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Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

November 28 2009 at 12:51 AM


I found this video on YouTube and other than the excessive number of swats it looks like an authentic paddling of a high school girl.

What do you think?


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re Authentic paddling

November 28 2009, 2:02 PM 

hi on chross web site this shows as a 80s sorrority type paddling. it is on flicker.


Re: Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

November 30 2009, 1:08 PM 

On balance I didn't think this was authentic - whilst the room looks like a chemistry lab, the furniture appears wrong.

Also I wonder who was filming this - if this was genuine school paddling the filmer would have had to do so secretively, and there does not appear to be the "cover" of other pupils such as you usually see in genuine excerpts.

American Way

Re: Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

November 30 2009, 5:14 PM 

It looks less like a chemistry lab? No. It's more like Jack Daniels. happy.gif They have a calendar for November entries for the site and they took one entry down that said the last one initiated got it on the panties. Mercifully the fellow didn't hit her that hard in spite of 15 whacks. Maybe the girl or someone thought it was imprudent to leave it up so they took that one down. It may be a "80 style initiation" but I doubt the girls would take their jeans down for their fraternity for that. wink.gif

Yes for a single gender sorority paddling (for popular conventional film Porky and the mother of all sorority spankings Vampire on Sorority Row (popular rated B Movie without nudity shown on college campuses). We called them camp and perhaps more a subject of men's fantasy than reality. I went to a strict all male college so stag films were quite common.

They use a kind of paddle seems reasonable and I wouldn't be surprised that if they stopped at five it would correspond to a school punishment paddling of an older student. It may have been quite similar to what Renee used on Nashia as I mentioned previously with the size and strength of the paddling.

American Way

Re: Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

November 30 2009, 7:24 PM 

Hazing is now verboten but I'm sure there are cladestine paddlings judging by online antics filmed. How times have changed in sixty years? I'm sure colleges have initiation rituals around the world was this custom common in the UK. The first not the second. happy.gif

Vintage Reality:

[linked image]

Fantasy: YouTube - Sorority Babes Slimeball-o-rama Paddling mentioned under Keep it Real thread back in July with R rated not nudity caveat. The size of the college (Greek) paddles were often that big and maybe film buffs can determine how real IMHO by their reaction it would seem that it was not all acting?

American Way


December 1 2009, 7:43 PM 

Some school traditions enforce(d) rules by paddling offenders. In the University of Missouri until World War II,[3], any freshman found on the 'quad', the most prestigious square on campus, had to offer his 'insolent' posterior for punishment along a paddle line formed by swatting seniors.

Paddle Lines from their history brought back memories. We were required to wear beanies and give a list of Q & A that we had to memorized or the upperclassmen would block our entry way to the dining hall. This was in the early seventies in an all male college where there were no fraternities. We had to memorize school history and silly things like how many steps were there to climb. Thank God it was for only a week. Wiki mentions insolent posterior but not on the schools website.

Because we are a young country things that are less than 200 years old yet are considered as venerable as Oxford. The youtube video gives you a taste of that in the secon link.

school paddle line

History American Way

American Way

USA paddling college style circa 1999

December 26 2009, 7:15 PM 

Popular B rated movie referred and posted previously follows. For the record many more fraternities than sororities are suspended for hazing than sororities (that being said it wasn't as true in 1999 when this movie was made) these are excerpts from the most popular camp movie shown on college campus. Buffy the Vampire was one of the most popular television program when college students were younger and horror movies are popular around Halloween. Are "camp movies" popular over there? As television screens have become bigger dorm rooms have become virtual movie theatres of yore. My kids are spoiled. I was so poor I didn't even have television until grade school. For the overwhelming majority in 1999 there is a greater likelihood of being paddled nationwide in college with what I suspect similar disparity in numbers. Lawyers again!!! Except for the first paddling and perhaps experts from this estimable Forum can tell if this is trick videography but IMHO however poorly acted she had a very sore bottom. Isn't her voice grating? I don't know what was worse off her bottom or my ears. sad.gif The other paddlings would typify pain wise a school paddling except the very comical faux paddling.

American Way

Caveat adult site but not an adult video clip

December 26 2009, 7:24 PM 

Video site is adult content so please consider that before viewing the not adult content of the video. That I think is fair. It was regularly posted on you tube in safe mode for months until recently.

