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Old TV

December 31 2009 at 5:21 PM

I am testing the memory of older members. I remember watching a film on television, probably late 50s-early 60s, when I was a teenager, which was both different in it's concept and amazing in it's content. I should warn you that there are gaps in my recollection, so please forgive me if some of it is rather vague. I certainly can't remember what it was called.

The essence of the plot was basically a "menage-a-trois", about the confusing relationship between a wife, her husband and his mistress. It went in flashback to certain situations and events, but showed them differently through the eyes of each of them. So some scenes were shown from three different perspectives, with sometimes a differing angle, depending on the circumstances. I think the man was played by Ian McKellen, but I may be wrong.

There was one scene when, I think, the husband and wife were arguing furiously, probably about his affair. The first flashback (again, I can't remember whose, more likely the wife), came up. Suddenly, in full view of the camera, he drapes her across his knee, DEFIITELY RAISES HER SKIRT/DRESS, and spanks her pretty hard around 15-20 times on her white knickers (I definitely remember that!!). Every smack was in shot, and I was pretty sure at the time it wasn't faked. She got up, straightened her clothes, and ran crying out of the room.

I was getting really excited by now, thinking that I was going to see the event unfold twice more. Sure enough, the husband's side ot the story came on. However, from his perspective the argument was much less fierce, he did turn her over his knee, left her clothes intact, and just pretented to spank her. I think they ended up giggling and cuddling. Sadly, the girlfriend's angle wasn't shown, maybe because she wasn't present at the time.

It was definitely the best on-screen spanking I have ever seen. It was realistic, well acted and unbelievably erotic to all spankos. Does anyone out there recall this, what its title was, fill in some of the gaps and whether it is still available in the BBC archives. Can anyone remember any similar plays or films with such a graphic spanking scene?

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re old tv spanking

December 31 2009, 6:34 PM 

im sorry but i did not see that. i did however see a very old jane eyre series in which jane played by anne bell (i think)was caned on both hands at the same time. this was probabley early 1960s.



Re: Old TV spanking

December 31 2009, 9:40 PM 

Well, if you're certain Ian McKellen was in it & it was c 1959-1966, it wasn't a film on TV.

ALL the films shown on TV in those days HAD to be a minimum of 10 years old before the TV channels could screen them.

So, it may have been Play for Today or something like it.

Any of these ring a bell for you? Thank you,!!

Peter Draper PRODUCER: ATV Sunday Playhouse
DIRECTOR: John Nelson Burton
ROLE: Victor Leech
Co-starring: Lynn Redgrave.
"What does a reasonably intelligent young man do on a damp, windy Sunday out of season? Victor meets Elaine. Is the problem solved for him?"

Screenplay by Alan Seymour PRODUCER: BBC TV
DIRECTOR: Peter Duguid
ROLE: Wolf
Co-starring: Jack Hawkins.
"The liveliest character was Wolf, given a performance of hateful, demoniac zest by Ian McKellen. He reminded me of one of those fashionable film-star-photographers that turn up on TV, with sharp little teeth they always look prepared to sink into the interviewer's wrist." รข Peter Black, Daily Mail.

All the other TV plays after 1965 are heavy/stage classics in which he generally plays historical characters-King Edward II,Lawrence of Arabia,Leo Tolstoy etc.

Hope it was Sunday out of Season & Lynne Redgrave got it!




Re: Old TV spanking

December 31 2009, 9:55 PM 

Summer out of Season was ALSO broadcast in 1958 on TV.

Here's a still from the first go,in which we see Maggie Smith,Rachel Roberts & Alec McCowen.

Two women,one man.

Have we got it?

[linked image]


Goggle Box

Re: Old TV spanking

December 31 2009, 10:00 PM 

The correct answer will be revealed on New Year's Day.

Goggle Box

Re: Old TV spanking

January 1 2010, 7:32 AM 

The play is entitled 'Triple Exposure' and was part of the BBC 'Play for Today' series. It was shown in 1972.

The wife was played by Sheila Allen and the husband by Alec McCowan.

American Way

Re: Old TV spanking

January 1 2010, 12:59 PM 

This may prove helpful in your search. I'm surprised the spanking scene is not on youtube. I'm sure someone may be searching for that scene if they knew it was out there. I enjoyed the classroom spanking movie scene I searched out for under oldest spanked thread both on topic and an oldie. Have you seen that one? So good luck on your search.

Video Source

Episode Guide:


Naughty Robert

Re: Old TV spanking

January 11 2010, 12:47 AM 

The only TV spanking I can remember, Is Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap,(1960 version), when she gets a smack bottom, Sorry I cant be more helpfull

Research Assistant 2

Re: Old TV spanking

January 11 2010, 6:27 AM 

Thank you for your input on this, Naughty Robert. The question was answered on January 1 at 7.32 am.


