full published by both the Guardian and the Times. on line.

There is no agreed measure however a good overall measure which doesn't help with individual researchers or departments is the so called 'Research Power'. This is a score out of 100. the system used by 54 for displaying text stubbornly refuses to copy this quite quite sophisticated , interactive table . So you'll have to look it up....... BUT a taster simply using one , but perhaps the most comprehensive variable.

133 Institutions entered the last exercise Old and New Universities and some specialist colleges. Top of this variable ( there were about 5 or 6 different variables if I recall) came Oxford with a ranking of 1 score 100. Bottom came Swansea College of Higher Education with a score of 0.3. Central Lancashire came in 94th with a ranking of 3.0 (E and OE.)

If you have specific questions I may be able to help , but please email address is available (when I forget to switch it off) on my 'aubergine' coloured postings. Its not the sort of thing you give public pronouncements on ..............

Has that been any help?

American Way


October 1 2009, 5:14 PM 

Dear prof n: My Suzy is so good I only spank her on her birthdays and would never had done so had I only knew. Now Suzy is in fourth grade and she has become a handful. I gave her her very first spanking ever for being bad last month. She has been good ever since. She read in the newspaper that spankings lower the IQ and she's mad with me for giving her birthday spankings. She turns 10 next week and wants me to give her a birthday spanking a day sooner while she is still 9. She said she read the chart and thinks the third spanking will make her smarter. Please advise.

American Way

Turn Tide of Chaos to Order ($49.99)

October 1 2009, 7:08 PM 

School Paddling and Corporal Punishment - Facts, Figures. Unbiased Research, First-Hand Accounts.

This site ( seems very promising however the home page appears to be a snapshot of the previous week. Im finding it impossible to access and Im not sure if that is a glitch on their part or on mine. TWP (prof n read its latest blog) gives more of a teachers perspective and maybe this site will provide a students one.

Here is a nutcase and I judge by his spelling of behavior as behaviour he is not likely from this side of the pond. The holiest one I have ever seen. It doesn't blister the hand but it sure must blister the bottom!!! The paddle is just one of his products. Be sure to see the rest of his product line.

Our Creedo:

Friends, The state of Discipline of Children in the Western World is in CRISIS!

We all see it every time we go to a restaurant, ride a plane, or go into a convenience store: Young people totally out of Control! And who's to Blame?
Certainly not the immature Youth, unready for unbridled freedom
with no experience to guide him. No, the Blame lies squarely with today's Mothers and Fathers who abdicate their Duty to Police the behaviour of their very own children!

And, WHY? Three Reasons:

For many, the Wisdom of the Ages has been chucked out
for Feel-Good but ineffective liberalism.

Other parents are unable simply due to their own weak Minds and weaker Wills
coming from having had no Discipline themselves.

Lastly, some merely lack the proper tools to complete their Obligations.
It is this third group that seeks to assist.
By providing high quality and affordable Disciplinary Equipment,

We seek no less than the rescue of Modern Civilization.
Join with me in letting no mis-behaviour go unpunished.
Click below and with your purchases, we can turn the tide of chaos to Order.
Thank you and God Bless.

-Pr. Clyde

[linked image]




October 1 2009, 9:01 PM 

Hi American Way. In the case of the problem is theirs not yours.

You can't navigate a single page site with no working internal page links or external links! An examination of the source code of the site indicates that there is only one link of any sort. That's the link at the bottom of the page to their 'forum' - which doesn't exist.

In short, it's a could do better! The domain name was registered last November and the page was set up in January 2009. I don't think it has been amended since then.




October 1 2009, 9:38 PM 

American Way, you certainly provide a correct diagnosis of the mental state of the originator of - unless it is an elaborate joke, which I half suspect that it might be! Did you follow the 'Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure Generator' right through to the page where you get the warning about the dangers of using it on children? It turns out to be flashing graphics not some fearful electronic device! happy.gif

Interesting theory though that it is the edges that cause pain with a paddle and holes increase the amount of edge - hence the strange appearance of the site's speciality product!

You say:

I judge by his spelling of behavior as behaviour he is not likely from this side of the pond.

You could be wrong I'm afraid. The domain name is registered to someone in Cocoa, Florida, USA! happy.gif


CP the lighter side

October 1 2009, 10:00 PM 

Hi American Way ,

I don't quite see how I can help poor little Suzy ! I can suggest that far more important than worrying herself into a state about about Professor Straus's work , might be to remember that systematic empiricism is frequently not worth a candle , where small statistical differences are blown up into huge mega theories !

Of course at 10 its a bit young to decide where she wants to pursue her studies, but she might like to bear in mind that I guess if .well I think you'll see the point .she were to score 3/100 for her homework ,( which I'm sure she wouldn't ) and come 94th in class....... well no one would be too pleased would they ?

Now New Hampshire might want better grade point averages than that!!!!!!! But maybe like me they 'forgot' the N in UCLAN ( Lancashire England) and though it was UCLA ( California , United States) in which case you'll get very different results.