"authentic" paddling of college sorority girls

American Way

Re: Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

December 26 2009, 7:37 PM 

I just found my video recommendation under CP screenings (March 9, 2009). Alan Turing I'm sure unlike one of my first posting that wouldn't slip your attention. happy.gif


Doctor Dominum

Re: Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

December 27 2009, 10:57 AM 

Buffy the Vampire was one of the most popular television program when college students were younger and horror movies are popular around Halloween.

Here is where I reveal my deep, dark, and shameful secret.

I am a major Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

Shocked? Stunned? Surprised?

Let me explain.

We do keep an eye on what our boys watch on television in the boarding house and restrict it based on ratings. If there's doubt, sometimes we'll allow the boys to watch a program after we've screened it ourselves. A few years ago, a lot of our boarders were clamouring to be allowed to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our initial response was not encouraging - a show like that sounded like it was unlikely to have any redeeming value, but they persisted and eventually I agreed to watch a few episodes and I was well and truly hooked.

Yes, the whole concept is absurd. A teenage girl at an American High School is the chosen one who must defeat evil (vampires mostly, but not just vampires). And not just any teenage girl. This is a pretty, fashion obsessed, music obsessed, girl. But the social commentary was incredible at times, and particularly some of the commentary relating to education. I did some looking around and discovered the American behind the show, Joss Whedon, was partly educated at one of the top British Public Schools - Winchester - as well as in America, so to an extent, he's able to contrast systems and see modern education in the light of traditions as well. The program is also full of references to history, to all sorts of things, that makes it much more cerebral than I initially thought it would be.

And as for the teachers - Sunnydale High (where Buffy and her friends attend for four years) has two Principals while they are there. Principal Flutie and Principal Snyder. Both are marvellous - Flutie is a near perfect example of the genuinely well meaning, really wants to help his kids, but rather PC school principal I've seen way too much of over the years, while Snyder is an evil man who basically despises kids and wants to make them suffer. Giles, the very English school librarian (and also secretly, assigned by the Council of Watchers to guide and train Buffy in her mystical role) really reminds me so much of so many teachers I had. Buffy - normal girl with a great destiny. Her two best friends Willow and Xander - Willow, a brilliant, gifted girl who struggles to fit in because she's a nerd, a geek, Xander, brave, bright and practical, not academic (he has a learning disability). Cordelia - shallow, fashion obsessed, bully who turns out to be so much more over time... as a teacher, it's one of the most marvellous shows I've ever seen for looking at childhood to adulthood and what it takes to change. Joyce, Buffy's mother - struggling to raise her daughter right when so much is happening she doesn't understand. Dawn, Buffy's sister, who has to live in her sisters shadow until she finds a destiny of her own.

I can't resist. I've opened my quote files, and I must share some of the great moments. Seriously - do read them, give them a chance, I think most people here will find some amusing and surprisingly not that far off topic:

Giles: "We may, in fact, stand between the Earth and its total destruction."
Buffy: "Well, I gotta' look on the bright side. Maybe I can still get kicked out of school."
Xander: "Oh yeah, that's a plan, 'cause a lot of schools aren't on Hellmouths."
Willow: "Maybe you can blow something up. They're really strict about that."
Buffy: "I was thinking of a more subtle approach, you know, like excessive not studying."
Giles: "The Earth is doomed."

Principal Flutie: "We all need help with our feelings. Otherwise, we bottle them up, and before you know it, powerful laxatives are involved."

Buffy: "See, this is a school, and we have students, and they check out books, and then they learn things."
Giles: "I was beginning to suspect that was a myth."

Buffy: "What is it with those guys?"
Willow: "They're obnoxious, professionally."
Xander: "Oh, every school has them. You start a new school, you get your desks, your blackboards, and some mean kids."

Xander: "Why do I need to learn this?"
Willow: "'Cause otherwise you'll flunk math."
Xander: "Explain the part where that's bad."
Willow: "You remember. You fail math. You flunk out of school. You end up being the guy at the pizza place that sweeps the floor and says, 'Hey kids, where's the cool parties this weekend?' We've been through this."

Giles: "It's devastating. He's turned into a sixteen-year-old boy. Of course you'll have to kill him."