Re: Old TV spanking

January 19 2010, 6:20 PM 

Thank you so much Goggle Box (and the others who tried to help) for refreshing my memory. Yes, the play almost certainly was "Triple Exposure", and "Play for Today" definitely rings a bell. I do remember that series as it produced a number of well-known series in the years to come. The description of the play fits exactly. I said my recollections were hazy, so surely I can be forgiven for confusing Alec McCowen with Ian Mckellen. At my age, one "Mc" is very much like another! Would it be likely that anything from such programmes appear on Youtube etc?

I can also recall another play in a similar series about 10 or so years ago. i do know that it starred Wanda Ventham, who often appeared on TV back then. The main story line escapes me, but I remember that she was constantly flirting with the male star, presumably the headmaster, in a school and wanting to know what a caning was like. Eventually, he took her to the gym changing rooms, tied her wrists to the clothes hooks, and slowly pulled down her dress. She was loving it. He was seen to raise his cane, but just at the moment when I thought Christmas had come early, he murdered her!! What an idiot, and what a disappointment. Any feedback on that one? Are there any others I may have missed?


Re: Old TV spanking

January 20 2010, 6:11 AM 

I certainly do not remember the Wanda Ventham play. That sounds quite bizarre. I did once see Wanda Ventham in WH Smith's in Putney,

There was the odd TV spanking on around the 1970s. I recall a comedy show involving Jimmy Jewell where he spanked his teenage daughter. No idea of the name of the programme though.



Re: Old TV spanking

January 20 2010, 11:28 AM 


That was probably Thicker Than Water-one series in 1969.

Jimmy Jewel was then 60, so his teenage daughter was an afterthought!

The guy who should've been spanking teenage daughters was Patrick Cargill in Father Dear Father, with 2 blonde cuties. Christ, he even had a dog(HG Wells) that was the size of a house in the show, so the dog lead could have been used to good effect! happy.gifwink.gif


Wanda Ventham was born in 1935 or 1939. She was in Teenage Rebel(1956), but it was Sylvia Sims who's threatened with going over Mum's knee. Not so much as a hairbrush is actually raised in anger, either.

Will do a bit more research on this; I'd suggest the film or play was mid-60's as I can't see that getting past the censors prior to then.



Re: Old TV spanking

January 20 2010, 12:53 PM 


Couldn't agree more about Patrick Cargill. There were a few spanking threats during the TV series , but as in the film absolutey nothing happened. The two daughters were just about the most attractive girls on TV , then and since,and always wearing very tight jeans. Very frustrating!

Worldwide Traveller

Father Dear Father

January 23 2010, 9:07 AM 

This was reproduced as a radio series in South Africa back in the Mid 70s before TV was introduced to the country.

There were a number of scenes with the father administering spankings to his two errant daughters. I imagine it would be very difficult to find the clips now though.


Re: Old TV spanking

January 24 2010, 8:31 AM 

It is interesting that Father Dear Father was adapted for radio for South Afrian radio. I assume they had a totally different cast. Of course it would be easier to reproduce spankings on the radio as the actresses would not to actually have to be spanked.

I can't help wondering whether the girls in the TV show objected to being spanked which is why it never happened, despite numerous references to it.

Another radio show in which threats of spanking were made was Waggoners Walk. This was on in the early 1970s, and involved a girl who worked in an antiques shop called Barbara. After she had done something wrong her boyfriend told her that if she did that again he would put her over a Queen Anne desk and spank her. Needless to say she never got spanked.


Re: Old TV spanking

January 24 2010, 11:01 AM 

There was , I remember a spanking scene in one of the old Roger Moore as Simon Templar , series of the 'Saint' in the late 60's early 70's . I was young then and don't remember the details but can visualise the scene.....don't know the actrses, or further details , but the tapes are preserved I understand........

American Way

Re: Old TV spanking

January 24 2010, 12:55 PM 

prof n Here is the background and the scene. I hope you enjoy this although it has nothing to do with school corporal punishment and some feel this adds nothing to this estimable Forum. I happen not to be one of them and I hope you find this helpful.


Re: Old TV spanking

January 24 2010, 2:37 PM 

American Way,

Thanks for the scene : that was the one I recalled ! Off topic - quite a bit, but as was said a good while ago RG Trascker used to tell us how many posts hit the topic , and it wasnt all that many............

American Way

Re: Old TV spanking

January 24 2010, 4:47 PM 

prof n I agree. I'm glad you enjoyed. I enjoyed the oldest on the receiving end from the Klassenkeile clip. Maybe your video from the sample paddling can leave the school's educational archives. I'm sure it would make a great plot. I still have not found Margaret Stone's book for a reasonable price but thanks for the heads up. I remember Golden Journey 1962 episode. I don't know what that says about me? My favorite British show was the Avengers. I liked Diana Rigg although she was a dozen or so years older than me. The "young" American Way.

American Way

Re: Old TV spanking

January 24 2010, 6:03 PM 

Klassenkeile clip makes more sense when watched with a little background. NYT gives a synopisis. Not previously posted is a longer clip that sets up this comedy until the very end of the clip well worth waiting for in spite the language barrier for its slapstick content. The final clip was previously shared.

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