As to the rest I'm no agony aunt , but as a poor ignorant Brit. I assume birthday spankings rank with liquorish tawses.........motorised tawsing stools, girls transported through time in private academies in places like Aberdeen and Scarborough ..... and the sort of thing that to say more would get me a bad name as a fun pester...........!!!!!! .

American Way

Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

October 2 2009, 3:54 AM 

I judge by his spelling of behavior as behaviour he is not likely from this side of the pond.

You replied:

You could be wrong I'm afraid. The domain name is registered to someone in Cocoa, Florida, USA!

Spell checks don't like the British spelling so for someone to ignore that correction is peculiar. The author may have a British upbringing but over here. We don't have a monopoly on nutcases you know?



Re: Corporal Punisment Lighter Side

October 2 2009, 8:58 PM 

Hi American Way. You say:

We don't have a monopoly on nutcases you know.

Indeed you don't. One only has to visit a suburb of Nottingham situate not a thousand miles from where I sit typing this to attest to the truth of that statement! happy.gif

You also say:

Spell checks don't like the British spelling so for someone to ignore that correction is peculiar.

I agree that one would expect a US citizen writing in English to have his or her spell checker set to English (United States). But not everyone puts material for a website through a spell checker. I very seldom do for instance.

I agree with you that the spelling of 'behaviour' would seem to indicate British antecedents, and it would be interesting to know if indeed the site is British despite the Domain name appearing to have been brought by someone in the US.

The site proprietor describes himself as Pr. Clyde, which I assume is Pastor Clyde. I stand to be corrected on this by anyone better versed in these matters, but I don't think Pastor as a title is a British thing. I would have thought that Reverend, abbreviated to Rev. or Revd., would be the British way, so that may indicate a US resident, if not a US origin. Also the goods on offer are priced in $ not in £. However, that is not conclusive evidence of a US site, since the means of payment is PayPal, which effectively is an International currency mechanism.

Interestingly, the choice of the paddle as the means of correction isn't conclusive evidence of a US site either. I believe that until CP was made illegal in all UK shools a number of private religeous schools here used a paddle for the correction of pupils, followed by the obligatory hugging and praying together routine.

Back in the days when I still watched TV I have distinct memories of the Headmaster of one such school, who I think was part of an organisation seeking exemption from the law for his and similar schools, being interviewed by a group of children about the school's methods. I have no idea what the program was, but the children certainly were not from the school concerned. By that time most UK children had no experience of school CP, as it had long been abolished in state schools, and these children were very curious as to what was involved. Although we were told he had brought it with him, the Headmaster declined to produce the implement concerned, but described it as being 'rather like a small cricket bat'. This was news to me, as I had no idea paddles were used over here, though of course cricket bats were most certainly sometimes used for ad hoc CP in some schools and some contexts.

Hi prof n. You say:

As to the rest I'm no agony aunt , but as a poor ignorant Brit. I assume birthday spankings rank with liquorish tawses.........motorised tawsing stools, girls transported through time in private academies in places like Aberdeen and Scarborough ..... and the sort of thing that to say more would get me a bad name as a fun pester...........!!!!!! .

I'm sure that you had your tongue very firmly in your cheek when you wrote that! I have absolutely no doubt that birthday spankings are a reality in the US. I also fear that they have gained a toehold over here. Like 'trick or treat' on All Hallows Eve, and so-called 'Proms', now an essential part of leaving ceremonies for pupils at most UK comprehensive schools, they will soon come to be seen as a long standing British institution by the young and ill-informed. Even at this early stage in their inexorable progress I fear that mention of them in this estimable Forum is unlikely to result in the showing of a red card and outing as a fun pester! happy.gif


Re :The Lighter Side

October 2 2009, 10:21 PM 

Hi Another Lurker ,

As this is the lighter side let me tell you a British paddle story, quite true. Now you will be aware that paddles have a secondary use in the Deep South, not just for punishment but as an object of skill in paddle spinning competitions.......I indicated a few days ago my miserable attempt when there ended with the paddle on my foot .

Well when miss f was visiting these shores, she was a quite experienced paddle spinner, and believe me , particularly with a well balanced paddle with holes you can do some 'mighty fine' juggling even spinning the paddle by the holes on/with your fingers!

Just occasionally at lunch time she would walk the corridors of school spinning this paddle , I don't know if in the States it has a deterrent effect , but here it just produced a curious group of onlookers.

Well at the end of one lunch she ended up by the music room from which I was just emerging. She stopped me to talk about a 'gig' later in the week , and as she leaned against the wall she continued to flick the paddle from hand to hand. Two of my friends were with me. as she was the Deputy head, they didn't know whether to go on or stop and wait for me , so they were, sort of rooted to the ground, eyes fixated on this strange paddle thing.

The warning bell went five minutes before school, but I remained talking for a further minute. Then she said go on , get to class, and gave me a very gentle backhand pat on the backside with this paddle to illustrate the point .........then she doubled over in laughter....I didn't see the joke, but questioned her later.

She told me that my friends had amused her, because during our conversation they remained transfixed by her paddle spinning, then , as soon as she she appeared to aim to pat me on the backside with it with it she said , you should have seen their little legs about wimps!

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