Giles: "He thought it would behoove me to have more contact with the students. I did try to explain that my vocational choice of librarian was a deliberate attempt to minimize said contact..."

Principal Snyder: Real anti-social types. You need to integrate into this school, people. I think I just found three eager new participants for the talent show.
Buffy: What?
Xander: No!
Willow: Please?
Principal Snyder: I've been watching you three. Always getting into one scrape or another.
Buffy: Well, we're really, really sorry, but about the talent show, pleeease, you can't make us...
Principal Snyder: My predecessor, Mr. Flutie, may have gone in for all that touchy-feely relating nonsense, but he was eaten. You're in my world now. And Sunnydale has touched and felt for the last time.
Xander: Can I just mention, that detention is a time-honored form of punishment?
Snyder: I know the three of you will come up with a wonderful act for the school to watch. And mock. And laugh. At.

Willow: A dramatic scene is the easiest way to get through the talent show, because it doesn't require an actual talent.
Xander: But we have talent. We can do stuff. Buffy, uh...
Buffy: What am I gonna do? Slay vampires on stage?
Willow: Maybe in a funny way!
Xander: Willow, you can do stuff. Uh, the piano...
Buffy: You play?
Willow: A little.
Buffy: Well, that's cool. You can accompany us and we can attempt to sing.
Willow: Oh, i-in front of other people? Then, no, I don't play...
Xander: Whatever happened to corporal punishment?

Principal Snyder: "There are things I will not tolerate: Student's loitering on campus after school, horrible murders with hearts being removed, and also smoking.

Buffy: "School! Great."
Joyce: "You wanna' go to school?"
Buffy: "Sure! Why not?"
Joyce: "Okay. Good day to buy that lottery ticket."

Snyder: "One day, the campus is completely bare, empty. The next, there are children locusts. Crawling around, mindlessly bent on feeding and mating. Destroying everything in sight in their relentless, pointless desire to exist."
Giles: "Well, I do enjoy these pep talks. Have you ever considered, given your abhorrence of children, that school principal was not, perhaps, your true vocation?"

Snyder: "There's some things I can just smell. It's like a sixth sense."
Giles: "Well, actually, that would be one of the five."
Snyder: "That Summers girl - I smell trouble. I smell expulsion, and just the
faintest aroma of jail."

Cordelia: "Okay, I'm doing this under protest. It is not fair that they're making
participation in this year's science fair mandatory. I don't think anyone should
have to do anything educational in school if they don't want to."

Ms. Calendar: "It's just such a rugged contest."
Giles: "Rugged? American football? Heh heh."
Ms. Calendar: "And that's funny because...?"
Giles: "Well, I think it's rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility should feel compelled to strap on forty pounds of protective gear just in order to play rugby."

Principal Snyder: "A lot of educators tell students, 'Think of your principal as your pal.' I say, think of me as your judge, jury, and executioner."

Buffy: "What can you really tell about a person from a test score?"
Joyce: "Whether or not she's ever going out with her friends again."
Buffy: "Oh, that."

Xander: "Oh, it's Rodney Munson. He's God's gift to the bell curve. What he lacks in smarts, he makes up in lack of smarts."
Willow: "You just don't like him 'cause of that time he beat you up every day for five years."
Xander: "Yeah, I'm irrational that way."

Willow: "Are we still on for our chem tutorial tomorrow?"
Rodney: "Yeah. I think I've got almost all fourteen natural elements memorized."
Willow: "There are a hundred and three."

Giles: "You mean life?"
Buffy: "Yeah. Does it get easy?"
Giles: "What do you want me to say?"
Buffy: "Lie to me."
Giles: "Yes, it's terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true. The bad guys are easily distinguished by the pointy horns or black hats. And, uh, we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after."
Buffy: "Liar."

Xander: "Giles lived for school. He's actually still bitter that there were only
twelve grades."
Buffy: "He probably sat in math class thinking, 'There should be more math. This could be mathier.'"
Willow: "Come on, you don't think he ever got restless as a kid?"
Buffy: "Are you kidding? His diapers were tweed."

Xander: "'Are you a people person, or do you prefer keeping your own company?' Well, what if I'm a people person who keeps his own company by default?
Buffy: "So, mark 'None of the above'."
Xander: "Well, there are no boxes for 'None of the above.' And that would introduce too many variables into their mushroom-headed, number-crunching, little world."
Willow: "I'm sensing bitterness."

Xander: "And for what it's worth--"
Principal Snyder: "It's worth nothing, Harris. Whatever comes out of your mouth is a meaningless waste of breath, an airborne toxic event."
Xander: "Well, I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to be so honest with me. And I can only hope that one day I'm in the position to be that honest with you."

Giles: "You're behaving remarkably immaturely."
Buffy: "You know why? I am immature. I'm a teen. I have yet to mature."

Cordelia: "Well, does looking at guns make you wanna' have sex?"
Xander: "I'm seventeen. Looking at linoleum makes me wanna' have sex."

Giles: "And it, uh, acts on pure instinct. No conscience. Predatory and aggressive."
Buffy: "In other words, your typical male."
Xander: "On behalf of my gender, "Hey!"
Giles: "Yes, let's not jump to any conclusions."
Buffy: "I didn't jump! I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were."

Giles: "I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. In fact I encourage you to always challenge me when you feel it's appropriate. You should never be cowed by authority. Except, of course, in this instance when I am clearly right and you are clearly wrong."

Buffy: "They needed to win, and winning equals trophies, which equals prestige for the school. You see how they're treated. It's been like that forever."
Xander: "Sure. The discus throwers got the best seats at all the crucifixions."
Buffy: "Meanwhile, I'm breaking my nails every day battling the forces of evil, and my French teacher can't even remember my name."

Buffy: "I mean, when in the real world am I ever gonna' need chemistry or history or math or the English language?"

Buffy: " you think I chose to be like this? Do you have any idea how lonely it is, how dangerous? I would love to be upstairs watching TV or gossiping about boys or...God, even studying! But I have to save the world... again."

Principal Snyder: "These are moments you want to savor. You wish time would stop so that you could live them over and over again. You're expelled."
Buffy: "You never ever got a single date in high school, did you?"
Principal Snyder: "Your point being?"

Buffy: "Private school? You mean, like jackets and kilts? You want me to get field hockey knees?"
Joyce: "It's not that bad."
Buffy: "What about home schooling? You know, it's not just for scary religious people anymore."

Buffy: "Oh no, I have to go take an English make-up exam. They give you credit just for speaking it, right?"

Willow: "And over here, we have the cafeteria, where we were mauled by snakes."
Xander: "And this is the spot where Angel tried to kill Willow."
Willow: "Oh, and over there in the lounge is where Spike and his gang nearly massacred us all on parent-teacher night. Oh, and up those stairs, I was sucked into a muddy grave."
Xander: "And they say young people don't learn anything in high school nowadays, but, um, I've learned to be afraid."

Xander: "Ah, "Call of the Wild." Aren't we reading the Cliff's Notes of this in English?

Giles: "'And on that tragic day, an era came to its inevitable end.' That's all there is. Are you ready?"
Buffy: "Hit me."
Giles: "Which of the following best expresses the theme of the passage: A) Violence breeds violence, B) All things must end, C)..."
Buffy: "B! I'm going with B. We haven't had B in forever."
Giles: "This is the SATs, Buffy. Not connect the dots. Please pay attention. A low score could seriously harm your chances of getting into college."
Buffy: "Gee, thanks. That takes the pressure right off."
Giles: "This isn't meant to be easy you know. It's a rite of passage."
Buffy: "Is it too late to join a tribe where they just pierce something or cut something off?"

Xander: "I hate they make us take that thing. It's totally fascist, and personally, I think it discriminates against the uninformed."
Cordelia: "Actually, I'm looking forward to it. I do well on standardized tests. What? I can't have layers?"

Xander: "I don't get this. The candy's supposed to make you feel all immature and stuff, but I've had a ton and I don't feel any diff - never mind."

Willow: "This is a nightmare. This is... my world is spinning."
Xander: "It's not that bad, Willow, really."
Willow: "740? Verbal?? I'm pathetic! Illiterate! I'm Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel."
Xander: "That's right, and the fact that your 740 verbal closely resembles my combined scores in no way compromises your position as the village idiot."
Willow: "Where did I go wrong?"

Xander: "Willow is very sad by her academic failure. How did you do? This is not good."
Cordelia: "What's not good?"
Xander: "Well, I'm just worried it may hurt my standing as campus stud when people find out I'm dating a brain."
Cordelia: "Please! I have some experience in covering these things up."

Jack O'Toole: "What are you, retarded?"
Xander: "No. No, I had to take that test when I was seven. A little slow in some stuff, mostly math and spatial relations, but certainly not challenged or anything."

Anya: "For a thousand years I wielded the powers of the Wish. I brought ruin to the heads of unfaithful men. I brought forth destruction and chaos for the pleasure of the lower beings. I was feared and worshipped across the mortal globe. And now I'm stuck at Sunnydale High. Mortal. Child. And I'm flunking Math."

Anya: "What a day. Give me a beer."
Bartender: "I.D... I.D."
Anya: "I'm 1120 years old, just give me a frigging beer!"
Bartender: "I.D."
Anya: "Give me a Coke."

Buffy: "But you - I can't believe you got into Oxford!"
Willow: "It's pretty exciting."
Oz: "There's some deep academia there."
Buffy: "That's where they make Gileses!"
Willow: "I know. I could learn, and have scones."

Principal Snyder: "Congratulations to the class of 1999. You all proved more or less adequate. This is a time of celebration, so: sit still and be quiet. Spit out that gum. - Please welcome our distinguished guest speaker: Richard Wilkins the Third. I saw that gesture. You see me after graduation."

Oz: "Guys, take a moment to deal with this. We survived.
Buffy: "It was a hell of a battle."
Oz: "Not the battle. High School.

Giles: "Whatever happened to Latin? At least when that made no sense, the Church approved."

Joyce: "This must be my two-teenage-girls-in-the-house headache. I thought it felt familiar."
Buffy: "Good work, Dawn. You gave her a headache."
Dawn: "I did not. Did I give you a headache, Mom? I'm sure part of it is Buffy's."
Buffy: "But part of it is Dawn's."
Joyce: "It's so nice you've learned to share."

Buffy: "How was school today?"
Dawn: "The usual, big square building filled with boredom and despair."
Buffy: "Just how I remember it."

Buffy: "You lied to me?"
Dawn: "I didn't lie... exactly..."
Buffy: "Oh, really? What about all those times I asked you how school was and you said, 'Fine'?"
Dawn: "Well, it was! You didn't ask if I was in it when it was fine..."

American Way

Silent Madness 1984

July 4 2010, 6:54 PM 

A quarter of a century ago was when ban on physical punishment were put into effect for hell week for pledges in fraternities and sororities. The popularity of slasher films took the place of traditional horror films in the eighties. Here is an example of the last permissible paddling of this genre. Today's college students were born before the close of that era. They even close houses down for drinking. Now it's done off campus and sorority houses as well. Southern campuses have clung to the tradition. If you think about it are not those the schools that still paddle? By ebay you can see they are more popular in the south, maybe something to do with school corporal punishment on the high school level and then the ensuing year by a different authority. Keep in mind that the symbolic traditional paddles are on display purposes only. It's the risk of violating the policy and the suspensions of the individual and the house that acts as a deterrent. Just Google Silent Madness New York Times. The first part of the video shows the initiation the rest of the video shows a genre of slasher/horror movies that IMO thankfully are a thing of the past. The last link is a more thorough review than the NYT. The youtube beginning portion has a flash of breast nudity as a caveat but is shown in safe preference.

American Way

Re: Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

August 23 2010, 6:24 PM 

The paddle hearkens back to 1910 in college initiations less than 45 years after the Cicil War with the paddling of slaves. Hell week involving a pledge to "Slave" for an upperclassman could be where this instrument of correction comes from.

History of Hazing I Image

History of Hazing II Image

History of Hazing III Image

American Way

Greek Tong Places Ban On Frosh Leg Exposure

August 3 2012, 10:05 AM 

November 30, 2009 Follow Up. Why are these girls being paddled?

Greek Tong Places Ban On Frosh Leg Exposure.



American Way

Re: Authentic Paddling of a High School Girl?

November 12 2012, 2:22 AM 

Below is a quality image of the iconic scene appearing in Life Magazine.

Outraged by tactics employed by campus flirts! I couldn't find any onlookers from the War Council. Can you?

Here is a little twist. The girls are in bedclothes and rolling with their noses what would appear to be an egg with the help of the paddle to move them forward.


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